Chapter X: End of The Earth Front
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The Phoenix Estates



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Outside Seedy merchants Pier

Aditi and Kumaro sat around in How's tent, waiting for Toph and Saif to come up with an attack plan. The two were talking, when the tent flap opened, and Saif and Toph entered. "So, what's the plan?" Kumaro asked.

"The Phoenix Estates have trebuchets stationed here," Saif said, pointing to a spot deep inside the town.

"Some of our earthbenders will get into groups of four, and send up large enough rocks to counter them," Toph said.

"This will allow our airships to hopefully not be destroyed. Then, the airships will bomb the ground forces, and our infantry should have no problem taking back the pier," Saif concluded.

"Kumaro, when you make it far enough into the city, send up a signal. That'll be when we know we can sent in the cavalry," How said. "Okay then, lets do it," Kumaro said.

Hari moved the large box of explosives onto Appa's back. "What are you doing?" a voice asked. Hari turned around and saw Haruka and Wei.

"Oh it's you guys. Ya know Wei, I could really use a firebender to lite these candles, if you know what I mean," Hari said.

"Unfortunately, I do know what you mean, and no, I'm not going up there just to ignite your explosives."

"Suit yourself, but be careful, both of you," Hari said.

"You too," Haruka responded. Hari climbed up and got ready to fly off.

Saif sat on his mount. He was ready to strike. He looked behind himself, and saw about twoscore people, all on mounts, ready to back him up. He took out his sword raised it above his head, then lowered it so it pointed to the town. "Charge!" he yelled, as he rode forward to the town followed by his troops.

Inside the Pier, near the water

"Sho, you may want to see this," Bharato said as he looked through a telescope.

"What is it," Sho said, as he approached the telescope. Bharato let him look through it, and what she saw immediately concerned him. "Captain, send in the cavalry," he called, as he looked at the incoming army.

Outside the pier

Saif saw the komodo rhinos coming at him. He knew what to do. Just before the two armies collided, he leapt off of his ostrich horse, and onto a komodo rhino. While still maintaining his balance, he stabbed the komodo rhino in the side. As it fell over, dead, Saif jumped to another rhino, and did exactly the same thing. After a while, he suddenly heard explosions, and saw the airships flying overhead, while the Earthbenders countered the trebuchet attacks. They were dropping explosions on the Phoenix Estates cavalry. Saif killed one last komodo rhino, and landed on the ground. He then ran into the pier, sword out and ready to fight.

Inside pier

"Fire at those airships, now," Sho commanded.

"But sir, then the Earth Kingdom will take out our trebuchets," a soldier said.

"I don't care, we can't have the Earth Kingdom airships bombing us," Sho responded.

Outskirts of seedy merchants pier

Saif saw the airships coming down. He ran further into the city to avoid being crushed. He heard the massive airship hit the ground behind him. "Aaaah." He heard several Phoenix Estates soldiers yell as they charged at him. Dodging fire blasts, he swung his sword, taking out soldiers left and right. Two soldiers armed with swords attacked him, and he effortlessly used his superior skill to defeat the pair. He saw an archer preparing to fire an arrow at him. He threw his sword at the archer at the same time the archer let go of the string. The arrow struck Saif in the arm, and his sword cut off the archers arm. Saif was unable to fight, so was the archer, but reinforcements were arriving for the archer. Just when Saif thought he was going to die, an earth wall separated him and the soldiers. A hole appeared in the ground and Toph came out. "Toph," he said, not really asking, just stating.

"Ila and Kun are handling the soldiers. I'll get you back to camp," she responded. The two climbed down the hole, and headed back to the camp.

Kumaro, Aditi, Wei, and Haruka were facing several soldiers. Aditi dealt a mighty air blast to one of them, sending the soldier far away.

"That's the last of them," Aditi said.

Wei heard shouting, and saw more troops coming at them. "Not really," he said.

Kumaro turned and face the fallen Earth Kingdom airship. "Wei, Haruka, get that airship open. Aditi and I will cover you." Wei and Haruka ran back to the airship.

"Kumaro, stand aside," Aditi ordered. Kumaro moved out of the way, and Aditi send a massive air blade down the road, striking the soldiers.

"Did you?" Kumaro asked.

"Don't worry, it was too big and too blunt to seriously hurt them," Aditi responded.

Wei and Haruka ran up to the airship.

"So bro, what's the plan?" Haruka asked.

"The airship fell on the door, and the bomb bay won't open. Or will it," Wei responded. He stepped back from the airship, and shot twin streams of fire at the bomb bay. "When I say now, break the flaps off," Wei said. "Now." Haruka sent a massive pillar of earth into the bomb bay, breaking the flaps. The troops came out. "Come on, we have to open the other three airships," Wei said.

Aditi and Kumaro fought back to back, as the Phoenix Estates continued to send in troops. "What's taking those two so long?" Kumaro asked.

"I don't know," Aditi responded.

"Charge!" Kumaro and Aditi turned to see Wei leading several Earth Kingdom Troops. As the troops encompassed them, Aditi spoke. "Now would be a good time to give the signal." Kumaro nodded in agreement, and sent a colossal stream of green fire into the sky.

How saw the signal. He then turned to face the rest of the cavalry. "Alright, go go go," he said, ordering the other half of the cavalry to charge.

Sho was scared. The Earth Kingdom was winning the battle. "Come on Sho, we must leave," Bharato said. The two walked out of the command building from which they had been watching, and walked through the trebuchet yard. Suddenly, an explosion went off near one of the trebuchets. The pair looked up to see. A sky bison, and someone on it, were dropping bombs on the trebuchets, taking them out. The two ran to the ship Bharato had come to the Earth Kingdom in, and prepared to leave.

Haruka saw the ship preparing to leave. "No you don't," she said, as she called a rock out of the earth. She then sent the rock flying into the engines of the ship.

Bharato saw the smoke coming from the engines. Thinking quickly, he mounted one of the komodo rhinos he had brought with him. Four imperial Firebenders also mounted theirs, and they prepared to run. "What about me?" Sho asked. "Every man for himself" Bharato responded. The man rode off back onto land with his escort.

Toph heard the komodo rhinos coming onto land. In an effort to stop them, she put up an earth wall. The man leading the komodo rhinos sent a stream of fire at the wall, breaking it down. He ended up sending pieces of the wall at Toph, knocking her over. The group then turned north and headed out of the town. An Earth Kingdom soldier on ostrich horse attempted to face the group head on, but ended up being struck by a blast of purple fire.

Kumaro saw a soldier get blasted off of his mount by a man with the ability to produce purple fire. He knew who it was. "Aditi, did you."

"Yeah, Bharato," she responded.

"Who's he?" Wei asked.

"He used to be the governor of Aggni, now, he's vice emperor of the Phoenix Estates," Kumaro responded.

"I'm going up to get Appa. We'll follow Bharato," Aditi said.

North of Pier

The group flew on Appa, following Bharato and his escort, which had been reduced to two Firebenders since the pier. Bharato noticed the wind buffalo following him, and made some hand signals to the two Firebenders who were with him. They slowed down until they were behind Appa, and shot fire streams at the bison. "Oh no," Wei said.

"Oh no, you promised me we wouldn't fly in combat conditions."

"I thought we wouldn't," Kumaro responded.

"Kumaro, you taught me well."

"What are you doing?" Kumaro asked. Wei jumped off of Appa, and into a stream of fire, parting it so he could survive.

"Wei wait up," Haruka said, as she jumped off as well.

"An insane Earthbender girl yeah, I know how to pick 'em." Hari said under his breath. "She'll need my help," he said, jumping after Haruka.

"Mine too," Aditi said. "No Aditi, I can't handle Bharato on my own. We know these people, they can handle themselves in a fight, but I can't against Bharato. I need you." Aditi thought about what Kumaro had said.

"You're right Kumaro, you're right." The pair followed Bharato. He rode his komodo rhino to a mountain, and climbed it. He entered a cave, and Kumaro and Aditi tried to land at the cave, but two Firebenders guarded the entrance. Aditi blew the pair to one side and off the mountain. When they entered the cave, there was light coming from various torches on the walls. They saw Bharato running. Kumaro and Aditi shot an air and fire blast at him. Bharato felt the air blast, and this gave him warning to turn around and block the fire blast. Aditi prepared to use and air swipe, and Bharato began to generate lightning.

"Aditi, wait," Kumaro called. Bharato shot the lightning at Aditi. It hit her staff, but a great amount still hit Aditi, and she was rendered unconscious. Kumaro ran over to Aditi, and checked her pulse.

"As you can see, my Firebending abilities are far beyond yours. Now, die." As soon as he finished saying this, Bharato created a second bolt of lightning and shot it at Kumaro. Kumaro swiftly generated his own bolt and it canceled out Bharato's.

"Nope, not gonna happen." Bharato shot a massive stream of purple flame at Kumaro. Kumaro effortlessly countered with his own stream of green fire. Bharato sent three purple fire blades at Kumaro, all of which were countered by equally powerful green fire blades. Bharato created twin whips of fire, and lashed out at Kumaro, only to have the whips broken by Kumaro's. Bharato noticed that Kumaro had Dao swords at his side.

"It it clear to me who lives will not be determined by our Firebending abilities, but by our swordsmanship," Bharato said, as he took out a sword he had. It was a large Jain sword, and the way Bharato held it, he knew how to use it. Bharato made purple flames cover his sword, and swung it to show his skill. Kumaro took out his Dao swords, and when he saw Bharato making fire around his sword, he became worried. Bharato ran up to Kumaro, bringing his sword down on him. Kumaro blocked the sword with his own, and when he did, the blades became engulfed with green flame. Kumaro smiled. The two then started dueling. Kumaro began pushing Bharato back.

"Your time has come Bharato. Kumaro swung the two blades so they would have cut off Bharato's head. Would have, but Bharato blocked the swords with his own, and prevented them from doing their task.

"Ooo, your good," Bharato said as he stepped back. "But I'm better." Bharato then began attacking Kumaro furiously. Eventually, at one point, Bharato landed a small blow to Kumaro's forearm.

"Ahh," Kumaro cried out, as he stepped back. He dropped one of his swords, still holding the other in his good arm.

"Kumaro, you can't beat me you've lost." Bharato prepared to deal the finishing blow.

"Bharato stop," a voice called. Bharato turned to see it came from a young man. With him was another young man and a girl.

"And who are you?" Bharato asked.

"Friends of Kumaro. If you kill him we will kill you. Surrender now," the man continued. Bharato thought for a moment. The purple flames that surrounded Bharato's sword vanished, and Bharato put the sword in its scabbard. Suddenly, Bharato shot a blast of fire at Aditi. Kumaro leap in the way, taking the hit. Bharato shot a stream of fire at the ceiling, causing rock and ruble to fall. Bharato ran into the cave.

"Haruka, Hari, help me with these two," Wei said as he grabbed Aditi's arms. Hari grabbed Aditi's legs, and Haruka made an earth stretcher for Kumaro. The group walked out of the cave as it collapsed.

Bharato smiled as he saw the cave collapse behind him. He used his Firebending to see and went deep into the cave. Eventually, he came to a door. He passed through the door, and it lead him to a room with an Earth Kingdom cargo balloon.

The next day

"Kumaro, you really should rest a while," Wei said.

"Nah, I'm fine and ready to go home," Kumaro said. Wei and Kumaro were in the infirmary, along with Aditi, Hari, and Haruka.

"What do you mean, Kumaro? We're going to the Northern Water Tribe!" Wei responded.

"Wei, you've seen the effects of this war on the Earth Kingdom, which was protected by a vast ocean. Imagine what its like for the Fire Nation, it's literally right next door!"

"Kumaro, when we were in Ba Sing Se you told me you and Aditi were telling the world of the Phoenix Estates. The Water Tribe is part of the World - we have to tell them!" Wei responded.

Kumaro sighed. "You're right Wei, we have to tell them," Kumaro agreed. "Who knows, you may even find love at the Water Tribe," Wei said.

"I highly doubt that," Kumaro said. Toph and Saif, both bandaged up, entered the tent.

"Toph and I are going to send troops to the Fire Nation to assist in the war effort there. We'll call up troops from wherever we can find them" Saif said.

"I'm coming with you," Hari said.

"No Hari, you can't. You're too young to be needlessly risking your life," Toph said.

"You can come with us," Kumaro said.

"Okay then fine," Hari said.


  • The part where Bharato runs and Kumaro and company follow him is a reference to Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones.
  • When Kumaro says "She is not my girlfriend, it was intentionally a reference to what Zuko said in the original series.
  • The idea of the Water Tribe being the place to find love was inspired by a photo found here

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