Chapter XX: The Plans and The Training, Part 2
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The Phoenix Estates



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Chapter XIX: The Plans and The Training, Part 1

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Chapter XXI: Origin of the Gems

Mo Ce Sea

Zysor drove his jet ski through the large ocean separating the two Fire Nation Islands. He saw a massive wave coming up. Inhaling, he prepared to Firebend at it, and removed one of his hands from the handles of his jet ski. A powerful stream of fire flew from his free hand, decreasing the size of the wave and easily going over the wave without having to perform any extreme maneuvers. Aang called down to the admiral, trying to find out how long they had until they would arrive. "Zysor, how much longer until we reach the island?"

"Not long Avatar, we'll be there shortly. Look, there it is", he responded. The two then approached the island. The factory was conveniently located only a short walk inland, behind a small town. The two stopped at the shore, and began to walk up towards the factory. After walking through the town, they arrived at the factory, and knocked on the door. A man opened the door to see who was there.

"Name and business", the man said.

"My name is Zysor, high admiral of the Fire Nation. I'm here with the Avatar to introduce a new, product, let's say", Zysor said.

"I'm going to need more proof then a claim to let you two in", the factory guard said. Aang used Airbending to send the guard into the air, and created a pillar of earth for the guard to stand on. "Okay, I believe you", the guard said after he had been lowered to the ground. He then escorted the two into the factory, leading them upstairs into the office of the person in charge of the factory.

"Can I help you?" the factory head asked.

"I am high admiral Zysor, and I am here with the Avatar. We came to introduce a new thing to build for the army." Aang stepped forward, and showed the head of the factory his glider.

"I'll get right on it, but how do you make it expand and collapse?" the factory head asked.

"I'll show you", Aang answered.

Ember Island Beach

Hari was getting bored from watching his sister train. Adva had thrown her fan at Azara, but Azara had dodged it. When Azara shot fire at Adva, she had blocked it with her shield. This had allowed Adva to get close to Azara, who used her katana to try and hit Azara. However, Azara easily evaded those attacks, and tried to hit Azara with Firebending. Adva easily dodged these attacks. The two continued in this hit and run for some time, until Hari noticed they were slowing down, and decided to stop the fight. "Stop", he yelled. No sooner had he yelled the word than the two girls collapsed from exhaustion. "Both of you, very skilled with your basics, and will get better when you learn more."

Azara, speaking between breaths, asked Hari a question. "How, did you know I only knew my basics?" Azara asked.

"Do you know many ten year olds who are masters at Firebending?", Hari responded.

"No", Azara said.

"You shouldn't have ended that fight Hari, it was pretty intense." Hari turned to see who had spoken. He saw it was Wei, and to his side, Haruka.

"They're clearly tired, and have been fighting for a long time. I think if they want to be able to move at all tomorrow, they should rest. Haruka, can you take them to their homes?"

"Sure", Haruka responded. She compacted some sand underneath the tow girls, and elevated it as she took them away."

"You're not fit to teach your sister Hari", a voice said. Hari looked to see who had spoken and responded.

"Your in no position to pass judgment, who won our last fight, oh right, it was me."

"Yeah, well you only won cause you're daddy's little swordsman."

"I did not."

"Yes you did, and if you really think that, let's fight tomorrow."

"You're on", Hari responded. The man walked away, and Wei spoke with Hari.

"Who's the Zhao?" he asked.

"That's Rajit. He was number two swordsman on Kyoshi Island, until I hit puberty", Hari answered. "He thinks the only reason I beat him is the fact that my dad's the swordmaster. Guess you'll see who's better tomorrow."

Fire Lord's beach house

"That's it, you've beaten me", Kumaro said. "But Aditi, keep in mind that Neza is only slightly less skilled in nations conquest then me. Tomorrow, you will lose to her." Aditi could not help but realize this was true. The alliance she and Neza had had only been temporary, and when it was over, Neza would turn on her.

"Doesn't Neza need to go to Ash Island with her parents?" she asked.

"Nah, I asked my parents if I could stay here and help out. I'm with you Kumaro, through thick and thin", Neza said, as she patted Kumaro on the back.

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