Chapter XXXIX:The Resistance, Part 2
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Resistance headquarters

The leader of the resistance was inside her private quarters of the resistance headquarters. She had been told last night that Gav, La Sei, and Lee had been killed by Et Dah and her glider pilots, and that Balin had only barely escaped with his life. As she lay on her bed, there was a knock at her door. She turned her head so she was facing the door. "Come in," she said. The door opened, and a member of the resistance, Hiroto, came in. He still had the bow and arrows he used in combat, but had his guard down, as he thought he was far away from any who would want him dead.

"Juna, I've got some good news," Hiroto said.

"What is it?" Juna asked.

"I was spying on Mohandas' army, and heard that they were heading towards Nov Sol."


"So, Bharato's going to be there."

"I still don't see where you're going with this."

"Bharato and Mohandas' army are going with Et Dah's glider pilots to see an execution."

"How is this good news?"

"The people they're executing are Lee and La Sei, we can save them," Hiroto explained. Juna's face then beamed with hope.

"Get every member of the resistance together, we'll need them for what I'm planning," Juna ordered. Hiroto then ran off to gather the other resistance members, while Juna went into greater detail of her plan.

Resistance meeting room

"This is suicide, you know," Balin said, as he looked around at the members of the resistance.

"Balin, we need everyone to take part in this mission, otherwise we'll fail," Juna explained.

"We should just let them die. If we try and free them, we'll end up losing more lives then we save," Balin argued.

"Did we abandon you when the rough rhinos captured you?" Juna asked.

"There were only five of them, this is different. There's at least seven hundred Phoenix Estates soldiers involved this time."

"I doesn't matter if it's one or one hundred we have to fight, we go back for our friends. Plus, what if they tell the Phoenix Estates where we are?" Juna said. Balin could not argue this point.

"Fine, I'll fight, but let me get some things from my weapons store first," Balin asked. He then left the room, and mounted his komodo rhino, heading towards his business establishment.

Nov Sol arena

Bharato looked from his personal seat in the arena over the rest of the structure. It was circular, with a Fire Nation insignia in the center. He wished he had had the time to arrange for the insignia to be replaced with a phoenix, but other than that, he was in a good mood. The arena had the viewers form both Et Dah's pilots and Mohandas' army seated about twenty feet above the floor of the arena, in rings of seats, each one slightly larger and higher up then the previous one. Inside the arena, there were some wooden gallows where the prisoners would be executed. Bharato then looked at the prisoners as they were lead towards the gallows. He then looked at Et Dah and Mohandas, who, since they were officers, were seated alongside him. "So, they're members of the resistance?" he asked.

"Yes," Et Dah responded.

"And you asked them where their headquarters is?" he continued.

"Well, I, um," Et Dah said, realizing that she had made a mistake.

"You didn't, did you," Bharato said. He then thought of a way to get his prisoners to talk. As the executioner was about to let Lee and La Sei hang, ropes around their necks, he called to them. Though the crowd had been cheering, the silenced within moments when Bharato spoke. "You two," he called. "If you tell me the location of you headquarters, then I'll let you live." La Sei and Lee exchanged glances, before deciding what they should do.

"Not happening Bharato, if we die then we won't be able to stop you, but the armies of the Fire Nation will," Lee shouted.

Juna was walking through the stone hall that lead to where Bharato was. She looked at the weapon that Balin had given her, and prepared to use it. She walked up behind the emperor of the Phoenix Estates, and used her wind sword. She could have easily killed him, but just threatened him, by holding the blade of wind at his throat. Bharato turned around to face the woman threatening him. Bharato inhaled in fear, knowing that one wrong move would result in death. "Let them go," the woman said. As she said this, several members of the crowd, who Bharato assumed were allied with the woman, stepped forward. One of them rode a komodo rhino into the arena, and shot an arrow at the ropes on the gallows. It was a good shot too, because It went right through both, freeing the prisoners. He then tossed the female prisoner a whip, and she began to use it. Et Dah watched this, and could not let her chance to impress Bharato vanish. She swiftly shot a fire blast at the Airbender, causing her to block the attack with her wind sword. Bharato seized this opportunity, and sent a stream of purple fire at the Airbender, causing her to jump into the air and fall into the arena, dodging and blocking attacks as they came at her. The members of the resistance who had made themselves known in the seats were quickly being killed. Once Juna had hit the ground, she began using Airbending to lift members of the resistance, while Lee blocked the fire blasts that were being shot at her.

La Sei watched as Balin was lifted down into the arena. She saw that some of the glider pilots were flying in after him. She ran up to her friend, and began using her whip to fend them off. As she did this, Hiroto shot arrows at the pilots, wounding or killing them, and preventing them from causing massive damage.

After a while, Juna saw that all of the resistance was either dead or in the arena. She then began running after a glider pilot, and used Airbending to force him into the ground. She then used Airbending to call the glider to her, and took off into the sky. As she went higher into the air, five of Et Dah's glider pilots flew after her. Juna was able to out fly two of them, but a third was able to hit her. Whle she fell to the earth, Juna used Airbending to both protect herself from further damage, and land safely. When she landed, she saw that all of the resistance but five Firebenders had been killed, and the five that were still alive were in a circle, struggling to block the fire blasts and arrows fired upon them. Juna ran to their aid, creating an air dome that would allow them a moment of peace. As she made the dome, Bharato called out to his forces. "Stop," he yelled. The soldiers immediately stopped attacking, knowing what would happen if they disobeyed Bharato. "My offer stands, if you tell me where your headquarters is, I will let you live." Knowing that it was their only chance of survival, Juna spoke up.

"It's the three story building five miles north of here," she shouted.

Bharato smiled. "Thank you for telling me. Et Dh, take your forces and attack the place. Mohandas, have your army kill them." A look of shock came over Juna as she watched the army of Mohandas take aim at the small group of survivors.

"Ready," Mohandas ordered. As he said this, Et Dah's gliders then left the arena to attack the vacant building.

"Aim," he continued. Juna prepared to die, closing her eyes so she would not see wht killed her.

"What the?" Mohandas concluded. Juna then opened her eyes, and when she did, she could not believe what she saw.

Fire Nation Airship

"There's someone in the arena," Zysor said, as the massive Fire Nation airship moved over it. Kumaro looked down from the bridge at them. He recognized one of them as Juna, an Air Nomad he had met earlier in the year.

"Attack the spectators, avoid the arena," Kumaro ordered. "Azara, I need you to... Azara? Azaarra?" Kumaro said, since his sister who had been with him seconds ago had just left. Then, as he looked into the arena, he saw Azara piloting a glider into the arena, followed by Aditi, Altair, Atenar, and Hideki. As Kumaro began to leave to follow them, Zysor spoke to the crew.

"You heard the prince, fire on the spectators," he ordered. Several shafts and bombs were launched into the stands, and while some soldiers fought back, most yelled out cried of surrender. As Kumaro began his descent into the arena, he saw a glider propelled by purple flames leaving the arena. Bharato, he thought. He began to pursue him, and was eventually joined by Aditi, Altair, Atenar, and Hideki.

Resistance headquarters

Et Dah looked around the deserted headquarters, surprised at the lack of activity there. She then realized, that the entire resistance had been at the arena. The they're all dead, she thought. She then walked outside the building, prepared to return to Bharato, when he came flying towards her. "Et Dah, have your pilots ready to fight. There are some people chasing me and I need them killed."

"Pilots!" Et Dah yelled. Seconds after she said this, about ten of the pilots appeared, and prepared to fight.


Kumaro looked ahead as he followed Bharato. "He's landing," he called out.

"Odd," Altair noticed. As he said this, he saw sevral pilots spring up from the ground. Though Atenar and Aditi each took out one pilot, four more swiftly came into the action.

"It's a trap, run," Altair called. He then began flying away, followed by his four allies.


Et Dah desperately wanted to fly after them. She converted her staff into a glider, when Bharato stopped her. "Let them go," he said. They're flying back to their army, and if we follow we'll be killed."

Et Dah listened to her better, and spoke. "Pilots, stop," she called out. The pilots who had been about to take off then stopped, and then stood to attention.

"We need to fall back to Aggni," Bharato said.

"You realize we'll lose this," Et Dah said.

"No we won't, I have a plan for when we get there," Bharato said. He then turned his staff into a glider, and took off. Et Dah, unsure of what the plan was, lead her pilots after him.


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