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Before Avatar Aang died there was a boy who seek the truth for justice he traveled the four nations.

Fire. Water. Air. Earth.

We were once betrayed by our own men, they drive us angry, but we seek no war, we have family to feed, a job that we like, we were living at peace, but one day our villages, families, and houses! BURNT! My wife! My children! Why monsters do this to us? Have shanon has no mercy to us?

One must stand, one must seek justice to the damned criminals.

First of all you need to know in this chapter is Respect and love, it has no difference between each other, their meanings is not that the same, but their "point of view" is exactly the same, The respect and Love pillar has an overall balance with each other if you cannot master neither the two of them you cannot balance both of it, so that means if you mastered of the two pillars you already learn how to control the other one. in this chapter,romance is on the focus right now but still Mau needs to learn how to control his both respect and Love pillar, and more struggle to each other and actions still coming.

and the gang is heading their way to Wan shi tongs library to find answers and solve Ming's family problem, although there is a rumor that the Courage scrolls is there, but how will they go in there when it is now hidden in the desert and Wan Shi tong closed the library? did the gang knows about this? or Han already have it?

Chapter three

Episode eleven: Almost revelations

The gang is on the move they are heading their way to Wan Shi Tong's Library, and still adventure is out there, its after sunset and it started to get dark, Mau and the gang decided to camp.

"I'll start the fire" participated by Ming.

"I'll go get some water" said Katnik.

"Me too" said Esteem.

"Maybe I'll just go get something to eat" said Mau.

"But we already have something eat" exclaimed Ming.

"Eh, maybe I...maybe I just need some air" Mau replied.

And he walks away, Esteem talks to Katnik.

"What's the problem with Mau?" asked Esteem. "He seems like his not on the mood." said Esteem. "What do you think, Katnik?" added Esteem.

"Hmmm, I don't's strange because nowadays Mau is a bit acting weird." replied Katnik. "What should we do Ming?" asked Katnik.

"Maybe we'll let him for now, I'm sure he's meditating," replied Ming.

"Yeah..." said Katnik.

When Mau walked he ended up in the river and stop for a moment, sits down and tries to be calm, and Ming suddenly approach her.

"Ming? Ming, please, I need your help!" Asked Mau.

"Mau, what did your master taught you? Patience is the answer, right?" Ming replied.

"No! I needed help! I need some advice how to solve my problem! Fom what will I do now! Shuka's dead, who will teach me the Respect and Love scrolls?" cried Mau.

"Don't think that there is no hope. Think that there will be any solutions to any possibilities that you will encounter. Find a way to deal with it, to answer it," replied Mau.

"How the heck you know about that stuff?" asked ridiculously by Mau.

Ming punched her in the arm "I like reading stuff" replied Ming

"Oh I see that makes you a nerd" said Mau

Ming punched Mau again, but this time its in the face, but its not that hard

"Ow! why did you do that for!" asked Mau

Ming silence and pause for a moment as they stare at the glowing full moon and Ming speaks

"Mau," said Ming

"Yeah?" Mau replied

"Mau, i...i li---" said Ming it was cut because Esteem surprised them and he need to tell something to Mau

"Mau! i'm suspecting that Han's army is approaching!" said Esteem

"What!? are they armed?" asked Mau

"Yeah all of them! they're heading this way!" Esteem replied

"Shut that fire! climb up the trees and hide we'll ambush them!" Mau said

Ming follows what Mau's said as she has no chance to tell him what she was telling him

"Sshh," Esteem said hiding on the top of the tree

while approaching the suspected army is walking by, when they here them chatting

"Man! I need some rest! maybe we'll camp here for a while yow!" said by one of the suspected soldiers

"No yow! we're almost there! keep walkin' or you'll be late'y!" said by the other

as Mau surprised them but he didn't attack and he asked them

"Halt! who are you? are you Han's army?" asked Mau

"What in the seven estate are you talking about!? we are just miners from the north heading our way to a tavern that they called it Tavern of Love!, we expecting drinks and ladies there!" replied by the other miners

"What? where is it?" asked Esteem

"Right there at south near to that river" said by the other one again

"Oh I see, well sorry 'bout that we were suspecting you that you were the ones that chasing us" said Mau

"Apology accepted! gee'deeyap partner!, well see you folks were heading to that cavern!" said by the other miner again

"Well, should we go there too?" asked Katnik

"Probably there's food and something to sleep on there" Esteem said

"Yeah we should try it out"

"Okay, but we'll stay for a night only," said Mau "come on lets get moving" Mau added

Episode twelve: Tavern of love

When they followed the miners to the tavern they're amazed for what have they seen an old century tavern that is well preserved throughout the years, it is said that the two lovers,Oma and Shu met here for the first time.

when the gang went inside, including the miners, they were surprised that there is no drinks and ladies, it is a decent tavern a well kept and preserve tavern with inns and a very special drink the, Omashu juice.

"Would you two couples like some Omashu juice?" asked by the waitress to Mau and Ming

"No we're not couples!" replied Ming

"Oh, well do you like some Omashu juice?" said the waitress

"Well thank you, two please" said Mau

"Okay, here enjoy your stay" as the waitress give Mau two Omashu juice

"Two? for whom the other one?" asked Ming

"For you silly" Mau replied

"Oh, well thank you" Ming said as she blushed

"Do you like some to katnik?" asked Esteem

"Yes please" Katnik replied

The waitress give two juice to Esteem, and share it to Katnik, the gang chat, and Mau and Ming chat together as for Katnik and Esteem

"So Mau how will you master the Love scroll?" asked by drunken Ming

"I dunno, how?" replied drunken Mau

"Well lets find out!" said drunken Ming as she grabs Mau's hands and they both ran upstairs to a room and Ming kiss Mau that started them to make out and undress themselves together, as they "make-some-love".

Meanwhile at downstairs

"Man where Ming and Mau up to?" asked Esteem

suddenly from out of nowhere a group of Han's army raided the Tavern Esteem and Katnik surprised, they attempt to defend themselves but they have been captured as the captain asked them

"Where are the rest of you?!" asked by the captain

"I don't know!" said Esteem "maybe they're just hiding in you big fat back! check it for once!" added Esteem

everyone laugh at the joke as the captain drove mad about him

"Lock them!" said the captain "and burn the tavern!" he added

"No!" said the tavern owner, as they started a fire to the floor

Mau heard and smells some noise and fire though downstairs\

"Ming let's get up! I think Han's there!" said Mau

startled and confused, Ming just follows what Mau asked for, they ran through the window and trapped by Han's army

"Haha!, you little pest! I got you now!" said the captain

"Make us!: Mau said and they attack the army furiously and with awesomeness

Episode thirteen: Wrong way

Editors note

warning this chapter has sexual content please be free to open your mind to any scenes. as you can see this is PG-18, if there's some issue that you would like to talk about please tell me.

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