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This is a list of characters in Errant Flame. They are arranged in order of nationality, then by alphabetical orientation. Major characters have their own articles, but they are still listed here for completion's sake.

Earth Kingdom


Anja is a Firebender. She wishes to become a Fire Dancer or pursue some other creative activity that suits her ability instead of tedious and uneventful metalworking, but unfortunately she was not born into a privileged family. Still, her talent has not gone unnoticed and she has managed to earn enough money to provide a comfortable living for her family.


Breaker is the leader of the Iron Knuckles. He is sociopathic and ruthless, and he sports a volatile energy that needs to be contained. To this end, his group is employed by Wei Rong in an effort to channel their destructive tendencies toward combatting other delinquents, but even he thinks little of them. He uses a Lochaber Axe & Hammer combination as his weapon of choice.


Chi is a Firebender born in the Earth Kingdom. He travels the cities, wherever the winds may find him. He has specialized in creating focused flames that form the perfect welding implements and he is also well-versed in assorted engineering equipment, but although he is highly qualified, he cannot bring himself to settle down.


Cracker is a member of the Iron Knuckles, a gang of Metalbenders who were thrown out of their work. She seems to have a speech impediment or otherwise knows not how to speak coherently, but she is very sharp and the other Knuckles can understand her gibberish perfectly. She is proficient in using single-handed weapons in both hands at once, from guns to swords.


Dan is a member of the Steely Beams, a group of master Metalbenders who are trying to promote an appreciation for the art as its own discipline while still respecting its root as a division of Earthbending. He is currently taking his group of apprentices on a cross-continental tour to better understand other arts and diversify their backgrounds. He is a boisterous fellow who tries to impart his sunny outlook on anyone willing to listen to him, with mixed results.


Duster is Cracker's brother. He is a talented Metalbender who appears to have fallen in with the wrong crowd until his extreme sense of vigilante justice shows itself. Regardless, he protects his sister no matter what and sometimes puts himself at great personal risk to defend her against the other Knuckles. He tries to talk his way out of confrontations he has no intention of fighting, but against opponents he has sworn to defeat, he uses rifles with deadly accuracy.

Earth Queen, The

The Earth Queen is the ruling figure of the Earth Kingdom. She has never officially been seen in public but is known to possess thorough knowledge of her country's workings, and apparently she travels the land constantly. However, certain groups are pressing issues that the Queen and her advisors would rather leave alone to other jurisdictions for judgments, and her lack of support on these matters has made her unpopular with these peoples. But, in general she has been very well received and her active, if discreet, rule has ensured that the Kingdom remains stable.


Ling is an apprentice metalworker. This means that, unlike regular workers in the field, she has had the good fortune to be taken in by a more experienced Metalbender to receive training in the art. She is also somewhat skilled in regular Earthbending techniques.


An apprentice under Dan. He doesn't say much and there isn't much to say about him, but one time he punched out a car.


Ping is a wandering brigand who doesn't actually do any brigandeering. He proclaims to be on a GRAND JOURNEY of DISCOVERY, but also has plenty of free time as he can be hired for various work. As Ping is both an excellent shot and a good hand-to-hand combatant with a strong sword arm, he can often be found employed as a muscle of sorts.


Rise is one of Dan's apprentices, alongside Ling and O-Chul. She is enjoying her tour immensely and seems to think unfavorably of her home in the Earth Kingdom. In addition to Metalbending, she is a multitalented musician and dreams of applying Metalbending to instrument making.

Sage, The

The Sage is still around. It is uncertain if it is the same man or someone else who has assumed the mantle, but he continues to scour the world for recent history to be recorded and preserved. He still has an annoying tendency to show up in the least expected of places and times, and also disappearing in an instant when he has satisfied his curiosity.

Wei Rong

A wealthy Earth Kingdom business man, Wei Rong is a philanthropist and charity sponsor. His trade is in metalworking, and he is the head of the Earth Kingdom's most successful metalworking facilities. He is a patient man but also a strict taskmaster who expects nothing but excellence from his peers, lessers, and himself alike. He is also known to practice on shooting ranges in his spare time.

Yuen Yi

The leader of the Yan Clan, an expansive family who have numerous members in positions of power across the Earth Kingdom and elsewhere, Yuen Yi is a prolific socialite, spokesperson, businesswoman, and partner of Wei Rong. She puts up a calm and caring face in public but, when away from their scrutiny, can show a ruthless and caustic side very quickly. She is currently residing in Fire Nation territory but was born and raised in Gaoling. Although she is known to be an Earthbender, her skill level is unknown as she has never demonstrated her abilities.

Fire Nation


Hunon is a deeply spiritual man as well as a Fire Sage. While the applicability of such a career is questionable in the modern materialistic world, Hunon defends his choice by citing the need to administer weddings and other special events. His spirituality has been greatly tested, however, due to having absolutely no luck with his wives as evidenced by the fact that the two passed away not long after marrying him. Some people would say that it isn't fair, and Hunon would agree, saying that it was unfair for him to enjoy the company and love for that much time when many others never get that chance.


A member of the Ruling Council, Hye is of Earth Kingdom descent. Her allegiance has never openly been called into question, but even so she has made great strides towards protecting her position by appeasing her constituents first. Her family is especially proud of having a daughter in such an esteemed office.


An old friend of Hunon, Hyunyong is a Fire Nation judge. He has spent the majority of his life in the field of law and is looking forward to retiring. Kim and Jian refer to him as Uncle Yong, and Hunon jokingly refers to Hyunyong as his brother due to the similarity in their names and taking an interest in things most people do not care for.


Born to a Water Tribe diplomat and Fire Nation civil worker, Iseul has a rich cultural heritage. Unfortunately, her efforts to reach higher levels of duty within the Fire Nation Councilship are often met with protest because of her upbringing. Although now a citizen, Iseul did not have the luxury of being born one like Hye and others, so she is often met with wary glances. In spite of this, she does not let her peers' distrust taint her passion for helping the people. She is also a Waterbender but has kept this fact a secret so as to give her detractors one less thing to use against her, even if it is of nominal importance.


Kim is the current Avatar and a Firebender. Kim's mother died giving birth, so the only mother Kim would come to know is Lya. Kim is very attached to friends and family alike, having come to learn how fleeting life can be very early on. Kim enjoys reading and is a very learned individual, but has yet to apply all that knowledge and has little real world experience.


Jian is Kim's stepsister, Hunon having remarried some time after his first wife's death. Despite this, the two siblings are close in age, being only a year apart. She is an Earthbender and has a go-to attitude towards everything. Unfortunately, she was born with a weak heart and intensive physical activity is dangerous to her. Hunon and Kim alike are very protective of her, but she can still fend for herself easily. She works as a journalist for the Sheng Shining Star and lives outside of the monastery that Hunon and Kim reside in, but is a quick ride away.


Ume is an ambassador for the Fire Nation stationed in the Earth Kingdom. He works with the Ruling Council to maintain the Nation's interests in the area and negotiate terms with Kingdom officials. Although he is competent at his tasks, some Councilmen and Fire Nation businesses wish he was more aggressive and diligent so as to secure better deals and lower sanctions.


Zan is a member of the Ruling Council, head of Internal Affairs. He has a large network of subordinates, but even so he is often overwhelmed by his work. He aspires to be like Tai Zhen, the last Fire Lord. Zan is a capable councilman, but he sometimes doubts his ability compared to the branch's founder. He is also a Firebender and spends whatever free time he has practicing his art. Hyunyong and other underlings refer to him as "Zan the Fan" because of his idolizing of past Fire Nation leaders as well as his trademark fan that he carries everywhere. It was apparently a gift from his mother.

Air Nomads


Amala is a highly proficient Airbender who practices daily to keep her skill ever sharp. She wants to be seen as a master in the eyes of her teachers and mother, but they have denied her promotion so far. While they admit that her skills are extraordinary, it is clear that Amala still has much to learn about being an Air Nomad.


Karishma is Amala's Sky Bison. She has an ill temperament and takes orders from no one but Amala, and even then only when she wants to. Basically, they have a lot in common. Karishma often wanders off on her own adventures, so often that Amala has seemingly left her to the wild. Still, the two have a familiar bond and Karishma can always be counted on to show up in times of need. Like when she needs to eat.


Head monk Khan is one of Amala's teachers and a member of the Western Air Temple's Council of Elders. He is very proud of Amala's hard work and dedication and has suggested her showing spiritual understanding of the art in other ways, but his word alone has not allowed her to be recognized as true master. He is a jovial old man who enjoys playing pranks on others just so they can shout his name. He is also an Airbending master and, despite his activities, very spiritual and thoughtful. Khan was recognized in his youth for being vital toward developing the Sky Bison airway which is a large and comprehensively mapped network of air corridors that have been restricted to Bison usage, in order to avoid accidents with airborn vehicles.

Water Nations


Anansi is a figurehead in the Southern Water Nation and ambassador to the Earth Kingdom. He is known to possess a short temper and is constantly at odds with Earth Kingdom suppliers who he claims give his people a rough cut in the form of used equipment and inferior supplies. Although he gets results from time to time, he is something of a troublemaker and the Southern Chiefdom are looking to replace him with someone with a little more subtlety and tact. He is also paranoid and made claims that the Chiefdom has been trying to retire him for a while now, and he has plans for everything.

Cabbage Merchant Man

SERVING ALL YOUR CABBAGE NEEDS, this particular cabbage merchant has had the good fortune to not be met with misfortune. This is due in part to his job being anchored at the prosperous Port of Ning Han; instead of taking a cart everywhere, he does business out of a shop which specializes in all things cabbage-related: cabbages, cabbage soup, cabbage tea, cabbage bread, cabbage weapons... Cabbage Man is an eccentric fellow who delegates the boring parts of the job to his peers so he can focus solely on promoting his favorite vegetable with BURNING PASSION. Yes, there are roasted cabbages too.


Lon is a Northern tribesman who works as a bodyguard and woodsman of sorts. He has a well-rounded repertoire of skills ranging from firearms training, tracking ability, close combat skills, to sewing, all of which he steadfastly claims a real man should know how to do.


Lya is Jian's mother. Her family moved to the Northern Nation's territory after saving up a fortune to do so in order to escape the conundrum of menial labor in the Earth Kingdom. Lya was encouraged to travel and live the high life, but despite being spoiled she had a fascination with spirituality and the esoteric, especially after a stint that led to Jian's birth. Her travels eventually crossed paths with Hunon and the two fell in love, but Hunon seems to be cursed because Lya became ill several years later and passed away.


Han was the last student under the previous Avatar. He was a talented but untrained Waterbender who also doubled as the Avatar's assistant in exchange for being taught Waterbending and other skills. It is not known where he is now, but he is sought in order to explain the last moments of the previous Avatar's life.


Maku is a leading member of the Rangers, a group of huntsmen-turned-patrol officers. They employ a wide range of animals in their work and indirectly promote learning about and coming to appreciate wild life through the Northern Nation's advertisement. Maku's mounts include an Ostrich Horse for ground work and a Leatherback Seal for coastal patrols. Maku is also an expert Waterbender who instructs others in the art during her extra time, but she is known to drag students along during her patrols and have them carry out lesser tasks.

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