Chapter XXX: Behind Enemy Lines
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The Phoenix Estates



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Chapter XXIX; The Capital

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Chapter XXXI:The Valley

Fire Nation/Earth Kingdom military camp

"Kumaro, get in here", Sokka called from his tent. Kumaro had been walking past the tent towards his own, but since he figured there was no harm in speaking with the warrior, he went into his tent. Once inside, he saw a small table had been set up with candles burning on it.

"What is it Sokka", he asked.

"We need some information about the Phoenix Estates, and since you're from the Fire Nation, we figured you'd be the best choice to send into the nearest town, find out how many soldiers are there, and how many we should send to retake it", Sokka explained.

"Alone?" Kumaro asked.

"No, if you need help, bring help", Sokka replied. Kumaro then exited the tent, and walked around the camp searching for his friends.

The Next day

Kumaro looked at Wei, Aditi, Hari, and Neza, all wearing typical Fire Nation civilian attire. "Alright, are you all clear on the plan?" he asked.

"Go in.."

"Get info on their soldiers strength.."

"Get out", his friends responded. Kumaro then looked at them, and smiled at the fact that they were clearly annoyed by the constant inquiries of whether they knew the plan or not. Kumaro then looked outside the camp.

"It's a two day journey to the nearest city, sure you can make it?" he asked.

"Yes, now can we please start going", Hari said.

"Alright, lets get going", the prince responded. He then lead the way out of the camp towards the Phoenix states city.

Two days later

Aditi could not believe that she was happy to be in enemy territory. During their trip they had run out of food the night before, and Hari had, for some reason unknown to her, panicked about starvation. She began to wonder where he got that behavior from, but after recalling the stories her parents had told her about Sokka's pubic years, she could easily see where. The group journeyed into the city, and looked around. "Its a big city", Kumaro said.

"We'll need to split up to examine the whole thing", Neza said. "Kumaro, you go with Hari, since he doesn't know how to act in the Fire Nation. I'll go with Aditi and Wei."

"Okay, you three go that way", Kumaro said as he pointed down one street. "Me and Hari 'll go that way", he said, as he pointed down another street.

"When should we meet back here?" Wei asked.

"At sunset", Kumaro responded. "That should give us enough time to get out of the city and back to where our campsite was."

"Okay, see you then", Wei said. The two groups then split up and started off in opposite directions.

Kumaro was unhappy about having to split up, but he realized it had to be done. He and Hari had been analyzing the city on their own for about an hour, when the saw many people heading towards the same place. He and Hari immediately decided to follow and investigate. They walked into a large circle where many streets met, clearly the center of the town. On one side of the circle was a massive building with a balcony painted gold, so it stood out against the whitish walls of the building. Four figures could be made out on the balcony from the bottom. There were three men and one woman. Two of the men were royal guards, in armor that had been painted gold. The third man wore black robes, and the woman wore typical a Phoenix Estates army uniform, and she carried a glider with her. "Members of the Phoenix Estates, those who have not strayed from the philosophies of Sozin unlike the corrupt Fire Nation headed by the treacherous Zuko." Kumaro recognized the voice. It was the same voice that had taunted him when he had been inside a mountain of the Earth Kingdom. Kumaro inhaled, and began to separate his positive and negative energy. Lightning began to surround him, and people cleared away from him to be sure they would not be struck.

Bharato looked over the crowd that was gathering. He hoped that the speech he was going to give would drastically raise morale. "Members of the Phoenix Estates, those who have not strayed from the philosophies of Sozin unlike the corrupt Fire Nation headed by the treacherous Zuko", he said. He was about to say "We shall prove our superiority", when he noticed lightning being created in the crowd. He saw it shoot up and strike the balcony, causing it to fall. Et Dah leapt into the air, and converted her staff into a glider, saving herself. Bharato tried to use Firebending to save himself, but he was caught off guard, and could only slow his fall, not stop it. He fell to the ground, next to the two guards who had been unable to even attempt to save themselves. He saw a young man running up to him, producing green flames as he prepared to attack. Bharato was unable to counter the attack, and thought he would be killed. Suddenly, Et Dah landed in front of him and blocked the fire blast. Et Dah then began to fight the assailant. She was clearly no match, but guards from the outside of the towns center came to her aid. Within minutes the attacker had been subdued, and Bharato was being placed on a stretcher. "Detain him, and have a prison cart ready to take him to Aggni", he ordered as he was carried off to have his leg worked on. "We'll hold him hostage", Bharato added


Kumaro sat in his cell, hands bound to the wall with chains, wondering what would happen to him. Suddenly, he heard a swishing noise, and saw the door fall open. Aditi walked in, carrying a sort of weapon in her hand. "What are you doing here?" Kumaro asked.

"What's it look like I'm doing, I'm breaking you out", she responded.

"Where's Hari, and Neza, and Wei?" Kumaro asked.

"Wei and Hari went back to the main force to give the report. Hari told us what happened, and Neza wants me to tell you next time you try something that stupid, tell her."

"Oh great, it'll be like we're married", Kumaro said. His mind briefly thought about the words he had just said.

"Anyway", Aditi said, following an awkward pause, "Neza is outside posing as a criminal with the three shells and the pebble. She lured most guards out of the prison by resisting capture. I then broke out another prisoner to distract the remaining guards that are here." She noticed Kumaro was staring at her hand, and the weapon it carried. "It's a wind sword", she said. "I bought it with some left over money that we were supposed to use for emergencies, I'd say this qualifies", she said. The two then walked out of Kumaro's cell, and headed out into the city. They turned left, and saw a wagon pulled by a Dragon Moose. On the wagon was a metal cage.

"Hey, you're an escaped prisoner", one of the guards said. The guards started to advance on Kumaro and Aditi, but they were easily defeated. They heard fighting at another street.

"Aditi, free whoever's inside, I'm going to see what's going on oh those other streets", Kumaro said. He then ran off. When he arrived at the street where the noise had come from, he saw Sokka leading the forces of the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom through the streets. The troops from the Phoenix Estates gave up, and either ran or surrendered.

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