Chapter XXXVII:The Jungle, Part 3, Maxitaotie
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Takumi walked through the jungle, along with his Firebending istructor and his instructor's friends. They were walking through the humid green forest in hopes of finding the giant serpent, Maxitaotie. "So Maxitaotie had been given long life and the ability to talk by the spirit of the forest?" Wei asked.

"Yes," Takumi responded.

"Then how are we going to kill it?"

"Maxitaotie may have long life, but that doesn't make him immune from things like diseases and fire blasts to the head. We should be able to kill him."

"Hey, look over here," Hari called. The group quickly walked up to where Hari was, and saw that several trees had been knocked down. "He was here." Hari looked both ways. "We'd better split up, that way we can find him. Me, Haruka, Aditi, Rin, and Lo Gan will go this way," the warrior said, pointing in one direction of parted trees. "Kumaro, Neza, Azara, Wei, and Takumi, go that way." Hari then pointed in the opposite direction. The two groups then began to walk away from each other, each prepared to face Maxitaotie.

After about five minutes of walking along the trail in silence, Takumi spoke to Azara, breaking the silence. "So, you're a princess?" he asked.

"Yeah," she responded. "So, you're mom's the tribal chief?" Azara asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

"Yeah, you a good Firebender?" Takumi asked. The conversation which was awkward for them both then continued.

"Hey, Kumaro, I've been thinking," Wei said.

"Yeah Wei?" Kumaro asked.

"What if this trail we're following is and old one?"

"I don't know. Don't worry, as long as we follow the path we should be able to find our way back to the tribe."

"Can't you just use your glider to find Maxitaotie?" Azara asked, overhearing the two friends conversing.

"My glider's with the main force, I don't have it. The only gliders in this Jungle are your's and Zysor's, and since Zysor forgot where he left his, you're the only one with a glider."

"Oh," Azara responded.

As Hari's group trekked through the jungle, Haruka started talking with Hari. "So, how'd you parents react to you wanting to go out with us and kill Maxitaotie?" she asked.

"They were surprisingly understanding. They couldn't come anyway. The tribe can only be so hospitable for so long, so they decided that they'd help out around the tribe While we helped Takumi find Maxitaotie."

Jungle directly around Tribe

Zysor was extremely mad at the fact that Azara had yet again done something without telling him. To go and find her, he had taken one of the tribe's mongoose lizards, and ridden into the jungle. He thought he would be able to outrun Maxitaotie on his mount, so he rode through the jungle, not caring about paths or places to hide from the creature.

Deep Jungle

"Well this was a nice waste of time," Wei said as the group he was with travelled down the path of parted trees.

"What do you mean?" Neza asked.

"It's been a whole day and we haven't found Maxitaotie. We could've spent this time training Takumi for when he does face Maxitaotie."

"Well tomorrow we're leaving, whether Maxitaotie is dead or not is out of the question," Neza said.

Hari's group

As Hari walked through the Jungle, he heard noise coming from one side of the trail. "Shhh, do you hear that," he quietly said.

"Yeah," Lo Gan said. The noises got louder as the Waterbender said this.

"Get ready to fight," Aditi said, knowing very well it could be Maxitaotie. As the group took their stances and readied their weapons, Zysor came riding through the trees slightly ahead of them on the trail. "Zysor what'r you doing here," Aditi said.

"Aditi, good to see you. I'm looking for Azara, do you know where she is?"

"Down that way, on the trail," Aditi said, pointing in the opposite direction of where her group was going.

"Thanks," Zysor said as he rode past the group and towards where the Airbenders said Azara was.


Kumaro was beginning to get tired from the day of walking he and his friends had done. "I'm tired, let's head back to the tribe. We've gotta get out this jungle tomorrow." As Kumaro said this, there was a loud sound from behind him. He turned around, and saw the large dark green serpent approaching them. "What, where'd he come from, why didn't he say his name?" the prince asked.

"Oh you really think he's going to let his prey know he's coming. He only says his name after he's eaten to scare the creatures of the jungle," Takumi said. The serpent then raised it's head and prepared to strike. Even though he had fought the infamous Firebending prodigy Bharato, who many considered to be fifth best in the world, Kumaro was intimidated by the massive size of the creature. Wei, having little experience with Firebending, was even less willing to face the beast. Neza and Azara, both normally eager for the opportunity to Firebend, could only stand, thinking Fight Fight fight, but their bodies would not listen. Takumi, having been raised all his life for this moment, was ready for this. He began Firebending, prepared to fight to protect his friends. He attempted to create a fire wall, to separate him from Maxitaotie, but it broke apart as he moved it up. Maxitaotie began moving his head towards Takumi, prepared to devour the boy. Suddenly, several fire blasts struck Maxitaotie in the back of his head. The massive creature turned around to see what was attacking it. Zysor rode in on his mount, creating a fire whip as he did. When the giant snake turned around, however, the mongoose dragon stopped and began to run, despite Zysor's efforts to control the creature he rode. The monstrous beast then turned back to Takumi. Takumi this time tried the fire disk. As the head of Maxitaotie moved towards Takumi, it sped right into the disk of flame. Screeching in pain, the beast threw it's head up into the sky. Takumi then sent a second fire disk at the creature, and a third. Once his friends saw he was beating the snake, they regained their confidence, and began Firebending at it. The beast tried to run, but before it could, Kumaro and Neza combined their powers to create a fire wall in front of it. Takumi then dealt the finishing blow with a powerful charged attack. Maxitaotie then fell over, it's eyes still open as if the creature was alive.


  • The idea of someone having to defeat a massive snake was taken from the book Redwall by Brian Jaques, who died this year. This is how the fanon author pays tribute to his favorite author.

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