Chapter XXII: The Rescue
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The Phoenix Estates



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Chapter XXI: Origin of the Gems

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Chapter XXIII: Getting Ready

Fire Lord's beach house

Kumaro woke up and began to go about his daily business. After he had eaten breakfast, admiral Zysor walked up to him. "Prince Kumaro, your father wished to see you." Kumaro could not help but be curious as to what his father would need him for. He followed him towards the meeting room, where Aditi, Wei, Haruka, Lo Gan, Rin, Saif, and Toph were already waiting.

"What is it?" Kumaro asked.

"Governess Sakura has been captured, and Bharato is threatening to kill her unless we surrender," Zuko said. "We aren't going to surrender, but we are going to keep the governess from dying. Aang is letting you use his bison to get to the airship, and rescue her, along with these people," he added, pointing around the room. "Saif and Toph are leading the mission, you will show them your respect," Zuko added.

"Okay then, lets go," Kumaro said. The group walked towards Appa, and got ready to take off. Saif could not help but ask a few questions.

"You sure you're okay with flying?" Saif asked Toph.

"When we get to the airship, you'll need me, so whether I'm okay with flying or not, I'm coming," Toph responded.

"You have the gem?" Saif asked Rin. She responded to this question, which caused the others to wonder what they were talking about. "We need this gem, this Water Sapphire, to beat the Phoenix Estates. They're almost defiantly in large numbers, so we need something to level the playing field. This gem will greatly enhance the powers of a waterbender, and grant a non-bender the ability to Waterbend," Saif explained. The group then got onto the bison, and took off to perform their task.

Over the ocean

"Oh, I think I'm gonna throw up," Toph said.

"No, no, don't worry, no need for that," Saif responded, holding Toph steady to try and ease the discomfort she took in flying. Kumaro looked at Saif, and Saif looked at Kumaro, both well aware Saif was enjoying holding Toph.

"Fog coming up," Haruka said. she pointed ahead, and the group saw fog coming up. As they flew into it, they suddenly started seeing lights in it.

"Is that the fleet?" Wei asked, in serious disbelief that all these lights belonged to warships.

"Yeah, it is, I can't believe that all those airships..." Kumaro said, not bothering to finish his sentence.

"I know," Lo Gan responded. Toph's mind was blow, as she could tell that her friends had clearly seen many airships.

"Bright side, no one can see us," Wei said. His friends agreed that Wei was right. The group continued through the airship field for some time, until they came to the biggest one.

"That's the one," Kumaro siad.

"Bigger isn't always better," Saif responded.

"You have another suggestion?" Kumaro asked. Saif shook his head, and Haruka turned Appa towards the airship. The group flew underneath the bomb bay.

"Open it up," Lo Gan said.

"Wait," said Saif.

"What?" Lo Gan said, clearly annoyed at the delay.

"That's the bomb bay, if we open it and try to come in, there may be, well, bombs," Kumaro said.

"Back us up," Wei said, as Haruka pulled on Appas reins, causing the beast to move backwards.

"Aditi," Toph ordered. The Air Nomad then bent the air inside the bomb bay downwards, causing the bomb bay to open. Nothing came out.

"Ha," Lo Gan said.

"Better to be safe than sorry," Saif responded. Haruka flew the bison into the bomb bay, and Aditi closed the hatch. There were two levels to the bomb bay, one directly above the other. "Lo Gan, Rin, go and find the governess," Saif ordered.

"Wei, go with them," Kumaro ordered.

"Uggh," Lo Gan said, clearly annoyed at the fact that he would have to work with Wei.

"Go," Toph ordered. The trio then left and went into the airship. "You guys take the lower level, Saif and I got the upper one," she said. The rest of the group went about to do their business.

Hallway, Sun Generator

Wei, Lo Gan, and Rin ran down the hallway, hoping to find a way of knowing where the governess was. "Hey, you three, stop," a soldier yelled. Lo Gan stopped in his tracks, and took some water from his pouch, and bent it around his arms. His trademark claws shot out past his hand, and he punched the soldier in the head, killing him. Wei noticed some plans at the soldiers waist. He grabbed them, and looked at them.

"The governess is being held here, at the front of the airship, underneath the steering wheel," Wei said.

"It's called a bridge," Wei responded.

"Whatever, lets just rescue the governess, and get out of here," Wei responded. The group then ran towards the place where the governess was being held.

Bridge, Sun Generator

"Bharato, a soldier has been found dead, we think it's a rescue attempt," a soldier said. So, Bharato thought, I was right, the traitor would attempt a rescue. Bharato walked up to a desk, and opened a drawer. He pulled out a box, and opened it. He then took out the Fire Ruby, and turned to face the Imperial firebenders.

"You two, come with me," Bharato said. The two Firebenders followed their leader, as he walked down towards the prison.

Prison, Sun Generator

The trio walked into the prison, and were taken aback by the way it was constructed. There were semicircular glass windows, arching upward to the wall so that there were no corners from floor to wall, though the floor was mostly metal. They began to walk towards the governess, when someone stopped them. "Where do you think you're going?" a voice asked. The group turned around to see Bharato and two Imperial Firebenders facing them. Rin knew, that just as she gave off a blue glow when she held the Water Sapphire, if someone held the Fire Ruby, they glowed red, like Bharato did. She took out her gem, and began to feel it's power. "You really should give me your gem, if you do, I won't kill you," he said.

"I got the Firebenders," Wei said, as he prepared to face the Imperial Firebenders.

"Fat chance," Rin responded. She began to bend the water in the fog into the airship, and formed armor to fight Bharato. Bharato screamed as he attacked with a massive blast of purple flame. Rin countered by freezing water around her fists, and using them to block the attack. She then enlarged the ice fists to the point where they were the size of another human, and prepared to attack Bharato. Bharato shot another blast of fire at Rin. She pivoted on one fist, launching herself over the flames and bringing her other fist down onto the Firebender. Bharato avoided this attack, and countered with his own.

The two Imperial Firebenders walked up to Wei, and began to attack him. Wei struggled to hold his own against the two, and could easily see he was losing. Lo Gan used his ice claws to cut through the chains that held the governess, and once she was free, Lo Gan ran up to help Wei. An Imperial Firebender shot fire at Lo Gan, but he blocked the blast with his armored arms. He then struck one of the Firebenders with his claws, killing him. He then did the same with the other Firebender.

Rin used one of her ice fists to push Bharato up against a wall. She then removed the fist, and converted the ice it was made of into a sword. She placed the tip at Bharato's neck, threatening to kill him. Bharato inhaled, and breathed fire onto the sword, causing it to melt. Rin saw her friends ready to leave with the governess, and used the ice to encircle Bharato. The ice circle kept him in. Rin knew, however, that she had diverted the water she would have needed to block Bharato's fire blasts. Bharato saw his opportunity, and shot lightning at Rin. When the lightning struck her, she was sent flying backwards out the glass window.

Wei heard the lightning, and turned around. "We've gotta go back and get Rin," he said.

"No, we need to rescue the governess, that was our mission," Lo Gan said. The two then lead the governess towards the bomb bay, eager to leave.

Bomb bay, Sun Generator

Kumaro blasted a soldier with fire, hoping that his friends would soon return with Sakura. Toph had used Metalbending to seal shut the doors on the upper level, while Saif, himself, and Aditi made sure that the lower level doors were guarded and that soldiers could not get into the bomb bay. He then heard knocking on a sealed shut door. "Open up Toph, let us in," a voice called. As soon as the voice used the word Toph, they knew it was their friends. Toph opened the door, and let Lo Gan, Sakura, and Wei in.

"We've gotta get out of here, let's go," said Saif. The group got onto Appa, and Aditi prepared to open the bomb bay.

"Wait, before you open the bomb bay," Wei said, right before Aditi opened the bomb bay. Aditi opened it, and the group flew into the clear skies.

"Why didn't you tell me the fog was gone?" Kumaro asked angrily.

"I was trying to tell you," Wei responded. The group started to fly away, when Lo Gan noticed a pillar of ice sticking out of the ocean.

Underneath the Sun Generator

"Ouch," Rin said. She had managed to raise a pillar of ice out of the ocean high enough so she wouldn't die when she fell from the airship. She saw a sky bison coming towards her. Wei and Lo Gan leaped from Appa to the pillar, and helped her onto him. The group was beginning to head back to Ember Island, when they saw some gliders coming at them. The airships also fired on them, with bombs and shafts from ballistas. Aditi threw up an air shield, and managed to deflect the fire blasts with it. Haruka struggled to navigate Appa through the maze of attacks. Kumaro grabbed is glider, and took off in an attempt to divert the gliders away from his friends.

Bridge, Sun Generator

Bharato saw one of his soldiers, Ynder, firing on the group down below. "Ynder, wait," he called. Ynder stopped firing, and Bharato walked out onto the catwalk up to him. He then gave Ynder the Fire Ruby, and ordered him to fire.

Over the ocean

Kumaro returned to Appa. He had lead the other glider piots on a wild goose chase, and bought his friends some time. "So, what'd I miss?" he asked.

"Some explosions over the water," Wei said.

"The gliders stopped chasing us," Saif said. "Wonder why." Suddenly, a massive explosion occurred on the ocean. Lo Gan saw it coming. He grabbed the Water Sapphire, and used it to enhance his Waterbending. He created a massive wave of water to protect himself and his friends from the blast. He was successful. The group continued to hurry out of the airship field in an attempt to get back to Ember Island.

Ember Island

"We managed to rescue the governess," Saif said. "However, the Phoenix Estates are closing in."

"We need to retreat," Sokka said.

"Sokka, we need to stay and fight," Zuko said.

"Zuko, if we stay, we'll be slaughtered. They have, according to Saif, a massive airship fleet, and we have two gliders and Appa. We won't satnd a chance, we should run. We'll go to the island where the gliders are being made, and use that as a fall back position. You ordered the airships to got to that island after dropping the civilians off at Ash Island to get weaponized, right?"

"Right," Zuko responded. He knew Sokka was right, and that he had to retreat. But he also knew that the island with the factory would be the place where he would fight for his homeland.

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