Chapter XXXIII:The Factory
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Phoenix Estates factory

Madhukar looked through a telescope from a tower of his factory. He could see the armies of the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom camped out just outside of town. "Mohandas, get those tanks ready. We're going to have a fight on our hands. Tell commander Jaal to get his army ready."

"Yes, sir," Mohandas responded. He then left to prepare the forces in the town for the coming battle.

Fire Nation-Earth Kingdom camp

"What will I use when I fight?" Grain asked. He had never been required to fight since the landing in the south, and because of that, he had not required a weapon. However, he was fighting today, and since there was no sand nearby, he knew he would need a weapon.

"How 'bout a spear?" Blade asked, as he and Grain walked through the camp. "There's plenty of those to spare," he continued.

"I'd rather a weapon I can use," Grain said.

"Liiike?" Blade asked, as he put emphasis in the 'i' in like.

"Ooh, I have an idea. If I could get some hour glasses, I could throw them into the enemy, and expand the sand in them, causing glass to fly everywhere and hurt our foes," Grain said. Blade looked at his friend, questioning why he had suck a strange mind.

That Night

Saif slept in his tent calmly, not expecting anything to happen. He was prepared for the attack that he would lead the next morning, when he suddenly woke up and heard shouting. "Attack attack, the Phoenix Estates are attacking us!" Saif leaped up and pulled his sword out of its scabbard and to his side. He swung it as he ran out of his tent and prepared to face the Phoenix Estates. Several tanks were charging through the camp. He saw that Toph had also come out of her tent, and was using Earthbending to stop the tanks that were attacking the camp. Each tank could fire a shaft from a ballista mounted on its roof, and towed a wagon large enough to hold three komodo rhinos.

"Protect the airships," Saif ordered. He knew that this attack would lower morale, and that the only advantage he would have over the Phoenix Estates would be the airships. He ran towards them, when he saw two tanks headed towards the airships. He started to run, when he heard Toph call to him.

"Saif, forget the airships, you need to help Aknur and Pallav with the Phoenix Estates troops."

"Phoenix Estates troops," Saif said, surprised at what Toph had said.

"Yeah, you know that army that ran when we were at the valley, we'll this is where they ran to," she called back.

"Where are Ila and Kun?" Saif asked.

"Over by the airships," Toph responded.

"Where are Aknur and Pallav?" Saif asked.

"There, go," Toph said, pointing to where Aknur and Pallav were fighting. Saif ran to aid them. He saw Aknur and Pallav commanding a group of archers, while several soldier armed with close combat weapons received cover fire from them.

"So, how're you doin?" Aknur asked a woman.

"As fine as someone can be in a battle," Quiver responded. Saif ran past the archers, swinging his sword.

"Aknur, focus," he said as he ran past the archer he commanded. Saif continued to run forwards to the front lines, where he saw a man about ten years younger than him fighting off three Phoenix Estates soldiers with his twin hook swords. Saif aided the man, and took one of the swordsmen off his ally's hands.

Hammer swung his twin weapons at a pair of Phoenix estates Firebenders. He knocked them out, and moved on to the next few. "Ka-Boom, how's it comming along?"

His friend worked on igniting his explosives, and giving them to his pet octoparrot. "Okay Polly, fly over the Phoenix Estates army, and drop these on them."

"Raak, fly over army, raak, drop on them, raak," the animal responded. The octoparrot then flew off carrying several bombs. He then dropped them all at once, causing a massive explosion. Ka-Boom then threw some of his explosives himself, and this finished off the rest of the troops his allies were currently facing. Several shots from the archers Aknur and Pallav commanded found their way to some other enemy soldiers. Suddenly, a small tornado of sand appeared. The enemy soldiers then ran off in fear of both what had created the tornado and of enemy soldiers.

Kumaro ran through the camp to the airships, hoping to find them still in tact. He had his twin dao swords out, but wasn't firebending with them because he knew that there was a chance he would be seen by the Phoenix Estates troops. He ran between two rows of tents, and once he had exited the rows, he turned to see Ila, Kun and Haruka attacking two tanks. The six komodo rhinos that had made it out of the tanks may have been able to defeat the Earthbenders, but they were attacked from above by Atenar and ten other pilots. One man who had once been operating the miniature ballista on top of a tank took out a sword. Kumaro ran towards him, but another person beat him to the enemy. Hari's twin blades struck the soldiers single one, driving him back. Kumaro looked for some other way to fight as the battle continued.

The Next day

Zysor flew the two airships that were still flyable through the sky and over the factory. One of them had been damaged, and would need repairs that would take a day or two. Since the attack had lowered morale and injured many, there were not enough people to seal off the town and capture the enemy forces. Zysor watched as the airships flew over the town. "Bombs away," he calmly ordered once they were over the factory. There were about four tanks that remained, but they were too far down to pose a threat to Zysor's airships. After Zysor attacked the factory, the soldiers in the tanks gave up, and fled, following the foot soldiers that had already done so.

Central Fire Nation

Mai and Katara looked out the windshield of the airship's bridge as they flew over a charred field. "What happened?" Katara asked.

"I don't know," Mai said. They looked down on the field, which had been destroyed by The Phoenix Estates. I don't think we should march our troops through that field," Katara said. "There's something ominous about it."

"I agree with the Avatar's wife," the airship's captain said. There were murmurs of agreement among the crew.

"Okay then, if you all say so," Mai said. "But this'll mean taking twice as long to go around the field," she added.

"We're okay with that Fire Lady Mai," the captain said. He then prepared to send a messenger hawk to the ground forces, telling them to go around the field.

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