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Aang at Wulong Forest

Cover for the series, which is a screenshot of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The torn image of Aang is used to represent his continuous struggles and moral dilemmas, while the stone pillars parallel the sins of man, an ongoing theme in Better World.

Chapters of the fan fiction series Avatar: Better World are divided into sets of "Chronicles" which feature serial story arcs. The series, created by SuperFlash101, is published on the Avatar Wiki. Formally, it was released on the Avatar Fanon Wiki, though ceased after the website merged with Avatar Wiki, along with, where low amounts of reviews and viewership caused SuperFlash to stop updating the series for the website.

Better World follows the lives of Team Avatar after the end of The War. The beginning of the series sees Avatar Aang being pursued by a seedy assassin organization run in secret by Fire Lord Ozai. Aang is attacked by multiple assassins over the course of a month before finally facing the overseer of the assassination, Yino. Their battle stretches across the lower ring of Ba Sing Se before Yino is finally killed by Sokka. Aang faces issues with his own morality following the assassinations and is furious when the dead corpse of a member of the Ba Sing Se Construction Committee washes ashore. Mysterious murders follow the first and Aang is forced to investigate while dealing with difficult political meetings.

Each chronicle follows different themes and recurring elements. For the first, "New World," the plot of series was introduced and employed the general idea that the world could never be peaceful even following the defeat of Ozai. Aang's moral decisions become looser and looser as his world falls into chaos. The titles of the chronicle were simplistic and followed the emotion of the characters that were featured. For "New Politics," the central theme employed is the idea of innocence and that no man is without sin. Biblical parallels are heavily utilized in both story elements and titles, as well as through narrative chronology.

The "New World" Chronicles

Chapter Number Name Summary
1 Bad Start During a peace mission on the island of Haroon, Aang and Zuko are attacked by a vicious assassin. Aang battles with the man all through the island, nearly giving in to his aggression and killing him.
2 Hunted The Wind Killers send Lee Koisho to kill Aang after the previously failed attempt. As they deck it out in Ba Sing Se, Aang becomes more and more injured. Aang rises victorious, and Lee is sentenced to death.
3 Settling Scores Stricken with an almost obsession over who has been hiring his assassins, a heavily injured Aang attempts to go against his friends wishes and find out. They, however, stop him, and so Aang is forced to settle in his room. Yino, the leader of the Wind Killers, however, confronts him and begins to fight him. Sokka and Toph come to his side, but Aang refuses.
4 Eruption Yino and Aang engage in the fight of their lives through Ba Sing Se, causing destruction in the wake. Sokka and Toph attempt to take the civilians out of the battle field, though face many struggles. Aang is on the bridge of death so many times as Yino is bent to kill him, though surprises wake for both.
5 Aftermath In the wake of Yino and Aang's battle, the ring begins to reconstruct. Aang breaks down after finding out the information on the Wind Killers were right in front of him; Zuko confronts Ozai about his crimes with the Wind; Sokka has a spiritual meltdown due to his apparent resurrection by one.

The "New Politics" Chronicles

Chapter Number Name Summary
6 Bitter Empire A member of the Ba Sing Se Construction Committee is mysteriously murdered. Aang must deal with it in a political meeting while blaming himself for not being able to stop it. Meanwhile, suspicious murders begin encircling the Construction Committee.
7 Spare the Innocent Aang is surprised with what he discovers while investigating a surprise new law passed by the Council of Five. Meanwhile, Lee and Slythrin go to the desert in hopes of finding out Methius and Malu's murderers and Sokka gets closer to figuring out his vision.
8 Be Thou a Cain Slythrin hopes to create an alliance with his Sandbenders to aid in his quest for Methius and Malu's killers, so he makes Lee their prisoner for a week as collateral. While in their imprisonment, Lee discovers that he shares a cell with his younger brother, Didi, and the memories of his past slowly drives him into unrestrained aggression and insanity. Meanwhile, Aang, Zuko, and Earth King Kuei confront the Council of Five about the recent law they passed, without proper vetoing from Kuei.
9 The Will of All Mankind Sokka begins experiencing graphic, surreal hallucinations which he believes are connected to his previous visions, and struggles to find an explanation.
10 Forgive Me, Lord... Aang, Zuko, and the Earth King eavesdrop on a suspicious meeting being held in the Holy Temple by the Council of Five. The previous day, Lee and Slythrin ambush a Rebel weapons export on the Eastern Docks.
11 ...For I Have Sinned Aang and Zuko need to get out of the unstable, fire-erupted temple alive with an unconscious Earth King. Meanwhile, Lee abandons Slythrin and finds himself in the midst of a massive revelation.
12 Bathe With the Dogs Aang is sent to the secluded village of Da by the Council of Five after a war veteran and friend of the council is murdered by The Dogs. Meanwhile, Zuko seeks advice about the Council situation from Iroh.
13 Into Here I Am TBA
14 John the Revelator TBA
15 Brothers in Arms TBA

Titles for Chronicle 3

  • "Good Mourning"
  • "Walking on Water"
  • "Stray"
  • "The Passing of Methuselah"
  • "All Along the Watchtower"
  • "Losing My Religion"
  • "Blue Jay Way"
  • "Somebody to Love"
  • "I Was a Man of Faith"
  • "Quit Visiting My Grave"
  • "Jus In Bello"
  • "Us Holy Rollers"
  • "One"
  • "Sympathy for the Devil"
  • "I Am Legion"
  • "Sleep"

Titles for Chronicle 4

  • "O Death"
  • "Stairway to Heaven"
  • "Ashes to Ashes..."
  • "A Day in the Life"
  • "The End"

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The New Politics Chronicles

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