Chapter XXVIII: Landing in The South
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Sokka, Suki, Toph, and Saif conversed over a war table on one of the upper levels of their ship.

"So, how are we going to attack the Fire Nation", Suki asked.

"Just land, basically", Sokka said. Saif turned towards the Water Tribe warrior.

"I don't think that's going to work", he said.

"Well, do you have another plan?" Sokka responded.

"No", Saif calmly said.

"Then we attack tomorrow", Sokka said.

Fire Nation shore

A Phoenix Estates sentry looked through his telescope to check for incoming vessels. He saw a few large warships, and raised the alarm. "Sound the alarm, we're under attack", she yelled. All around the makeshift fort that had been set up to defend the Phoenix Estates trebuchets, soldiers woke up and prepared for attack.


Sokka looked towards the shore and saw the soldiers moving to defend it. "Can the airships fire down on them?" he asked.

"We gave them the order to fire when in range", Saif responded. Suddenly, they saw a large flaming rock speeding towards them. As it got closer, they noticed that it would not hit the bridge, but the side of the ship.

"We need to launch the landing craft now", Saif said. Sokka nodded, and gave the order.

"Man the landing craft, we're launching early!", he yelled. Troops from the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation ran to their landing craft and began to head towards the mainland. Sometimes a rock from a trebuchet would land in the water, causing wave that could capsize some of the boats. Occasionally they did. The boats that weren't turned over traveled towards land as fast as they could. Sokka and Saif then ordered the jest skis to be launched.

Blade watched as the beach drew near. He had considered himself lucky to have survived considering the fact that a wave from a rock had almost capsized his boat. He, his squad, and fifteen other soldiers from the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, traveled towards land. The landing craft struck on the sand, and the troops jumped out. Grain immediately began bending the sand in an attempt to protect his friends and their allies.

Wei began swimming towards the shore. Since a wave had overturned the boat he had been in, swimming for it was the only option. He saw Rin create a massive block of ice that people could walk on, and swam towards it. As he got on it, he saw Hari, Haruka, and Lo Gan getting on the piece of ice. Once they, and the other soldiers from the boat got on, Rin began using Waterbending to move them towards the shore. A Phoenix Estates glider flew downwards in an attack. Wei blocked the Firebending, and another Firebender used Firebedning to hit the glider.


Kumaro ran to the hanger along with Hideki, Atenar, and Altair. Aditi was already leading a squad of gliders into battle. Azara ran up to her older borther. "Take care of yourself big brother", she said.

"I will, don't worry", Kumaro responded. He then flew down into the sky and flew towards the trebuchets.

Aditi and the squad she had with her sped towards the trebuchets. Great, this'll be quick and fast, she thought. She knew she would be able to attack the trebuchets in a moment. Suddenly, several golden colored gliders appeared out of the trees below them. They began attacking Aditi and the other Fire Nation pilots with Firebending. The Fire Nation gliders then turned away and fled back towards the main force.

Kumaro was flying over the beach. He saw several Phoenix Estates troops attacking Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom soldiers as they ran for cover. He then turned his attention back to the sky ahead of him, and saw several golden gliders heading towards him. He turned around and flew back to the airships, hoping to be covered by the Firebenders stationed on the catwalks. He was able to return to the airship with his glider in tact. After fighting off some Phoenix Estates gliders, he had an idea. He then flew into the Fire Nation flagship's hanger.

Fire Nation flagship

Zysor monitored the battle from his airship hoping that victory would be theirs. "Zysor, in need control of this airship", a voice said. Zysor turned to see who had spoken.

"But prince Kumaro, I.."

"I need control of it Zysor, you are relieved of your duties as pilot of this ship", Kumaro said, raising his voice.

"Very well", Zysor responded. He then stepped aside and let the prince have control of the airship. Kumaro then began increasing the power to the propellers. "Kumaro, what are you doing, we need to stay at a reasonable range, otherwise too many trebuchets will fire upon us", Zysor said.

"Just trust me", Kumaro said. Kumaro then continued to travel forward. A rock from a trebuchet struck the side of the airship, forming a hole and causing the airship to turn.

"We've been hit", Zysor said.

"So what?", Kumaro asked. "We were going down anyway", Kumaro said.

Zysor looked at the prodigy in shock. "You mean you planned this?" he asked.

"The getting shot down part, no, but the landing to the beach part, yes", Kumaro responded.

"Why, you're endangering the lives of everyone on this airship and...." Before Zysor could finish, Kumaro interrupted him.

"The soldiers on the beach will die without cover, we need to give it to them. If we can create enough cover, then we can charge them and win this battle." Zysor had to agree with the prince, and let him continue to fly the airship.

Fire Nation Beach

"Can you keep those Firebenders out Rin?" Wei asked behind the block of ice Rin had created on the shore to cover the group. A group of Firebenders were teaming up and melting the block, to allow their allies to attack.

"No", Rin responded, as she attempted to keep the water frozen.

"I got this", Lo Gan said. He then bent the water out of the ocean and formed his signature ice blades. He then ran around the block of ice, and fought the Firebenders. The first two fell easily to his blades when he hit them, as they were caught off guard. The remaining three Firebenders then turned their attention to Lo Gan. He blocked one of their attacks with his ice covered arms, and then sidestepped to avoid another attack. He then struck another two Firebenders as he ran forward, punching and slicing into them. The last one decided to retreat for his life. Lo Gan then returned to the safety of the shelter. "I took care of them", Lo Gan said as Rin fortified the ice. "Now we won't have to worry about the safety of this barrier for a long time." As if on cue, a large projectile launched from a ballista struck the block of ice, causing several cracks. One second later, the block then fell apart.

"You were saying?" Wei asked sarcastically.

"Shut up", Lo Gan said. Haruka noticed a large airship crash land not too far from where they were.

"Over there", she said as she pointed. "We can hide better." The group then ran towards the airship, and hid behind it.

Grain struggled to keep himself and his friends alive. Already all the troops had died, except one and his friends. "Grain, over there, at that ice block", Blade said. Grain listened, and turned to the ice block just in time to see it fall apart.

"What ice block?" he asked.

"That airship, come on", Quiver yelled.

"Grain, Ka-Boom, some cover", Blade asked. Ka-Boom then proceeded to throw explosives at the beach in an attempt to create a wall of smoke, while Grain lifted up some sand to aid his friends smoke blockage. The group then ran towards the airship, constantly working to keep their cover fresh. Some Firebenders from the Phoenix Estates just shot randomly into the smoke, and hoped they would hit someone. They did. Quiver ran towards the airship, thinking of how soon she would be safe, when a fire blast struck her on the arm. She fell over, wounded. "Quiver, no!", Blade yelled. This scream gave his position away. An archer from the Phoenix Estates fired an arrow at Blade, hitting him in the arm. He collapsed in pain. Hammer ran back to his friends, and helped them up. He then helped them walk towards the airship.

Fire Nation airship

"Try and keep using the canons and ballistas", Kumaro ordered. The Fire Nation soldiers obeyed his command, using the weapons mounted on the airship to their advantage.

"If I may ask, when are we going to charge?" Zysor asked.

"As soon as we have enough troops to be sure we win", Kumaro responded.

"Better make it soon", a Sandbender said, as a piece of metal from the airship fell to the ground next to them. "This airship is getting bombed, and it we don't watch it we'll be crushed by these metal pieces sooner or later."

"Don't worry, as soon as that boat lands, we'll charge", Kumaro said.

"Yeah", Azara said.

"No Azara", kumaro said. "I need you to stay behind and look after the wounded", he added.

"Your brother's right", Zysor said. "Stay behind."

"Fine", Azara said, clearly upset at the fact that she would be unable to fight. The landing craft made it to the beach, and the troops unloaded.

"Everyone in charge of a mounted weapon stay behind and cover us", Kumaro said. The soldiers nodded. "Charge!", Kumaro yelled. He then ran out from the cover of the airship, followed by a hundred soldiers from the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

Wooden Fort

The Phoenix Estates general looked through his telescope and saw a large group of soldiers charging towards him. He was seriously considering desertion, but he realized that if he did whatever chance his troops had of victory would disappear.

Fire Nation Airship

Azara saw some ballistas firing upon her brothers troops, and knew they needed protection. "Focus your fire on those ballistas", she ordered. She watched as the ballistas were destroyed by the attacks from the grounded airship.

Fire Nation beach

Kumaro ran through the Phoenix Estaes soldiers, producing powerful blades and massive blasts of fire to clear himself a path. They charged past the troops and into the woods. Kumaro could see the Phoenix Estates center of command. It was a wooded fort that had obviously been only a makeshift defense point, as it was foolish to make fortifications out of wood to combat Firebenders. Kumaro ran up to it, and struck it with a powerful blast of fire. The wood lit up within seconds. Kumaro then ran around the burning fortress, and to the trebuchets. He saw Zysor running ahead of him, fighting Firebenders alongside Lo Gan, Rin, Hari, Wei, and Haruka while Kumaro began to attack the trebuchets with his fireblades. In addition, several Earthbenders used Earthbending to tip the trebuchets over.


Aditi knew she could not avoid the Phoenix Estates gliders forever. There were five chasing after her, when suddenly, an increased amount of aid came from the Fire Nation airships. She then realized something. The Phoenix Estates were no longer firing rocks at them, allowing the airships to give all their attention to the gliders. The Phoenix Estates gliders then fled the battle scene in defeat.

Later that day

Zysor was talking with Sokka, Saif, Toph, and Suki about how heavy the losses were and how the battle went, when a soldier came in. "Admiral Zysor, a message for you", he said. Zysor took the message, and bowed. The messenger also bowed, and then left. Zysor then read the message aloud. Zysor we are in desperate need of your help, the Phoenix Estates have beaten us and we need you to lead the airship to retake the capital. From, Katara and Fire Lady Mai."

"Are you gonna go?" Sokka asked.

"Yes", Zysor responded. "I'll come back though, don't worry", he added. He then walked to Kumaro's quarters, and knocked on the door. The prince then opened it, and asked why Zysor was there. "I'm going to the central Fire Nation to help your mom out", Zysor said. "While I'm gone, make sure you take care of your sister."

"You know I will", Kumaro said.

"I know, just to be sure sir", he said. Zysor then walked away, and got ready to fight to retake the Fire Nation capital.

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