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The Polybender Saga starts in 175 AG (if you don't count the history). The majority of the characters are originals and all new characters are Hellenes.

New Characters

Character Notes
Philip Hellene King of Hellas, Professor at Logopolis University, former President of United Republic.
Nikkolas Admiral in Hellenic Navy.
Constantine Prime Minister of Hellas. School friend of Philip and Nikkolas.
Malus Ignus Traitor. Died in the Fort Zuko Duel. Killed by Nikkolas.
Ephialtes Brother of Ignus. Earth Emperor.

Old Characters

Character Notes
Korra Book 1 starts from her perspective but then shifts to Philip's.
Asami A lieutenant in the United Forces Air Force.
Jinora Philip's student.
Suyin Toph's second daughter
Lin Toph's eldest daughter
Kuvira The antagonist of Legend of Korra Book 4

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