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Main Characters


Fanon Aang

Avatar Aang, master of all the elements, and the sole remaining Airbender who saved the world from the hundred year tyranny of the Fire Nation army... Aang went from just a goofy, twelve year old boy to the powerful leader that he remained until the day he died. Aang kept the world at peace throughout his lifetime, and he accomplish much in this journey: he helped to create the United Republic of Nations, he had saved numerous endangered species, he stopped dozens of wars, made peace in the world, and on top of that, Aang still married his childhood sweetheart and raised a loving family on his private island, filled with family and acolytes to his culture. It is for these reasons and more that Avatar Aang became one of the most beloved and remembered faces in the entire world and one of the most acclaimed Avatars in all of history.


Fanon Katara

Katara has long been a compassionate, caring, and powerful Waterbending master, and as the Avatar's wife, Katara became the people's beloved protector and a beloved icon all her own. In her years, she also became a mother of three, a grandmother, and on occasion a very moody wife to her beloved husband Avatar Aang. As an older woman, Katara earned the title of the most powerful Waterbender in the world, becoming the greatest Healer of all time. After Aang's death, Katara eventually moved back to the Southern Water Tribe and trained the new Avatar, Korra, in Waterbending. She had become somewhat of a legend in doing so by becoming one of the only masters in history to teach Waterbending to not just one Avatar, but to two.


Fanon Sokka

The comical young warrior Sokka grew up to be a very responsible father, husband, and also the leader of the Republic City Council. Sokka grew to master swordsmanship and earned his place as a member of the White Lotus Order, while also growing up to become the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. His duties to the United Republic, however, always came first in his list of leadership, and as a strong founder of the city for equality, he spent most of his years here with his family. After a near death experience happened later in his life at the hands of the Equalists, Sokka retired from his position as head councilman, and he and his wife, Suki, moved back to the Southern Water Tribe in retirement. Here he lived peacefully, near his son and grandchildren, surrounded by family and friends for the remainder of his peaceful life.

Toph Beifong

Fanon Toph

Stubborn, resilient, and abrasive, Toph Beifong grew into a very independent woman and the most powerful Earthbender on the entire planet. She was singlehandedly responsible for creating Metalbending, her own Police Force in Republic City, and also she had a large part in creating the new hit craze known as "Pro-Bending". All the while, even the Chief of Police fell in love and raised a family. Toph always took her duties seriously, but looking out for her loved ones and her city was her number one priority no matter what misfortunes life threw at her. As an old woman, Toph inherited a vast fortune and the Beifong Estate in Gaoling. She was forced into retiring to Gaoling at the request of her family; but that didn't stop the old Chief from hunting down criminals and doing the thing she loved no matter how old she got. In the end she died a very old and successful woman, and was said to have shown the new Avatar, Korra, a few of her Earthbending moves on a brief last visit to the South Pole.


Fanon Zuko

Faced with hardship his entire life, Fire Lord Zuko still managed to grow into a very respectful and magnificent leader. He faced many tragedies throughout his life, but also many blessings, like his beloved daughter, Honora. As a founder of Republic City, Zuko tried to keep everything equal, while also running a whole other nation on the side. He remains a powerful swordsman and one of the strongest Firebenders on the planet to this very day, though he lets his royal title speak louder than violence even into his old age as he travels the world to ensure the peaceful era he and his friends created stays that way for years to come. He accomplished many things in his long reign as Fire Lord, such as: rescuing the dragons, creating the United Republic, and establishing the United Forces.


Fanon Suki

Suki was the strong leader of the Kyoshi Warriors until deciding to spend the rest of her life with her true love, Sokka. After years of doing her own leadership role, she feared that both she and Sokka would be forever alone because of their duties to their groups. This was later a thought that she could no longer bear and Suki gave up her old life to marry her soul mate. She moved from the South Pole to Republic City and back again always managing to find a hobby in opening her own Kyoshi-Style Self-Defense Studio; all the while she was training her daughters, and keeping her only son out of trouble which he constantly attracted like a magnet. Suki often babysat for Team Avatar while they were away and she took the heavy title of a mother much more so than any other character, but even then, Suki never quit fighting and remained a stealthy warrior even into her old age. After her husband's passing, Suki returned to Kyoshi Island and lives there with her daughter, Koko, ever urging her to get married and live a happy life as she had, instead of remaining a forever warrior like Suki once considered and realized that it would have been the biggest mistake of her life if she had done.

Children of Team Avatar


Fanon Kya

Kya is the firstborn (in the fanon) child and only daughter born to Aang and Katara. She inherited her mother's ability to Waterbend and has become a world renowned Healer across the globe. From her father, Kya took on his nomadic way of life: keeping peace, spreading love and not violence, enjoying music, dancing rather than fighting, and also by respecting all creatures of the earth. Kya couldn't quite live as a vegetarian like her father and younger brother, Tenzin, but she stuck strictly to eating fish, making Kya an overall peskitarian and a full-fledged hippie. In her teenage years, Kya had many, MANY boyfriends, one of whom she liked more than the others, but after hiding her true feelings and losing him to another woman, Kya gave up the romantic mush and instead dedicated herself to traveling the world and helping people, making many new friends and having a life full of adventure.


Fanon Bumi

Bumi is the middle child of Katara and Aang, and although his parents and siblings are all powerful benders, Bumi has absolutely no bending abilities of any sort. Does Bumi let that get him down? No way! He is one of the wildest, fun-loving, sweetest guys a person could meet, and he often lives a life of adventure, role-playing, and fun! Bumi joined the United Forces by the age of nineteen, working his way through thick and thin until he became a powerful commander of a special fleet of ships in the United Forces Navy. He earned the nickname "Uno" by his comrades on account of: he's as unpredictable as a Wild Card, and has even saved the Fire Lord as well as his team on more than one occasion. He had a major crush on his childhood troublemaking companion, Princess Honora, but came to copes with her later marriage and now his favorite past time is teasing the egg custard out of her son, who later became a general in his fleet.


Fanon Tenzin

Tenzin is the youngest of Katara and Aang's three children. Born the next to last Airbender after his father, Tenzin always bore a great deal of responsibility and stress in order to complete his training and bring back the Airbenders. Even as a child Tenzin was a serious and to-the-book boy and as a young man, he took a great deal of time to travel the world and experience all the life he could before having to return to his duty as the last hope for the Air Nomads. After his return, Tenzin earned the title of the Air Representative for the United Forces Council and eventually settled down and started a family with his lovely wife named Pema. For the longest time, he dated Lin Beifong (his childhood best friend) but their relationship broke off after Tenzin accepted his responsibilities to have a family and many, many Airbender children, whereas Lin had different goals in life, and eventually the two remained distant and unlikely comrades. Tenzin grows even stricter by the passing months and teaches Airbending to both his children and also the new Avatar, Korra.

Lin Beifong

Fanon Lin

Lin was born and raised in Republic City by her somewhat strict mother, Toph Beifong. They lived in a nice neighborhood in the city where she and her mother trained (and argued) all hours of the day to tone their Earth/Metalbending skills and become the strongest women in the city. By the time she was a young girl, Lin was already tough, abrasive, and took no sass from anyone, often using violence and pain to show her affection, just as her mother did. At an early age, Lin became a strong Metalbender on the Police Force, completely mastering her mother's blind form of Seismic Sense by the time she was a teenager. In her older age, Lin acted as the Chief of Police---still just as abrasive as she was growing up, but now much more serious, rule abiding, and willing to do anything to protect the people living in her city no matter what the cost.


Fanon Honora

Princess Honora of the Fire Nation is the only daughter of Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Mai. At a young age, Honora discovered her talents in Firebending, her mother also taught her everything she knew about throwing knives, and later the young princess even became obsessed with a mural of the Blue Spirit---prompting her to train in the way of the sword. Though she stayed within the palace a peaceful and honorable princess, Honora often snuck away and found that adventure and fighting lust she always desired, eventually becoming a deadly opponent to anyone who dared challenge her. On top of that, Honora studied facts and history of the world, learning many interesting tidbits and data, giving her a crafty mind as well as the ability to read a person (just like her Aunt Azula). Later in life she married and raised a son who was named after her beloved great uncle, Iroh. Due to her husband's passing, and after her father retired as Fire Lord, Honora became the first female Fire Lord in recorded Fire Nation History.


Fanon Rook

Rook was the second born and only son of Zuko and Mai. He was born at a time when Mai was very ill and vulnerable to ailments that could not be healed by the Waterbending Healers of the royal palace. Thus, Rook lost his mother shortly after being born, and after losing Mai, the Fire Lord temporarily lost his sanity and went on a heartbroken rampage. Elua, fearing what she thought Zuko would have done to the baby, she sent Rook away to live with Mai's brother Tom-Tom in Omashu, and she did not confess to stealing the child for twenty-eight years after the fact. During this time, Rook had been living under the impression that he was the oldest born, only Firebender son of Tom and Tenten, and eventually a humble blacksmith working in Omashu, known for crafting magnificent weapons using his Firebending. He is said to be a natural swordsman and a topnotch Firebender, though he doesn't see himself as such and lived a modest lifestyle before learning the truth about his heritage.


Fanon Yue

The eldest daughter of Sokka and Suki, Yue always strived for a rich life of luxury and royalty. As a newborn, Yue was very ill and the Moon Spirit took it upon herself to become Yue's fairy godmother and watch over her; giving Yue everything "Princess Yue" never had a chance to get. This elegant girl was described as a snob by her sisters, a rich socialite by her brother, but on top of her princess attitude, Yue was a very skilled warrior, mostly Kyoshi Style, but with a little bit of Sokka pizazz thrown in to the mix. In her later Years Yue married a rich warrior in the Northern Water Tribe, and she earned her luxurious lifestyle and a beloved son, who like her, had been healed by the watchful Moon Spirit that looked after her family.


Fanon Koko

Koko is the second born daughter and oldest twin girl born to Suki and Sokka. Often rambunctious as a child, one of her favorite things to do was fight and stir up mischief. In her older years, Koko became overwhelmed with fascination for her mother's Kyoshi heritage and thus trained every day to become the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. Like her sisters, Koko became a great warrior, specializing in Kyoshi Warfare over all of her siblings (even more than her own mother). She moved to Kyoshi Island and remained in the village to ensure the heritage of Avatar Kyoshi would remain for generations to come. Often her family pesters her about marriage, but Koko has always rather loved the free spirited life of independence and leadership over that of a housewife and mother, but she has a surprising twist of fate dealt when a group of pirates attack Kyoshi Island, led by the rather devious yet strangely handsome, Captain Enki.


Fanon Sukka (TYATHYW)

Sukka is the third daughter and youngest twin of Sokka and Suki. She was born much different than her sister, Koko. Unlike her, Sukka was very tiny, pale, and fragile; although, as she grew Sukka became one of the strongest fighters of all the couple's daughters. Sukka took a very obsessive interest in Piandao's Swordsmanship and later became the greatest female swords master in history. Sukka became an honorary White Lotus Sentry, working her way up until she became the very first female Grand Lotus in history! Later, Sukka married the one man on the planet that could beat her in a game of sword, Detective Huyan Holmes, and they reside in the White Lotus home base in Shu Jing.


Fanon Kanna

Kanna is the youngest daughter of Sokka and Suki. She's always been the sweetest of her siblings, but also the most irrevocably reckless; her adventuring and curious wandering caused on average at least a scuffed knee to a broken arm on more than one occasion. Still, Kanna had a sense of responsibility for all life and took it upon herself to protect others whenever they were in peril. After hearing stories from her uncle, Avatar Aang, Kanna became obsessed with history and in her later years, she formed a group of archaeologist called the "Knowledge Seekers" whose sole purpose was to restore artifacts and discover old and new facts about the world. Here she met her future husband, Lugh, and they later had a loving son, Ramen, and even later they added a daughter named Chi, who like their parents, were intelligent and courageous, but also a tad bit crazy for knowledge and curious for adventure.


Fanon Koda

Koda is the only son and youngest child of Sokka and Suki; every moment of his life involved dodging his crazy Kyoshi sisters who made it their goal in life to tease and trap him. In return Koda grew to pick on his cousin Tenzin and also Lin Beifong every chance he got and became quite a prankster on Air Temple Island, always causing trouble and setting up traps. Koda was notorious for getting into mischief and even more known for getting into trouble. Even as an adult he always managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and his attitude reeking of sarcasm and Sokka's personal flavor of attitude made things even worse. He eventually became the leader of the Southern Water Tribe, married, and raised a family, still just as crazy as he was when he was a kid, but a slight bit more restrained due to his growing family and responsibilities.



Fanon Kue

Kue is the only son of Yue and Bing. He was raised in a wealthy home in the Northern Water Tribe and later became a warrior like his father, with Kyoshi fighting skills like his mother. As an infant, Kue was born very weak (as Yue and Princess Yue were) in turn, the Moon Spirit gave Kue life, more so than she had done for his mother when she was born. This turned Kue's hair white, and was hinted that he could become the next Moon Spirit should something happen to Princess Yue (which is unlikely).


Fanon Ramen

Ramen is the firstborn son of Kanna and Lugh. He took an interest to archeology at an early age and traveled the world with his parents, taking a knack to their inventing and exploring natures. Ramen also took a very unique skill to mathematics and in his teenage years, attends Ba Sing Se University, training to become a scholarly Mathematician.


Fanon Chi

Chi is the second born and only daughter to Lugh and Kanna. Even though her overprotective older brother, Ramen, kept her on a tight leash while their family toured the world, little Chi inherited her mother's sense of adventure and often found herself stumbling into far off places (most of which were highly dangerous, but adventurous). As she got older, her need for action increased until she made it a mission to go vigilante in almost every town her family visited (getting into trouble with the local authorities). Like her family, Chi was insanely brilliant and good with tools, able to tinker up life saving devices in the blink of an eye. She later adapts a large crush for Sud's "bad boy" nephew, Makoto, and this worries EVERYBODY greatly!


Fanon Pakko

Pakko is the oldest son of Koda and Ualani. He was raised in the Southern Water Tribe with four younger siblings, and became heir to the tribal throne of the Southern Water Tribe. This made him the more serious of his other siblings and most protective of his family. He had a close relationship with his great grandfather Hakoda and old Bato during his early childhood and later became a skilled hunter and warrior like his forefathers. A brutal hunting accident with a wild polar bear dog caused the scar on his eye, but Pakko believes it only makes him look cooler. He is described as a tough, responsible, chick magnet.


Fanon Nini

Nini is the oldest daughter and second born of Koda and Ualani. She is the older of her and her twin sister, Kimi, and the more gentle and lady like of the girls. She has always been very respectful and obedient, unlike her sister, and would later become a teacher in the Southern Water Tribe.


Fanon Kimi

Kimi is the youngest daughter and third born of Koda and Ualani. She and her twin sister, Nini, have a very close bond with one another, despite the fact that her sister is gentle and feminine, and Kimi is more rambuncous and tomboyish. She acts almost identical to her father and grandfather Sokka, attitude, prankster, and comedy in the mix of her personality. She would later move to Republic City to get out on her own and is known to enjoy pro-bending.


Fanon Kovu

Kavo is the fourth child and second born son of Koda and Ualani. He has always had a laid back attitude and lived in the shadow of his three older siblings. He has known to be a loner and a more quiet type than his siblings, often blending into crowds and keeping to himself. In his later years, Kavo had become a little dark (sort of like Mai) and miraculously became a very skilled warrior and competitor of his older brother, Pakko. The two became somewhat of rivals and often compete to promote dominance in the family, though Kavo's calm attitude versus his brother's leadership and protective nature often result in an even stalemate between the brothers.


Fanon Verick

Arick is the youngest born and youngest son of Koda and Ualani. He was raised in the Southern Water Tribe with four older siblings who always labeled him the "baby" of the family. In his later years, Arick took an interest to business and became an industrial architect who would later go on to create the fair scene for the Glacial Spirits Festival. Ever since he was a boy, Arick also took great pride in his appearance (his sisters often took him to play dress-up and treated him like a baby doll, rather their baby brother) and in his later years, Arick became a world renown designer and creator of the best festivals that the world had yet seen. It is known that he is an avid fan and follower of wealthy business man, Varrick.

Iroh II

Fanon Iroh II

Prince Iroh II is the son of Fire Lord Honora and Prince Lee of the Fire Nation. As the son of royalty, Iroh is the crown heir to the Fire Nation and a very important figure to his country. Ever since he was a child, Iroh possessed a daring attitude and a familiar sense of bravery beyond his years that led his little heart to adventure above the rather boring life of a pleasant young prince. He took an intense interest in his father's career as General over the United Forces and became determined and disciplined to earn the other soldiers respect when he got to go visit the Forces. In his later years, Iroh would join the United Forces and rank all the way to General by the time he was in his mid-twenties, not only becoming a powerful leader, but an immensely talented Firebender as well.


Fanon Jinora

Jinora is the oldest daughter of Tenzin and Pema and the first grandchild of Katara and the late Avatar Aang . In her childhood years, Jinora expresses an immense love for reading and learning about her grandparents' adventures. She is the most calm of Tenzin's children, and the most monk-like among them. Jinora also possesses great spiritual prowess which gives her a unique ability to travel in and out of the Spirit World. Her curiosity abound, Jinora is always eager to learn and to top it all off, she is also a great Airbending student.


Fanon Ikki

Ikki is the second child of Tenzin and Pema and the second daughter in her family. Ikki is a fun-loving, open minded, hyper active, and albeit nosy little Airbender with a knack for getting into other people's business and interrupting important conversations. She is always busy and always doing something whether it be pestering her sister, racing her brother, or getting into mischief.


Fanon Meelo

Meelo is the oldest son of Tenzin and Pema and the third born in his family. He is still young, but already Meelo has a unique method of Airbending and has nearly mastered the Air Scooter (with a few fumbles still happening here and there). Meelo is certainly something different, and he is just as rambunctious and destructive as his sister, Ikki. He often gets into numerous things that he shouldn't, causing his father a large bit of stress, but still, Meelo's heart is in the right place and that's all that matters in the long haul, isn't it?

Other Family:


Fanon Master Pakku

Master Pakku was a very skilled and powerful Waterbender living in the Northern Water Tribe. As a boy, he proposed to Kanna and was eager to marry her, but she vanished without a trace and left him alone and confused. Pakku grew slightly bitter after Kanna's leave; he aged with power and skill beyond his years eventually earning his own title as the greatest teacher/ warrior in the North Pole. Later in life he became entangled with the Order of the White Lotus and after many adventures, Pakku helped to end the Hundred Year War with Team Avatar and his allies. After, he dedicated his time to rebuilding the Southern Water Tribe and married his long lost love, Kanna as the two had a peaceful life away from war.

Kanna (Gran Gran)

Fanon Gran Gran

Kanna was the mother of Chief Hakoda, Grandmother of Sokka and Katara, as well as the wife of Waterbending Master Pakku. She was raised in the Northern Water Tribe until she was about 16 and she ran away to the South to avoid an arranged marriage with Pakku. For years Kanna lived in the South Pole, watching the Hundred Year War, helpless to do anything about it, not even when the soldiers raided her village on more than one occasion, breaking her family apart in numerous ways. She later reconnected with Pakku and they were married, the war ended, and Kanna was able to live the remainder of her old life happy and with family.


Fanon Hakoda

Hakoda is the father of Katara and Sokka, and the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. He grew up in the desolate tundra with his mother, Kanna, and his best friend, Bato, while their fathers were stolen from the tribe by Fire Nation soldiers many years before. A prankster and idealist, Hakoda and Bato pulled many pranks throughout their childhood, but eventually grew into responsible young men worthy of protecting their people. Hakoda later married his childhood sweetheart, Kya, and they raised a family together before the Southern Raiders came and destroyed their family forever. He took part in stopping the Hundred Year War and eventually was able to retire, a grandfather free from a world of war.


Fanon Kya Mother

Kya was the mother of Katara and Sokka, and wife to the tribal leader of the Southern Water Tribe, Hakoda. She grew up in the tribe, but was orphaned at a very young age when a terrible avalanche killed her parents. Raised by her uncle until she was about three years old, he too was lost when the Fire Nation attacked their village looking for Waterbenders yet again. After the travesties, Kya was taken in by a nice family and continued growing up in a more peaceful setting. She found her fun in busting a young Hakoda and Bato before they had time to unleash any pranks on the tribe. At war with the boys for most of her childhood, the aggravation eventually turned into a friendship and even later, Kya fell in love with Hakoda and the two later married and eventually the couple had two children. Tragedy struck yet again when the Southern Raiders came one final time to find the rumored Waterbender of the South Pole. Kya sacrificed her own life to protect her daughter, Katara, the last Waterbender, much to the suffering of her friends and her beloved family.


Fanon Bing

Bing is a wealthy and successful warrior of a high class family up in the Northern Water Tribe Capitol City. He later married Sokka's daughter, Yue, and the two had a son named Kue. He doesn't say much throughout the fanon, but it is known that Sokka calls him "My Rookie Son-In-Law".

Captain Enki Killian

Fanon Captain Enki Killian

Captain Enki Killian, the swashbuckling, mischievous, and rather handsome leader of the pirate ship known throughout the Easter Oceans as the "Silver Serpent". He ordered a supply raid upon Kyoshi Island before setting off on a three month cruise to trade with merchants in the Shi Wong Desert; little did the captain realize that this little island was heavily protected by a group of women known as Kyoshi Warriors. The leader of these warriors offered herself up as a prisoner in exchange that he leaves their village alone forever. She said she was of noble blood and worth a decent ransom, and Enki took her aboard as one of his crew. Months passed at sea and the debonair captain had begun to take a mutual liking to Koko, and he became distraught when she was fatally injured during a battle with an enemy ship. He married her during the end of a losing battle on the Silver Serpent which was sinking and being blown to bits; as he awaited their demise, the United Forces jumped in and saved the day. With his ship destroyed, both he and his brotherly crew decided to live on Kyoshi Island and turn their sea lives over for the better opportunities available on land.

Huyan Holmes

Fanon Huyan Holmes

Huyan is a detective and a very skilled one at that; he is a quick thinker, very logical, and a bit misanthropic, but he has an interest of extroversion on his cases and suspects. It is stated that he trained swordsmanship with Master Piandao at a very young age after his family was murdered under unknown pretexts. He trained in combat, but it was his mind that was truly crafted and there was no mystery known to man that Holmes could not unveil, and no problem that he couldn't solve. For this reason, Piandao hired his old pupil to locate the missing Lotus Gem that was stolen from his castle and cleverly disguised this ruse with Sokka in order to get Sukka and Holmes to meet and fall in love. Holmes was afraid to get close to anyone after what happened to his family, and Sukka was too stubborn to date anyone unless they could beat her in a swordfight...and even though he wasn't as proficient a fighter as Master Sukka was, Huyan beat her in the fight and the two later married after solving the mystery of the Lotus together.


Fanon Lugh

Lugh is the only son of Teo and he was raised at the Northern Air Temple with his father and grandfather. At a young age, Lugh became obsessed with inventing far more than he did with flying and soon, Lugh became a wildly successful inventor and heir to the Mechanist and Teo's fortune. Like his grandfather, Lugh is not worried about his own personal safety when inventing and has already lost partial sight in one eye at his attempt of creating the "camera". Lugh became an archeologist in the "Knowledge Seekers" in order to learn new things, and later attended Ba Sing Se University; he also married Sokka's youngest daughter, Kanna and they had two children, a son named Ramen and a daughter named Chi. In his years, Lugh has invented many practical tools such as: the Camera, the bulldozer, the Swiss-army knife, the type-writer, the microphone, and the radio. He also helped Hiroshi Sato build his father's idea "airplanes".


Fanon Ualani

Ualani is a woman from the Southern Water Tribe who later develops a crush on Sokka's son Koda, and later the two marry and eventually start a family together. She becomes the wife of the tribal chief when Koda takes leadership from his father and grandfather, and the two remain in the homeland as a happy couple.

Lao and Poppy Beifong

Fanon Lao and Poppy

Lao and Poppy are Toph's "overprotective" parents and the richest non-bending, non-royal family in the world. They remain within the safety of their rich estate in Gaoling, but Poppy has been known to travel to Republic City in order to intervene over her daughter's affairs. Though they never approved of Toph's police life, they did approve of her husband and actually seemed to like the boy, as well as their granddaughter, Lin; and, they were very upset to learn of Ohev's death. Every summer, Lin and Toph would take a weeklong vacation down to Gaoling to see Lao and Poppy, who Lin nicknamed: Gram and Gramps (much to their contempt). It is known that they did not own a phone or a radio until after their daughter complained about it. After they passed away, they left the entire estate to their daughter and also kept her violent life and existence a complete secret from Gaoling in order to protect her when she decided to move back home.


Fanon Ohev

Ohev was a loving, selfless boy and hardworking servant in the Beifong family before running away to travel the world with the Singing Nomads. It was around this time, young Ohev met Toph Beifong and he had become quite taken by her. Ohev later met Toph at Aang and Katara's wedding when he went as a guard for Toph's parents. After they reunited, Ohev moved next door to Toph in Republic City and became her right hand as she created Metalbending, Pro Bending, and also a Police Force. Ohev took a knack at piloting War Balloons and was later made Captain of the Airship Fleet in the Police Force. After working up the nerve, Ohev proposed to Toph and the two married and were about to have a baby---when tragedy strikes and a tragedy with the Police Balloons causes Ohev to sacrifice his own life to save that of his fellow officers.


Fanon Pema

Pema was raised on Air Temple Island as an Acolyte to the Avatar and Air Nomads. She's lived there her entire life with her parents and her older brother, Marko, and often her family ran out of town errands for the Avatar's family while she and her brother mostly took care of the Bison. A shy and sweet girl growing up, Pema saw Tenzin for the first time when he returned after his world travels with Oogi and although she didn't exactly know what love was yet, she stated to her brother that one day she would marry "that guy". Years later, her crush on Tenzin grew stronger and she visited Madame Meng on her family trip to Makapu, where she brought Tenzin back a Panda Lily. He later saved her life from Equalists and trusted Pema among all others to take care of Oogi while the Acolytes fled on the Sky Bison. Eventually, Pema confessed her feelings to Tenzin while he and Lin Beifong were on the rebound and soon after the two married and started a family on Air Temple Island. The rest is history.


Fanon Marko

Marko is the older brother of Pema, and together they were raised on Air Temple Island as Air Acolytes to the Avatar's family. His number one goal in life is to protect his baby sister, and he often does in a very overprotective brotherly way. He often rolled his eyes at Pema's infatuation over the Avatar's youngest son, Tenzin, but once Tenzin starts mutually liking Pema, Marko DID NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL! When the two later married, much to his attempts to separate the two, he called Tenzin names like "cradle-robber" and could no longer bear living on Air Temple Island. He moved deeper into the city and works mostly as a tour guide in the museum beneath the statue of Avatar Aang of Memorial Island. While Marko utterly loathes his brother-in-law, he absolutely adores his nieces and nephews, and still unconditionally loves his little sister, Pema.

Azulon and Ilah

Fanon Azulon and Ilah

Fire Lord Azulon is the son of Sozin and father of both Iroh and Ozai. He and his early departed wife, Ilah, ruled over the Fire Nation as the Hundred Year War raged on the outside world. Azulon was said to have searched a little for the Avatar and failed, just as his father had; he had also ordered Ozai to kill his own son for his defiance against his brother Iroh after the death of Lu Ten. It is also said that he overlooked his hatred towards Roku's family in order to please the Fire Sages and allow his youngest son, Ozai, to marry the village girl from Hira'a---who ironically wound up being his demise. Not much is known about Ilah, other than she passed away a time before her husband, and is often remembered with kind and gentle memories.


Fanon Iroh

General Iroh was the greatest leader in the Fire Nation Army and one of the fiercest benders of his generation. After the loss of his son, Lu Ten, Iroh changed and later became more spiritual and generous to others. Throughout his life he became a popular character: he was a tea shop owner, a dragon savior, a Grand Lotus, and so much more---always making a new friend with his kindness and helping anyone in need that he came across. By the end of Iroh's life, he retired to a life of Pai Sho and Tea Making within the Fire Nation and died peacefully doing the things he loved.


Fanon Ozai

After being defeated as the "Phoenix King", Ozai was sent to prison where he remained until the day he died. He was offered sanctuary at Uncle's Tea Shop in Ba Sing Se (like Azula); however his stubborn pride refused the offer, and there in the prison he remained...watching the torch in his room burn with a fire that he could never possess again. After he died, Zuko had him cremated and placed in the tomb of past Fire Lords with the rest of their family as a last act of kindness for his terrible tyrant of a father.


Fanon Ursa

Mother of Zuko, Azula, and Kiyi...Ursa cared for her children (mainly her son) more than anything else in the world. When Fire Lord Azulon ordered Ozai to kill his own son for his defiance, Ursa searched the Dragon Catacombs for a loophole and in turn wound up committing treason by murdering the Fire Lord. With Iroh away, Ozai earned his rank and Ursa was banished. For years she was missing thanks to the help of the spirits, and she even started a new family with Noren (Ikem) and Kiyi.... She is later found and her memories are restored by her old family. Tragically, Ursa once again goes missing until eventually Aang tracked her down to a primitive village and convinced her to come home to take care of her son. Later, Ursa became a mentor to Honora and even managed to tame Azula, keeping her family together until she died a few years later. She revealed herself to be a pretty skilled Firebender, one who was able to bend a pinkish colored flame.

Lu Ten

Fanon Lu Ten

Lu Ten was the much beloved and only son to Iroh and the once original rightful heir to the Fire Nation throne. Like his father, acting as general of the Fire Nation Army in the six-hundred day siege of Ba Sing Se, Lu Ten was a soldier in the attack. Upon the siege, Lu Ten was killed in battle, and his death sent his father into a great change of heart as he abandoned his raid on Ba Sing Se and ultimately changed his whole outlook on life. It is known that Lu Ten was a very friendly boy and that he loved his father very much. He also enjoyed his father's singing of "Leaves from the Vine" as a child, and to this day, Iroh still sings the song to his son's grave on his birthday.


Fanon Azula

Azula was a devious, dark-spirited girl ever since she was a child and she always used her cunning and her powers of conniption to achieve any goal she had. Wicked and precise, she used her strong bending power to utterly strike fear into any of her opponents and in the end her cruelty left her alone and downright insane!  After running away after finding her mother, she vanished to parts unknown for nearly eight years and managed to get herself arrested after setting fire to Hira'a upon her mysterious return.  She spent over three years in a mental institution (all together) before Avatar Aang took away her Firebending and left her a harmless psychopath. Years pass and while Azula hardly ever tried to kill someone, she grew to accept her new life and became a moderately tolerable woman of evil---she even formed an "almost" friendly bond with her niece and said farewell to her before vanishing yet again from the Fire Nation in the dead of night. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


Fanon Mai

Mai was raised in a wealthy Fire Nation Family obsessed with her father's political career; so, she was trained to always bottle her emotions and never to misbehave. Mai grew to be an awfully broody teenaged girl, boredom consumed her and there was no escaping it, but with this, Mai taught herself how to become a deadly opponent using only sharp stilettos and a flick of the wrist. Later in life she gathered an on again-off again relationship with Prince Zuko and the two later married and had a daughter; Mai became the Fire Lady of the Fire Nation---and for once in her life, the gloomy queen was truly happy. Tragically a complication during the delivery of her and Zuko's son caused Mai's early passing and great despair to her husband, the Fire Lord.


Fanon Tom-Tom

Tom-Tom is Mai's younger brother and the son of a wealthy Fire Nation political family. After Mai stole him from her devious father who had been plotting to overthrow Fire Lord Zuko, she left him to live with their Aunt Mura. Eventually, after their broken family had started to come together again, Tom-Tom managed to grow up in a fairly normal household which still acted extremely distant to his sister and the disliked royal family. Sometime later in his life and for reasons unexplained, Tom-Tom moved back to the hustling city of Omashu and later became a successful farming man and humble, loving husband and caring father.


Fanon Lee

Lee was an orphaned boy living in the Fire Nation, until he joined the United Forces at the age of fifteen. They used him as an office boy, a telegraph assistant until he turned nineteen and then he was sent into training for two years until he was recruited as a "Nonbending" class soldier in the United Forces Navy. Here he remained at sea for eight years in Bumi's fleet and the two became great friends. At the Northern Civil War, Lee revealed to Bumi his ability to Firebend, claiming if he told the U.F. then they would make him a canon-shooter on deck and he would never get to explore with the ground troops. His spectacular aim at Firebending (in secret) earned him the nickname "Ace" by his Naval Buddies. For years Lee traveled with the military, showing his selfless bravery and mind skill over any brawny opponent that crossed his way, and after the Plight at Tu Zin, Princess Honora fell in love with him and the two later married and raised a son named Iroh. Lee became a Captain in the United Forces as well as the Prince of the Fire Nation, under his wife who became Fire Lord upon his disappearance.


Fanon Ikem

Ikem was the childhood friend of Ursa and later her temporary fiancé. They were both actors in the theatre group of Hira'a which was currently showing "Love Amongst the Dragons" in which Ikem and Ursa were the lead roles. He proposed to her while they were rehearsing and all seemed to be happy and well until he found the love of his life being dragged away with the Prince of the Fire Nation, Ozai. Using theatre props, he attempted to fight to get her back, but Ursa feared for his safety and sent him home, heartbroken. After that, Ikem vanished and started a new life in the mysterious forest where he loathed in self-pity and plotted his new course of life. To the people he knew in Hira'a, as well as Ursa, his fate was left a mystery. He later became an entirely new man named "Noren" and he had his face changed by a spirit, only to meet up and start a family with Ursa (who also changed her identity and got rid of her old memories). After her second disappearance, Ikem searched with Kiyi and Zuko, to no luck for years. Later, when she was found, her memory again a clean slate, they agreed that she needed to be with Zuko to help him through his hard times, and they visit her frequently, though they both agreed that they did not want to live in the palace, and remain happily in Hira'a.


Fanon Kiyi

Kiyi is the daughter of Ikem and Ursa (Noren and Noriko). At the age of six she met and became close friends with Fire Lord Zuko, and soon after they all realized that they shared their mother. Afterwards, Kiyi and her parents continued to live peacefully in Hira'a until her crazed half-sister, Azula, came out of the Forgetful Valley (after almost seven years of being MIA) and started to destroy their village. Zuko showed up and with the help of Kiyi and her family, Azula was finally stopped, but alas Ursa had gone missing yet again and nobody was able to find her for many long years. Kiyi continued to grow up in Hira'a where she took up acting and later became an acting instructor as well as the new theatre manager of the Ember Island Players. Despite the miles between them, Kiyi still maintains a very close relationship with her half-brother and the rest of her family.

Korra Cast

  • Korra
  • Thano
  • Skoochy
  • Senna
  • Toza


Fanon Mako

Mako and his younger brother, Bolin, have been on the streets and on their own ever since their parents were murdered by a Firebender when Mako was eight. Since then, Mako has done whatever he can to take care of himself and his brother, even if that means stealing, swindling, and working with the unlawful Triple Threat Triads. Later on, Pro Bending Champion, Toza, decided to train Mako and his brother to become great athletes in the arena and it was there they met the Avatar and their lives changed forever. When he was a boy, Mako only dreamed of becoming a Pro Bender and becoming the best he could be. After his parents were killed, Mako became more serious and vigilant to protect people. After Amon was defeated, he became a cop on the Police Force and also maintains off-again/on-again relationships with Korra or Asami.


Fanon Bolin

Bolin and his big brother, Mako, have been on their own ever since their mother and father were killed one night by a Firebender after their parents treated them to their first Pro-Bending match in the spirit of the holidays. Bolin doesn't remember that night as well as his brother does, and that is part of the reason why he is much more laid back and fun-loving than Mako is. Bolin became so used to being taken care of by his brother, he developed a more childlike personality. He also possesses a good heart and will go out of his way to take care of the things he cares for or wants rescued (like his Fire Ferret, Pabu). After Amon's defeat, Bolin took a shinning to Varrick and became a movie star and an idol to the fans of Republic City. His size and strength helps him with his Pro-Bending and fighting off the new evils of the world, but not so much with fighting off the ladies---let it be known that Bolin is notorious for being a terrible judge of character.

Asami Sato

Fanon Asami

Asami Sato is the daughter of the wealthy tycoon Hiroshi Sato, and later the heir to the Future Industries title. She was raised in a wealthy, loving home, until tragically a gang of Firebending robbers ransacked her home and killed her mother. She grew up after that with training in order to protect herself, and she took a massive interest/ talent in her father's Sato Mobiles and also to Pro-Bending. Despite her father's loyalty to the Equalists and his hatred for benders that eventually led him to attack his own daughter...Asami still loves her father and wants to do what is best for the family company. Despite all of the stress and struggles of her family, her work, her relationships, the wars, and all of the disappointments she has had to overcome, Asami still remains strong and sane, though she is more alone now than ever before.

Desna and Eska

Fanon Desna and Eska

Desna and Eska are the twin children of Unalaq and also the cousins of Avatar Korra. They are excellent Waterbenders and top notch strategists, but their people skills are incredibly lacking and they can come off as creepy and standoffish to---well---pretty much everyone. Desna and Eska share a very close bond and are not often seen without the other around. In her later years, Eska experiments dating with Bolin because he "amuses her" and she also gets her own special degree of irritated whenever he is around other women, even if they are only friends.


Fanon Varrick

Varrick was once a poor seal-hunter, but as he grew up, he managed to expand his business from a single canoe to a global enterprise, until finally he controlled the entire global shipping business and became a world renowned billionaire, business man, inventor, and eccentric philanthropist. He has a very go getter personality and is often prepared to counter any situation that opposes his own will. Varrick is currently working another one of his many newfangled ideas, "moving pictures" and with his assistant, Zhu Li, and his leading lady, Ginger, yet another money making idea seems not so out of reach for the wealthy biz bender.

Zhu Li

Fanon Zhu Li

Zhu Li has always been a hard worker and a top notch student worthy of any recommendation. Somehow or another, she ends up as the personal assistant to an eccentric billionaire named Varrick and caters to his every whim, no matter how ridiculous. She is quiet, fast, and efficient in all that she does and is known to never leave her boss's side. Her loyalty and work ethic knows no bounds!


Fanon Ginger

Ginger is the lovely actress for Varrick's upcoming wonder known as "movers" or movies in other words. An odd sight for the ATLA world, Ginger is a fresh, new talent ready to become a star. She may have lived a simple life before meeting Varrick, but that's all in the past now, and Ginger prepares herself for the big screen and the life of a gorgeous celebrity idol to millions.

Hiroshi Sato

Fanon Hiroshi Sato

Hiroshi worked in the lowly parts of Republic City as a shoe Shiner after struggling financially to get through college at Ba Sing Se University. There he met Kanna and Lugh, and all three of them became pretty good friends with a common interest in inventing. Not a very "spiritual" man, Hiroshi did not believe in Ancient Spirits and rarely gave the Avatar or benders a second thought in general all throughout his young life. After obtaining a loan from Teo, Hiroshi constructed his Sato Mobile Corporation "Future Industries" and the company flourished, turning him into a wealthy businessman. Later he married and had a daughter, Asami, but tragically his wife was murdered by Firebending Burglars and ever since he has been building hatred for the Bending Community.


Fanon Saikhan

Officer Saikhan, later the Chief of the Metalbending Police Force after the resign of Lin Beifong, was the son of the first Officer Saikhan and like Lin, a bender born into a family of law abiding officers and Metalbending. Saikhan always admired his father as an officer and after learning about the Great Airship tragedy that almost killed his father before he was born, Saikhan Jr. dedicated his life to the force and helping civilians get free from crime. However, as he grew older, Saikhan became easily manipulated by forces such as Tarrlok, and he lost sight of his morals as he helped Tarrlok's Task Force round up innocent civilians accused of being in league with the Equalists. It is likely that after Lin Beifong regained her bending, he surrendered the title of Chief back over to her and once again resumed his place as Captain.


Fanon Amon

Noatak was born in the Northern Water Tribe with his mother and his father, the ex-crime lord, Yakone. Later, he and his younger brother, Tarrlok, discovered their Waterbending abilities and their crazy father forced them to train and hone their skills in order to defeat the Avatar and avenge his lost bending. Noatak was a prodigy when it came to bending, but he started to grow distant after Yakone's harsh parenting took its toll on his innocent and "equal" nature. By the age of fourteen, Noatak bloodbent his own father and ran away from his old home life forever. He migrated South to the upper Earth Kingdom, where eventually, he started secretly building a new society of people who were against benders, and after taking on the persona "Amon" Noatak had created an army of Equalists; together they started training in chi-blocking until (secretly using Bloodbending to enhance his skills) Amon won over his new group and quickly became their mysterious, masked leader. As the young man's plots started to fester, the new Equalists were secretly spreading across the globe like a virus and soon, Amon had numbers in followers that he never thought possible. Still harboring hatred for Aang, Amon set a plan to sneak all of his best Equalists into Republic City, also alerting all of the United Republic that he and his people were here to stay and grow. After that harsh blow to the Republic, Amon attacked Air Temple Island directly just one year later. His plot was thwarted by the Avatar and his family, but Amon figured that it would fail all along, and now, knowing all of Aang's strengths and weaknesses, Amon finally constructed the perfect plan to defeat him forever. Sadly, old Aang passed away before Amon could enact his greatest ploy of the century, so instead of dwelling on the lost cause, Amon decided to use Aang's death to his advantage, and for almost eighteen years after, Amon had harbored and calculated every last move of his newest and greatest plan to equalize all of Republic City, and take down the new Avatar along with it. Eventually his fate was sealed, and just at the brink of victory, Noatak was revealed, defeated, and permanently silenced.


Fanon Tarrlok

Tarrlok was born in the Northern Water Tribe with his mother, his father, the ex-crime lord, Yakone, and his loving older brother, Noatak. Later, he and his brother discovered their Waterbending abilities and their crazy father forced them to train and hone their skills in order to defeat the Avatar and avenge his lost bending. Tarrlok was often scolded and ridiculed by his father for being weak and showing compassion, and after Noatak fled their home, Tarrlok was forced to live with an empty shell of a dad who saw him as a failure to his plots against the Avatar. After Yakone died, Tarrlok left his unhappy home life behind and moved to the city where he took an interest in politics and eventually earned a power lust to make up for the disappointment he felt during his younger years. In time, Tarrlok became the new United Republic Northern council representative and even later, he became the head councilman. Tarrlok enjoyed his fame and power and after meeting the new Avatar, his plans for a heroic icon lifestyle blossomed and he planned to use her as a publicity beacon for his new task force against the Equalists. Eventually the power got to his head and Tarrlok was shaping himself into a monster. He began to lose his morals and that compassion from his childhood, and instead he gathered a strong will to never let anything stand in his way of being the favorite of his town, and he was willing to do anything and silence anyone who got in the way of that dream. Eventually, Tarrlok bloodbent and kidnapped the Avatar, he was de-bended by Amon (his own brother), and even later did he realize that all his life trying to be something special had turned him into the monster that he was raised by back in the North Pole. In the end, Tarrlok took his and his brother's lives to prevent them from doing any more wrong than they already had, thus ending their father's plans of revenge permanently.


Fanon Tonraq

The first born twin son of Northern Chief Hahn and his wife, Tonraq became the original heir to the Northern Throne. Unlike his stuffy younger brother growing up, Tonraq was more rowdy, taking an interest to training his strengths and fighting skills over the spirits and studying. (In the fanon) He was born with a unique ability to withstand the cold, and his dense, thick skin just made this ability all the stronger---therefore, Tonraq would roam the wintery land of the Water Tribes completely barefoot and without a jacket on to boot. After a falling out with his father, and endangering the Northern Water Tribe, Tonraq lost the right to the throne and was also banished, forced to move South; there the strong young man met and would later marry a sweet woman living in the Southern Water Tribe named Senna. The couple would later have a daughter who turns out to be the one and only Avatar, just as tough and headstrong as her father.


Fanon Unalaq

Second born twin of Northern Chief Hahn and his wife, Unalaq became the successor to the Northern Water Tribe Capitol after the banishment of his older brother, Tonraq. Raised in a wealthy home, Unalaq and his brother got everything they desired, and grew up in a fairly stable lifestyle. Unalaq became interested in his studies and became an intelligent man with a good sense of spirituality and a very serious nature. He eventually succeeded his father as Chief and would later go on to become the newest Avatar's (AKA his niece's) spiritual mentor, as well as a father of twin children himself. He believes the spirits to be more important than any other field, and he often blames the "new ways" for angering the spirits enough to attack the Water Tribe. In order to fix this, he is willing to go to war with his sister tribe in order to restore a sense of old fashioned regulation to the unruly people of the South Pole.

Other Characters (A-Z)


Fanon Bato

Bato is a warrior in the Southern Water Tribe and second in command under his lifelong best friend, Hakoda. Bato and Hakoda did mostly everything together throughout their whole lives; they were pretty sneaky pranksters and well equipped warriors in their later years. Bato was always more of the voice of reason, while his buddy was a man of action, and either way Hakoda always managed to drag Bato along for the ride and get him into trouble wherever they went. After the people of their sister tribe in the North moved down to help renovate their home, Bato fell in love with one of the Northern Water Tribe women and the two later married, remaining in the South for the rest of their peaceful lives.

Bato's Wife

Fanon Bato's Wife

She is a Nonbender who moved down to help her sister Water Tribe in the South Pole. Not much is known about her except that she strives to help others and is good medical help (as seen when delivering one of Suki's daughters). After moving South, she mutually fell in love with Bato and the two later married and were seen together from that point on throughout the fanon. Though she never has any dialogue and is hardly referenced, it is rumored that her name is "Tayna".


Fanon King Bumi

Bumi started out an idealistic boy living in Omashu before the Hundred Year War. When he was around twelve, his friend, Aang, vanished and a war started all at the same time; years passed and Fire Nation Soldiers started to attack all of the Air Temples and Earth Kingdom Villages, but Bumi did not allow the soldiers to take over his home and fought to keep it out of Fire Nation hands. A powerful Earthbender and clever minded young man, Bumi kept the city safe nearly singlehandedly and in return the people of Omashu crowned him their King. King Bumi remained at the throne for many, many years and eventually joined the Order of the White Lotus before helping to put a stop to the Hundred Year War all together. A very old man, Bumi returned to his city and lived to be the ripe old age of 126 before passing away in a calm environment free of war.

The Cabbage Merchant

Fanon Cabbage Merchant

Ah yes...the mysterious, yet humble merchant of cabbage. For years he's simply tried selling his wares but fate always causes him great travesty wherever he should go. For some reason he appeared at Aang and Katara's wedding alongside his cabbages (which were later eaten by Slim), and even later did he move to Republic City and start his own corporation known as "Cabbage Corp", which surprisingly became a very popular industry of auto technology.

Chit Sang

Fanon Chit Sang

Chit Sang met up with Team Avatar when Sokka and Zuko helped break him out of the Boiling Rock Prison, and later he took a very minor part in helping end the Hundred Year War. Afterwards, Chit Sang attended the weddings of both Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang, apparently taking to a normal Fire Nation lifestyle.


Fanon Chong

Chong was a laid back nomad who enjoyed travelling the world and singing songs while promoting peace and tranquility. He and his wife Lily eventually became billionaires for their music and made a fortune for their love songs; however, they still remained simple nomads and it is said their fortune is hidden in a cave somewhere, untouched and out of mind. Chong and Lily had a son named Lyric shortly before becoming celebrities and eventually he and his family would run into the Avatar's daughter, Kya, and they made her an honorary singing hippie, as they retired to the thing they loved even into their old age.

Cragen (Scopes)

Fanon Cragen (Scopes)

Cragen was born in the Northern Water Tribe, but raised in the Northern Air Temple for most of his young life; taking an interest for the high altitude and flying capabilities. He has the eyes of a hawk (despite his large, goofy glasses) and is capable of noticing small details from a mile away...both of these reasons influenced his nickname, "Scopes". At the age of nineteen, he joined the United Forces and because of his advanced sight, they made him a lookout. He sustained injuries at the Plight of Tu Zin, but was later seen recovering at the Beifong Estate in Gaoling, and later seen at Honora and Lee's Wedding. He wears a blue uniform which highly recommends that he is a Waterbender, though it has never been mentioned that he performed this capability, so it is assumed he is untrained in the art.

Doc, Xu, and Bushi

Fanon Doc, Xu, and Bushi

Doc, Xu, and Bushi are "brothers" who worked the docks of Jang Hui. Doc runs the docks, Xu owns the shop, and Bushi is part of the local clean-up crew. Doc was last seen at Aang and Katara's wedding, though he claimed he saw Xu around there somewhere...hmm?

The Duke

Fanon The Duke

The Duke was a young member of the Freedom Fighters and later left with Pipsqueak to wind up joining the army against the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun. After the war, The Duke and Pipsqueak went to Ba Sing Se and joined Smellerbee's Freedom Fighters, only to leave for Republic City soon after where The Duke went on to become a patrol officer for the Republic City Park. Rule number one: No Fishing in the park!

Foaming Mouth Guy

Fanon Foaming Mouth Guy

Possibly the biggest Avatar fan alive, the Foaming Mouth guy has been freaking out for years and years in the background of a few illustrations. It is said that he has a daughter in the Kyoshi Warriors, but it is unknown who she is---she's probably a little humiliated and would rather no one know who her father was. Later a man talked about how his grandfather had a way with obsessive over things of interest and he had also charted the known facts about the Unagi.

Guru Pathik

Fanon Guru Pathik

A friend and mentor of Avatar Aang, he was a spiritually enlightened old guru and although he and Aang parted on the wrong foot, he was seen happily enjoying the Avatar's Wedding, even though he does not agree with the idea of earthly attachments concerning the Avatar.


Fanon Gyatso

Monk Gyatso was Aang's Airbending mentor and guardian. He was killed alongside the other Airbenders during the genocide of their people when Sozin's Comet came. It was stated that he gave Aang his Arrow Tattoos and taught him most of his valuable life lessons, becoming a good friend and father-figure to the Avatar during his young lifetime.

Hahn and his Wife

Fanon Hahn and His Wife

Hahn was the "career-minded" young soldier of the Northern Water Tribe and fiancé to Princess Yue before her death. After General Zhao tossed him overboard the ship he apparently suffered a concussion which changed his attitude to that of a kind hearted man. His wife nursed him back to health (as a nurse's aide under Healer Yugoda) and many years later, the two married and had twin sons, Unalaq and Tonraq. After Chief Arnook's passing, he apparently still favored Hahn as a son-in-law and left the duty of running the tribe to him in his lost will (to Sokka's intense hatred). He keeps in touch with the "powers" of the world, knowing who leads what and where, as well as keeping in the loop when it comes to world news and situations.


Fanon Haru

Haru returned to his Earth Kingdom Village after the war ended and lived there for many, many years as a simple Earthbending Instructor. Later in life, a beautiful girl with a pink, bubbly personality showed up in his town on travels and they instantly fell in love, got married, and raised a small family. As time went on, Haru and Ty Lee moved to the Fire Nation and continued their life over in the countryside utterly peaceful as a co-national family.

Jeong Jeong

Fanon Jeong Jeong

Jeong Jeong was a powerful Firebending officer, highly ranked in his class until he fled the army and vanished from the Fire Nation. He became enlightened and kept hidden away in a small, primitive village for many years until the Avatar came to see him and then he wound up helping to save the world along the rest of the Order of the White Lotus, in which he was a member. Jeong Jeong was later seen at Aang and Katara's wedding and then also at Master Pakku's funeral, alongside the other White Lotus.

Jeong Ji (Toast)

Fanon Jeong Ji (Toast)

Jeong Ji was a Firebender who worked one of the Fire Blasters on deck of the United Forces Naval Ship; his nickname "Toast" is a claim that he is a bit of a pyromaniac (this is later proven to be true). Before his military life, Toast was raised in an abusive home by his father who was a Yuyan Archer relieved of duty after Aang and Zuko ended the Hundred Year War. Trained in archery under harsh conditions, Jeong Ji's innocence and sanity was taken from him, molding him into a pyromaniac and a psychopath at that. He watched his mother die at the hands of his horrible father and he watched his father die in range of his own "flaming arrow". After attacking at Tu Zin (a personal trap of his own design,) Jeong Ji presumably perished beneath the might of the massive explosion, and was finally put to peace.


Fanon Jet

Jet was a charming, roguish teenaged boy who once acted as leader to the Freedom Fighters. He downright despised anything or anyone having to do with the Fire Nation and fought most of his life to get his revenge on the nation after the Rough Rhinos destroyed his home when he was eight. Later he, Smellerbee, and Longshot moved to Ba Sing Se in attempts to start a new life, but Jet's obsession with exposing Firebenders within the wall ultimately caused his demise at the hands of Earthbenders ironically. He was brainwashed by Dai Li agents and later was killed by Long Feng on Lake Laogai.


Fanon Jet II

Jet is the only son of Longshot and Smellerbee. He was raised in Ba Sing Se, and discovered his ironic Firebending capabilities while being taught archery by his father. Jet's favorite Firebending technique is his unique ability to create a bow and arrow-shaped blast of fire, although growing up in the Earth Kingdom city with two nonbender parents, Jet never truly learned much about his Firebending powers and rarely used them at all. In his later years, Jet moved to Republic City, married, and started a family. After his father died, Jet inherited his father's signature red scarf and kept it with him always, while becoming a common working man and believed that in these peaceful times, all a man needed was a good job and a loving family. He still managed to show his oldest son a few Firebending positions that he learned from the Avatar as a boy, though he was no master himself. A kind, hard-working man, and loving father, Jet and his wife were later attacked by a Firebender and tragically both of them were killed trying to protect their two young sons.


Fanon Jin

An outgoing girl from Ba Sing Se, Jin was first seen going on a "forced" date with the young Fire Lord Zuko and she even managed to have a pleasant evening with him, until she was left later that evening when Zuko started remembering his "complicated" feelings towards Mai. The two met again later, but Jin noticed that "Lee" was happy with a new girlfriend and backed off to her own little world. She managed to live a fulfilling life in her portion of Ba Sing Se and traveled all the way to the Fire Nation to give her condolences for the late Uncle Iroh---using Zuko's nickname in the process in order to get the saddened Fire Lord to smile one more time.

Joo Dee (Agatha Wong)

Fanon Joo Dee

Formerly the Tour Guide of Ba Sing Se, brainwashed into believing she was the ever-happy and slightly creepy "Joo Dee", Agatha found a cure to the Dai Li's brainwashing by blinding herself with flashing objects and reciting her spell backwards to make it void. She later fell in love with King Kuei as the two met shortly after the almost war of Yu Dao. Agatha ensured that no one would ever become victim to hypnosis again and continued keeping a smiley face all throughout Ba Sing Se. She and Kuei later had two sons who became the heirs to the Earth King's throne.


Fanon June

June and her pet Shirshu, Nyla, were skilled bounty hunters and excellent trackers. Though June's searches mainly focused around money, she appeared an ally to ending the war and saving the world by helping find Uncle Iroh. It was later mentioned that Zuko tried to use her and Nyla to locate Ursa, but it was said that they could not because she masked her scent and changed it too many times to track.

King Kuei and Bosco

Fanon The Earth King Kuei, and Bosco

Kuei is the 52nd Earth King of Ba Sing Se. All his life he was sheltered and kept unaware of the outside world, that is, until Team Avatar came and everything changed. He was a just king, a little naïve, but dedicated to helping his people even if that meant going to war with the Fire Nation. During the times of peace, Kuei married Joo Dee and they had a son named Yuan, who would later succeed him as the 53rd Earth King. Throughout his life, Kuei has also had the beloved companionship of a Bear named Bosco---who is just a bear---which is weird.

Leader of the Gan Jin Tribe

Fanon Gan Jin Leader

The Leader of the Gan Jin's was a pompous, uptight, and stuffy old man who was just as stubborn as he was tidy. He made an appearance at Aang and Katara's Wedding and seemed to be involved in a sword fight with the Leader of the Zhangs. It is said the two tribes became enemies again after realizing that Aang's Redemption story was made up.

Leader of the Zhang Tribe

Fanon Zhang Leader

The Leader of the Zhang tribe was a barbaric, abrasive woman who was uncompromising and violent to say the least. She appeared at Aang and Katara's Wedding and seemed to be involved in a sword fight with the Leader of the Gan Jin's. It is said the two tribes became enemies again after realizing that Aang's Redemption story was made up.


Fanon Lily

Lily was a bit of a simple minded nomad who traveled the world with her husband Chong, and a pack of nomadic hippies, telling stories and singing love stories every single day. She and Chong later had a son named Lyric and also raised him in the peaceful, simple life of a nomad---even though she and her husband had become wealthy celebrities for their music. Still this never changed the couple and until the day they passed away, Lily and her family always sang, danced, and loved everything about their lifestyle.

Lo and Li

Fanon Lo and Li

Lo and Li were Azula's Firebending instructors and friends to the Royal Family. After Azula went crazy with power and was shipped to the Insane Asylum, Lo and Li retired to their home on Ember Island where they remained the remainder of their lives.

Longshot (Beau)

Fanon Longshsot

Longshot was a precise archer in the former rebel group known as the Freedom Fighters. A silent man, he rarely ever spoke and often let his eyes and actions do the talking for him. Though he seemed a pretty calm-minded person, Longshot was known to obey any command, even if it meant the lives of others were put in danger. As an adult, he convinced Smellerbee that the fighting was over and the world was at peace, thus causing them to retire to a simple life in Ba Sing Se. He married Smellerbee soon after and revealed his true name was "Beau", while also figuring out later on in life that his parents and relatives hail from the Fire Nation, thus causing his son Jet to be a Firebender (ironically). He passed away in a world free of fighting, but before he went, he passed his signature red scarf to his only son as a token of freedom and hope in the world as Jet went on to a new life in the city.


Fanon Lyric

Lyric is the son of the Singing Nomads, Chong and Lily. As a young adult, Lyric became in tune with the life of a calm minded hippie and enjoyed dancing, singing, and playing his pipa all around the Earth Kingdom. He later bumped into the Avatar's daughter, Kya, and the two became instant friends. He seemed to develop a mutual crush on Kya, but after she admitted to being a Bloodbender, Lyric expressed that he just wanted to remain friends. He later married a fellow nomad girl and became the leader of their small family, earning his place as King of the Hippies and continuing the life of music that his parents raised him to love.


Fanon Makoto

Makoto is Sud's nephew and a selfproclaimed "bad boy" who doesn't follow the rules and proceeds to live life like the world revolves around him and him alone. Fearing the path that their son was on, Makoto's parents sent their son to learn respect, discipline, and hard work from his Uncle Sud who acts as a member of the Knowledge Seekers as well as a former Metalbending Police Officer. At first the gig is such a drag for the arrogant teenager, but as he continues to work with the architects, he gradually starts to grow soft and opens up after he meets a free spirited and friendly girl around his own age named Chi. The two start to fall in love much to the contempt of well---everyone! But, perhaps the affection for one girl is enough to make Makoto see the error of his old ways and change over into a new man altogether.


Fanon Malu

Malu was the last Airbender left alive after the start of the Hundred Year War. As a baby, a nun from the Eastern Air Temple cast her into the river in a basket and sent her downwind with the tides just as the ruthless Firebenders (enhanced by Sozin's Comet) destroyed their temple. She was found by a friendly mountain hermit and after he realized what had become of Malu's people, he raised her secretly in his home high up in the thickly wooded mountain area of the Earth Kingdom. Malu was raised knowing good and evil, fun and survival, and unlike any other Nomad, she ate meat and never earned her Airbending tattoos. Malu knew that she wasn't supposed to use her Airbending outside of her grandfather's house, but while exploring the forests, Malu would sometimes disobey this rule in order to play. Rumors spread and the Fire Nation Soldiers came to her home in search of her and burned it to the ground despite her efforts to defeat them and save her grandfather. Alone at the age of Eight, Malu continued to raise herself in the mountains and because of the fire, the soldiers believed that she had perished, so Malu was safe and unbothered for the most part. However, when stray soldiers or mobs came anywhere near her area, Malu would pull devious pranks and tricks on them, causing many to believe that there was some supernatural witch living in the mountains, protecting the surrounding villages. Malu never came out of hiding, remembering the request of her grandfather, and not many had ever even seen her except in quick glimpses. In the end she died a very old and very snarky woman, living just to tease the Fire Nation and protect the mountains where she was raised.

The Mechanist

Fanon The Mechanist

The Mechanist was a brilliant inventor and father to Teo, grandfather of Lugh. He was responsible for turning the Northern Air Temple into a safe haven for his village and also for creating many inventions such as: the Clock, War Balloon, Stink Bomb, Submarine, Finger safe Knife Sharpener, weaponry, a safe alternative gas for Airships, and countless other creations. He sustained many injuries and handicaps throughout his inventing days, but they never seemed to slow him down in the slightest.


Fanon Meng

Meng was a little girl who assisted Aunt Wu in her Fortunetelling Shop in Makapu. She became a little obsessed with Aang after noticing his large ears and connecting it to a fortune Wu told her, saying that she would marry a man with big ears. Later in life, Meng still worked in Wu's shop until the old fortune teller passed away and left all of her tricks and traits to Meng. Also, she was seen at Aang and Katara's wedding alongside a rather "large" eared man (who later became Meng's husband). She has been known to have told fortunes to Tenzin, Pema, and countless others.


Fanon Moku

Moku was a good friend of Chong and Lily in the Singing/Traveling Nomads. A simple-minded fellow, he lived a peaceful life of love and harmony, travelling with his friends and telling stories of their adventures.

Mountain Hermit

Fanon Mountain Hermit

The friendly and lonely Mountain Hermit was the kindly old man who found the last Airbender of their time, Malu. He raised Malu from a baby into her early childhood in his mountain home as her grandfather and he did everything he could to keep her safe and happy away from Fire Nation soldiers. Eventually, the Fire Nation caught wind of rumors as to Malu's survival and eventually found the Hermit's home and burned it down. The friendly and selfless Mountain Hermit saved Malu that day by allowing her to escape as he sacrificed himself to the soldiers.


Fanon Oyaji

Oyaji was the kind leader of the Kyoshi Islanders and a personal father figure of Suki as well as a prodigal grandfather for her daughters. He was the minister at Suki and Sokka's wedding and also a good friend to Team Avatar.


Fanon Master Piandao

Master Piandao was an orphaned nonbender in the Fire Nation, where he became one of the greatest sword fighters in the entire Fire Nation Army. He left and retired to a life of tranquility in Shu Jing. He became an enlightened member of the Order of the White Lotus, also a mentor to Zuko, Sokka, Sukka, and Huyan. After the war, Master Piandao opened his castle to the White Lotus Sentries and turned it into a training camp, where he remained for the rest of his days.

Ping and Poi

Fanon Poi and Ping

Poi and Ping were twins that helped save the Makapu Village when the volcano was erupting. Both brothers were later seen at Aang and Katara's wedding (obviously tagging a ride with Wu and Meng).


Fanon Pipsqueak

Pipsqueak was a rather "old" member of the Freedom Fighters who used his size and strength to his own advantage. He and The Duke became an inseparable pair of friends after helping end the Hundred Year War, and after, they both moved from Ba Sing Se all the way to the bustling new Republic City. Later on, Pipsqueak moved to one of the upper cities in the United Republic and lived as a construction worker until becoming a mechanic and dedicating his life to fixing Sato Mobiles.

Roh Tun (Skivvy)

Fanon Roh Tun (Skivvy)

Roh Tun was an Earthbending boy born and raised in Ba Sing Se where he even trained at Toph Beifong's Metalbending Academy nearby, but apparently was no good at it and dropped out to join the United Forces. Here he was assigned as a gunner for the Earth Catapults on deck and is known to be quite good at it. Roh Tun lost a bet and was dared to run across the mess hall in nothing but his underwear, earning his nickname "Skivvy". He is a loveable guy, comedic and light hearted, and was last seen at Lee and Honora's Wedding, and also seen recovering at the Beifong Estate after the Plight of Tu Zin.

Saikhan Sr.

Fanon Saikhan Sr

Officer Saikhan was an officer on Toph's elite Metalbending Police Force and as a new recruit he worked on the patrolling Airship that Captain Ohev piloted throughout Republic City. After the Tragic Airship Sabotage, Officer Saikhan and three other new recruits were the only four officers to make it out of the Airship alive, and Saikhan was the only one who was well off enough to alert the Avatar of what had happened as well as attend the massive memorial service held for the lost officers. Saikhan later became a ground officer and married soon after his accident. He lost sight in his right eye and broke a few limbs, but none of it stopped him from being an officer, and soon his son would take his place in the Metalbending lineup under the direction of Lin Beifong.

Scary Prisoner

Fanon Scary Prisoner

The Scary Prisoner was a friend Aang met in the Chin Village Prison on "Avatar Day". Though frightening on the outside, the Scary prisoner gave Aang advice on his relationship with Katara and also made an appearance at their wedding.

Sensitive Prisoner

Fanon Sensitive Prisoner

The Sensitive Prisoner was a friend Aang met in the Chin Village Prison on "Avatar Day". Though frightening on the outside, he gave Aang advice on his relationship with Katara, becoming emotional enough to shed a tear. He and the Scary Prisoner made an appearance at Aang and Katara's wedding, the Sensitive Prisoner wrapping an unsuspecting Katara in a hug and telling Aang "I told you so".

Smellerbee (Honey)

Fanon Smellerbee

Smellerbee was once a very rash and violent girl in the Freedom Fighters; taking over for Jet after he was killed in Ba Sing Se. She led rebels of all sorts into rebellion on numerous occasions, but eventually her long term friend, Longshot, convinced her to stop all of the fighting and the two eventually adapted to normal lives in Ba Sing Se. During this peaceful time, Smellerbee revealed her real name to be "Honey" and started going by this title as the years passed on. Meanwhile, she and Longshot had married and they also had a son who they named, Jet (after their friend). As an old woman, Honey remained rash and uncompromising, more so especially after her husband passed away.


Fanon Song

A generous, kind-hearted girl, Song always managed to help anyone in need and offered her services when needed. She later married and raised a family, but travelled a long distance just to comfort Fire Lord Zuko after his Uncle Iroh passed away. She gave him advice from personal experience after she lost her mother the previous year.


Fanon Sud

Sud is a member of the "Knowledge Seekers," a group of architects who uncover forgotten history of the Avatar World. He was originally a Metalbender Cop in Republic City and under the request of Councilman Sokka, he was sent as an undercover agent to watch out for his youngest daughter, Kanna. Sud, Kanna, and Lugh became inseparable friends and he continues to watch over them, enjoying his career as a Knowledge Seeker. Sud would later become the bodyguard and "nanny" to Lugh and Kanna's children, Ramen and Chi; taking care of them when their parents are too busy with their work to do so. He formed a special bond with the kids and thinks of them as his own children, willing to do anything for them to make them happy. He later is tasked with watching over his only nephew after his parents send him away to better himself. Sud can handle reshaping a delinquent teenager, but can he handle the fact that Chi has started to take a liking to this "bad boy" influence in the making?


Fanon Teo

Teo was a good friend of Team Avatar and a contributor in ending the Hundred Year War. After the fight was over, Teo moved back to the Northern Air Temple with his father and later went on to help Aang build Air Temple Island. Later in life, Teo returned to the temple and had a son who became a crazy inventor just like his father was. Meanwhile, Teo himself became a very skilled pilot with the gliders, and started planning the early designs for contraptions Hiroshi Sato would later make called "Airplanes". Also, after the Great Airship Tragedy, Teo learned to trade out the flammable gases in Airships and War Balloons with a safer substitute and for that reason and more, he became a wealthy inventor and humanitarian. Teo was also an heir to his father's previous inventing fortunes, and he later lent a man named Hiroshi Sato a large loan for his industrial plant "Future Industries" seeing as though he and his son, Lugh, had become such good friends. Unfortunately, before Teo could take part in building Airplane vehicles, or seeing Future Industires truly flourish, he passed away and left the blueprints to Lugh and Hiroshi...he knew one of the boys would make this idea of his a reality one day---the idea would most likely be kept safe with them.

Ty Lee

Fanon Ty Lee

Ty Lee was a sweet and naïve girl who normally agreed to anything anyone ever told her. She mastered the ways of balance, harmony, Chi-Blocking, and contortionism, also running away to the circus to escape being just another cloned face at home with her sisters. Ty Lee made many friends there, but soon after left to join Azula's group set on defeating Team Avatar. Later she betrayed her idol, Azula, and even later, she joined the Kyoshi Warriors (ironically becoming a matching person in their set). Afterwards, she went on to lead the warriors after Suki married---and she too retired after meeting the love of her life, Haru, and Ty Lee settled down to raise a family.

Tyra and Toru

Fanon Tyra and Toru

Tyra and Toru are the twin children of Ty Lee and Haru. Toru inherited the ability to Firebend through his mother's Fire Nation blood, and Tyra became an Earthbender thanks to her father's origins. They lived together as a family in a country home on the outskirts of the Fire Nation. Later, the kids moved out and started their own lives... Toru started teaching Firebending in his father's hometown, which in years past had grown to a new large city area; complete with benders from all nations. In her later years, Tyra became a stage performer, a ballerina in fact, adored by many a watchful eye for her and her crew's unique style of mixing together forms of dance, bending, and music.


Fanon Videl

Videl grew up in Republic City all of her life, and though the city wasn't always the safest, she still managed to maintain her sweetness and innocent nature. She later met Jet and the two married, later having one son who was a Firebender like her husband, and then two years later, the couple had one more son who became an Earthbender (the gene coming from from Videl's side of the family---her grandfather was an Earthbender). A gentle woman and loving mother, she and her husband were later attacked by a Firebender and tragically Videl and Jet were killed trying to protect their two young sons.


Fanon Madame Wu

Aunt Wu was a Fortune Teller in the Makapu Village for over fifty years and was an honored guest at Aang and Katara's wedding due to the fact she foretell their fates together in the first place.


Fanon Yakone

To see more of Yakone's Fanon-Biography Look Here!

Yakone was one of the many citizens of the new Republic City, and a concerned protester who traveled all the way to the Fire Nation in order to run his idea across Team Avatar that he and his local villagers could form a chi-blocking task force to help guard against the rapidly growing crime rates in the outer parts of the city. When Toph refused and the others agreed to handle it on their own terms, Yakone left in a very upset rage. A year later, the council reconsidered his request and soon Yakone and his team managed to impress the police force enough to gain their trust. For years Yakone's power increased as he got vastly popular and even more brutal as his task force swept Republic City clean of crime; however, in secret, Yakone was also becoming more powerful as a crime lord, often setting up his own crimes just to cover this fact up from Team Avatar. Eventually, Toph Beifong caught Yakone Bloodbending a group of gangsters and Aang immediately realized how manipulative Yakone was and terminated his task force, sending Yakone into the shadows and more importantly into the open about his ranking as a crime boss. After he was arrested many times by the Metalbending Police Force, Yakone's lawyer always managed to get him free of his charges, until one day the court overruled him and Yakone bloodbended everyone in the courtroom before fleeing and losing his bending to Avatar Aang. With the help of his old gang, Yakone changed his identity and fled to the Northern Water Tribe, where he later married and raised two sons, Noatak and Tarrlok, before his eldest son's betrayal and his untimely death in despair.

Yuan and Dende

Fanon Yuan and Dende

Yuan and Dende are the sons of the 52nd Earth King, Kuei, and Agatha Wong, plus they are both heirs to the throne of Ba Sing Se. Yuan being the oldest will eventually succeed his father and become the 53rd Earth King following his old father's peaceful passing. Dende however will remain Prince and has been known to throw wild parties, inviting the Avatar's wife, Katara, to speak a toast at his seventeenth birthday party for the thrill of it.


Fanon Princess Yue

Princess Yue was a sixteen year old princess living in the Northern Water Tribe Capitol until Admiral Zhao and the Fire Nation Army attacked and killed the Moon Spirit, La. As an infant Yue was born very sick, but the Moon Spirit gave her life and this turned her hair White and possessed the young princess to give up her life in order to revive the fish-like body of the Moon Spirit. In turn, Yue became a spirit and took form of the moon. She sometimes came down to earth to give advice to Avatar Aang, and also confessed to taking a protective god-motherly position to Sokka's daughter, Yue. She gave Yue's son, Kue life just as La had done for her, and this in turn turned his hair White as well. She is a connection between the mortal world and the Spiritual Haven, often communicating between each of them on the night of the New Moon.


Air Acolytes

Fanon Air Acolytes

The selfless servants of the Avatar's family, as well as keepers of his peoples' origins and customs, the Air Acolytes have spread across the globe, mainly residing on Air Temple Island, but also living in the newly restored Air Temples around the world. Women of the Air Acolytes typically wear red and yellow and keep various hairstyles; the older women of the Western Air Temple however have shaved their bangs to show off their false Arrow tattoos (they gave to each other as children). The men in the Acolytes often shave their heads or remain purely bald and sport various forms of facial hair; they wear yellow (orange) and red uniforms opposite to the women. Children of the Acolytes dress much like their parents, however boys are allowed to keep their hair as long as they wish until they wish to take the huge step in Air Nomad culture.

Notable Members: Pema, Marko, Their Parents, Hei-Won, Won-Yee, Yee-Li, Xing Ying, Orella, Che Ting, Northern Air Temple Villagers, The Official Avatar Aang Fan Club

Appearances: 2, 11, 12, 19, 23, 34, 42, 47, 49, 52, 53,

Council of Five

Fanon The Council of Five

The leaders of Ba Sing Se's army, the Council of Five were an important group to the Earth King and also friends to Team Avatar.

Notable Members: General How, General Sung, 3 Other Unnamed Members

Appearances: 3 (mentioned), 5

Dai Li

Fanon Dai Li

The Dai Li, once led by the vicious and devious Long Feng, as well as an evil Princess Azula were skilled Earthbenders who kept the "peace" in Ba Sing Se. Their unique Earthbending abilities were taught to them by Avatar Kyoshi and later the power grew into capabilities far different than any other bender's, powers that included something as unheard of as mind controlling hypnosis. A very rare few of these agents realized that while Kyoshi taught them for wholesome reasons, in years past the Dai Li have become a shameful organization full of violence and secrets. These good agents turned on their comrades and helped to undo all of the evil done to the Earth Kingdom Capitol. It is unknown what became of the Dai Li after King Kuei's wedding, but rumors have it that one sole member took it upon himself to brainwash every last agent into forgetting the organization altogether, and that now, these Earthbenders are all living normal lives in Ba Sing Se.

Notable Members: Long Feng, Yuhan Tsen, Hiroshu Leung, Other agents

Appearances: 3

Earth Rumble VI Wrestlers

Fanon The Earth Rumble VI Wrestlers

The former Gaoling Wrestling Earthbenders: The Boulder, The Hippo, Fire Nation Man, The Headhunter, The Gopher, The Gecko have made appearances throughout the Fanon, most notably the creation of Pro Bending in which the former wrestlers agreed to make Toph's idea a reality. After Xin Fu found a new set of wrestling Earthbenders to exploit, they were fired---though luckily for them, Toph had a new job for them to watch over...Pro Bending

Notable Members: Boulder, The Hippo, Fire Nation Man, The Gopher, The Gecko, Headhunter, Toph

Appearances: 5 (Boulder and Hippo), 6, 17


Fanon Equalists

The anti-bending society known as "The Equalists" come in many shapes, sizes, and forms; all of them consist of non-benders who wish to equalize their community from people who can bend the elements and take power over them. They formed under the leadership of a strange, masked man, called Amon, and later they did his bidding throughout Republic City. Their field leader was a man known only as "Lieutenant" and together, they Chi-Blocked and electrocuted any and all bystanders and benders who stood in Amon's way. After discovering their leader was a Waterbender, the Equalist Chi-Blockers, as well as the non-fighting Equalists were flabbergasted, betrayed, and they is unknown if they plan to keep harassing benders of the United Republic, but after so many years of doing so, even without a leader, many believe that the Equalists will continue to pose a problem for peace.

Notable Members: Amon, Lieutenant, Hiroshi Sato, and Other Various Members

Appearances: 48, 49, 51 (Mentioned), 53, 53,

Fire Nation Students

Fanon Fire Nation School Kids

These four were students with Aang when he enrolled at a Fire Nation school. They were seen attending his and Katara's wedding (in their school uniforms) meaning that they are presumably in college now.

Notable Members: Ji On Ji, Shoji, No Neck, and Unnamed Girl

Appearances: 5

Fire Nation Workers

Fanon Royal Servants of the Fire Nation

These dedicated men and women serve the Royal Family and the Fire Nation to the fullest extent of their abilities. There are the Royal Guards, the Precession, Firebending Instructors, Training Partners, Spa Maids, Personal Messengers, and simple guards who watch every door and alert the royals of a visitor. All of this and more and no matter what happens, these people are always dedicated and professional.

Notable Members: Precession, Soldiers, Sifu Hotman, Maids, Servants, and Royal Palace Watchers

Appearances: 15, 22, 23, 26 (mentioned), 29, 32, 35, 39, 41, 50

Hope's Family

Fanon Than's Sister, Than, Ming, and Hope

Than, his wife, Ming, then his Sister, and his daughter, Hope, all made an appearance at Aang and Katara's wedding. By this point, little Hope was Six years old and her family were living decent, humble lives in Ba Sing Se.

Notable Members: Than, Ming, Hope, Than's sister

Appearances: 5

Knowledge Seekers

Fanon Knowledge Seekers

The Knowledge Seekers and Restoration Architects are a large group of dedicated and curious people who took responsibility for the task of restoring the great natural landmarks of the world, while also following their goals of learning new (and old) facts about past cultures. This group has unearthed numerous artifacts from the four Air Temples, Roku's Island, Wan Shi Tong's Library, and even recent meteorite crashing sites. Lead mostly by alumni members: Kanna and Lugh, the Knowledge seekers continue to spread out to the farthest corners of the world in order to learn new facts and bring a little history into the light of the bustling world.

Notable Members: Kanna, Lugh, Sud, Ramen (by affiliation), Chi (by affiliation), Makoto (by force), and other unnamed members

Appearances: 28, 36, 42, 45 (by affiliation), 53 (image only),

Kyoshi Islanders

Fanon Kyoshi Villagers

The humble and simple people living on Kyoshi Island (often seen wearing blue clothing) are the residents and descendants of the first of Avatar Kyoshi's people when she split their home from the mainland. They are a peaceful people safe from war and struggle. They are protected by sea by the Unagi and their main export is fishing and farming supplies. The island normally keeps to itself and was late to update technologically, but it still retains its ancient qualities and customs of years past.

Notable Members: Avatar Kyoshi (founder), Koko Koko (Kyoshi's Daughter, Oyaji, Suki, Foaming Mouth Guy, Ty Lee, Koko (ATLA), The Kyoshi Warriors, Koko, Fomagu, Sophie, Jenna, Enki, Silver Serpent Crew, and Other Unnamed Residents

Appearances: 3, 21, 28, 44, 47

Kyoshi Warriors

Fanon Kyoshi Warriors

The Kyoshi Warriors make numerous appearances throughout the Fanon, protecting citizens and keeping order wherever they're needed most. They were led by Suki (until she married), Ty Lee (also married), then years later, Suki's daughter Koko fought the unknown leader for the rights to rule and won, passing the reign down her own generation.

Notable Members: Avatar Kyoshi (founder), Suki, Koko, Ty Lee, Jenna, Other Unnamed Members

Appearances: 1, 2, 3, 15 (mentioned), 16, 18 (mentioned), 21, 28, 44, 47

Metalbending Police Officers

Fanon Metalbending Officers

These are a few of the plentiful officers who trained in the art of Metalbending under Chief Beifong before becoming a police force for Republic City. They are often seen keeping the peace, ensuring security, and skating on wires above all corners of the vast city. The non-bending members of the Metalbending Police Force, work mostly in offices inside the headquarters, as well as operate the communication lines, and even pilot Airships.

Notable Members: Toph Beifong, Lin Beifong, Ohev, Sud, Saikhan Sr., Saikhan, Officer Sun, Officer Ro, Other Unnamed Officers

Appearances: 7, 14, 15 (mentioned), 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 25, 27, 33, 36 (mentioned), 37 (mentioned), 38, 43 (mentioned), 47, 48, 49

Past Avatars

Fanon Past Avatars

Avatars: Yangchen, Kuruk, Kyoshi, and Roku were the main Avatars who helped Aang throughout his journey as the Avatar. It is stated that Yangchen and Roku faced sudden deaths, while Kuruk and Kyoshi passed away peacefully as Aang does. It is also rumored that any Avatar (other than Roku) gave Aang advice up until Year 41, due to the fact Aang cut him off as a Spiritual Mentor.

Notable Members: Roku, Yangchen, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Aang, Korra

Appearances: 12 (Kuruk), 23 (Roku Mentioned), 41 (Roku), 52, 53, 54,


Fanon Pirates

The pirates are the small, but faithful crew aboard the Silver Serpent, a pirate ship under the leadership of Captain Enki Killian. The crew is an odd bunch, they steal and loot, get into fights with other pirates, and run from the law of the United Forces Navy / Coastguard, but even so, they never actually kill or injure the innocent and instead pull mischievous plots and raids on their villages. They are a family through and through and the pirates stick together even when things look grim. Men from different dreadful pasts and lands have all joined together on the Silver Serpent to invest in a life of seafaring bliss and eventually take up a new home on Kyoshi Island after their ship was destroyed and the United Forces attempted to throw them in prison.

Notable Members: Enki (Captain), Koko, One-Eye Ying, Toshi, Fillmore, Scabs, Cookie, Rags, and Silent Mike

Appearances: 47, 53

Servants of the Beifong Family

Fanon Beifong Servants

These loyal servants are maids, guards, drivers, and the whole baseboard of the Beifong Family's life. Ohev was born into this group before running away as a child and later he returned and influenced Lao and Poppy to allow him to "watch" over their daughter in Republic City.

Notable Members: Ohev, Ohev's Family, Other Servants

Appearances: 5, 21, 69 (Ohev's Parents)

Sun Warriors

Fanon Sun Warriors

The Ancient Sun Warriors lived on a small, ancient island where they guarded the remaining dragons and also kept the original source of Firebending alive. When Doomsday came, the warriors vanished without a trace and some say certain benders with odd tattooed markings appear all over the world and are out of date with the modern culture.

Notable Members: Sun Warrior chief, Ham Ghao, Other Members

Appearances: 41

Swamp Benders

Fanon Swamp Benders

The Swamp Benders: Luke, Tho, Due, Huu, and Slim (the catgator) are a tribe of Waterbenders who live in the thickly eluded Swamplands of the Earth Kingdom. While friends of Team Avatar, these benders appeared at Aang and Katara's wedding, and years later, Aang's daughter, Kya, briefly dated Luke---before realizing he was as dimwitted as a tree stump and dumped him.

Notable Members: Tho, Due, Huu, Luke, Other Members

Appearances: 5, 33

Tom-Tom's Family

Fanon Tom-Tom's Family

Tom-Tom's beloved and awkward wife and his three biological children... He and his wife are said to have met because of their similar duplicated names, Tom-Tom and Ten-Ten. They married and relaxed to a simple life of farming in Omashu where they had a daughter, Lola---who later married and had children of her own after she moved out of the house. Their youngest children, Foma and Gem, are mischievous fourteen year old boys who stated that they are too afraid to play with the six year old Prince Iroh because he set their playground on fire teaching them how to play "hide and explode".

Notable Members: Tom, Rook (Adoptive Son/Brother), Ten-Ten, Lola, Foma, Gem, and other unnamed/distant members

Appearances: 51

The Traveling Nomads

Fanon Travelling Nomads

The Singing and Travelling nomads were happy-go-lucky, hippies who enjoyed music, dancing, stories, and peace. They always appear happy and tuneful anywhere they go.

Notable Members: Chong, Lily, Moku, Ohev, Lyric, Kya Lyric's Wife, Other Members

Appearances: 5, 17(technically), 25, 33

Ty Lee's Family

Fanon Ty Lee's Family

Ty Lee's parents are wealthy and busy socialites, while her six identical sisters are all so similar, Ty Lee often felt overlooked and ignored. She ran away from home and joined the circus to escape being a part of the matched set inside her family, and later, she went back to make amends only to realize that her family was very proud of her and wanted to learn all about the cool things she had been doing since she took off. Her sisters even stated that they were trying to learn how to Chi-Block just like their famous sister, Ty Lee.

Notable Members: Ty Lee's Parents, Natta Lee, Rye Lee, Emma Lee, Bae Lee, Ky Lee, Lin Lee, Ty Lee, and other distant members and relatives by numerous marriages

Appearances: 8

United Republic Council

Fanon United Republic Council

These four, Veera, Rocky, Chinook, and Saffron were the very first council (hand chosen by Team Avatar) to keep order in the new utopia of Republic City. Veera represented the Fire Nation for over sixty years, and remained until her own daughter took over at the honored request of Fire Lord Honora. Rocky represented the Earth Kingdoms and was formerly a high ranking soldier in the Terra Team; he remains on the council to this day. Chinook represented the Northern Water Tribe and was a member of the Council under Chief Hahn before moving to the city; he was later succeeded by Councilman Tarrlok. Saffron represented the Air Acolytes and was chosen specifically by Aang after seeing his interest in judiciary tasks; Saffron was the first council member to retire and was immediately succeeded by Tenzin. The four were each skilled benders of their nations (excluding Saffron) and each of them worked peacefully and equally under the leadership of the non-bending, Head Councilman, Sokka, until his retirement. Sokka was later succeeded by an unnamed Waterbender from the South Pole.

Notable Members: Veera, Rocky, Chinook, Saffron, Sokka, Tenzin, Tarrlok, Ruby, and the unnamed Waterbender

Appearances: 7, 14, 15, 23, 27, 33, :37 (mentioned), 42 (mentioned), 47, 48, 53 (image only)

Water Tribe Warriors

Fanon Water Tribe Warriors

Though there are many different types of warriors in the Water Tribes, both South and North, bender and nonbender, these three warriors appear most often and were also seen attending Aang and Katara's wedding, hinting that they are friends of Hakoda and members of the Southern Water Tribe.

Notable Members: Hakoda, Bato, Sokka, Hahn, other warriors

Appearances: 2 5, 17, 31, 32

White Lotus Order

Fanon White Lotus

The Order of the White Lotus formally consisted of the aged and enlightened old masters who transcend the boundaries of the other nations, seeking philosophy, beauty, and truth in equality and peace. After helping recapture Ba Sing Se at the end of the Hundred Year War, the Lotus Order expanded and took on more and more members, gaining members that were younger and more agile. The older members took it upon themselves to teach these younger recruits and these certain few would later become masters and keepers of peace and philosophy in the future, for both benders and nonbenders alike.

Notable Members: Piandao, Pakku, King Bumi Jeong Jeong, Iroh Sokka, Sukka Shao, Other Members

Appearances: 5 (technically), 17, 21 (mentioned), 28, 35, 42 (mentioned), 43, 49, 53

White Lotus Sentries (In Training)

Fanon White Lotus Sentries in Training

The Order of the White Lotus has been taking on new recruits, not even old or enlightened yet. Most of these students wish to learn the ways of the White Lotus, so they have traveled to the town of Shu Jing, to the castle of Master Piandao, where he and his White Lotus apprentices teach enlightenment, swordsmanship, and bending mastery to any worthy young mind that wished to be molded. Sokka and Suki's daughter, Sukka (who has long since become a master herself) teaches these pupils and trains them in swordsmanship above all else. In the future, these young students will become masters as well and they will be spread out throughout the world to promote philosophy, peace, and also to keep the Avatar and family safe from harm in Republic City.

Notable Members: Shao, Other Unnamed Members

Appearances: 43, 49, 53



Fanon Appa

Appa is Aang's Sky Bison and a very important member of Team Avatar. After saving the world from the Hundred Year War, Appa settled down on Air Temple Island and eventually met a lovely lady bison named Iio and had three babies: Pasang, Anila, and Oogi. He lived to be one of the oldest Sky Bison in history and died just a few short weeks before his lifelong friend, Aang, at the age of 160.


Fanon Iio

Iio was one of the many Sky Bison found by Aang and Appa near the Northern Air Temple. She differs from other Bison because her fur is a more yellow hue, and one of her horns was broken and they are also more round than other Bisons'. Later she and Appa fell in love and raised three baby bison together. It is known that Bumi often took her on joyrides across the world in order to "get her out of the house" for a little while and away from her kids.


Fanon Pasang

Pasang was the oldest of Appa and Iio's babies. Aang's oldest, Kya, chose him more often than any other Bison whenever she wanted to travel and she considered Pasang her personal Sky Bison over everybody else. Eventually, Kya moved away and Pasang (though he and her had had many adventures) stayed behind on Air Temple Island with his family.


Fanon Anila

Anila is the second born and only daughter to Iio and Appa. She and her brother were presented to Tenzin to choose as his "companion for life", but after Tenzin chose Oogi, Anila returned to her normal life as one of the newly recovered endangered Flying Bison. Traveling wise, Anila was said to be a bit "clumsy" in the skies, so she remains mostly on Air Temple Island with her friends and family.


Fanon Oogi

Oogi is the youngest bison born to Appa and Iio. He was chosen by Tenzin to be his "companion for life" and the two have been inseparable ever since. Oogi was said to be much shyer and shaggier, with more stripes than his siblings or his parents---for these reasons, Tenzin knew that they would become best friends forever. He and Tenzin traveled the world together, and had many, many adventures before settling down back on Air Temple Island. As Tenzin's family grew, Oogi found himself settled down as well and occasionally takes the family into Republic City or the South Pole for visits with Tenzin's mother.


Fanon Jinju

Jinju is a descendant of the Sky Bison that Aang and Appa found near the Northern Air Temple. Many of the Bison still reside there and at the other Air Temples now under the guidance of the new nomads and Air Acolytes. An infant Jinju however was one of the very rare few that migrated his way to Air Temple Island, all by himself, and for no apparent reason strangely enough? This is one of the many reasons, Jinju described as a bit of an oddball. His actions are strange and most of the things that he does is also odd, but Jinju is one of the fastest Bison at the stables and Tenzin has let Lin borrow him on occasion to ride long distances in certain emergencies.


Fanon Dao

Dao is one of the seven dragons hatched from the sun stone that Aang and Zuko rescued from the sinking Sun Warrior Civilization. Of his siblings, Dao is described as a more serious dragon and he acts as the responsible pack leader of his family. It terms of strength, Dao is said to have the strongest breath of fire. He was named by Zuko after his dual dao swords and later became his personal riding companion.


Fanon Sparky

Sparky is one of the seven dragons hatched from the sun stone that Aang and Zuko rescued from the sinking Sun Warrior Civilization. Of his siblings, Sparky is described as a loose cannon and often wild behaving dragon; he is also the most agile of his siblings. He was named by Sokka at Honora and Lee's wedding ceremony.


Fanon Charge

Charge is one of the seven dragons hatched from the sun stone that Aang and Zuko rescued from the sinking Sun Warrior Civilization. Of her siblings, Charge is described as a lounging house-cat sort of dragon that enjoys being pampered and taking it easy. Compared to her brothers and sisters, Charge is the fastest dragon of her family. She was named by Honora after the lightning, and later became her personal riding companion.

Chu Gar

Fanon Chu Gar

Chu Gar is one of the seven dragons hatched from the sun stone that Aang and Zuko rescued from the sinking Sun Warrior Civilization. Of his siblings, Chu Gar is described as a dragon with a strong pride and will, often testing his limits; he also had the strongest build of his siblings and the densest skin. He was named by Lin and Toph Beifong after their Earthbending-style at Honora and Lee's wedding ceremony.


Fanon Kuzon

Kuzon is one of the seven dragons hatched from the sun stone that Aang and Zuko rescued from the sinking Sun Warrior Civilization. Of his siblings, Kuzon is described as a clingy and easily affectionate dragon who enjoys being around the company of others, no matter who it is. His unique strong suit from that of his brothers and sisters, is that he is able to fly at higher elevations than that of his siblings. He was named by Avatar Aang after his old friend from the Fire Nation, Kuzon, who also had a knack for getting into trouble with dragons.


Fanon Fidelity

Fidelity is one of the seven dragons hatched from the sun stone that Aang and Zuko rescued from the sinking Sun Warrior Civilization. Of her siblings, Fidelity is described as a graceful and strikingly beautiful looking dragon. Compared to her brothers and sisters, she is the stealthiest dragon of her family and her dark coloring makes her the perfect secret in the night sky. She was named by Katara and her name means: "Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by loyalty."


Fanon Tanwen

Tanwen is one of the seven dragons hatched from the sun stone that Aang and Zuko rescued from the sinking Sun Warrior Civilization. Of her siblings, Tanwen is described as the most laid back and loyal dragon of the bunch, and she is often seen following the young Prince Iroh around the palace. Compared to her brothers and sisters, she is the easiest dragon to ride of her family and will take an extra precaution to ensure her rider is safe and comfortable. She was named by Lee as a term meaning "White Fire" and it is rumored that fire is at its hottest temperature when it turns white. After Lee left to lead the United Forces, Tanwen took a protective shinning to his son Iroh and the two became best friends.

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