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This is a list of characters in Roar of the Earth. They are arranged in order of nationality, then by alphabetical orientation. Major characters have their own articles, but they are still listed here for completion's sake.

Fire Nation


Choi is an esteemed member of Sheng City's royal guards. His duties entail keeping the peace, investigating cases, and sometimes being sent abroad in related matters. His high rank gives him a level of autonomy, but his assignments are lengthy and involved, and his relationships are strained.

Librarian, The

The head librarian of Sheng City's royal library is a consummate professional who deeply believes in recording and preserving as unbiased a view of history as possible. She employs a number of assistants to help with her work, whatever that may be, but is aloof and disconnected from others.


General Peng is an old and wisened military commander and, after the Fire Nation's demilitarization, holds the sole standing rank of general possible. Despite his profession and professed patriotism, he is known to be an open-minded and caring man who was greatly influenced by Fire Lord Tai Zhen. He is a member of the Ruling Council, leading its military branch, and is stationed at Sheng City, a new establishment built on the recently acquired Earth Kingdom territory.


SHENLONG, former THUNDERING DRAGON OF THE GREAT WESTERN THEATER, was once the most prominent member of one of the most popular performing troupes in recent history. He is loud and proud and serves something as a poster boy for whatever civics project the Ruling Council thinks he would look good on next. He is a large and heavy built man and his off-puttingly eccentric, if endearing, attitude makes him appear a clown as such, but he cares greatly about the wellbeing of his people and it is because of this that he can carry out his acts with straight-faced HOT-BLOODED BUUUURNNNINNNG PAAASSIOOOOON, YEAH!!!

Hualin hates him.


Song was studying to become a lawyer, but he was encouraged to enter politics and eventually became the head of the Ruling Council's civil branch. His training comes in handy, however, as he is tasked with managing various cases and works that require commanding people skills. He is also a Firebender who had the fortune of being bestowed with blue fire, but he has little time to hone his skills because of his duties. Like general Peng, he saw Tai Zhen as his role model.

Tai Zhen

The last of the Fire Lords, Tai Zhen rose to the top from a peasant upbringing through hard work, determination, and a little luck as his family was found to be of royal lineage when no heir was to be found following the previous Fire Lord. While the other nobles and some people were highly skeptical of his ability at first, he quickly proved to be an able leader by deftly commanding the reduced Fire Nation forces against an Earth Kingdom attack. He worked closely with Avatar Mahesha in creating the Northwestern Treaty which divided the northwest Earth Kingdom territories between the Fire Nation and Northern Water Tribe, in exchange for opening the Nation and providing aid to all those afflicted during the pandemic.

He is notable for a number of other things, but most of all is his abolishment of the Fire Lord title and the creation of the Fire Nation's Ruling Council, which is derived from the concept of the Water Tribe's Chiefdom and Air Nomad's Council of Elders. Although this was a controversial move, it has stood its ground for the time being, and has proven to be an effective means of administrating the Nation while more closely representing the interests of its people.

Yi Sun

Yi Sun was formerly the leader of THE GREAT WE The Great Western Theater company who acted as its host, playwright, and an auxiliary performer. He has since been forcefully retired by the Ruling Council under accusations that the troupe were acting as spies for the Fire Nation. Nonetheless, he has taken the event in stride, having enjoyed getting to see the world for so long, and spends his fortune funding various civics projects and aiding his fellows.

Zhang Zhing

Zhang, as he prefers to be called, is an influential banker of the Fire Nation. He is a member of the Ruling Council and leads its financial branch. He is a cynical man who holds everyone and everything in low regards, but he is likewise unfazed by ill developments and able to focus his efforts no matter what. He used to operate at the Fire Nation Capital but has since been relocated to Sheng City to personally oversee projects as they develop.

Air Nomads


The Airbending Avatar before Hualin and directly preceding Yoon, Mahesha is noted for being a proactive Avatar. He devised the Northwestern Treaty which served as a means to reprimand the Earth Kingdom's early transgressions by giving control of its northwestern north and west territories to the Northern Water Tribe and Fire Nation, respectively. He was also noted for being of ill-temper and possessed of a sardonic and biting sarcasm. He is also the tallest person in known history and is believed to have suffered from gigantism.

Mahesha was the first past Avatar to contact Hualin and the two found rough but common ground in their equally sarcastic wit. Although he encouraged her to follow her own path, he also cautioned her to choose carefully. He is known to be critical of the other Avatars, and everyone else as well. Nevertheless, he holds himself to an equally high standard and puts forth himself as a major cause for not resolving the current conflict. When Hualin consults him in the Spirit World, he behaves much as he did in life: robust, impatient, and skeptical of everything.


Nhi is an Air Nomad who has taken up a proactive stance to facing the world's problems. While she aids her fellow man in these times of need, she is most notable for pressing the issue of animal conservation and has cited the Air Bisons as the foremost example that human aid does make a difference. The fact that she seems to have a natural animal affinity helps her efforts, but no one else seems to have any luck. Her current focus is on Elephant Mandrill, Shirshu, and Sooty Copper Fritillary. She also hopes to find dragons someday.


alternate: Sachen
Sachin is an Air Nomad and former companion to both Mahesha and Yoon. He was part of the nomads that rejected the notion of peace in solitude and made active strides to help his fellow man, and to do this he sought out the Avatar(s) who he believed would take a likeminded stance. As the Avatar was an Airbender during his youth, he did not need to look far, and Sachin and Mahesha became good, if gruff, friends. Later, he would be the one to find Yoon in the swamp and told her of her gift and responsibility as the Avatar. He aided them both in their efforts as best he could, but after enduring standing by their sides at death, he cast aside his role as a teacher and took a vow of seclusion along with the other nomad groups. But, Hualin being a jerk, he was hunted down and persuaded to instruct the current Avatar in Airbending. His heart is withered, his compassion spent on two friends he had the misfortune of sending off, and he is a very distant teacher from Hualin, not that she cares.

Water Tribes


Aja was raised as a fisherman in the Southern Water Tribe. Unfortunately, the plague and other problems have reduced the value of his trade, and he has been forced to sell the family business and live on the road. He is also a Waterbender, but never received instruction in its ways.


Cho was a Northern Water Tribe diplomat and valued, if irritable, official. However, he was murdered while staying at Sheng City and the incident has provided further fuel for the hostilities between the Fire Nation and Water Tribe. The Fire Nation has launched a full investigation on the case but has found no answers, and the Tribe is growing impatient.


A leading figure within the Northern Water Tribe, Kalyani was formerly an escort to Yoon and a good friend. She used to believe in actively participating in global events and was known to have strict but fair judgment as well as proficiency in Waterbending, excellent adaptability, and great tactical skill. She appears to have a strong sense of national pride and detests the Fire Nation with great prejudice. Combined with her other skills, she was believed to be one of the best defenders of the Tribe. The death of Yoon has affected her greatly, however, and she is very, very rarely seen in public these days despite having an active hand in the Tribe's operations.


Ken is an aspiring playwright who takes great pride in his works. Unfortunately for him, no one else seems to enjoy his masterpieces as much as he does. While he has many excellent ideas, his finesse is rather lacking which might be compounded by his inability to write (although he can read). Most people regard him as a raving drunkard who inherited a comfortable fortune from his parents. He is a theater aficionado and can recite a number of plays from memory, although his acting is off. He is actually of Earth Kingdom descent but his family lived in the territory before the Northern Water Tribe obtained it.


Pek is a large man with a larger laugh. A member of the Northern Water Tribe's chiefdom, he presents a face that the public can associate with. He is very outgoing and socialable, and this makes him an excellent candidate for negotiating with the Fire Nation, or, it would be if he didn't also have a self-depreciating sense of humor. Regardless, he often does contact and discuss issues with Fire Nation officials as he is one of the few to have warmed up to them.


Maya serves as a courier and acts as one of the most notable liaisons between the Northern Water Tribe and Fire Nation. Her packages usually entail various important documents, legal tender, and other vital papers. She is often left to her own time in the Fire Nation while waiting for responses.


The Avatar directly prior to Hualin, Yoon was a Waterbender from the swamp. When the Air Nomads located her, the Chiefdom of the North were less than pleased that the next Waterbending Avatar should not be one of their number. Still, they taught her the "proper" ways of her bending art and aided her quick ascension to Avatar status as best they could. Yoon was known to be a very compassionate and caring Avatar, and she made it her goal to help the people through the pandemic crisis. By forming a collaboration effort between intellectuals and engineers from all four nations, she devised a method of replicating the Spirit Oasis, the water of which was one of the only known cures for the plague. One was completed in the Tribe's Northern territory. Several more were planned but their construction was halted by Yoon's death.

Yoon admits that she does not know what path Hualin should take, but recommends trying to finish the lesser Oases. When Hualin consults her in the Spirit World, she holds a solemn attitude toward current events, but remains optimistic and hopeful for the future.

Earth Kingdom


An is the mother of Hualin. She was a successful socialite-turned-charity worker, but her efforts were in stark contrast to her husband's. When they realized that their daughter was the next Avatar, she wanted to summon the Air Nomads to signal official recognition, but her husband dissuaded her, claiming that the Avatar could fix their and the Earth Kingdom's problems. Although there was a conflict of ideals, she cared very much about her family, and her death because of the plague changed them forever.

Cabbage Merchant Girl

This unlucky cabbage merchant has the worst of luck. No matter where she goes, her cabbage cart gets destroyed, her crops stolen or otherwise lost, is threatened by bodily and emotional harm, and overall she gets no respect in spite of her hard work ethic and dedication to her trade. It must run in the family.

Dim & Sum

A brother and sister duo, Dim and Sum are orphans who have inherited their family's business, a multipurpose rest stop on the road. Some people have difficulty telling which is the brother and which is the sister though, despite their significant age difference.


Hualin is an Earthbender and the current Avatar. She is highly cynical and does not work well with others. She tries to avoid her duties as the Avatar like the plague, and she would like nothing better than to be left alone to her own devices.


Huang is Hualin's father. In his youth, he was an Earth Kingdom extremist who believed that the Fire Nation deserved to pay for its past crimes in full. Like others with this idea, he was actually trying to use it as an outlet for the irreconcilable tension that had risen within the Earth Kingdom whose leaders believed the demilitarized Fire Nation would put up no fight. They were wrong. To pay for this crime, his and other supporters' families were stripped of their standing and wealth, but Huang continued to harbor hatred for the Fire Nation. Years later, when he and his wife realized that their daughter was the next Avatar, he pushed her to learn the bending arts and adopt aggressive beliefs and ideals, but this was a disaster in the making.


Kazoo is a Sandbender who has spent her entire life in the Si Wong Desert. She wishes to explore the world, even if it sounds like a dangerous place, and possesses a fiery enthusiasm toward her efforts. She is very naive but packs a surprising punch.


A gang leader in Ba Sing Se, he thinks highly of and believes himself to be a philanthropist. His mob is somewhat large, but it is largely ineffectual, and while it is supposed to serve as a policing force on the routes between important cities, they can usually be found lounging about the town bars. He is arrogant and crass, but does put the wellbeing of his countrymen above his other concerns, and his combat ability is well known as he uses firearms in tandem with Earthbending to present a formidable and deadly opponent.

Sage, The

The Sage, as he is known if at all, is a traveling scholar and historian who knows much about the world and its long history. However, he is primarily concerned only with current events and recording them as they happen. He has a knack for getting into places where he really shouldn't, and is also known to disappear whenever it's most convenient for him.


The Earthbending Avatar before Hualin, Sang was a simple man who made up for this fact with a bold heart. Unfortunately, this proved to be his own undoing, and he was tricked into instigating acts of aggression on the part of the Earth Kingdom against the Fire Nation for previous transgressions. While the movement was met with a weakened but effective Fire Nation army, it was only truly stopped from escalating into a full war by the plague.

Sang is humiliated and shamed by his tenure as Avatar. When consulted in the Spirit World, he pleads with Hualin to do what she can to make things right, but is scolded by Mahesha for trying to get her to fix his mistakes, which he then apologizes for. Again.

Sparky Boom Boom Man

Sparky, for short, is the current host of the Earth Rumble tournament, currently titled Earth Rumble 300 even though it isn't the 300th tournament to be held. He is an Earth Kingdom sympathizer who is also secretly a Firebender. He has specialized in explosive flames and operates under the pretense of using precision demolition in his acts. As host, he is not an official contender, although he is easily one of the most powerful fighters there. He is also not to be confused with Sparky Sparky Boom Man.


Suzoo is Kazoo's older brother and a contender in the Earth Rumble tournament. As a participant in the trials and rounds of the tournament's various events, he serves to encourage the people that, with hard work and a little luck, anything is possible. In actuality, he is an expert fighter who enjoys toying with his opponents because they provide little challenge to him, but he still takes pride in encouraging others.

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