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My brothers fake Avatar after Xiethou. He is the Fire Bending Avatar who battled Isowd who is Zuko's great great great grandson who wanted his father's dream. He's really good at Fire Bending which is why he was named that way. One of his hardest bendings was Water but do the rest. He learned Water from Martin, Korra's daughter. He defeated him when he went into the Avatar State because Isowd was about to kill him and defeated him.

Beginning Chapter 1 Air

After 20 years after Korra defeated Amon she died but the next Avatar was born after Xiethou in the Fire Nation. His mother Mai and father Makuko. The new people to expect the Avatar to be here and story began. When he was 10 he went to train in the new Air Bending The Great Wall Side Training Temple to find a better way to do Air Bending. The key is to try to feel the air and use Air Bending to go over each wall to get through and get to the other side to touch the coin in the stone. He tried it three times and did quite well with the Spiritual Side of the Avatar. When he saw the statue of Korra and Xiethou by the statue of Aang which they changed to the Avatar State line Island and he sensed a little evil who is pure evil.

Chapter 2 Fire

The next temple he went to was the Fire Temple. Where Zuko and Aang went to become complete Fire Benders. It was hard until there was a tiny part of the fire and he made it. His second task is where Korra trained and became great. But he knew Earth and Fire so they went to Water.

Chapter 3 Water

When Charger tried it didn't work. He said the water is liquid and he also said it was impossible for him to do it. He tried is hardest and did it just a bit. When he went into the Avatar State He found out that some Avatar's have trouble with bending. But when one of the soldiers of Isowrd attack him and helped him do it when he was attacking.

Chapter 4 Battle with Isorwd

When they meet face to face the battle was epic when his parents looked at him they were scared he would lose. Isowrd made every nation into fire then Charger attacked but his fire turned it into dust. But Charger didn't give up he kept treeing to defeated him by taking his bending but he was to fast. But then he snapped to the Avatar State and took away his bending away like Aang and saved the day.

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