Chapter XXI: Origin of the Gems
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The Phoneix Estates



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Chapter XXII: The Rescue


Zysor drove his Jet Ski through the water, heading towards Ember Island. He looked to his side to see the Avatar keeping up with him on a piece of frozen ice that was moved by Waterbending. He saw Ember Island coming up in the distance. "We're almost there Avatar, then we'll get back to preparing to face the Phoenix Estates."

Aang looked at the Fire Nation admiral, and continued the conversation. "Good to know."

Meeting room

"So once the airships have moved the civilians, both from here and the capital, to Ash Island, we'll send them to the factory to get weaponized", Zuko said.

"Agreed", Saif said. After this had been said, Sokka came into the meeting room.

"Zuko, I have two things to tell you", he said. "One, I've heard Aang and Zysor have returned, and two, I know where the gems came from."

Zuko was pleased to hear this news. "Tell me", he said.

"No", Sokka responded. "I think we should wait until Aang gets here. He's the Avatar, he should know about this stuff."

"Can't you just tell him separately?" Zuko asked.

"I don't wanna have to say the same thing twice. We're waiting for Aang to get here", Sokka answered.

Zuko realized he had to wait. "I'll get Katara and the others, you get Aang and meet back here later", he said. Zuko and Sokka then walked off to get their friends and tell them about what they had found.

Ember Island beach

Aang and Zysor stooped near a dock. As the two began to walk in, Sokka came running up. "Aang, we need you, now", he said. He grabbed Aang's arm and began dragging him towards the meeting room. Zysor decided to follow, because he knew that they would lead him to Zuko, who could give him further orders on what he had to do.

Meeting room

Aang, Sokka, and Zysor walked into the meeting room. Already inside were Zuko, Mai, Katara, and Suki, awaiting what Sokka had to say. "I'm glad you're back", Katara said, as she hugged her husband.

"Um, hello, Zuko called this meeting so I could tell you about some important information I found", Sokka said. Katara let go of Aang, and listened to what Sokka had to say. Sokka walked up to the table, and placed a book on it. He then opened the book to a page, and began reading. "Once, long ago, there was an Avatar who used his powers for selfish and evil purposes. He used his power to gain control of the four nations. He died eventually, and his reincarnation was good. However, some giant owl spirit..."

"You mean Wan Shi Tong?" Katara asked.

"Yeah, a giant owl spirit", Sokka responded. "Decided that since it happened before, it could happen again. To shorten that Avatars life, he created four gems, one for each element. These gems were full of spirit, and could give a non-bender the spirituality to bend. If someone had the gem and could already bend, then the two spiritualities would combine and enhance the persons bending abilities. Wan Shi Tong entrusted these gems to four groups of people who would keep their existence secret."

"How did people get this information if the gems were supposed to be a secret?" Zuko asked.

"According to this, some members of the organizations would tell these stories as myths. This isn't even proven as real, the book I found it is called A Collection of Fire Nation Mythology", Sokka said. "The Fire Ruby is located at the Sun Warrior ruins", he continued. Aang and Zuko looked at each other, realizing how close they had come to encountering the gems once. "The Water Sapphire is located at the spirit oasis, at the north pole." Katara looked at her husband, realizing the power they could have used to fight Zhao. "The Earth Emerald is located in old Ba Sing Se." Aang and Katara looked at each other again, realizing how much differently things could have gone had they used said gem. "And the Air Topaz is at the Western Air Temple." Aang was again shocked at the fact that he could have used it.

Hari walked into the room. "Dad, I need you to.."

"Hari, I'm busy get someone else", his father responded. Hari then left, looking for someone else.

"Are you mad at him?", Katara asked.

"Yeah I am, he disobeyed me", Sokka responded.

"Kumaro disobeyed me, I'm not mad at him", Zuko said.

"Well of course you're not mad at him, he saved lives, Hari hasn't", Sokka said.

"You shouldn't be mad at him", Aang said.

"Whatever", Sokka responded, clearly annoyed at the fact that his friends were taking Hari's side in the argument.

Ember Island beach

"Alright, I decide who wins this fight okay?" Saif asked. He was a little surprised at the fact that Hari had asked him to judge the fight between him and Rajit. He was also not happy, but after persistent asking, he had finally agreed to judge a quick five-minute match between the two.

"Okay", Hari and Rajit responded.

"Spar", Saif called. the two ran at each other. Hari's twin blades strapped to his arms proved difficult for most to handle. Rajit was not most. Hari punched inward, hoping to strike Rajit. Rajit had seen this attack before, and was prepared. Instead of blocking with his sword, he avoided the attack, and cut through the straps that held Hari's blade on him. As the blade fell to the sandy ground, Hari prepared to fight back at his foe. He swung his blade, and Rajit dodged this attack as well. Rajit then began to attack Hari, who blocked each blow with his one remaining blade. Eventually, Hari went on the offensive, and attacked Rajit. Rajit ducked beneath this attacke, and then struck Hari in the leg with the flat of this blade. "Winner, Rajit", Saif said.

"See, told you I would win. I guess I should though, I am great at this", Rajit bragged. All Hari could do in response to this was growl.

Mainyu's ariship

Mainyu saw as Bharato's ship, Sun Generator, approached. "Savas, get into the war balloon with the governess and take her to the Sun Generator. Yudo, stay here and command the airship until I return. I'll be taking a glider squad to that airship", Mainyu ordered. He then walked into the hanger of the airship, and grabbed a glider. Four other soldiers also grabbed gliders, and followed. Savas got into a war balloon, and held onto the governess to make sure she did not try anything. Eventually, the war balloon and the gliders took off, and began to fly towards the airship Bharato was on. Once they had landed, Mainyu walked out of the hanger of the Sun Generator, and encountered a man waiting to welcome him.

"Welcome Mainyu, we've been waiting", general Choy said.

"Good to be here Choy", Mainyu responded. He watched as the four pilots who had come with him grabbed the governess and dragged her onto the ship.

"Our meeting is this way", Choy said, as he lead Mainyu down a hall. The two eventually entered a room, and sat down at a table. Also seated at the table were Bharato and Et Dah.

"Now, how are we going to handle the traitor?", Bharato asked.

"I would gladly give you my five hundred elite pilots to aid in the effort, but Azula has ordered they be used to secure the southern Fire Nation", Et Dah said.

"I have an idea", Mainyu said.

"What is it little boy?" Et Dah asked. Mainyu took anger at this remark, and sent a fire whip across Et Dah's face, scarring her. Et Dah prepared to counterattack, but they were both stopped by Bharato.

"People, you can't fight in here, this is a war room", he said. Mainyu and Et Dah both calmed down, and returned to their seats. "Mainyu, what is your idea?" Bharato asked.

"I have taken governess Sakura prisoner. Zuko may surrender in exchange for the nobles safe return."

Bharato considered the idea. "I agree. I will send Zuko the threat, Choy call in every airship we have should the traitor not surrender, Et Dah, lead your pilots to conquer the south of the Fire Nation. Mainyu, the north will be taken by you. I will keep the governess prisoner on Sun Generator until we have an answer. Dismissed." The leaders then left to carry out the orders Bharato had given them.


  • The line "People, you can't fight in here, this is a war room", is inspired by the line "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!" from the film How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. 

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