Chapter XV: Return to the Northern Air Temple
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Northern Air Temple

The group flew on Appa towards the Northern Air Temple. Aditi was both anxious to see her parents again, and scared, to find out about what they would do, since they were well aware of the fact that she had left them without even a note. They saw the Temple approaching, and prepared to land. Once they did, the group got off. Aang and Katara saw the bison approach the temple and went out to greet its riders. As the two walked out, Aditi saw her parents run up to her. Or at least, her father did, but her mother walked. And she looked different, like there was a lump on her stomach.

"Aditi, are you okay," Aang asked.

"We were so worried," Katara added.

"I'm fine, I just told the world of the Phoenix Estates, that's all," Aditi responded.

"Well, you've told the world, now you can stay here since people know they exist," Aang responded.

"Yeah, about that," Aditi added.

"What?" Aang asked.

"The Phoenix Estates have declared war on all other nations," Hari said.

"We'll rest here tonight, then tomorrow, go to the Fire Nation," Kumaro said. The group began to unpack and get ready to rest for the day. Once they were done, Kumaro walked to the edge of the temple and sat with his legs dangling over the edge. Wei saw that Kumaro was not looking so well, and walked up to him.

"Somethings on your mind Kumaro, what is it?" Wei asked, as he sat down next to his teacher.


"I know its something Kumaro, tell me," Wei said.

"No," Kumaro responded. Wei thought of how to get Kumaro to talk.

"Sometimes the student can teach the teacher, and if you tell me what's wrong, I may be able to give you some helpful advice," Wei said. Kumaro sighed, and then spoke his mind.

"One day when I was ten years old, I was teaching my little brother how to Firebend. I accidentally burnt him once. My father was so mad at me, he almost ordered me to fight an Agni Kai against him. Luckily, he just made me take care of my brother while he healed." Kumaro paused for a second, then continued. "When I was on that airship, I saw my little brother captaining the airship. He ordered his troops to capture me. His Phoenix Estates troops to capture me," Kumaro added. Wei thought about what Kumaro had just said, trying to find some words of wisdom. "This is the part where you give me some helpful advice and prove that both student and teacher learn from each other," Kumaro said.

"This is that part, isn't it," Wei said.

"So," Kumaro said, obviously expecting a response that would help him take in the fact that his brother had joined the Phoenix Estates.

"I can't think of anything. Maybe this means you're meant to do great things, like be able to lead massive armies like your father, even though that happened," Wei said.

"Thanks Wei," Kumaro responded. He didn't think what Wei had said would really help him, but he was trying, and that was enough.

Aditi sat on the other side of the Northern Air Temple. She sat in a manner much like Kumaro's, her feet swinging over the edge. Her father saw she was depressed and that something was on her mind, and he tried to talk to her.

"Aditi, you seem different, changed," Aang said. "Something happened to you while you and Kumaro traveled the world. What was it?" Aang asked.

"You remember how, when I was here last, I was willing to fight and even kill," Aditi said.

"You weren't like that," Aang responded. Aditi looked at her father. "Okay, you were, your point?" Aang asked.

"Once, me and Kumaro had to face a Firebending master. During the fight, I had lightning shot at me."

"Are you okay, how are you alive?" Aang asked.

"I'm fine, the lightning hit my staff, so I only took some of the blow," Aditi responded.


"That doesn't mean it didn't hurt," Aditi said. "When I got hit by that lightning, I though I would die. I thought about all the times I had tried to kill other people, and realized, that this was what I was putting them through. I've decided now, that you were right that all life is sacred," Aditi added. "From now on, I will not fight to kill, ever."

"Glad to hear that," Aang said.

Lo Gan and Hari began to spar with one another. Lo Gan's ice blades sliced through the air, almost harming Hari, until Hari blocked them with his blades. The two continued sparring for a few minutes, until they decided it was best that they take a break. "You know, I don't get Rin," Hari said.

"What's not to get?" Lo Gan asked.

"Why she came with us. I know you came because Kumaro saved your life, you owe him, etcetera, etcetera, but why did Rin come?" Hari responded.

"Shes married to me," Lo answered. "And on a lesser note, Kavi only trusts her with the Water Sapphire, so she has to be the one who takes it from the Northern Water Tribe."

"Huh, so that's how it is. Thanks for clearing that up," Hari said.

Fire Nation, capital

General Zol rode into the Fire Nation capital, rushing to tell Zuko of his defeat. He ran into the palace, knowing that there could be a great danger soon. "Fire Lord Zuko, I have some bad news," he said as he entered the throne room.

"What is it General Zol?" Zuko asked.

"I was defeated at the field. Only myself and some others have managed to escape. Following my defeat, I feel that the Phoenix Estates will soon strike the capital. I am recommending an evacuation of the city." Zuko thought about this for a moment, before he agreed.

"I agree Zol, but that will take too long."

"I have an idea sir," Zol said. "I will lead a diversion of a small attack force. That should buy you some time to get out of here.

Zuko did not enjoy Zol's plan. He knew it involved several lives being lost. But, he could not think of anything else, so it was put into effect. Majority of his army boarded airships along with civilians of the capital, rushing goods onto the airships in an attempt to evacuate

Fire Nation, Field

Bharato looked as his new device prepared to be used. He operated and commanded his device, his massive airship, from the bridge. It was easily twice as large as any other airship ever built, and could therefore carry twice as many troops, gliders, balloons, and bombs. Et Dah was also on the airship, looking at the oncoming forces. The forces they were facing included a small army, and five military airships, coming at them in a V. "They think that it is my glider pilots who will defeat them. While they are wise to fear them, they are wrong," Et said.

"Indeed," Bharato responded. He looked out to the catwalks of the airship, where three men, all with some form of prosthetics on some of their limbs. There was one facing forward, one to his left, and one to his right, all masters of combustion. "Left and right, take out the airships," Bharato ordered. "Center, hold your fire," he added. Bharato watched as the crew of the airship fired on their foes. The outer two airships were struck in the propellers, causing them to fall. Another two airships attempted to gain altitude, but his soldiers stopped that, striking them right in the bridges. Those two airships began to fall as well. The only airship left was rushing towards them at high speeds, in an attempt to ram them. The two Firebenders shot at the airship, putting a huge hole in the top. The fifth and final airship began to fall. Once all the airships had hit the ground, Bharato gave the order. "Center, fire." The man in the center looked at the Fire Ruby, he felt its power coarse through him. He fired. A massive mushroom like cloud erupted on the field, destroying the ground forces and the survivors of the airships.

Fire Nation capital beach

Zuko watched as the capital slipped away from him. "Set a course for Ember Island captain," he said.

"Yes, Sir," the captain responded, as he began steering the airship in the direction Zuko desired. 

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