By SuperFlash101 Part of the Sokka's Days continuity.
Sokka freaks out

A signature Sokka expression, from the pilot chapter "An Unlucky Event in Ba Sing Se."

Sokka's Days is a comedy fan fiction story created and written by SuperFlash101. The series is constructed of various one-shot chapters that take place during an assortment of time periods in the Avatar world (mainly Book 2 and Book 3). The chapters focus acutely on Sokka and puts him in situations that generally lead to some form of ironic injury or other form of comeuppance. Slapstick, dry dialogue, and cultural references make up the majority of the story's humor.

Sokka's Days was originally released on the fan fiction-oriented website in 2008 with the chapter "An Unlucky Event in Ba Sing Se." However, after the fourth chapter, "Kuno Chaos," was released, SuperFlash struggled to come up with ideas, and coupled with him being busy working on other fan fiction stories, was forced to cancel Sokka's Days. However, upon realizing the critical success it attracted when published on Avatar Wiki, Flash decided to revive the story. The fifth and latest chapter, entitled "Sokka, Interrupted," was released on April 8, 2010, a full three years after the series was canceled.


Chapter Number Name Summary
1 An Unlucky Event in Ba Sing Se Setting: Late Book 2.
While in Ba Sing Se, Sokka goes out to buy leechy nuts for Aang, but ends up injuring himself in the process.
2 Surveillance Setting: Between "The Runaway" and "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion"
Sokka drags Toph along to observe Fire Nation citizens in order to better get to know the enemy. However, they are spotted and are forced to run in fear of exposure.
3 When OctoWorms Attack! Setting: After "The Firebending Masters"
While walking in the Western Air Temple, Sokka and Aang are forced to fight a group of massive OctoWorms.
4 Kuno Chaos Setting: Between "The Runaway" and "Nightmares and Daydreams"
Sokka runs into Lee Koisho again in the small town of Kuno and is imprisoned by the spiteful mercenary's guard cousin.


Chapter Number Name Summary
5 Sokka, Interrupted Setting: Between "Bitter Work" and "The Library"
Sokka is infected by a mysterious plant while taking a walk and begins displaying insane and dangerous behavior.
6 Dr. Cagelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Violent Show Theater Setting: Between "The Blue Spirit" and "The Fortuneteller"
Sokka competes in a cage fighting match to win back his stolen boomerang.
7 C*A*S*H Setting: Between "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" and "Lake Laogai"
Sokka goes job-hunting to occupy time in Ba Sing Se.
8 No Country for Cold Men Setting: Between "The Siege of the North, Part 2" and "The Avatar State"
9 Caveheart Setting: Unknown
10 My Sokka Will Go On Setting: Unknown
11 Bad Bromance Setting: Unknown

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Sokka's Days chapters
I: "An Unlucky Event in Ba Sing Se"II: "Surveillance"III: "When OctoWorms Attack!"IV: "Kuno Chaos"
V: "Sokka, Interrupted" — VI: "Dr. Cagelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Violent Show Theater" — VII: "C*A*S*H" — VIII: "No Country for Cold Men" — IX: "Caveheart" — X: "My Sokka Will Go On" — XX: "Bad Bromance"

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