Chapter XXV: Battle for the Fire Nation, Part 2
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The Phoenix Estates



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Chapter XXIV: Battle for the Fire Nation, Part 2

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Chapter XXVI: The Burning Island

Factory Island beach

Suki dodged several fire blasts that came at he from above. She jumped backwards in an attempt to avoid getting hit. Another glider flew around from behind her. Not having time to evade the attacks this one launched, she got out her shield and blocked the fire. The first glider then turned to attack one of the other Kyoshi Warriors. She was shot in the back by a flame, and collapsed over. Suki ran over to see if her friend was alive or not. She ran up to her body and checked the pulse. There was none. Sokka ran up to her after dueling with some troops that had landed in riverboats. "And you say, uh, do anything, huh, as a family", Sokka said as he fought off some soldiers from the Phoenix Estates as they came closer.

"When is said that, I meant that we never play Pai Sho or see a play together", Suki responded as she dueled with a soldier armed with a sword. Hari ran up behind the soldier and stabbed him in the back.

"I prefer doing this as a family", he said.

"I agree", Sokka said. Adva ducked under a soldier's blade, and kicked him in the chest, knocking him over. She struck him on the head with the pommel of her katana, and knocked him out.

"Same here, I like this better", Adva said. The family then continued to fight the army that was landing on the beach.

Fire Nation Airship

"Target those riversteamers", Zuko ordered. The crew of his airship began firing down on the Phoenix Estates riversteamers. Some of the riversteamers were hit, but others were covered by the front fleet of Phoenix Estates airships and gliders. Zuko hoped that he would be able to stop the river steamers. Suddenly, the airship began to shake. "What happened?", Zuko asked.

"If we fire on the river steamers, we'll be left vulnerable to attack from those airships", the airship captain said, pointing to the front fleet of Phoenix Estates airships. "We should focus on the enemy's airships sir, that way we'll stay in the sky and be able to repel an attack from the air", the captain suggested.

"What about the soldiers on the beach?" Zuko asked.

"They'll have to fight for themselves sir, don't worry", the captain said. Zuko had to agree. He knew his friends, and knew that they could hold their own in a fight.

Factory Island Sky

Atenar noticed the river steamers headed towards the beach. He also saw soldiers running on the beach fighting each other. Atenar knew what had to be done. "Altair, Hideki, follow me", Atenar said. He lead the two other Firebenders who had escaped the Sun Generator's explosion down towards the river steamers. "Now Altair", he called. Altair dropped a bomb on the engines of the river steamer, causing them to stop. The crew jumped overboard, and swam towards the Factory Island Beach. "Again, come on guys", Atenar called. The three pilots flew to another river steamer, and got ready to attack again.

Aditi and Kumaro flew to the glider fight over the beach while only a few feet above the ocean. They saw some gliders attacking a person. The person they were attacking was clearly a skilled acrobat, as she could dodge the attacks by jumping and backflipping. Kumaro and Aditi, using the fact that they were a prodigy and an Airbender and able to fly faster than most Firebenders, sped up and attacked the two gliders. Aditi managed to use Airbending to drive one glider into the beach, while Kumaro used Firebending to shoot a glider and force it to land so the pilot would not get burnt. The two friends then flew higher up to attack some other gliders from the Phoenix Estates.

Factory Island beach

Ty Lee leapt up into the air and avoided the attack that was made at her. She noticed the attack stopped, and saw the two Phoenix Estates glider had been taken care of by the two Fire Nation gliders. She then saw a man, about a decade younger than herself being beaten by five enemy swordsmen. She ran over to help him, and used chi-blocking to render the soldiers immobile. She then helped the soldier up, and cartwheeled off to continue the battle.

Rajit knew he could not lay down, or even thank the woman for saving his life. He knew he had to help his sword instructor and his family. He ran along the beach, avoiding several fire blasts as he ran. He saw Sokka and ran towards him.

Blade lead his group into the battle. Quiver fired an arrow at a Firebender, killing him. Two more Firebenders attempted to attack the group, but they were dealt with by Hammer and Grain. Hammer shot out one of his hammers and a Firebender attempted to stop it with Firebending. The hammer drove through the fire blast and knocked the Firebender over. Realizing that the Firebender would not be getting up for a few minutes, Hammer decided it was best to help Grain. Grain had attempted to used Sandbending to fight the Firebender, but was driven back. Gain was knocked down, but definitely alive. Hammer ran over to his friend to protect him, and shot one of his hammers out at the Firebender. This time, when he bender attempted to block the attack, she succeeded. Hammer attempted a different tactic, and shot his other hammer up into the air, and brought it down like a whip, The Firebender sidestepped, and avoided the blow. She then shot another fire blast at Hammer. Hammer shot his hammer at the blast, and stopped it, but his hammer then fell on his foot. "Ooowww", he screamed. The Firebender moved in for the kill, when an explosion knocked her back. She lay on the beach, motionless. Ka-Boom ran to his two friends, and offered to help them up.

"Are you guys okay?" he asked.

"Gain can't fight anymore, but I can", Hammer responded.

"I can fight, just not in this battle", Grain said.

"Blade, Quiver, We're gonna need some cover", Ka-Boom said.

"I'm a little busy", Quiver said, as she shot at some soldiers with her bow and arrow.

"Blade!", Ka-Boom called. Blade swiftly took care of the remaining soldier armed with a spear. Using his sword to cut off the tip of the spear, he rendered the soldier helpless. He then used the pommel of his sword to take out the soldier, and ran to cover Ka-Boom. "Hammer, take Grain to a medic, Ka-Boom, help me cover them", Blade ordered.

Factory Island, inland

Toph stood, ready to defend Ila and Kun. The two soldiers were using Earthbending to attack the river steamers, and in case a soldier managed to make it up to where they were, Toph was there to deal with that soldier.

Saif ran down the hill where he, Aknur, and Pallav had previously been. They had been helping Toph defend Ila and Kun, but when they saw they were not needed, Saif decided it was best to go on the offensive. They saw a woman with knives attempting to face a man with a pair of hammers and an archer. They ran to help her fight the soldiers from the Phoenix Estates.

Mai knew she would die soon. Se could not evade the shafts from the archer and the twin hammers at the same time forever. Suddenly, she noticed a pair of arrows strike the archer in the chest, killing her. The man with hammers shot one out at her. She dodged it, and this time was able to counterattack. She shot her knives at the man, but he blocked them with his hammers. The man with hammers got ready to attack again. He shot his hammers out, but he was stopped by an Earth Kingdom warrior with a sword.

Saif knew under normal conditions, his sword would have been broken by the hammers. But he could seal the fractures in the hammers made by the woman's knives, and knew they had weakened the hammers. He swung his sword, and when it hit the hammers, they broke up. The woman with knives then pinned his hands together with two expertly placed knives. Aknur then shot the man with hammers in the legs, rendering him helpless.

Fire Nation Airship

Zysor watched as the battle progressed. "We're starting to win, don't stop now", he encouraged. Suddenly, he saw explosions occurring on other airships. He looked to see where they could have come from, and saw a fleet of airships flying higher than his. He turned to Azara. "Princess Azara, we need to fly upward or we'll be grounded", Zysor said. "I request permission to order the ships you have command of to fly higher in defensive positions to combat the upper fleet of airships on level ground", he requested. "So to speak", he added as an afterthought.

"Very well, send flag signals to my other four ships, and order hem to fly upward in defense formation", Azara replied. A soldier ran out of the bridge with flags, and alerted the other airships of the plan.


Haru looked up through the bubble of air Lo Gan had created. He saw no ships in the water. "I think we can go up Lo Gan, there's no ships above us and I think we're behind the fleet", he said. Lo Gan turned to respond to Haru's statement.

"Fine, take us up", Lo Gan responded. Haru began bending the earth under the bubble of air Lo Gan had made, and the two of them, along with some Firebenders with gliders, rose to the surface.

Rin looked through the water above her head. She saw no ships. "Take us up", she asked the Earthbender who had come with her. The Earthbender then began to use her Earthbending abilities to bring the group to the surface. Once the group had surfaced, the five glider pilots that had been traveling with Rin took off to fight the Phoenix Estates.

Katara brought the small fishing boat to the surface. Aang looked at his wife, and spoke to her. "You know, this is just like the day of black sun", he said.

"Well, almost", Katara said. She leaned in and kissed Aang on the lips. When she broke away, she spoke. "Now it's just like the day of black sun", she said. Aang got ready to take off. "Be careful", Katara said.

"I will", Aang replied, as he and the four glider pilots took off.

Factory Island Sky

Zysor watched as the airships Azara commanded headed upwards. "Turn sideways, we'll be able to better defend ourselves that way", he ordered. The airships slowly started turning to reach the positions Zysor had mentioned. Zysor watched as several gliders were launched from the airship fleet he was attempting to ascend to. The gliders rushed towards the Fire Nation airships, and started firing upon them.

"Should we be concerned?" Azara asked.

"No princess, the fire blasts from the gliders can't harm our airships", Zysor said confidently. The airship suddenly started to shake violently. "Bombs, on the other hand, can harm us", Zysor said.

"I have an idea", Azara said. She then ran out of the bridge and onto the airship's catwalk. She looked beneath herself, and jumped.

Over the Ocean

Aang flew his glider towards the airships. He watched as the four Firebenders, all of whom were prodigies, used their Firebending to follow him. Aang looked down and saw an airship underneath him. He dropped a bomb, and watched as it plummeted towards the metal vehicle, followed by several others from the other gliders. The bombs exploded in a figure of flame and smoke. When the squad could see the airship, they saw a hole in it. Realizing they had done their job, Aang and the other pilots flew to the next airship, dodging fire blasts.

Factory Island Sky

Azara fell through the sky, falling in between gliders as they sped past her. She saw a glider from the Fire Nation, noticed it was close to her, and used Firebending to reach it. She grabbed onto the top, and shifted her weight to steer the glider.

"What are you doing?" the pilot asked, obviously not expecting Azara to be flying with her.

"Fly upwards, now", Azara said.


"That's an order." The pilot then began to fly upwards to obey the princess' command. Several gliders from the Phoenix Estates followed them, and began shooting at them. The duo flew upwards until their climb was nearly vertical. Then, Azara jumped down, and began spinning. She lashed out with a fire whip, striking the gliders as they flew upwards. Once she had hit all of the Phoenix Estates gliders that had been following her, she maneuvered her body so she could see if the pilot she had recently rode with was trying to catch her. She watched as the Fire Nation pilot flew down towards her. She maneuvered herself so she was standing on top of the glider, holding onto it with one hand at the center of the wings. A Phoenix Estates glider flew down from above, and shot fire at the glider. It hit the wing, and the wing began to burn up. The duo flew upwards towards the airships Zysor commanded, in an attempt to have some of the Firebenders from the airships assist them. Azara concentrated on the flames on the glider she was on, attempting to control them. The wind caused by the glider's motion managed to put out the flames after Azara had shrunk them. The pair flew into the hanger of one of the Fire Nation's airships. Azara and the pilot were fine. The same however, could not be said for their glider. It had been broken in the frantic landing that had happened as a result of being chased on a damaged glider. Azara ran up to the bridge, and saw Zysor still there.

"Princess, don't ever do that again", Zysor said, after he had run up to Azara and hugged her. "We're in luck, the Phoenix Estates have apparently realized that we are winning, and are retreating", Zysor said.

Factory Island beach

Neza saw a Fire Nation soldier get hit with a fire blast. The Phoenix Estates soldier prepared to kill his enemy, when Neza stopped him. Two more Phoenix Estates soldiers advanced on Neza, but a pair of Fire Nation soldiers protected her. "The Phoenix Estates are retreating, The Phoenix Estates are retreating!", a voice called out. The two Phoenix Estates soldiers surrendered as soon as they heard this.


  • Hideki is a Japanese name meaning Hide, which is a reference to his abilities which will be revealed in a later chapter.

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