Chapter XVII: Saif's destiny
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Chapter XVI:Ember Island

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Chapter XVIII: A New Friend

Ember Island beach

Saif walked to the shore of Ember Island. He saw a fisherman getting ready to do his job, and walked up to him "Sir, could you please take me back to Shu Jing?" Saif asked. The fisherman looked up, and agreed.

"Eh, what's in it for me. This boat isn't meant to go out into the ocean?" the fisherman asked.

"I'll pay you 300 gold pieces," Saif responded.

"Done deal. Ey Lee," the man called.

"Yeah Jee," another fisherman responded.

"I'm gonna take this man to Shu Jing island, you okay fishing alone?" Jee said.

"You know I am," Lee responded. Saif then got into Jee's fishing boat, and the two began to head towards Shu Jing. Once the two were a considerable distance from Ember Island, Jee asked Saif a question.

"Why exactly do you need to go to Shu Jing?" he asked. Saif responded to the question honestly.

"I'm going to find my fathers killer," he said.

Ember Island Town

Toph looked around for Saif, hoping to find him. She was really hoping to speak with him, and to spend time with him. Maybe Sokka can help me, she thought to herself, as she walked there.

Shu Jing shore

Saif walked off of the boat, and turned to thank the fisherman or the ride. "Thanks," he said.

"Don't thank me, pay me," Jee asked. Saif looked around for something he could use as money. He suddenly remembered the green pommel stone he had on his sword. That'll work, he thought. Saif handed Jee the rock, and the fisherman began to head back to Ember Island. Saif looked inland, and his mind flashed back to his childhood.


Saif watched as his father swung his sword through the air, causing it to make a sound Saif would come to love like he loved breathing. He was mesmerized by the rapid speed the blade traveled at. Just as his father finished drilling himself, a messenger knocked at the door. "Sir, we need you to fight in the war against the Fire Nation, the messenger said.

"I'll do it," Saif's father said.

Shu Jing shore

Saif recalled the day when that same messenger had returned to his house. He had told him and his mother that his father had been killed in single combat against Piandao. Since then, Saif recalled the intense training he underwent to make himself able to kill Piandao. He had intensely drilled himself since he was six. Although he stopped when he was twelve, he still had been spotted by Earth Kingdom officials as an elite swordfighter. He recalled how he had gotten a job working as a police officer in Ba Sing Se, how he had drilled himself to become the greatest swordsman in the Earth Kingdom to make himself a better officer, and how he had taken down Nid Veelis along with the rest of the police. He began to walk inland, prepared to kill Piandao.

Ember Island beach

"I'm telling you Toph, it's no big deal," Sokka said. "What's the worst that could happen to Saif?" he asked.

"I'm just worried, that's all," Toph responded.

"Fine, lets ask that fisherman if he's seen you boyfriend," Sokka responded.

"He's not my," Toph started to say, before being interrupted by Sokka

"Whatever." Sokka and Toph began to walk towards the fisherman. "Excuse me, have you seen a man, about this tall, black hair, brown eyes, probably has a sword," Sokka said, describing Saif to the fisherman.

"Yeah, he passed through here while ago. Went to Shu Jing. Something about finding his fathers killer," Jee said. Sokka's mind instantly went to the moment when Saif had asked him about Piandao.

"Toph, come with me hurry," Sokka said, as he grabbed Toph by the arm.

"What is it Sokka?" Toph asked.

"I think Saif is going to kill Piandao, we've gotta stop him," Sokka said. He ran towards where he knew Aang kept Appa, and got onto he bison. Toph followed, and soon the two were in the air heading towards Shu Jing.

Shu Jing

Saif walked up the path to Piandao's palace, and knocked on the door. Fat walked up to the door and opened it. "Can I help you?" he asked.

"I need to see the master," Saif said.

"Did you bring a gift?" Fat asked.

"Um, no," Saif responded, surprised by the question.

"Oh well, last time someone didn't bring the master a gift he trained him, so you may be lucky," Fat replied. Saif followed Fat to the room where he found the Fire Nation swordsman writing calligraphy. Without stopping, the man spoke with his back turned to his enemy. "Who are you?"

"My name is Saif, son of Njord the Sharp. You can probably guess why I'm here," Saif said as he took out his sword. Piandao swiftly got up and took out his own sword in one fluid motion. Saif was impressed that a man as old as Piandao could move like that. Saif began to attack him ferociously, swinging his blade faster than an arrow from a bow. Any untrained being would have fallen dead within one second. Piandao was not an untrained being. The two dueled intensely, each one attempting to strike the other. Piandao was being pushed back, as he slowly walked backwards out of his palace and in to his courtyard, his sword constantly clashing against Saif's.

Toph and Sokka landed outside Piandao's palace, and got off. Sokka quickly ran up to the door, attempting to get it open. Toph used Earthbending to bring the wall down. Sokka ran inside to see Piandao and Saif dueling. Saif began to use his sword to redirect Piandao's blade. Eventually, Saif redirected Piandao's blade away from the Fire Nation swordsman, leaving him defenseless. Saif saw his opportunity, and swung his sword at Piandao.

"No!" Sokka screamed as he saw the sword travel towards his master.

Saif suddenly felt his body stop. He could still think, but he could not move. "Saif, my son," a voice said. Saif looked around.

"Father?" Saif asked. Saif's father appeared to him. "What's going on, what's happening?" Saif asked.

"I sought the help of the spirit of this island and the spirit of time to help you. The spirit of time allowed me to tell you as much as I desire and have only the blink of an eye pass to everyone else. The spirit of this island allowed me to cross into his physical realm. I have to tell you about my death. The armies of the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation were in a stalemate for five years. The generals on both sides knew this was because of two great warriors who had never fought each other, myself and Piandao. The generals decided if there was going to be a victor in the conflict, Piandao and I would have to fight to the death in single combat. We went to a small clearing and began to fight. I had almost beaten him, when suddenly I was struck in the back by Zhao. Piandao did not kill me Saif, and if he had, then he would have done it with honor."

Saif's mind was blown by this new information. "Wait, why did you only tell me this now, instead of letting me become an killing machine bent on revenge?" Saif asked.

"Well, wasn't it a result of you becoming a 'killing machine bent on revenge', did you not become the greatest swordsman in the Earth Kingdom?" Njord said.

"Yes, but," Saif interrupted

"And wasn't it in the army that you found the love of your life?" Njord asked. Saif instantly thought of Toph. "Goodbye my son, I will see you again, when the time is right," Njord said. Saif suddenly felt his body beginning to move. He knew his sword would cut Piandao. Thinking quickly, Saif turned his wrist so that just the flat hit his foe. Piandao fell over from the blow. Saif threw his sword to the ground, and turned around to see Sokka and Toph coming up.

"What did you do to him?" Sokka asked angrily.

"It's okay, he's fine," Saif responded.

"Why did you do that?" Sokka asked.

"I thought that Piandao had killed my father, Njord, and made it my life's purpose to kill him. Just now, my father's spirit appeared to me and told me it was Zhao who had killed him," Saif responded. "Guess that means I now have to kill Zhao," he added.

"Too late, Zhao is already dead, he died at the North Pole," Sokka said.

"Oh, well," Saif said.

"Sokka, I notice you no longer have your meteorite sword, where is it?" Piandao asked.

"Oh, I kinda lost it at Wulong Forest," Sokka responded.

"I see you have a new one though," Piandao said.

"Yeah, he does, that's great, now I'd really like to get back to Ember Island," Saif said. "Planning strategies for a war." Saif looked at Piandao, expecting him to say something.

"I've already fought in a war, on both sides. I've had enough fighting for my life," Piandao said. The threesome then exited the palace and began their journey back to Ember Island. Saif and Toph walked right next to each other, while Sokka walked a few feet away from the two.

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