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Chapter two: Respect

Before Avatar Aang died there was a boy who seek the truth for justice he traveled the four nations.

Fire. Water. Air. Earth.

We were once betrayed by our own men, they drive us angry, but we seek no war, we have family to feed, a job that we like, we were living at peace, but one day our villages, families, and houses! BURNT! My wife! My children! Why monsters do this to us? Have shanon has no mercy to us?

One must stand, one must seek justice to the damned criminals. Until one day

A boy named Mau seek for his father's death and for his villagers, they lived in a village who ought to have their own earth bending style the shanon style bending, many years ago Avatar Kyoshi murdered all of the benders who uses shanon style because of its power to limit the Avatar, but she taught that all of them was gone, 10 grandmaster of Shanon style technique escape the tragedy and they have the scrolls of shanon and teach their villagers the shanon style

For many years people in the village grew tired because of famine and lack of trade in the area, they leave the village including 5 grand master of shanon they bring with them the scrolls. others stay and others die at the village and Mau learned the way of shanon style from his Father Zwon but one day his joyful days were over when rogues attack there village and unleash his shanon process state, luckily one of the 10 grand masters son Zau stop Mau, does Zao can teach Mau to control his Shanon process state? And seek justice for his father and villagers.

Editors note

If there's something wrong about my grammar please tell me don't edit it by your self

Chapter one: Patience

Episode one: The Shanon Process State

The day has come, Mau is already 16 he's ready to leave his village but first he must take the test from his father Zwon, to complete his shanon fighting skills, "hey dad can we skip it? It's just an amateur test, I'm a pro now!" said Mau.

"Haha" Zwon chuckles. "Well, if you think you're a pro, finish this test, only a pro can do that" said Zwon.

"Har-har, very FUN-ny, dad, very FUN-ney" answered Mau. While Zwon is preparing the practice stacks a large explosion was heard at the village plaza "what was that?" said Mau

"Stay here, I'll check it out!" said Zwon

"No in coming!" replied Mau, when they go out at their house an earth bending rogue surprised them an attack by throwing a large boulder of a rock!

"Watch out!" said Zwon "Go inside! I can handle this!" Zwon said to Mau, Shock Mau enters the house frightened watching other shanon benders and villagers die at the rogue's raid and the rogue's leader Renek tota whipped a sword like rock boulder to Zwon's back! And Mau ran at his father and his last wish were "justice" with his dying breath and Mau burst in to cries.

"Hah! Boy, how old are you? Still crying like a twerp?" said Renek tota "Haha! He's crying to his father's bloody body! Haha! Shame on you kid you're disrespectful." added by Znek tota brother of Renek tota.

"Hahahaha" laughed by their bodyguards.

"Justice," said Mau in a soft voice.

"What?" said Znek tota.

"JUSTICE!!" shouted by Mau angrily! And he just like float in the air awesomely! The rogues were shocked at the impact and a pillar rise to lower left of Mau's body murdering the rogues with tears!

"Mercy!!" said the rogues,

"Mercy?! Mercy?! MERCY??!!!?" shout Mau and squished the rogue with an iron first, the tota brothers managed to escape the rage, luckily Zau Chi blocked Mau to stop him.

"It's okay now, okay boy, be calm and peace..." said Zau

"Ju-jus-justice....." whispered Mau to Zau's ear.

Episode two: A promised teacher

At his father's funeral readying to be buried Mau is being stress of what happen

"What's the problem boy?" said Zau "Now I have no teacher, who will teach me the final lesson of shanon?" replied Mau

A moment of silence came along with the burial, after the burial Zau holds Mau's shoulder and said "Mau, I'm gonna teach you WHAT is Shanon", "what do you mean?" said confused Mau "you see boy the way your father teach you is the new testament of Shanon, now in teaching you the way of shanon!" replied Zau, after the acceptance they head to Zau's place while on the way Zau asked " why you shouted 'Justice'?", "for my father" replied Mau, "I see" said Zau with no more words to say

heading to Zau's training ground Mau is shocked at the scroll what Zau's handed him "that boy, is one of the Shanon scrolls" said Zau, "it says 'part two for how you control the Shanon process state' Zau" said Mau, Zau tapped Mau's head with a stick "umm! For now on in your master so call Master!" said Zau, "yes.....Master"

"First thing to know about the Shanon process state is the lower pillar, without it you cannot control your patience, the jeom" said Zau.

"So how can I control it?" asked Mau.

"You see that apple tree? Try meditating under that tree until one apple falls down to your hand, but remember does not move." said Zau.

"Okay" replied Mau "it's gonna be easy it seems like all of them gonna fall because all of them are already ripe." added Mau.

"Okay, I'll be watching you here" said Zau.

Every apple falls every hour but none drops at Mau's hand, he cannot catch it by himself it's the rule, hours have come and still no apple falls at his hand.

"Gah! I hate this training! You know what I quit!" said Mau.

"Wait! Mau come back! You're not done yet!" said Zau.

"I hate your training, it's boring your teachings is stupid!" said Mau.

"How dare you disrespect the ancient teachings of shanon!" said Zau.

"I rather like father's training than yours, you know what? I quit!"

Zau didn't reply to what Mau's decision, after walking away like that Mau feels guilty to what he did, he headed to his father's tombstone. Crying he speak to his father's tombstone

"Father help me to overcome my fears and sadness!" said Mau crying Then he hear voices, his father's voice in a spirit way.

"My son, fear and sadness can be overcome in a few days, week, or months" says Zwon.

"But how! How! Father! I need your help!" said crying Mau.

"Just be patience my son!" with a fading voice of Zwon, Mau realized that his test from Zau is 'patience!' now he understand the test, he then came back to Zau place and speaks.

"Master Zau, I'm sorry I mock over you" said Mau.

"Apology accepted, now finish your test to unlock your control to your lower pillar" said Zau.

As he sits back again in the apple tree, Mau thinks and meditate, with a deep breath he feels like the world is on his side waiting for an apple to fall, thinking that a leaf is falling, the branch is moving, until the remaining apple falls down. In his mind a pillar stand up with an aura behind it saying that he completed the patience test.

"Congratulations, you have passed the patience test" said Zau "Haha!" he chuckles "I can't do it without a great teacher." They both chuckle as they both enter the house to rest.

Episode three: Adventure awaits!

One morning a scream wakes Mau, and he run to where the noise came from.

"What? What is it?" asked Mau to the frightened maid.

As the maid pointed Zau found, dead! Mau is shocked and jumped to Zau "Wake up old man! Wake up!" said Mau. In a stop motion, he enters a spiritual contact to Zau! And he hears Zau's voices saying:

"Mau, Find the the 9 scrolls, and learn from the source of it please be patient about your journey, my death is not an inconvenience to your mission, I'm waiting for this moment, thank you Mau, because of you my patience test is done."

Freaked out, Mau steps away and ran out of the house, and sits in a corner thinking, about what happened, "adventure?" said Mau as he's clear out, he ready his stuff to find the remaining scrolls, he accompanied his pet Harppa an ostrich horse and he bring with him the 10th scroll of shanon, before leaving the village he pay a visit to his father, "father, I'll never forgot about you, I'll avenge you father!" said Mau and he kicks to Harppa as he goes north!

While on the way he encounters a bandit named Ming Ho. "Stop right there!" said Ming Ho.

"Haha, you think I'm scared?" said Mau. "Why you!" said angrily by Ming ho

As she whipped and slash her sword to Mau, Mau used a Boulder Shield and throw an common earth bending attack to Ming Ho, as they fight furiously, Then Ming Ho started to Fire bend!

"Ha!, I didn't know you're a fire bender!" shout Mau to Ming Ho "Maybe you're tooooo stupid!, that's why I have this banner! to represent the lost Royal fire family of the Fire Nation!" Replied Hing Ho

"What?, stop stop stop!," said Mau "royal fire family?" Mau added as they both stop fighting Ming Ho replied "The lost family, The Ho family, our grandfather is believed that he is the son of Fire Lord Sozin, and that's why I'm heading North! to find out!"

"North? you're going south moron!" said Mau "and what's the deal on north?" "Wan Shi Tong's Library! I'm gonna find out about my families secret!" replied Ming. "Very well, I don't know where that is but I'm honored to go north with you" said Mau "what's your name by the way?" added Mau

"I'm Ming Ho"

"Ming? what a nice name" said Mau

"Yeah I'm lucky I don't have your name"

they both laugh and shook their hands as they both walk to North.

While on the move the both decided to pay a visit to a small village near abbey as they both chat and eat along, there, as they sleep in a small inn there.

when some rustling sound heard by Mau in to their door, "what is it Mau?" asked Ming, And a knock though their door, "I got it!" participated by Ming, "Ming No!" shout Mau to Ming,


a large pile of dynamite just exploded luckily Ming is not hurt a large pile of dynamite just exploded luckily Ming is not even hurt at the explosion, within the smoke a Group of mercenaries came out, "Give me the shanon scroll!" said the leader of the mercenaries "No!" said Mau and he attack the mercenaries, Both Mau and Ming Attack the Mercenaries and decided to jump off the window as they were blocked in their room, unfortunately More Mercenaries are there

"Hey Ming" said Mau "What" Ming replied "Ready to play a game? it's called "how-many-can-you-kick-some-butt!" "You bet!" anticipate by Ming

They beat up the Mercenaries until more and more to come, and the mercenaries lose the battle, and Mau asked one of the Mercenaries\

"Who ordered you to do this? who!? the tota brothers?" said Mau

"Uh-uhh, No, what are you talkin about? its Han Ming Chi!" answered by the mercenary

"Who is he! who?!" asked Mau

"H-his the great grandchild of Moka, one of the grand master of Shanon"

"How did he know about me!" said Mau

The man fainted and never wake up as he is exhausted, an surprise attack of another group of mercenaries came but this time Mau and Ming is really outnumbered, manage to Escape, Harppa stop as the cave shocked them because its the only escape rout

"You sure we gonna enter that?" asked Ming

"Yeah we should" answered Mau

"But its old and dark" Ming

"Don't worry I got your back" Mau replied

as they enter the cave until a tri-lane way stop them

"Which way?" asked Ming

"Maybe this way" answered Mau

"Maybe?!" said Ming

A long Long Long walk and they never seen the way out

"We're lost idiot, and I'm tired!!" Complained Ming

"Well we should camp here for a while" said Mau

" yeah you think?! gah!" replied Ming

as the fire's lightened, ate the food, rest for a while and they talked

"What are you travelling for Mau?" Asked Ming

Mau pause for a moment and speaked

"I'm travelling for justice" replied Mau

Ming asked quickly "justice?, for what?"

""Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."' said Mau "and why you even interested?" added Mau

"Naw-thing, maybe we should get going?" said Ming

"Yeah" answered Mau

as they walk and walk again they never find the way out,And Ming starts to complain again

"Mau, admit it we're lost!" complained by Ming

"My Master teach me how patience work in times like this" said Mau

"Oh yeah? then how?! how can we escape this cave!" asked Ming

"Master use to say try to meditate and think new ways to solve a problem" Mau replied

"How!" said ming angry

Mau never replied and tries to meditate,he listen to his environment even Ming's noise, the stay wind, the water flowing, as he heard it there's a river! outside, but how can he know the exit?

until Mau's father speak to his mind

"Mau, maybe this is the time that I'll teach how to use seismic energy" Zwon said to Mau

"Father? how father! please teach me now!" said Mau

Zwon replied "Believe my son, Believe!"

"Father!" as Mau shouted!

"Father?" Ming Said and chuckles "what are you talkinbout?

"Nevermind" replied Mau

Mau is thinking how to use the seismic energy and he stomp the ground!, a seismic wave flow to the ground and to his mind, and finds out the exit! thanks to seismic waves they manage to escape, but they're shocked as they seen the mercenary camp just under the cliff! and there Mau see's the tota brothers! working for Han Ming Chi, without hesitation Mau wants revenge!, but before he ran to that camp Ming stop him

"Mau we must rest for a while!" Ming said

"No! I must avenge my people!" replied Mau

"But Mau! we're exhausted! you are TIRED!! mau listen to me!" said Ming

a long silence came from the two and Mau finally makes a choice

"Okay, we must rest" said Mau

"Thank you" said Ming as she hugged Mau

"Maybe we can stay at that old peasant house?" Ming added

as they enter the house they met Shuka

"Evening miss, can we stay for the night in your house?" said Mau

"You mean my old peasant house?" replied by shuka

"Uhh, I think you're just misunderstanding my friend Ming said that" answered Mau

"Well what did you tell her?, Do you even scold her?" said Shuka

"Uhrm, No" said Mau

"Then that what makes you agree to her that makes my house an old peasant house, try to learn some respect young man" said Shuka

Ming laughed and speak to Mau "what happen? can't fight with words with a old woman?" said Ming

"I'm not old young lady! try to learn some respect too!" said Shuka

Mau laughs "Well that's my answer missy!" Mau said to ming and laughs, as Ming Pinched Mau.

Episode four: Enter your spirit

When they are all asleep Mau enters a paranoia spirit dream, and there he met Zwon and Zau

"Father? Master? why I'm here!?" said Mau "We are here to remove your burdens my son" said Zwon

"Burdens? what burdens?" asked Mau

"Burdens that makes you weak,scared and the feelings that you carry along your journey" said Zau

"But I don't need to replenish my burdens! it's not even affecting me!"

"Son the burdens you carry is secretly affecting you, why don't you just accept the fact that burdens is a problem to you," said Zwon

"No father you are all wrong!" said Mau

"We were never be wrong, boy, We are going home yet you still heading your way!" Zau said to Mau

"Then why do you want to get rid of my burdens!" asked mau

"Because burdens are meant to overcome!" said Zwon

"And Mau you must know that we are part of your burdens! please Mau! we will not be in peace if you keep trying to confront your burdens!" said Zau

"Noooo!!!!!" said Mau, then he wakes up being freak-out

As he wakes up he walks outside overlooking the mercenary camp, thinking how he could defeat them, and Ming followed him as Mau speaks to her

"Ming, how do you overcome your problem?" asked Mau

"I dunno you I just sleep 'bout it and ala! its gone, just like that" said Ming

"Hmm, I agree but I can't" said Mau

"Oh really? that's because you're outside thinking and not inside sleeping" said Ming

"Maybe you're right.." said Mau "But I'm scared" added Mau

"What!? scared of sleeping? well that's new! there's no need to fear what you destined for! if you are sleepy you must accept it because it is for the better" said Ming

"Maybe you are right?" said Mau "lets go back to sleep...come lets go inside" Mau added

as they both came inside, Ming just went to sleep but Mau isn't so he sings a song about a raging shanon bender

Strong and Mighty young boy had a father who give's him a toy killed by a giant one gore Mad like never been before

Rage covers by the blood! Why? you've given by gods! to us! making some love! to us! perished with log!

why, oh why,oh why the sky is filled with lies where's the hope between this ties where's the peace between this times

as the land lady heard him singing "raging shanon"

"As I heard you were singing about shanon?" said shuka

"Yes, you know about shanon?" asked Mau

"Yes, in fact I married one of them, and leaves everything to me" answered Shuka

"Oh I'm sorry then" said Mau

"Oh don't be!" replied shuka "So why are you still up this late night?" shuka added

"It's just a horrible dream!, that I can't pass on," Mau replied

"You know, a flower only bloom once, a human only love once, and a problem ALWAYS show's, but if you find a way to overcome it, it will show just ONCE" said shuka

Mau realized how to overcome his fear, "thank you,shuka that help out" said Mau "well I'm going to sleep now" added Mau

"Okay, well I'm gonna sleep too" said shuka

as he sleep again and came to a spiritual paranoia, there he meet again Zwon and Zau

"I'm ready" said Mau

"Ready for what?" asked Zwon

"Ready to replenish my burdens" said Mau

"Well if that's your decision we'll begin to lose contact to you and never shows up again if you needed help" said Zau

"What?! you never say that!? wait come back!" panted Mau

"Good bye my son" said Zwon

"Come on, come on wake up!" said mau trying to wake up himself

as they were fading Zau said a few words

"To find the remaining scrolls you must be patient, my student" said by Zau to Mau

"Nooooooooo!!!" cried Mau

as they fade away Mau woke up it was morning!

"What's the matter had that nightmare again?" asked Ming

"No,its just,'s just a....never mind" Mau replied

"So what do you feel?" said Ming

for moment Mau feels he is replenish and free to any decisions he'll make and answered

"I...I feel....I feel free" replied Mau

"Uhh,, sounds cool so are you ready for justice!?" asked cheerfully by Ming

"Haha, yeah I am!" said Mau

As they were over looking the camp and ready to kick some butt.

Episode five: Class Dismiss

Before they're ready to kick butt Mau wants to Ming stay at the old lady's house

"Ming stay here" Said Mau

"But I wanna fight too!" replied by Ming

"No! its too dangerous for you down there!" shouted Mau

Ming look at Mau's face and he sees rage and vengeance to his eyes and replied

"I understand...." she silently replied

as Mau Jumped down the cliff and attacks the camp he fights all of them with rage it seems that the tota brothers recognized his face

"Hey you're that kid that cries a lot!" said Znek tota

"Haha! then we must call him Sir-cries-a-lot!, haha! you still crying over your fathers body!?" this drove Mau mad and fights the duo

meanwhile while Ming just watching Mau fighting Shuka approach her

"You have a very stubborn boyfriend over there" said Shuka

"What? his not my boyfriend!, his just a friend of mine" said Ming "like an acquaintances that's all" added Ming

"Then you love him don't you?" said shuka

"What?! why are you asking that? I don't even worry about him!" replied Ming

"If you don't care about him then why are you watching over him? if you don't like him then why are you worrying? said wisely by shuka

"Ah eh wha? what are you talking about?!" asked Ming

"All I saying is you have feeling to him." said shuka

Silence again came Ming pause and hold his answer while she's watching Mau fighting

"Maybe...yeah...i have feelings to him" said Ming

as they both watching Mau overlooking from the mountain, meanwhile....

"You killed my father now I'm gonna kill you!" said Mau

"Oooh I'm scared now!" replied Znek

from out of nowhere Renek stab Mau beyond the shoulder!

Mau stumbled and kneel beyond Znek

"Haha! nice one brother!" said Znek

"Now he'll cry!" said Renek "I bet his telling his father!"

the both laughs, Ming is worried to what happen to Mau but Shuka is worried for the next move will Mau's take

and suddenly Mau roars! that unleash his lower pillar! with rage it is powerful than before!!!

the tota brothers frightened beyond what they see!

"DIE YOU RUTHLESS DAMNED BEAST! DIE!!!" Mau said it with a huge voice

"Please have mercy on us!" said Renek

"NO MERCY!!! NO MERCY!!!!" said Mau and slams his fist to Renek that cause a huge earthquake within miles, at this point he sees Han Ming Chi running with his chariot, Mau attempts to reach Han with his throwing rock boulders! but unfortunately Znek tota blocks it and protects Han to run away, this time he squished Znek that blood spills to the ground!

the camp was in perished and chaos! everyone tried to stop it before it reach the abbey! but all of them routes because some of them killed! and Ming saw what happen and she was shocked!

"Shuka what's happening to Mau?! why he's like a monster?" asked ming

"It is called Shanon process state,a powerful technique that only earthbenders like him can know about it's secret" said Shuka

Ming want to stop him but Shuka jump off and tries to stop Mau, shuka jumped of Mau's head and hold Mau's head with his hand and murmuring some weird spells, this light up both of them light where shimmering on Mau's eyes, and he fainted, Ming ran to Mau and speak

"Mau are you okay? speak to me please!" said crying Ming

"Uuh,i-i'm sorry Ming" replied silently by Mau

"You need to learn about the second lower pillar,and the rest of shanon" said Shuka

"What you need to learn about the second lower pillar is respect!" added shuka,

"And I'm gonna be your Master" added again by Shuka


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