Chapter XXVII: Obas
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Chapter XXVIII: Landing in The South

Ember Island

"Alright, here's the plan", Zuko said to his friends and officers in the meeting room. They were using the room the Phoenix Estates had built, and were discussing where to attack next. "Aang and I will head to the northern Fire Nation with three airships and a third of the Earth Kingdom ships. Sokka, you and Suki will attack the southern Fire Nation with four airships and a third of the Earth Kingdom ships. Katara and Mai, will attack the central Fire Nation with our remaining forces", the Fire Lord said. As the officers began to exit, a soldier ran in.

"Sir, we received a urgent message from the people of Obas", he said. He handed Zuko the scroll, and Zuko read it.

"Fire Lord Zuko, we are under attack from the Phoenix Estates, they have laid siege to us and it is only a matter of time before they beat us, please help us. From governess Yami", Zuko said as he read it aloud. "We have to get to Obas, now", he said.

"What's the urgency?" Katara asked.

"Obas is one of two cities that control the Great Gates of Azulon", Mai said. "The other one, Hephastos, was taken by the Phoenix Estates", she continued.

"How do you know this?" Sokka asked.

"Because governess Sakura was captured, so it's likely that Hepastos had been captured too", Zuko said.

"So if Hephastos is captured, then the Phoenix Estates will have control of the Great Gates", Sokka realized.

"Right, so we need to stop the siege of Obas and make sure that doesn't happen", Zuko said.

Ember Island beach

Rin prepared to depart to the southern Fire Nation. "Ready Rin, we don't have all day", Lo Gan called.

"In a minute", Rin responded. Rin then wandered around the beach, looking for Katara. She finally found her walking towards a ship with the Fire Lady and several troops. "Katara, hey Katara", Rin called. Katara stopped and turned towards Rin, along with the rest of the group.

"I'll be on the ship", Mai said as she and the soldiers continued to board.

"What is it?" Katara asked.

"You know that gem I have, the Water Sapphire?" Rin asked.

"I want you to have it."

"No Rin, I couldn't."

"Please do, its rightfully yours."

"Really?" Katara asked.

"Yeah, Pakku was one of the Waterbenders put in charge of guarding the gem. Knowledge of the gem's existence is supposed to be kept in the family, so it's rightfully yours", Rin explained.

Katara hesitated for a moment before taking the gem. "Well alright", she said as she took the gem. Katara then walked onto the ship, and Rin ran back to where Lo Gan had been preparing to leave.

Atenar was preparing to head south with his cousin, when Kumaro walked up to him "Atenar, where are Hideki and Altair?" Kumaro asked.

"On the ship getting ready to go south", Atenar responded.

"Tell them to get off, we're heading to Obas."

"Why?" Atenar inquired.

"Because Obas is under attack, and we need to go there to reinforce it", Kumaro responded. "I'm taking twenty glider pilots with me to provide aerial assistance, and you, Altair and Hideki are in the group."

"I'm coming too", a female voice said. Kumaro turned to see it was Aditi who had spoken.

"I don't think a little-miss-veggie-lover-who-won't-fight is going to be ablt to help us", Atenar said.

"Atenar, she doesn't have to not fight, and we need all the help we can get. Besides, she's a skilled pilot", Kumaro said.

"Plus, I never said I wouldn't fight, just I wouldn't kill", Aditi added.

"Okay then, fight me", Atenar said. "If you can beat me, you can come on the journey with us, but if you can't, you go south." Aditi and Atenar squared off. Atenar shot a blast of fire at the Airbender, who easily stopped it with a larger air blast. Atenar began to fall backwards. He then turned the fall into a backflip, and landed in a fighting stance. He inhaled, and shot a stream of fire at his opponent. Aditi used Airbending to jump up and avoid the blast, and then shot an air blast down at the Firebender. This time it was moving to fast for Atenar to use to turn into a method of propulsion. He fell onto his back, defeated. "Alright", Atenar said, "you can come."


Mainyu looked at his army of soldiers grouped in front of him. "Savas, Yudo, take a hundred troops each and attack the city", he ordered.

"Yes sir", the two soldiers replied in unison.

Anong looked across the rocky terrain which separated the city of Obas from the Phoenix Estates forces. She hoped that, even though three quarters of her hundred troops were just locals who had nothing more than basic training, their tactical advantages would allow them to be victorious. She saw a large army, easily twice the size of hers, charging towards her forces. "Chaaarrrgggee!" she yelled. She ran down the hill with her soldiers behind her, hoping that she would be successful.

Yudo saw many troops charging towards him. Deciding to focus on the closest target, he threw his spear at the female soldier. She dodged the attack as if it was nothing by sidestepping. She ran up to him, and attacked him with her sword. Yudo blocked the attack with his shield, and swung at the woman's legs with his sword. The woman leaped up to dodge the blow, and attacked a second time. Yudo blocked the attack again with his shield. This gave way to a series of ferocious attacks by the woman with the sword, so ferocious that Yudo was unable to get any of his own attacks into the battle.

Savas ran forward, shooting a stream of blue fire into the defenders, burning them instantly. Some Firebenders attempted to block the attack, but they were no match for Savas. By pure chance, his eye fell upon his brother fighting a defender, who was clearly skilled. Savas could tell there was a chance that Yudo would be killed, so he ran to help him.

Anong was getting tired of being highly aggressive and not landing a single blow on the warrior. She transferred her attacks from swings to thrusts, and struck the soldier. She prepared to deliver the final blow, when she was struck from behind by a blast of blue flame.

Yudo watched as the female warrior fell over, her body as still as stone. Savas walked up to his brother. "Come on brother, we must now attack the city", Savas said.

"No", Yudo said. "You must attack, I am injured and can't go on." Yudo got up, and walked back to the camp while Savas lead the attack.

2 days later

"Okay, here's the plan", Mainyu said as he pointed on a map in his war tent. "We'll attack the three gates with trebuchets, then Savas, Yudo, and myself will each take twenty troops to attack each gate via komodo rhino. Then, once we've secured the gates, our armies will storm the city, and take it. Any questions?" Mainyu asked. The troops all agreed that there were none.

"Chaaarrrgggee!", Mainyu yelled as he began to ride towards the town towards the central gate. He looked into the sky and saw three large balls of fire sailing towards the gates. They knocked down the gates, and some of the wall of the city. Mainyu felt that victory was so close. He could not wait to gain control of the city, and then the Great Gates. Suddenly, he saw several gliders in the sky. "What the", he said out loud. He noticed some of the gliders landed, and some of them continued over the field and attacked his forces.

Kumaro looked at where the trebuchets had hit, and got ready to go down. "Altair, take your forces and stop those trebuchets", Kumaro called.

"Will do sir", Altair said as he flew off towards the trebuchets followed by four other gliders. Kumaro landed at the central gate, and created a wall of fire to substitute for the wood and metal. Several troops from the Phoenix Estates charged through the flames, using Firebending to part them. Kumaro instantly recognized his brother as a komodo rhino charged up towards him. He watched as Mainyu shot a fire blast at him. Kumaro countered this fire blast with a stream of fire, in an attempt to stop the charging animal. The komodo rhino panicked, and threw Mainyu off his saddle. The komodo rhino then ran wild through the streets of Obas.

"Put that rhino down", Kumaro ordered.

"Yes sir", a glider pilot responded. The pilot and three others then took off in an attempt to kill the crazed creature.

"No Kumaro, I'll handle the rhino", Aditi said, as she flew off to stop the pilots.

"Go and secure the gate tower", Mainyu ordered. "I'll handle this one", he added. The komodo rhino riders then rode off, and left Mainyu to face his brother. Mainyu began to produce fire, and then shot it at Kumaro. Kumaro then blocked Mainyu's fire with his own. Mainyu shot several fire blasts at Kumaro, but they were easily deflected.

Atenar watched as several komodo rhinos charged into the city. He had managed to strike the leg of one with Firebending, causing it to fall over. The man who had been on the rhino got off, and took a fighting stance. Atenar had ordered the four pilots who had followed him to prevent the komodo rhinos from damaging the town, so he knew he would face this Firebender alone. He saw the Firebender shoot blue fire at him, which he blocked with his own orange fire. The two Firebenders then dueled.

Hideki had hoped he would have been able to sneak up on all of the mounted soldiers. He had been able to stop five of the komodo rhinos, but as soon as he did, a warrior had thrown his spear at him and met him head on. He tried to Firebend at the warrior, but the warrior had a shield, and was able to block the attack.

Mainyu knew that he would win. Even though it was clear he could not harm Kumaro, he knew his foot soldiers would soon arrive. Kumaro then augmented his green fire into a massive sphere, and sent a massive stream of fire from it towards Mainyu. Mainyu was able to shield himself from the attack, but the foot soldiers that came charging up behind him were not as lucky. More came to replace the ones that had fallen, and Mainyu stopped attacking. The foot soldiers ganged up on Kumaro, and Kumaro had trouble dodging their attacks. He thought he would die, when flames poured down from above. Kumaro looked up to see a Fire Nation airship and several gliders flying inwards to fight the Phoenix Estates. Kumaro looked to the streets to his left and right, expecting Phoenix Estates troops to be fleeing for their safety. About ten komodo rhinos charged out of the city, many of them carrying multiple riders.

Atenar knew his flames were weaker than the ones his foe made. He knew he was backed into a corner, when he saw about five komodo rhinos ride past towards the gates. One of the riders stopped. "Savas, get on, now", the rider called. Atenar turned his head towards where the rhinos had come from, and saw a Fire Nation airship and several gliders passing over the town. He realized that the Firebender he had been fighting had also seen this, because the Firebender then got on the komodo rhino, and rode off.

Hideki was getting tired of having to fight the elite warrior on the komodo rhino. As Hideki flew over, he saw several gliders coming towards him and attacking the mounted soldiers. The warrior he had been fighting was a considerable distance from the airship, so he had time to ride away past the spear he had thrown at the start of the battle.

Mainyu ran down the hill of Obas on foot, fearing what the glider pilots would do to him if they caught him. Yudo rode beside his leader, and extended the butt of his spear to him. Mainyu grabbed the spear, and Yudo pulled him onto his komodo rhino.

The Next day

Kumaro looked at the glider pilots that would be coming back with him. About seven of the glider pilots he had left with had died in the battle. Kumaro then spoke to his troops. "Thank you all for risking your lives so the world may live in peace. We now travel back south to assist my sister in the war effort there", he said.


  • The city of Hephastos is a play on the Greek god Hephaestus

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