Chapter XIV: Ember Island
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Chapter XVII: Saif's Destiny

Earth Kingdom ship

Sokka awoke on the long voyage in his cabin. He had not been expecting to be called into the army, along with the other warriors of Kyoshi, especially since his son had run off to fight in the war, but he had accepted what had happened. He decided to walk toward the deck of the ship, rather than stay in his cabin. As he walked on the deck, he saw Saif standing by the side of the ship. He walked up next to him. "Hey," he said.

"Hey," Saif responded, without turning his head. The two watched as the ship lead the fleet past a Fire Nation island.

"Hey, I've been there before," Sokka exclaimed.

"You have?" Saif asked. "Toph told me of your travels with the Avatar in the Fire Nation, but what specifically did you do at that island?"

"Yeah, here I studied swordsmanship under the great Piandao," Sokka answered. As soon as Saif heard this name, he went into a state of readiness.

"Piandao lives on that island?" Saif asked.

"Yes," Sokka responded. Saif's mind instantly began plotting what he would do with this new information.

Ash Island

Kumaro flew his glider towards Ash island. Due to the increased number of people flying on Appa, he, Aditi, Aang, and, reluctantly, Wei, were all using gliders instead of flying on Appa. The group saw a large island approaching, no trees, just a massive field. "I think we should stop there and rest for the night," Kumaro called out.

"You're right, let's land," Aang responded. The two began their descent, followed by Wei and Aditi, and later the group on Appa. Wei threw his glider away from him once he had laded, kneeling over and kissing the ground.

Rin walked up to Katara, as she was setting up the camp "Katara, I need to speak to you and Aang," she said. Katara turned when Rin said this. She then responded to the statement.

"Sure Rin, just let me get Aang," Katara said. She then walked away from the yet-to-be-setup tent, toward Appa, where Aang was helping unload. "Aang, I need to talk to you," Katara said.

"Sure, what is it?" Aang asked.

"Follow me," Rin said, as she walked up to the pair. She then walked towards the edge of the field, and took out the Water Sapphire.

"What's that?" Aang asked.

"It's a gem that can greatly enhance the abilities of any Waterbender, and give a non-bender Waterbending abilities," Rin responded. She began to bend a large amount of water to show what the gem could do. Aang and Katara looked at the feat in awe.

Ember Island, 2 days later

Zuko watched as Ember Island drew into sight. He hoped to find a location to safely place the citizens of the capital instead of on the airship. He ordered the captain to begin to land, when he saw Earth Kingdom ships coming into view. Once the airships had landed, he saw a small boat come from one of the larger ships. Zuko got off the airship, and walked out to greet the people on it. Once the boat landed, he saw Sokka, Suki, and Toph get off of it. "What are you doing here?" Zuko asked.

"Nice to see you too," Suki responded.

"We came to help in the war," Toph said.

"Why are you here?" Suki asked.

"The Phoenix Estates captured the capital, we had to run," Zuko responded. The group then saw a sky bison flying overhead, followed by four gliders. "Aang too huh?" Zuko said as he saw the bison fly down.

"Yep," Sokka responded. The group went towards where the bison had landed to greet Aang.

Kumaro saw his father coming to him, and ran up to him, embracing him. Zuko was surprised to see his son, but very happy to see him too. "Why did you go?" Zuko asked. "I told you to return right after you told the Avatar about the Phoenix Estates."

"Hey, if I hadn't disobeyed you, then the Earth Kingdom would have taken a lot longer to aid us, lots of people, including the Avatar's daughter, would be dead, and a very powerful thing would be in the hands of the Phoenix Estates."

"Hey, you are in no position to pull that time at the Western Air Temple on me," Aditi said.

"I was talking about that time when you got shot with lightning," Kumaro responded.

Sokka and Suki were not happy when they encountered Hari. "Why'd you leave?" Sokka asked.

"I told you dad, I wanted to fight in the war," Hari responded.

"And I told you not to," Sokka responded. "You disobeyed me," he added. The two then angrily walked away from each other.

Wei walked along the beach, watching as some other small boats took soldiers off the ships onto the island. He was watching as one of them unloaded, when suddenly he saw some familiar faces. "Blade, Quiver?" he asked. The two turned to see Wei, and greeted him.

"Wei, good to see you," Blade said.

"Why are ya here, I thought you were in Ba Sing Se?" Quiver asked.

"My teacher decided to fight in the war, so I agreed," Wei said.

Haruka wandered off, seeing as her brother was talking with his friends. Suddenly, she heard a voice call to her. "Haruka?" she turned around to see her mom running up to her to embrace her.

"Why are you here?" her father asked. "I thought you were going to Ba Sing Se."

"I found out that Wei was fighting in the war, so I decided to fight with him, and make sure he stayed alive," Haruka explained.

Kumaro began walking on the beach along with his parents, Aditi, and her parents. They were escorted by the royal procession. Suddenly, a girl ran up to him and embraced him, much to Kumaro's surprise. "Kumaro, I was so worried about you," she said.

"Who is she?" Aditi asked.

"She," Kumaro said, as he broke away from the girl, "is my friend Neza, Neza, Aditi," Kumaro said, introducing the two.

Fire Nation

Mainyu rode into the town of Jai Zha, flanked by Savas and Yudo. He noticed a large amount of battle damage from the fight for it. The Phoenix Estates had won, the Fire Nation had lost. He rode up to the town hall, and looked inside. "Get me the governess," Mainyu said. Savas and Yudo jumped down, only to be confronted by two Firebenders and a man with a sword. Yudo threw his spear, which the swordsman dodged. The swordsman then ran up to Yudo, and engaged him in a duel. Yudo effortlessly blocked the sword with his shield, and attempted to strike the swordsman. The swordsman was able to block the attack, however, Yudo struck again, this time hitting the sword fighter. The sword fighter was hurt by the blow, leaving an opportunity for Yudo to stab him. The two Firebenders shot twin streams of fire at Savas, which Savas effortlessly countered with his own. Yudo ran up to one of the Firebenders. Seeing this, he shot a stream of fire at him, which Yudo took with his shield. Yudo ran up to the Firebender, and killed him. While Yudo took care of one Firebender, Savas handled the other. The guard proved no match for the Phoenix Estates elite Firebender, and was killed. The twins then walked into the building. After a while, they came out, holding a woman between them. "Governess, it's good to see you," Mainyu said.

"Wish I could say the same Mainyu," the woman responded. "Why are you doing this?" she asked.

"Because I crave a power of Firebending that only this path can bring me," Mainyu responded. He then turned so he was facing away from the governess. "Tell me, why did you not surrender, when we came here? You know a large population in your city supports us," Mainyu asked.

"Because there is a large number of people in this city that also oppose you," the governess responded.

"Liar," Mainyu said, as he turned around. "You did this because of your sister's relationship with the Fire Lord and his wife, and you know it. Take her to my airship. We'll fly her to the Sun Generator and see what Bharato will do with her" Mainyu ordered. Savas and Yudo walked off, still holding the governess tightly around the arms.

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