Capter XXXVI:The Jungle, Part 2, The Chosen One
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The Phoenix Estates



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Fire Nation airship

Zysor woke up in his personal cabin, and looked around the red room. He then sat up, and swung his legs out of his bed and onto the floor. He stood up and began walking towards his closet, where he kept his clothing and armor. He got dressed, and left the room to see how the ship was going. He headed to the bridge, to speak with the pilot. "How are you doing captain?" he asked.

"Good, you?" the pilot responded.


"Really wish that the day guy'd come relieve me."

"Hey, I'll fly for a while. You get breakfast, or dinner in your case, and go to bed," Zysor said. The pilot then walked away, leaving Zysor in control of the airship. As the pilot left, Zysor asked him a question. "Hey, have you seen Azara. I haven't seen her since last afternoon."

"No, I haven't, sorry," the pilot replied. He then left the bridge. Zysor then flew the airship for some time. After a half an hour, the relief pilot came.

"Hey Zysor," she said.

"What?" the admiral asked.

"We're missing one of our gliders."

"What, really?"

"Yeah, I just noticed it now," she said.

"Oh no," Zysor uttered, knowing what had happened. He stood up and began walking down the hall, followed by the day pilot.

"Where're you going?" the pilot asked.

"Azara has taken a glider and likely flown into the jungle we're flying over. I need to go in after her," Zysor said as he walked towards the hanger where balloons and gliders were launched. He then took one of the nine remaining gliders, and dropped out of the airship. "Keep on course," he called as he flew downwards. Using Firebending, he thrust himself forward, and flew just above the trees. The glider on the airship wasn't one that could collapse into a staff, so Zysor had to look for a place to land and leave the glider. He eventually saw some trees that had been knocked over, and decided to land there. Once he had touched the green jungle ground, he set his glider aside and began walking, hoping to find Azara.

Outside the Jungle

Toph, Suki, Lo Gan, Rin, and Sokka were prepared to go into the jungle, ready with enough supplied for three days. When Hari hadn't come out of the jungle, Sokka and Suki had wanted to go in after their son. Lo Gan felt he needed to be there for his friends, Kumaro and Aditi, and Rin wanted to be with her husband. Toph wasn't willing to let Sokka and Suki go into the jungle alone, so she decided that she would also go. Saif looked at the group that would be going into the jungle. "You sure you won't need me?" he asked.

"We'll be fine," Toph said. Saif then walked up to Toph, and hugged her before the group left.

"I'll lead the army around, I just hope we can catch the Phoenix Estates army."


"See you soon." The group began their entrance into the jungle, when Saif called after the group.

"Toph," he called. The blind woman turned around.

"Yes?" she asked.

"If you find Kumaro alive, tell him I was right about not going through the jungle."

"I'll do that," Toph said, as she turned back to face the jungle and began to walk in.

Jungle Tribe

Kumaro looked as Takumi tried the Firebending technique. He wasn't impressed with it. "Come on, you can create a flame disk, all you need to do is focus, now try it again." Takumi inhaled, and began to create and organize orange flames, but failed after about three seconds. Kumaro heard giggling, and tuned to see where it was coming from. He saw his younger sister, and came up with an idea. "Let's go to a place with less distractions," Kumaro suggested.

"Like where, the top level is the only place where I can train?" Takumi asked. Kumaro looked down at the jungle floor that surrounded the rock civilization.

"How about the Jungle floor, If we practice while facing away from the jungle we should be able to avoid starting any forest fires," Kumaro said. He began to walk down the steps to where the triangular rock was. On his way, he saw Neza and Wei wearing the standard clothing of the tribe. "What are you two doing," Kumaro said, surprised to see the pair in what they were wearing.

"We put on the native clothes, I'm going to train Wei since you're busy with Takumi," Neza said.

"Well, okay," Kumaro said, with uncertainty in his voice. He then continued walking towards the stone slab that served as a way down the rock. He got on, and told the men and women there he wanted to go to the bottom. They created less fire, so the descent to the ground was controlled.


"Azara? Azaarra? Azara!" Zysor said, calling out to the princess. Zysor did not enjoy being in the jungle where animals would attack him. He had already encountered a dangerous Tigerdillo, and had scared it off with Firebending. He was beginning to think he wouldn't find Azara, since he had been looking for some time. As he walked through the jungle, he heard an ominous noise.

"Maxitaotie. Maxitaotie." Zysor turned around, and saw a large green snake like creature, big enough to devour two fully grown men, behind him. Without even thinking, he sent two fire blasts at the beast, causing it to recoil in pain. Zysor then ran, not bothering to avoid sharp plants out of fear that the snakelike creature would kill him. As he ran, he heard familiar voices. He ran towards them, hoping for help. After a few seconds, he ran into Sokka, knocking the Water Tribe warrior over into a poisonous bush.

"Zysor, what're you doing here?" he asked.

"Running from a giant snake," the Firebender responded.

"That's ridiculous," Lo Gan said.

"Shhh," Toph said. "I can feel the vibrations of something big, and whatever it is, it's coming our way."

"I think is see movement," Suki said, as she looked through the trees towards where Maxitaotie was. Toph began to create a hole in the earth, and then instructed the group to get into it.

"We'll be safe, I hope," she added. The group then got in, and Toph covered the opening.

Jungle Tribe

"There you go, you've got it now," Kumaro said, as Tamuki finally performed the fire disk technique. As he said this, Pravin and his hunting group slowly rode up.

"Pravin, let me explain why I'm down here," Kumaro said, knowing that what he was doing was prohibited.

"Kumaro, do you have any other friends I should know about?" Pravin asked.

"What do you mean?" the prince asked. Sokka then got off of Parvin's mongoose dragon, scratching his own arms.

"What are you doing here?" Kumaro asked.

"We came here after you!" Sokka said, still scratching himself.

"Where's Azara, is she oaky?" Zysor said.

"I last saw her at the top of the rock, she's fine," Kumaro responded.

"Oh thank the dragons she's okay," the admiral exclaimed.

"Kumaro we're leaving, we've got to fight the Phoenix Estates," Sokka said.

"I'll go, but give me few days to teach this guy some moves," Kumaro said, pointing to Takumi.

"We've got to meet up with the rest of the troops soon, and since it took the airships over a day to get to the other side of the jungle, we can afford to spend some time here training. Plus, you said we have supplies for three days, we may as well use them," Zysor argued.

"Fine," Sokka said, still scratching himself. "We can stay for three days."

"Did you touch some poison bush?" Pravin asked.

"I think so," Sokka responded.

"The itch goes away in a week, it's not lethal, and scratching only makes it worse," Pravin informed.

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