Chapter XXXIV:The Mind of Azula
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The Phoenix Estates



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Bharato walked into his city, ready to face Azula. He walked into the building, and into the throne room that had been remade so it looked more like the one a Fire Lord had. Bharato then prepared to speak with Azula. "Hello Bharato, why are you here", the Fire Lord's sister asked.

"Step down from my throne Azula, now", he said firmly.

"Ha ha ha, you're funny", the former princess said.

"I wasn't joking", Bharato said.

"I don't think so. Guards", she said. The guards, however, did nothing. Azula became scared for a second, but then reminded herself that she didn't need guards to handle Bharato. She began trying to bend the fire that separated her and Bharato, but before she could use it in an attack, she noticed her blue fire becoming purple. Bharato had control over the fire, and had her at his mercy. Azula quickly shot a stream of blue fire through the wall of purple Bharato had created, and leapt forward into an attack. She shot a stream of blue fire at her ally, and he blocked it with his own. He then sent a second blast at Azula, driving her back. Bharato took the flames that burned near the throne, and manipulated them so they surrounded Azula.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. You're too powerful to be wasted. Surrender the throne to me, and I'll send you to help your nephew fight your brother and the Avatar. Go", he ordered. Azula reluctantly exited the building, and then thought about what she would do. She then got onto a komodo rhino, and rode east to where Mainyu was fighting.

Two days west of Aggni

Mainyu sent a blast of fire from his fingers into an enemy soldier. He then continued to advance against his father's forces. He had lost Savas and Yudo in the action, but he was confident that they would be able to hold their own in a fight. He then saw a Firebender defeating several of his troops, and ran towards him.

Aang was trying hard not to kill the troops as they ran towards him. He saw a spear come flying towards him, and dodged it. He then ran forward to fight the soldier who had thrown the spear. He was almost to him, when he heard a stream of blue fire coming at him from behind. Using Earthbending, he blocked the attack, and turned his attention to the soldier who had thrown a spear at him in time to see a shield spinning through the air towards him. The Avatar ducked beneath the Avatarium device, and watched it spin over him. The shield broke through the rock wall he had created, and it was caught be the prodigy who had recently attacked him. Aang's eyes followed the shield, and was relieved to see it wasn't Azula who had bent the blue flame at him. He then bent the earth beneath the man who had thrown his weapons at Aang, and sent the warrior flying backwards. He then disappeared underneath the earth, tunneled under the Firebender, and struck him from below.

Zuko fought alongside several of his subjects on the front lines. He then saw someone who he at first thought was an extremely short man, but as he got closer, could tell was a boy. Once the boy began attacking him, Zuko was close enough to know it was his son. "Hey dad", Mainyu said.

"Mainyu what are you doing?" the Fire Lord asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing, I'm serving my aunt and killing you", Mainyu responded. He the shot several fire blasts at his father, all of which were blocked.

"You can't beat me Mainyu, and you know that", Zuko said.

"But you won't attack me. One of my attacks will have to hit, and when it does, you will die", Mainyu said. He then continued to attack his father, who did nothing but block the blows.

Aang looked around, and decided that this fighting was going on for too long. He went beneath the earth, and concentrated. Within seconds, his eyes and tattoos were glowing, and he felt the power of all his past lives upon him. He then rose to the surface, and began doing things with the elements that would take tens of ordinary benders. Once he started doing this, the Phoenix Estates began to retreat.

Zuko watched as his son ran off with the rest of the enemy, and sat there on the field with the bodies of the fallen, scared about what might have to be done in the future.

Phoenix Estates camp

Azula rode into the camp, and when she did, she spoke with Mainyu. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Bharato has taken over the Phoenix Estates, and he sent me here to help you out."

"You would be useful, but unfortunately, we lost too many in the ast fight to be in any condition for an attack any time soon", Azula's nephew said. "We're considering retreating to a place where we can better defend ourselves", he added. The two then retired to their tents, and tried to sleep.

Azula's deram

Azula was walking through something, but she could not tell what it was. There was no grass, no water, no trees or animals, just blackness. From one end of the blackness, there was a shadowy figure surrounded by purple flame. The flame then began to move towards her. Azula tried to save herself with Firebending, but was unable to create a single piece of flame. She then ran, but was cut off by another figure, this one surrounded by orange flame. The two flames collided, and though she was being protected by the orange flame, she still screamed as she woke up.

After having told the two guards stationed outside her tent that the dream was nothing, she dismissed them, and went back to sleep.

Azula walked through a much more friendly environment then the one she had previously been in as she slept. There were familiar landmarks. She could see water, sand, and tropical trees. But it wasn't day where she was, it was a warm summer night. She walked to where she saw a younger version of herself, along with Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee. She saw that the four of them were sitting around a campfire, and she saw a massive column of fire shoot upwards from the campfire. Azula instantly recalled what this was. This was a better time, when Mai and Ty Lee had been her friends, and that she and Zuko had gotten along, and when she and Zuko had a common enemy and were on the same side.


  • The title of this chapter is a reference to the fanon In Azula's Mind.

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