Chapter XXVI: The Burning Island
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The Phoenix Estates



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Chapter XXVII: Obas

Ember Island

Bharato awoke on Ember Island. He had flown there the previous day, and had washed up after attempting to fly at too high a speed for his glider. However, Ember Island had been fortified in the time since he had been gone, and he was ready to face the Fire Nation.


Zuko watched as his crew prepared the airships for take off. Since the previous battle, all the airships but ten had been destroyed. The airships that could still fly were badly damaged, and far from mint condition. He walked up to Aang, and asked him a question. "Aang, are we ready to go?" he asked.

Aang turned his head and responded to his friend. "Yeah, I'm ready", he responded. The troops got ready to attack the Phoenix Estates and retake the Fire Nation.

Ember Island, two days later

"Sir, Zuko and the Avatar are trying to take this island", a soldier said. Bharato arose from his chair in his war room, and prepared to fight the Fire Nation forces. He walked to a cabinet, and took out a box. He opened the box, and took out the red jewel from inside it. He picked it up, and prepared to fight the Fire Nation.

Fire Nation airship

Zysor prepared to attack Ember Island. "Load the canons, ready the ballistas, and arm the bombs. Quickly now", he ordered. The crew of the airship hurried to do his bidding, readying their weapons.

Fire Nation ship

Kumaro prepared his glider for the attack on the Island. Several other glider pilots were also getting ready along with him. Altair, Atenar, Hideki, and Aditi were also preparing to attack. "All glider pilots, get ready to take off", Kumaro said. Several Fire Nation glider pilots prepared for take off. Kumaro then decided it best to attack. "Charge!" The clutter of gliders took off from the ship, signaling many others to do the same. The gliders flew towards Ember Island, ready to attack it.

Ember Island

Bharato saw the gliders coming towards the Island, and noticed that airship readying its weapons. Bharato then began to perform an advanced Firebending technique, forming a circle of flame above his head, he then sent the circle upward. The Bharato then fed the circle more fire, causing it to expand in a massive eruption of purple flame.

Sky Above Ember Island

Kumaro had not been expecting the fire to even exist as he saw it did. Acting on instinct rather than thought, he pulled up to avoid the inferno. The gliders behind him did the same, however, some could not escape the expanding circle, and were consumed by it. Others decided it was best to fly underneath the flame, where they were met with fierce attacks from the Firebenders on the ground, all of which caused the gliders to be shot down.

Fire Nation Airship

Zysor watched as the bombs and balista shafts fell down upon the circle of flame. He noticed the bombs exploding as soon as they hit the fire. He thought to not use the bombs and just the ballista shafts, but suddenly he noticed something. The airship was sinking, as were others in the fleet. "Why are we sinking?" Azara asked.

"The air outside our airship is just as hot as the air inside it, so we can't fly. Captain, set a course away from the fire so we can stay airborne", Zysor responded.

"I'm trying", the captain responded, as the airship continued to descend toward the flames.

"Everyone outside, now", Zysor ordered, as he began running outside.

"Why should we go outside, we'll be much safer in here. Call the troops in", Azara said.

"If we call the troops in, then when we hit the fire, the bombs that we load into the canons will blow up, killing us all", Zysor responded.

"Then bring in the bombs."

"We don't have the time. Come outside with me, we need every Firebender working to make sure we don't all die." Zysor ran outside, and Azara followed. Once on the catwalk, Azara closed the door into the airship. "Leave it open, that way we won't die when the fire uses up all our air", Zysor said. Azara nodded, and opened the door all the way. Zysor could not help but compare the airship falling to falling in water. "Treat the fire like its water men, don't force it, move it like its liquid", Zysor said. The crew began bending the purple flame for their lives as their ship entered the circle.

Fire Nation ship

Katara saw the Fire Nation airship going down. In an attempt to help her allies, she grabbed the Water Sapphire from Rin, and created a massive wave of water to put out the circle of fire. She watched as the wave traveled closer to the circle and she truly believed it would stop the circle, when a blast of purple fire cut the wave down. Katara used Waterbending to propel herself towards Ember Island, when she saw an attack of purple flame. She used Waterbending to create a wave to block the blast, and continued forward.

Zuko decided it was best to send troops onto Ember Island. "Soldiers, to your jet ski's, we're landing on the island", he ordered. Several Fire Nation soldiers got onto their jet skis, may also took an Earth Kingdom soldier with them.

Wei held onto Neza's back as she drove the jet ski towards the shore. "I see a shaft coming at us", Wei said as a ballista shot at them.

"I see it, don't worry", Neza responded in a calm voice. She steered the jet ski away from the projectile, and continued towards the shore.

Lo Gan did not enjoy having to ride on the same ice block as his wife, but he knew it was the only way he could get to Ember Island, as he was unable to ceate his own.

Saif looked ahead as he rode on the jet ski with a Fire Nation soldier. He looked to his left and right and saw Aknur and Pallav riding on jet skis next to him.

Ember Island

Bharato was not pleased at having to stop fueling the protective shield of fire above Ember Island. He ran forward, ready to face the Waterbender who was stopping him from shielding his troops. He shot a stream of fire at the Waterbender, who was able to block it with Waterbending. He continued to run forward to the beach, and once there began to charge an attack.

Neza saw a large bust of purple flame come from a man on Ember Island. She also saw that same man charging for another attack. "Wei, jump in the water, now", she said, as she grabbed Wei's arm and pulled him under and off the jet ski. Once they were under, she made Wei wait. In spite of the pair being underwater, they still heard the attack as it passed over them. The jet ski they had been using had still been traveling towards Ember Island when Neza and Wei had jumped off it, so they were far away from it when the fire caused the destruction of the jet ski's boiler.

Fire Nation airship

Zysor looked up at where the circle of fire was. He noticed it was shrinking and dying out. "Is everyone okay?" he asked. His question was answered in a chorus of yes' by the crew. "Good, now we're still going to crash land due to the fact that it'll take a while for the air outside to cool off, but we can still fight, so once we land abandon the airship and attack", he ordered. Azara looked down to the surface of Ember Island.

"Zysor, we may fall faster then we want", she said, as she pointed to a small group of trebuchets getting ready to fire upon them. Suddenly, an explosion occurred at the trebuchets, and when the smoke cleared, the trebuchets were destroyed.

"What happened?" a soldier asked.

"It's our pilots, they're back", Zysor answered.

Ember Island

Kumaro was satisfied with the damage that had been done to the trebuchets, and decided to attack the ground forces from above. Suddenly, he saw a being bending purple fire in large amounts to attack a Waterbender. Bharato, he thought. Kumaro then flew down to attack him, followed by Hideki, Altair, Atenar, and Aditi. They landed on the ground, and began attacking the forces from the rear.

Blade ran towards the Phoenix Estates soldiers, followed closely by Hammer and Grain. Ka-Boom and Quiver didn't run forward, as they could attack the soldiers from a distance. Blade suddenly saw a man, clearly an officer by the way he was dressed, fighting. He ran towards the man in an attempt to kill him.

Saif saw the man who Kumaro had identified as Bharato during the battles in the Earth Kingdom. He knew that killing Bharato would end the war faster. "Aknur, Pallav, shoot him", he said, pointing at Bharato. He then ran towards the Firebender, trying to kill him with his sword.

Bharato was not expecting the Waterbender to be so skilled. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise behind him. He turned to see Kumaro attacking him. He blocked the attack, when suddenly to his left and right, two soldiers fell over, killed by arrows. Two men ran at him with swords. Using Firebending, he sent himself into the air, and escaped the attackers. He then grabbed a glider while it was in mid flight, and got the pilot to let go by placing his hands upon the pilots' and then Firebending. The pilot let out a scream of pain as he let go of his glider. Bharato then flew off away from Ember Island. The remaining soldiers surrendered, when they saw there was no escape.


Mainyu rode to the field outside the town of Obas. It was elevated above the rest of the landscape by a large plateau. Savas and Yudo followed him closely. "Tell the troops we lay siege to this town tomorrow", Mainyu said. Savas and Yudo rode away to tell the army what Mainyu had said.

Anong saw the troops gathering outside Obas. She then ran to the capital building, where Governess Yami was. Once she could see her friend, she told her about the situation. "I'll send word to Ember Island, commander Mohandas is there, and he'll help us", Yami said. She the wrote the note, and sent a messenger hawk.


  • The City Obas is inspired by a fictional volcanic planet from star wars.
  • Anong and Yami are both names meaning woman.
  • Mohandas is a name meaning leader.

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