Chapter XXXVII:The Resistance, Part 1
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Chapter XXXVII:The Jungle, Part 3, Maxitaotie

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Chapter XXIX:The Resistance, Part 1


Pravin lead the tribe's visitors towards the end of the jungle. They were all wearing the same clothes they had worn while outside the jungle, and were each riding with a member of the tribe on mongoose dragons, loaded with the camping supplies that they had brought into the jungle with them. Once they could see the edge of the jungle, Pravin stopped. "Get off here," he said. As the visitors dismounted, he spoke to them. "It's a short walk to the jungle, thank you for training Takumi, and may fortune be with you," he said.

"Thank you for the shelter and saving us from Maxitaotie," Kumaro responded. He then began walking off, and turned back to see where Azara was. He saw her hugging Takuim goodbye, and then walking towards Zysor. The group then began to walk towards the outside of the jungle, where they would continue their mission against the Phoenix Estates. After covering the short distance, they came across a camp with about two tents. Ila and Kun, came out of one, and when they saw the group exiting the jungle, the ran up to them.

"Good to see you."

"We were worried you'd been killed by some jungle creature". As they said this, Aknur and Pallav walked into the camp, carrying some fish they had caught in a nearby stream.

"Lunchtime," Aknur said, as he began to prepare the food. Aditi looked as he did this in disgust.

"Got any vegetables?" she asked.

"No, I think there's some berries near the river we caught these in. Come on, I'll show ya," Pallav said. He then began to walk off, followed by Aditi. Sokka then decided to address the fact that only four people had been waiting for them.

"Where's everyone else?" he asked.

"They marched on as soon as the airship fleet got here. They're headed to Nov Sol. Saif asked us to stay behind, so we'd be able to tell you where the main force went," Ila explained.

"How far away are they? Suki asked.

"About one day," Kun answered.

"Well then after lunch, let's get going and catch you to them," Sokka said.


Pallav looked at the river he had taken Aditi to. It was very wide, and rapid too. There was a path of stones that stuck out of the water that could be used to cross the river. On the other side, there were some trees and bushes, their fruits visible even to the two humans on the other side of the stream. "Now as you can see," Pallav explained, "the river is fast moving, and wide. There are some rocks you can use to cross it..." As he said this, Aditi use Airbending to jump over the river, and land on the other side. She then began to eat the fruits, enjoying their taste to the highest possible extent. "Or you could do that," Pallav said, not expecting Aditi to use Airbending to jump across the river. After she had taken some fruits and berries, then she jumped back over to Pallav's side, and the two walked back to the camp.


Pallav and Aditi had not been prepared to see their companions packing up the supplies that they had and getting ready to leave. "We march for Nov Sol. There's we'll be reunited with the main force, and launch an attack on the town," Toph said. She then began to walk, he supplies strapped to her back, followed by her friends.

Outside Nov Sol

La Sei looked as the convoy of Phoenix Estates supplies headed towards Nov Sol fom the top of a hill that overlooked the road. She was not alone. With her were Lee, Balin, and Gav. She was armed with a whip, which she had used to train animals prior to the war. Balin had twin Dao swords strapped on his back. Gav was a large man who, despite the suggestions of others, used explosives. Lastly, Lee was a Firebender, who had earlier been forced into the Phoenix Estates military. "Now," Lee quietly said, as he was the one leading the mission. Balin took out his blades, and leapt down the hill. He landed next to the first cart, and used his blades to cut free the animal towing it. La Sei then jumped down, and cracked the whip. The beast then ran off. While Balin and La Sei moved on to the next cart, Gav threw a large crate of blasting jelly down onto the wagon. Lee sent a fire blast at the crate, causing a massive explosion. Before Gav could get a second crate, a voice spoke to him and Lee.

"Well done, well done indeed." The two resistance members turned around to see it ws Et Dah, along with ten of her elite pilots.

"Run," Lee said. As he said this, Two pilots tackled him to the ground. Gav began running, but another pilot sped after him, and struck Gav down with a fire Blast. La Sei and Balin heard Lee's call, and ran for their lives. While three pilots held Lee down, and a fourth checked to see if Gav was dead, the remaining six followed Et Dat after La Sei and Balin. Baling turned around, and threw his swords like spears at two of the pilots. Though he didn't kill them, he damaged their gliders, preventing them from following him. The other five gliders followed in hot pursuit. La Sei knew that they couldn't outrun their foes, and begn using her whip to attempt to save herself and Balin. Though made the pilots keep their distance, they did not stop attacking her. Balin, however, could use this time to escape. He ran around to the foot of the hill, where the komodo rhinos the resistance used were. As he mounted, he saw La Sei's whip on fire, and becoming useless. He rode off to tell the resistance about what had happened.


Et Dah looked at the two who she had been able to take alive. "I should kill you both right now," she said, creating a fire dagger, and moving it towards Lee's neck. "But Bharato will be pleased with this. I'll invite him to your execution. In face, all of Mohandas' forces are invited," she added. As the pilots dragged Lee and La Sei away, fear became visible in their eyes, as they thought about what awaited them.

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