Chapter XXIII:Getting Ready
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Factory Island

Kumaro awoke on the island. He knew that the threat of being defeated by the Phoenix Estates was real, and that he had to be prepared to face it. He knew several members of the Fire Nation army were being taught how to fly gliders, and he knew teaching them would be necessary. But he also knew that Wei would need training, and he could not do both. He began searching for Neza as an idea came into his mind.

Neza woke up, and began to prepare to fight. She knew that if she was going to be with Kumaro, she was going to have to be a skilled Firebender. She was in the middle of a Firebending drill, when Kumaro walked up to her. "Neza, I need a favor," he asked. Neza was curious as to what Kumaro needed her to do, so she asked him.

"What is it?"

"I'm going to be training some glider pilots with Aditi today, but Wei, my student, doesn't really like the idea of flying."

"Where are you going with this?" Neza asked.

"I need you to train Wei today, so Aditi and I can train the glider pilots." Neza was not happy with this, but decided to accept to help her friend.

"Fine, I'll train Wei. But you owe me, okay?" she said.

"Gotcha," Kumaro responded. He then began to walk off to train the glider pilots.

Factory, Factory Island

Kumaro looked at the gliders that had been assembled. They were mostly red, but there were a few blue and white ones also, designed to blend in with the sky. Kumaro then turned to the pilots. "Alright, we're going to train now." He picked up his staff, and converted it into a glider. He then took off, and the gliders followed him. Once they were in the sky, he began performing elaborate evasive maneuvers. He later called out to the pilots. "Alright, next part of the training, try and keep on my tail for as long as possible." The glider pilots formed up closely behind him. Kumaro did everything he could to evade the pilots, and he was almost successful. Of the few hundred pilots who chased after him, only fifteen could actually keep up with him. Kumaro had been taking it easy, as since he was a prodigy, he could produce hotter and more powerful flames than the average Firebender. He decided to stop going easy, and sped up. Only two gliders were able to keep up with him. Kumaro eventually decided that there had been enough training in evasive tactics, and landed.

Airship Field, Factory Island

Zysor worked on adding weapons to the passenger airships. He had just finished adding on a ballista, when Mai walked up to him. "Is something wrong Fire Lady?" the admiral asked.

"You know my daughter, Azara?" Mai asked.

"The princess, yes," Zysor responded.

"The Phoenix Estates are coming, and I want Azara to be safe," Mai said.

"What do you want me to do?" Zysor asked.

"Make sure nothing happens to her," Mai answered. "Watch over her, at all times."

"Will do Fire Lady," the admiral responded.

Factory, Factory Island

"Kumaro, your dad wants to see you," Aditi said as she walked up to her friend. "You, and the fourteen gider pilots you think are the most skilled."

"What for?" Kumaro asked.

"He didn't say, look just pick the pilots and I'll train the others," Aditi said.

"Fine, you, you, you, you, you five over there, you, you you, and you two, come with me," Kumaro said, pointing into the crowd of pilots. The fourteen pilots he had chosen separated from the crowd, and followed him to where his dad was. Aditi then turned to the glider pilots, and began to train them.

Meeting room, Factory Island

"Yes father, you sent for me, is there a problem," Kumaro asked. Zuko turned to face his son.

"Kumaro, pilots, sit down," Zuko said. It was just at that moment that Kumaro noticed fifteen chairs placed in front of a podium. They sat down, and Sokka walked up to the podium.

"Okay everyone, um, so as you know the Phoenix Estates are closing in on us and trying to take over the world. I mean, obviously you know that, you wouldn't be here if you didn't. Any way, there's a giant metal airship that's coming to blow us all up, but if we attack it at the right place, then we'll blow it up. Any questions?" A pilot turned to Kumaro with a look of confusion, as he could clearly not understand what Sokka was talking about. Another pilot then raised his hand.

"Yeah, I have a question, what exactly are we doing?"

"Well I'm glad you asked, we need to send someone to hit the man on the forehead..."

"What do you mean? Could we please get someone else to speak to us?"

"Atenar, show some respect," Kumaro said.

"No Kumaro, he's right. Saif, take over," Zuko said. Sokka stepped down from the podium, embarrassed, and Saif stepped up.

"As you all know, the Phoenix Estaes are closing in. They have a device called the Fire Ruby, a device that enhances the abilities of a Firebender to the point of Sozin's comet, and grants a non-bender the ability to bend fire. A master of combustion has the gem, and is using it to fight for the Phoenix Estates. However, Sokka believes there is a weakness that we can exploit."

"Right," Sokka said, this time ready to speak to the pilots. "If we strike the man's forehead, we'll prevent him from using his powers. Oh, but if he tries to use them, he'll blow up."

"A Firebender who can use combustion with Sozin's Comet."

"Now that's scary."

"It's not as easy as Sokka makes it out to be," Saif said. The pilots stopped talking to listen to what he had to say. "First of all, the airship this man is on is in the center of the fleet. Meaning It'll be tough to reach him from any angle. Second, the airship is much bigger than your average airship, so it's got more weapons. And third, we have to hit this man in the center of the forehead, otherwise it won't work."

"But no pressure," Sokka said.

Ember Island

The Phoenix Estates airship fleet flew toward Ember Island. Choy and Bharato looked out trough the glass that was protecting the bridge of the Sun Generator as they flew to the island. "Is the island safe?" Choy asked.

"I'll check," Bharato said. He ordered some gliders to fly down to scan the island by speaking into the ship's announcement system. The gliders flew over the island, and then returned to the airship.

"There's no one on the island, it's uninhabited," the pilot responded.

"Excellent, we will then convert this piece of land into a fall back position," Bharato said. Once the island had been fortified, then he would travel further east to kill Zuko and conquer the Fire Nation.

Meeting room, Factory Island

"Okay, so here's the plan," Zuko said as he addressed his friends and officers. "I'll be leading the airship fleet, which will take off as soon as we see the enemy. We won't go out to meet them though, we'll make them fight on our terms. Aang and Katara will use Waterbending to sneak past the airships, because from above, it'll just look like a wave, if anything. Lo Gan and Rin will use Waterbending to outflank the Phoenix Estates on the north and south, respectively. Kumaro will be leading the gliders to infiltrate and destroy the flagship, while Aditi will head the defensive glider force. Some Earthbenders will be using Earthbending to attack the airships. Other then that, everyone handle the beach, don't let them land on the island." The people in the war room nodded, agreeing with the plan and knowing what was going to happen.

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