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Team Avatar

Avatar Korra


She is now 46 years old, living on Water Fortress Island with Mako and her 2 kids. Korra has the same personality as she was when she was younger, except that she is more patient, thanks to Tenzin and her airbending training. Ever since she has defeated Amon, she has become an airbending master, a fully-realized Avatar, stopped wars, helped families, and kept balance in the world. She has now married and raised kids as she tries to save the world again.

Councilman Mako

Roku waterbending

Councilman Mako is also a hero. After helping Korra defeat Amon, he traveled with her around the world, as she got a better understanding of the world. As he traveled with her, he became a firebending master and shortly, was declared the best firebender in the world, outdoing many firebenders in agni kais. After the Fire Nation Councilman retired 12 yeas ago, he became the new representative. He married Korra, and had Kuzon and Katara with her. Kuzon was named after his father. He is currently teaching his son firebending, when he heard he had to save Korra... again.

Councilman Bolin

Fong close-up

After Bolin helped Team Avatar end the Equalists, he went back to pro-bending. After 12 more years of pro-bending, the new Fire Ferrets (Korra and Mako left) won 8 championships, including 5 years in a row. He became the best pro bender in the world. Eventually, he fell in love with Kanna, Katara's granddaughter, and Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan's cousin. He had three children, twin girls Moke and Mika (Mika's younger), and their son Kyani. He loves his children and his wife dearly. He became councilman 6 years ago after the former Earth King representative retired. He is a lot more serious than he was before and lives next to Water Fortress Island on the shores of Republic City.

Fire Lady Asami


After defeating her father and the Equalists, she spent some time in changing Future Industries' reputation. As daughter of Hiroshi, and new CEO of Future Industries, it was up to her to change it. She did after 5 years with the Avatar's help. She then begin a relationship with Crown Prince Iroh, and later married him. She has 2 children with Fire Lord Iroh, Crown Prince Lu Ten, and Princess Fiona. Fiona is named after Asami's beloved mother. She became a loving, caring wife and mother. Although she was once angry at Mako for liking Korra over her, she's over it and says that she like Iroh more than Mako. Asami's personality hasn't change much and she has made Future Industries the most successful business in the world.

Fire Lord Iroh

Full Ozai

After the then Crown Prince and General of the United Forces help save Republic City from the Equalists, he continued to be a general. After 2 more years, he retired after seeing a beautiful Asami. He started dating her and eventually married her. He has 2 kids with her and loves his kids dearly. He started becoming an ambassador for his people, spreading peace and order to the three (technically two) other nations. His mother, Fire Lady Honora, gave up her position as leader of the Fire Nation to Iroh. He is the most powerful firebender in the world, and only Mako can match him.

The Children



Kuzon is the firstborn child and only son of Avatar Korra and Councilman Mako, born in 180 AG. Kuzon is a powerful firebender, and learned to generate and re-direct lightning from his father. He has a girlfriend named Lola who's personality is much like a mix of Ty Lee and Asami's. In fact, Mako thinks of their relationship like his and Asami. His personality is much like his father's, but also like his mother's when he is tough and aggressive. He cares a lot for his little sister as well and enjoys his life on Water Fortress Island.


Smiling Korra

Katara is the youngest child and only daughter of Avatar Korra and Councilman Mako. She is a waterbender, just like her mother. She is 16 years old. However, her mother doesn't teach her much, as she is busy with her Avatar duties, so she trains at Master Katara Waterbending Academy. She is a powerful waterbender, and she is capable of bloodbending, although she doesn't inside Republic City. Her personality is more like her fathers, as she is calm, patient, and level-headed. She is friends with both Lola and Princess Fiona, and she loved to hang out with her cousins Moke, Mika, and Kyani. She cares allot for her big brother, and she hopes to be one day the most powerful waterbender in the world.


Jin looking down

Moke is the firstborn child of Councilman Bolin and his wife, Kanna. She is older than her sister, Mika by 8 minutes and is 17 years old. Moke is a non-bender; however, that doesn't stop her. She is a master with dual dao swords and katana fans. In addition, she is also an excellent strategist and is also a smart scientist, allowing her to be as equal as her little brother and sister. She is a nice, and respectful girl, but is also serious and will call you out if you disrespect her. She does get jealous of her siblings bending in her face, but knows how to keep her emotions inside. She cares about her family deeply and also dated Lu Ten, the crown prince of the Fire Nation, 2 years ago before they broke up. She is still friends with him, and is best friends with his sister, Fiona.


Katara angry

Mika is the younger daughter and twin, and is the second child of Bolin and Kanna. She is 17 years old. She is much like her mother, an excellent waterbender, and is a serious, yet happy, and caring girl. She is considered a prodigy by both of her parents, and by Katara, who she refers to as her grandmother. She is cunning and smart, and uses her brain as well as her skills to beat other benders and enemies. Her and Katara love to duel each other every time on Water Fortress Island, and often hangs out with her cousin. She's not as easy-going as her sister is, but she cares much about her and her family. She is much like her sister in terms of how she gets jealous, however she can also hid her emotions, and is both spiritual and disciplined.



Kyani is the youngest child and only son of Bolin and Kanna. He is 16 years old. He looks like a mixture of both of his parents. His personality is much like his father. He likes to have fun, enjoy himself, and tries to impress girls. However, he is still an impressive earthbender, and is planning on joining an earthbending team next year. He is trained by his father in earthbending, and trained by Lin in metalbending. He uses his earthbending to try and impress girls by creating them necklaces; however, Mika tries to embarrasses him a lot in front of them. They fight every day at their houses, and sometimes even destroy their house. However, they are both spiritual, and agree to do spiritual exercises together. He cares about his family, and sticks with them no matter what. He plans to become a better earthbender than his father when he grows up.

Crown Prince Lu Ten

Iroh (United Forces general)

Prince Lu Ten is the oldest child and only son of Fire Lord Iroh and Fire Lady Sato. He is 18 years old. He is named after his great-grandfather's cousin. Lu Ten is a powerful firebender, but is mainly known for his dual dao swords. When he combines it with his firebending, he creates massive streams of fire that he can easily control. He is brave and strong from his father, but also kind and caring like his mother. As prince of the Fire Nation, he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, but thinks he can handle it. He is impressed with some girls, but not all. Many girls like him, due to the fact that he is the prince. He is also smart, and knows much about his nation and his family's history.

Princess Fiona

Princess Azula

Princess Fiona is the youngest child and only daughter of Fire Lord Iroh and Fire Lady Sato. She is the youngest of the children, at 15 years old. She is much like her great-grandaunt (except good). Her firebending skills are unmatchable for someone her age. She could also read someone and can easily defeat them by exploiting their weak points. She is kind, and helpful like her mother, but strong and fierce like her father. She enjoys herself when she is getting hair salons with her friends, or hanging out with them. She also frequently goes to Ember Island to relax on the beach and Republic City to be with her other friends. She lives a regular life despite being a princess, since most of the burden they get normally lies to her brother, who would be Fire Lord some day. She also likes to study history and is a little interested in some firebender boys, much to her father's dismay.

Team Fire


Roku close-up

Luzan is a powerful firebender, the son of Arzo, who was the son of the former Princess Azula. He is 58. He wants to continue his father and his grandmother's work by finishing off Avatar Korra, Fire Lord Iroh, Earth King Kano, and the two Water Tribe Chiefs, and from there, control the world. Luzan is a mean, strict, fearing, and strong manipulative man. Despite that, he cares for his daughter and is impressed at her combat skills. He wants to use Sozin's Comet to burn Republic City to crisp. With the help of Shoji, his most trusted advisor and the creator of the generator, which gives firebenders as much power as Sozin's Comet for a whole day, and Iza, his beautiful, yet cunning lightning-like daughter, he wants to become the Phoenix King, and master of the world.


Commander Zhao

Shoji is Luzan's most trusted advisor. He is 30 years old. He is Admiral of the Dragon Men, and is their second-in-command. He also is a firebender, but is known as a smart scientist. He was able to create the first ever fire generator, which has as much power as Sozin's Comet in one day. Shoji is a disciplined, tough admiral that doesn't accept failure. He is brave and doesn't give up until he's forced to. He also listens to Luzan's plans, which makes him his most trusted ally beside his daughter.


Asami shocked

Iza is the daughter of Luzan and his deceased wife, Alala. She is 18 years old. She learned how to bend fire from her father, but prefers lightning, which she can bend in just a second. She is considered a firebending prodigy by both her father and Shoji. She, too wants to help her father control the world. She would've became Fire Lord, Shoji would've became Earth King, and Luzan would've melt the Water Tribes, and he would've been ruler of the world had his plan actually worked. Iza is beautiful, and manipulative, just like her great-grandmother.


Old Sozin

Arzo was the son of the former Princess Azula, and her boyfriend, Lee. Arzo was a strong, aggressive, and powerful firebender. He died at the age of 86 just 6 months ago. He always hated his uncle (Zuko), and the Avatar (Aang) for leaving his mother helpless, and tried to do something about it. When he was 30, he confronted Avatar Aang. He had the upper hand in the battle, throwing fire ball after lightning blast towards the Avatar. Aang fell, and wasn't getting up. Right before Arzo killed him, Aang entered the Avatar State, and easily defeated him. After that, he had him arrested. He escaped after 8 years, and began a new life, marrying a woman, and raising a son, Luzan. He constantly tried to make Luzan perfection, so he can avenge him. However, he never lived to see that dream happen.

Dragon Men

Azula's ship captain

The Dragon Men are Luzan's armies. There are hundreds of these men. They are powerful firebenders who practice their bending every day. They are led by Shoji. They are taught to be quiet, quick, fearful, and aggressive. They are normally sent to capture Earth Kingdom cities, or capture a particular person, like the Fire Lord, or the Avatar. They are often compared to the Dai Li, with Shoji being compared to Long Feng. They also protect Luzan and Iza at all costs if they are being attacked. If they betray Luzan, they are normally killed on the spot.



Monk Gyatso

Tenzin is now a retired, yet wise and experienced, old man that currently lives on Air Temple Island. He is now 80 years old. He spends his days watching his sick mother along with his sister. When he has free time, he practices his airbending. Honora compares him often to her granduncle Iroh, in terms of how wise and powerful he is. After Rohan turned 18 and Korra energybended some Air Acolytes, he sent Meelo to the Northern Air Temple, Rohan to the Southern Air Temple, Jinora to the Western Air Temple, and Ikki to the Eastern Air Temple to let the Air Acolytes live as true airbenders and Air Nomads. He stayed chairman of the United Republic for 25 more years until 195 AG, where he gave up that title to Jinora. He then moved with his mother to the Western Air Temple, but regularly visited Air Temple Island and Water Fortress Island. He is currently planning to get his mother to move to the Western Air Temple, so he can control it, and to also keep his mother away from the crime, and danger of Republic City.


Council page

Pema is now 65 years old, and has enjoyed a life pf peace and prosperity. She currently lives in Republic City, where she watches over her 2 grandkids, and Tenzin's health. Her personality hasn't changed much in the years, however, she is happy that she had airbender kids, as she sees the Air Nomad civilization growing every day. She goes with her husband, and mother-in-law to the Western Air Temple. She often visits the Northern and Eastern Air Temples to see her kids since they are the closest. but she still visits the other two air temples.

Lin Beifong

Lin Beifong giving up her identity

Lin has continued to live in Republic City, although she does visit Gaoling often, to see her sister (in this fanon, Lin has a younger sister named Tala). She is 79. Lin's scar was half healed by Katara and Kanna; however, there is still a little left there. Lin retired from Chief just 2 years ago and gave her position to her nephew, Kaito Bei Fong. Kaito and her live on Air Temple Island, where she also helps out the ill Katara. She also helps Zuko, who is also starting to get sick. She is still tough, challenging, and strong-willed, but also has been more spiritual than before as she mediates often. Despite not being Chief, she still fights to protect Republic City at all costs and always will.

Chairwoman Jinora

Avatar Yangchen and Aang

Jinora is the first child of Tenzin and Pema. She is 39. After the Equalist Revolution, she continued to master airbending. She became a master at the age of 16, when she mastered the 36th tier of airbending. After that, she traveled the world, like her father, uncle, and aunt before her and got a better understanding of humans, animals, and the world itself. One day during her journey. she accidentally traveled to the Spirit World, and got a glimpse of her future. She first met Avatar Roku, who knew immediately who she was. Roku took Jinora to Aang, where for the first time, she met her deceased grandfather. She told him how she got to the Spirit World, and in return, he told her to tell her grandmother, aunt, and father how much he missed them, and hoped to see them soon. He also explained some of his childhood to her, as he showed her the way out. Before she left, she saw her deceased uncle. and said goodbye to him. Aang told her he would always be with her, as she returned to the physical world. She came back to Republic City 14 years later with a husband, Gallo and a 4 year old airbending son, Emiko and told her father of her journeys. She continued to live in Republic City. She was later sent to the Western Air Temple to create it to an Air Temple. She later got a call that asked her to become Chairwoman of the United Republic. She accepted the call, and moved back to Air Temple Island. She now has a 13 year old airbending master son, Emiko, and a 6 year old airbender-in-training named Alo.



Ikki is the second born child of Tenzin and Pema. She is 36. After the Equalist Revolution, she continued her airbending training until she was 18. She was then deemed a master and was asked to have the front part of her head shaved. She decided she didn't want to. Tenzin was okay with that, since they were the New Air Nomads, and he wasn't going to force her daughter to get her head shaven. After mastering airbending, she decided to stay in Republic City, and learn more about the "original" Air Nomads. She learned more about Avatars Aang, Yangchen, and former Air Nomad Avatars. When she turned 26, she married a warrior from the Northern Water Tribe named Kito. A later, she moved with 20 Air Acolytes to the Eastern Air Temple. She and her siblings decided to mix up the Air Temples, meaning they wouldn't be all male or female. She continues to be the leader of the Eastern Air Temple as it now is the most populated Air Temple in the world. She is currently 8 months pregnant, and will be having her child next month.


Tenzin scowling

Meelo is the third child of Tenzin and Pema. He is 34 and the spitting image of his father. After the Equalist Revolution, Meelo mastered airbending. He took the longest of the 4 children at the age of 24. He decided to join a pro bending team called Aang's Gaang (in honor of his grandfather) and it included him, Tiko (Kaito's son), and a firebender named Zuno. He did pro bending for only one year. After that, he was sent to the Northern Air Temple to continue the New Air Nomads. He has used technology to improve their civilization by creating new games, and getting news around the world using the radio. He is engaged to an Air Acolyte named Mimi.


Older Aang

Rohan is the youngest child of Tenzin and Pema. He is 29. Born during the Battle for Republic City, Rohan didn't know much about the revolution. He spent most of his childhood with his mother since his father was always busy. Rohan developed a good relationship with his big brother, and looks up to him in a lot of ways. His personality is the closest to his father, in terms of the fact that he is serious, spiritual, and disciplined. He became a master airbender the quickest of the four children, at the age of 15 when he created the Air Board, a thick rectangle of air which you could use to float in the air with. He decided to visit the entire world and learn more about it. He come back 5 years later an enlightened, spiritual, and smart man. He was sent to the Southern Air Temple, his grandfather's old home. He changed the Southern Air Temple into the most spiritual temple in the world. One day while Avatar Korra was visiting, she reincarnated into Aang. Rohan was amazed and honored to see his grandfather, who was impressed and proud of Rohan, for creating the air temple. Seconds later, Tenzin came to the temple where he, his sister, and his mother saw their father and husband. They all created a family hug, as Aang expressed his desire for him to see them in the next world, as he brought out his son. Katara, Kya, and Tenzin immediately hugged him and said the same thing.

Councilman Hinko

Serious Pakku

Hinko is the only child of Kya and her husband Loko, and thus, is a grandson of Avatar Aang and Katara. He is 60. He represents the Northern Water Tribe on the Council. A respected and mature leader, he is a great waterbender. His most noted ability is the ability to create charged blasts of water straight from his hand. He is much like Master Pakku. He is disciplined, focused, and takes no tolerance. However, he does care about his family and his kids. He replaced Tarrlok over 29 years ago, and continues to enjoy his job.

Councilman Sokka

Hakoda serious

Sokka is the only son and child of Chief Hakoda and his wife Nula. He is 43. Because Hakoda is the son of Sokka, Sokka II is the grandson of Sokka. He is a proud, strong, and honorable warrior. As much as he likes his life, he wishes he was a waterbender, and always tries to. Nonetheless, Sokka is a smart man that likes to contribute to the group by using technology with helping to make the Northern Water Tribe a better place for business and trade around the world. He is also best friends with Hinko, and they often have the same idea or agree to most situations.



Katara is the widow of Avatar Aang and mother to Kya, Bumi (deceased), and Tenzin. She is 114. She continues to devote herself to being a good grandmother, and great-grandmother. She loves to spend time with her two grandsons, and is fearful of dying soon because she still remembers what Aunt Wu told her (she will die soon after her third great-grandchild) and Ikki is 8 months pregnant with her next grandchild. Despite knowing she is going to die soon, she is still happy and kind. She has done everything she ever wanted to, and knows that it's her time to leave this world, and join he husband and son. She is proud of her children, and proud of the person that she became.


Aang at Jasmine Dragon

Emiko is the first son of Chairwoman Jinora, and her husband, Gallo. He is 13. He currently resides at Air Temple Island. He is more like his father, than his mother. He is goofy, peaceful, and relaxed (much like someone else he looks like). He isn't as much as a vegetarian as his great-grandfather, but does follow most Air Nomad customs. He was first able to airbend when he was 3, and it only took him 10 years to completely master airbending. He loves to tour Republic City, and as a master Air Nomad, he can travel the world to anywhere. He normally goes to Ba Sing Se to be with his best friend, Bono (Hiro's son). He is such a prodigy that Katara says that he is a better airbender than Aang was after the War.



Alo is the second son of Chairwoman Jinora and her husband, Gallo. He is 6. He resides with his family on Air Temple Island. He is a cute, cuddly little child with a good heart. Alo goes to Republic City Lower School with his best friend, a non-bender named Kiko. He is a good airbender for someone his age, and he can easily ride the air scooter, and can also shoot mini air swipes from his hand. He doesn't train as much as his brother, however he meditates a little more than he does. He hopes to become an airbending master and leader of a Temple when he grows up.

Crown Prince Hiro (later Earth King)

Lao Beifong

Crown Prince Hiro is the only child of Earth King Kano and his deceased wife. Hiro has grown up in a life of luxury and respect. He was discovered to be an earthbender like his father when he was 7. He learned from the best since his father was and still is the Earth King. He is the grandson of Earth King Kuei. According to his father, he has only lived in Ba Sing Se, and like his grandfather, he has never been outside the city's walls. However, unlike his grandfather, he knew much about the world around him. He is a powerful earthbender that can manipulate large boulders and large columns of rock. He can also bend metal, and his favorite move is to throw chunks of metal at opponents. He is a laid-back kind of guy, but at times, has lost his cool due to either jealousy or his expectations.

Earth King Kano

46th Earth King

Earth King Kano is the only child of Earth King Kuei and his wife. Kano is 90 years old. He is an earthbender, unlike his father. He asked General How to teach him, as he knew that How and Kuei were good friends. He was a master earthbender at the age of 16, and after that, continued to learn more about his culture by traveling the world. He had known that his father had been considered a fool and a laughing stock for not knowing of the War. Therefore, he continued to learn more about his nation, and the world. His personality was cool and overconfident when he was younger. However, that changed once he turned Earth King. He later gets assassinated by the Dragon Men and dies.


Yakone's wife

Kanna is the only daughter of Kya, and her husband. This makes her a granddaughter of Avatar Aang, and Katara. She is 42 years old. Her personality is much like her grandmother. Out of the group, she is the motherly one, always making sure everyone is safe. She is also an excellent waterbender. When battling the Dragon Men, she used the water octopus in a number of ways. She shot quick jets of water with it. She also was able to transform it into a water propeller that pulled her high in the air. She spends most of her time training her daughter waterbending. She oversees her and Katara's waterbending training while Korra is gone.


Suki imprisoned

Lola is Kuzon's girlfriend. She is 19 years old as well. They met sort of how Mako and Asami met. They both crashed themselves and met on the street. Ever since they first show each other, they were in love. Lola is a lot like Ty Lee. She is happy and bubbly, but not as naive. She can also fight. Despite not being a bender, she took out multiple Dragon Men using just her speed, and agility alone. She was taught by her mother in the ways of Kyoshi. She has inherited many moves from the Kyoshi Warriors. Since her parents fight a lot, she goes to Water Fortress Island often.

Fire Lord (formerly) Zuko


Zuko was the firstborn child of Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa. He is 116. He was always loved by his mother. However, he was also always hated by his father until he and his sister conquered Ba Sing Se. He later joined the Avatar (Aang) and restored balance to the world by defeating his crazy, yet deadly sister and being crowned Fire Lord. After being crowned Fire Lord, he had troubles at first. Many Fire Nation citizens didn't want the War to end. They wanted to show the other nations that they were the strongest nation. Zuko eventually ended this conflict. He also helped in creating Republic City and the United Republic of Nations with Avatar Aang and Earth King Kuei. He retired after 67 years of Fire Lord and gave the position to his daughter. He spent the rest of his life on Air Temple Island. He was cared for by his daughter and the Air Acolytes. Unfortunately, he died at that age due to old age.

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