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Chapter three: Love

Before Avatar Aang died there was a boy who seek the truth for justice he traveled the four nations.

Fire. Water. Air. Earth.

We were once betrayed by our own men, they drive us angry, but we seek no war, we have family to feed, a job that we like, we were living at peace, but one day our villages, families, and houses! BURNT! My wife! My children! Why monsters do this to us? Have shanon has no mercy to us?

One must stand, one must seek justice to the damned criminals.

First thing you must know about this chapter is the shanon process state at this process every power you unleash a pillar will came out, it consist of 4 pillar and one power source, this power source is kinda look like a symbol of the Earth Kingdom, once the process is done, you may limit the power of the Avatar.

In this chapter, Shuka will teach Mau the respect pillar, for how to control it and how to deal with it.

Chapter two

Episode six: Battle over love

While Mau is unconscious Shuka talk to Ming

"You remind me of my granddaughter" said Shuka "she's pretty, like you" added.

"Thanks" Ming "But I bet I'm prettier than her" added and chuckles.

"T don't think so" with a lovely voice she said and added "When you see her, you'll gonna get jealous when she falls in love with Mau."

"Well let's see about that!" Ming chuckled reply.

Before Shuka reply there was a knocked at the door.

"Wonder who it is" said she.

When he opens the door she was surprised when she was hugged by a girl, it was Katnik his granddaughter, Katnik is 15, young and talented water bender.

"Granny! I'm happy to see you!" Katnik said.

"Ooh my pretty granddaughter!, am I glad to see you too!" Shuka said

"Who's that Guys over there?" asked Katnik

"He's a shanon bender like your grandfather" Shuka replied.

"He's kinda cute" Katnik said and he pokes Mau's head.

"Hey stop that!" Ming said.

"Ooh are you his boyfriend?!" said Katnik.

"What? Er. You. When. Ah. No! He's not!" answered Ming.

Shuka chuckles and speaks "Well I think you two will be good friends together", "come the food is ready lets eat now" added Shuka.

As the two young girls grump at each other, and sat at the table to eat.

"Why's there so much cranks of wood and dirt out there?" asked Katnik.

"It's Mau's fault, he unleash his shanon process state" replied Shuka.

"Oh, I see" as Katnik continue to eat.

Meanwhile at the second base camp of Han Ming Chi, Han is recruiting an assassin, and he recruited Esteem Foi, and he commands him.

"Kill them and take the scrolls," Han said.

"As you wish," replied Esteem.

Esteem ran swiftly to the forest, as you see Esteem is not a professional assassin he's just acting to be a pro but for real his an amateur assassin all his know is to run like a ninja and yield like a coward but he fights like a brawler

Esteem stop for a moment

"man, this Mau thing is giving me the creeps" said Esteem "Han will kill me if I don't finish my mission!" he added "if I fight that shanon guy I'll be killed!" he added again.

as he jump to the next tree and he speaks to himself "maybe if I teams up with that shanon guy....hmmm....and kill him unnoticed!" said he and jumps again to the next tree and speaks again

"or maybe....Hmmm.." as he ran again

Back to Shuka's house, the two girls talking to each other, their conversation is good until Katnik ask Ming about Mau.

"hey Ming, you think Mau is cute?" Katnik asked Ming

"what?, uhmm, Yeah, yeah his kinda cute, hehe." Replied Ming

"aha! I knew it! You like Mau as I am!" said katnik

"what?! You don't said about that!" Ming said

"don't worry our secret is safe!, if you don't break our secret!" replied Katnik

"uh..uh..Of course!," Ming said and talks to herself "man, this girl is kinda loud mouthed I wish she quite down"

as shuka see's Mau is waking up! The two girls heard Mau's asking for something

"Mau! How are you!" said the two girls

"I was the first one to ask him!" said again by the two young girls they argue each other,

then Shuka take care Mau "are you okay Mau?" asked Shuka

"uughh, yeah I'm fine" replied Mau

"well you should be, you have practice to do

"huwat?, ugghh, you're the 9th master?" asked Mau

"No I'm not, I'm the grand master's wife, and I master the scrolls but I never do earthbending even Shanon style" replied Shuka

"ughh, a woman!? Master of respect scrolls?" panted asked Mau

Shuka slaps Mau "watch your mouth young man, remember we are practicing the respect pillar, if you don't have some respect, you can't control it." Said Shuka

"yes ma'am" replied Mau

as they go outside the two girls see's the two walks outside and they followed them,and sits under the tree, while Ming is on the top of the tree.

"okay Mau first thing you must know about the respect pillar is, When you see an ugly guy what will you do?" asked Shuka

"well for real I'll laugh secretly" replied Mau

she slaps Mau and said "No!, you must not laugh! Even in secret! You must ignore it as you accept it! It's just like controlling your respect pillar! You must respect what is in your environment, from what are you seeing in this place! From the master of this scroll!"

"from the master of this scrolls?, do you mean his ugl--, I mean not pleasant enough to see his face?" asked Mau

Shuka doesn't answers, after a moment she speaks

"yes, but his face is not important the important is he has a kind heart" she replied

Shuka pause for a moment

"well I think we'll stop here for a while" she added

"ahmm, okay that's cool" Mau replied confused

As shuka enters her house with tears

"what's the problem with her?" asked Mau

Katnik punched Mau at the shoulder "ummm! You're the problem! You can't understand her feeling!"

"what secret katnik?" asked Ming

"her past." as Katnik replied sadly

Episode seven: Shuka's secrets

Mau and Ming wants to know about Shuka's secret, after they were settled Katnik begins to tell stories about Shuka.

"Both Grandmother and Grandfather is a scroll holder, Grandmother holds the Love scroll while Grandfather has the respect scrolls" said Katnik

"Oh, continue then," said Ming.

"Before my grandfather died my grandmother used to oppose his bending, because the authorities are aware of grandfathers moves in his job, grandfather even use it on anyone who pays him just to kill somebody," said Katnik.

"You mean, his an assassin?" asked Ming.

"Yes, at that time my grandfather is the famous assassin ever hired who's ever pay him, his name was spread but not his real name, his screen name was "Wangdu" he is much known for Wangdu the mysterious because he never leaves a trace or even a mark, authorities is searching him everywhere!, but until one day my grandmother force to be with the truth she fights grandfather there battle was so furious its just like cats and dogs! my grandmother blows a powerful throw of a rock boulder that led my grandfather unleash his Shanon Process State, after that my grandmother loses hope and thinks that she may die, but my grandfather has pity on her but he doesn't know that she was just playing around, grandfather approached her, then grandmother waves a powerful avalanche technique right through his face!, grandmother was shocked she didn't know that it will end up like that him, she brings grandfather immediately to her house she tried to heal him with the help of my Mother, my mother was a water bender and he use it on medical purposes,they put bandages on his face, after healing him, he was unconscious and never respond ta any questions grandmother asked." said Katnik.

"So what happen next?" asked Mau.

"After he was in a fine condition, his bandages were taken off, but my grandmother and my mother was shocked for what have they seen, my grandfathers face was like a monster! Torn lips and ears! A nose of a ogre! An eyes of a monster!" replied Katnik.

"Then what happen to their relationship?" Asked Ming.

"Their relations between each other is fine but when people see my grandfathers face they were horrified, scared sometimes youngsters throw some rocks on him, my grandmother feel sorry about him and admits that this is all her fault!, but the face is not a bother to their relationship the important is grandfather has a kind and a respectful heart he accepts what happen to his face," said Katnik.

"So that what happens, what's next?" asked Mau.

"After so many weeks my grandfather have a disease that cause him to have a fever, my grandmother hopes that he will still alive, but my grandfather's time is over and before dying he said to my grandmother:.

Continue the legacy of Shanon...One day a boy will come and he want to learn from you....Master the Shanon scroll....and teach it to----!" with his dying breath grandfather said to my grandmother and never knows what is the name of the boy in his prophecy,.

and she fulfill her promise and waits for you." said ming.

"So that why she cries, I feel sorry to her" said Mau.

and out of nowhere esteem replied to Mau!

"You should be!" as Esteem surprised them.

"Who are you!? Are Han's men?" asked Mau angrily to Esteem.

"You don't know nothing!"as Esteem surprised them.

"Who are you!? Are you Han's men?" asked Mau angrily to Esteem.

"You don't know nothing!" replied rudely by Esteem.

"That"s why I'm gonna find out" Mau said.

"Let's see about that!" said Esteem.

And they both readying themselves as they stare madly enough to each other.

Episode eight: Foe or Ally?

"Hand me the scrolls!" Esteem said.

"Make me!" replied Mau.

"Give it to me!!" asked Esteem.

"Tell me why!?" said Mau.

"Not your business!" replied Esteem!

"Then I'm gonna know it myself!" Mau said.

They fight furiously, Esteem is a non-bender so he uses his blade, Mau only uses common type earth bending and using it to form rock gloves to punch hardly to Esteem, while fighting Esteem spoke to Mau.

"Hah!, I have reinforcements coming you know that?" Esteem said.

"Who cares? I gotta beat them up! Mau proudly said.

"Watch your mouth fella this guys are the best I ever seen!" Esteem said.

"Maybe you don't know what's best means!!" Mau replied.

"I know what's best means! And you are fighting with one of it!" Esteem said.

"Hah!! You're funny!" said Mau.

As they fight again, meanwhile at the Han Ming Chi 2nd base camp.

"Sire, Esteem have found Mau's located and he's ordering the reinforcement, what shall we response, sire?" said the guards.

"No response, let's see how strong is that Mau," said Han "if Esteem died Mau is strong enough for me but if Mau died victory is ours" he added

"Yes, sir!" said the guard and leaves the tent.

"Mau...(evil chuckle)...let's see how strong can you get?" said Han as he evil laughs to anyone who can hear.

Back to Mau and Esteem...they are both exhausted but eager to fight for more and then Mau's speaks.

"Ha..! getting tired?!..ha!!! Weakling?!" Mau said it loud.

"Who do you calling weakling?!" as Esteem replied madly.

but esteem bows down and he's so very tired,he puts himself to sit and he finally surrendered.

"I surrender, and I will help you and tell everything I know if you keep me alive" request Esteem.

"Very well" replied Mau.

as they stop the fighting and both are catching their breath.

Episode nine: surprised conclusion

Meanwhile at the 2nd base camp Han's receive a message from his Guards.

"Sire Esteem has retreat his self to Mau and surrendered the mission!" said the guards.

"That Cowardly bastard! Quick! Assemble the first unit! Kill them! And take back the scrolls that Mau has!" said Han in a high voice.

"Yes Sire" replied by the guards.

"Lets see who's tough now.." Whispered to himself by Han.

Back at Shuka's place, Esteem has been tied by Mau with the help of the two girls.

"Now tell me, what's Han's up to?" asked Mau.

"He wants to know what scroll you have and take them to you!, and you should run now I'm sure he sends his units here!" replied Esteem.

"Darn! maybe his right!? Ming!, Katnik! Go get Shuka, lets stay out of here!" ordered Mau "and uou'll coming with me" said Mau to Esteem.

"Okay, cool" replied Esteem.

"Mau what's happening?" asked Shuka confused as she exit her house with the two girls.

"Come on lets go!" said Mau.

But before they can escape, the units is exactly on time to blocked Mau's Way.

"Bastards! Get out of our way!" said Mau.

but the Units doesn't move and on the run to attack the group!, Mau untie Esteem and tell him that:.

"I'm gonna let you Just to fight them remember just to fight them!" Mau asked.

"You got it boss!" replied Esteem as he attack the Units.

"Ming! Katfish! Keep shuka safe and away from here! Now!!" Mau said.

"Its katnik! Hmp!" katnik shout at Mau.

"Come katnik we need to hide here!" ming said.

"But I can fight!" katnik replied.

"No they are too strong for you! So come on!" said Ming.

The three runs away the battlefield,but Han's army catch them by trap he installed.

"Haha!, surprised at my trap?" han said.

"You're not getting away with this han!" said Ming.

"Hahaha!, even you...ha..haha..hahaha!" han said as he rides on with his ostrich horse and with his battalion carrying the three girls.

back at the battlefield, Esteem and Mau teamwork themselves as they needed to survive

"Hayaaaaagghhh!, so Esteem you ready to play a game? Its called how-many-can-you-kick-butt!" asked Mau to Esteem.

"Oh yeah I'm ready!" replied Esteem

as they play along and start counting how many they have beat off!, and Han came.

"Stop you filthy creatures!" Han said.

"Han! I knew you'll come! You're here to be beaten up?" asked Mau.

"No., I'm here because I bought some presents, haha!" Han said as he shows The three girls to Mau as they were his prisoners!

"No let them loose han!" said Mau.

"Okay but give me the scrolls! And I let them free" Han replied.

"No! maybe you want to do this in the hard way?" said Mau.

"Haha! maybe you want this three to be beheaded? Huh?" replied Han.

"Darn," Mau said.

"Give me the scrolls boy!" said Han.

"No don't give him the scrolls what ever happens don't give it to him!" said Ming.

"I'm waiting Mau" said Han.

As Mau is thinking deeply what will his decision will be.

Episode Ten: Final crisis

"What will be your decision Mau!" Han said.

"Okay! Okay, I'm gonna give it to you,,.here" as Mau said and handed over the patience and respect scrolls to Han.

"Now? Release them!" Mau.

Han opened the scrolls and surprised for what he have seen.

"You only got patience and respect scrolls?" Han said "haha! This is a waste of time!" as Han said and tear apart the scrolls and burned it!

"No! Why did you destroyed it? Why!!" asked Mau.

"You see boy I have completed those two scrolls and now I wanted the courage and the balance scrolls!" replied Han.

"You filthy bastard!" Mau said as he tries to attack Han!

But Han grabs Shuka and warned Mau.

"Ha! What now?! You're not a man! Try to attack me!" Han said.

"Darn it!, Esteem NOW!!!" Mau shouted as esteem throws a shuriken to Han but it missed,instead it scratch its eyes!

Mau attack Han and tries to save Shuka but it was too late, Han cut off Shuka's throat! And blows a powerful earthbending attack that hit Mau! Mau fainted! Han and the rest of the army escaped! Esteem helped Mau to get on in his feet and they helped the three girls, Mau tries to helped Shuka,.

"Shuka look at me look at me!" said Mau.

as the two girls cries

"Esteem! Go get some water! Ming go get your medical kits! Katnik stop crying!" ordered Mau.

the two follows what mau's command and they ran as quick as they can.

"Come on now don't you dare die! Don't you dare die! Mook at me shuka! Mook at me!" Mau said as he nothing can do about it

"Re-res-respect is on the heart, Love is all around, Love is Respect" shuka said with her last dying breath.

after so many agonizing pain, Shuka died, exactly as the two came with some water and medical equipments.

"No No No! Don't die please! Don't die" as Mau cries "Nooooooooo!" he cried.

"Give me that water!" as Mau get the water and pour it to Shuka's neck "give me that bandages!" Mau added.

"Mau, you have nothing to do with it" said Ming.

Mau didn't listen to Ming as he continue to Wrap the bandages and pain killers to shuka.

"Mau! Please listen to me! Shuka's dead! Get over it!" cried Katnik.

but Mau didn't listen again.

"Mau! Please! Misten!!" as Ming held Mau's face "she's dead Mau" she added " and I don't want you become insane! Please stop!" Ming said

As Mau stares at Ming and stop from what he was doing and cries hard as well as the two, but not Esteem, he just silent as the other Mourns.

Before nighttime the gang decided to bury Shuka with honors,they bury her near the mountain cliff that over viewing the sunset, after they mourn they rest for a while while they watches the sunset and Ming asked Mau.

"What now?" Ming Asked "who will teach you the Respect scroll?" added Ming.

"Shuka said love is respect,and love is everywhere, that means I need to learn the love scroll" Mau replied.

Ming never asked again for a while as the gang,including Esteem, watches the sun fades.




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