Chapter XLIII:Return to the Air Temple
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Chapter XLIV:The Airship

Airship fleet

Bharato looked as the airship flew over the Western Air Temple. The white clouds that covered the bottom of the temple passed by beneath the airships as it continued on its westward journey towards Ba Sing Se. He was eager for the attack, knowing that when he burned Ba Sing Se to the ground, he would send a message to the recently surrendered forces, and they would rise up again in victory.

Fire Nation Airship

Kumaro walked around the airship, thinking about what would happen when the war was finally over. Spring was nearing an end, and so was the war. Earlier that day, he had said goodbye to Haruka, Lo Gan, Rin, and Wei. Hari had mad a promise to visit Haruka, and Kumaro had little doubt that he would keep it. Lo Gan had felt that he had paid his debt to Kumaro, so he and Rin had started their journey back to the Northern Water Tribe. Night was falling, and he would soon be heading to his cabin for sleep. As he walked, he passed Neza and she stopped him. "Kumaro, I need to tell you something," she said.

"What is it?" Kumaro asked.

"It's, It's..." she hesitated. "Never mind," she added. She then walked away towards her own cabin, and Kumaro continued to walk towards his.

Avatar Aang's cabin

Aang was sleeping in his cabin next to Katara. As he slept, he had a dream. It was nothing but blackness, until he saw Yue appear before him. "Listen to me Aang, the gems have been used for malevolent purposes, you need to destroy them."

"How?" Aang asked.

"Fire and water will cancel each other out, same with earth and air. When you have all the gems, use Earthbending to force them together, and they'll be just ordinary rocks." After she told Aang this, she disappeared, slowly, becoming harder and harder to see, until she was completely gone.


Aang walked into mess hall of the airship shortly after he woke up the next day. He saw a table where Katara, Zuko, Sokka, Toph, Suki, and Saif were already sitting, and decided to join them. "Guys, I had a strange dream last night. Yue spoke to me, and she said that we need to destroy the gems."

"How are you gonna do that?" Katara asked, as Aang sat down next to her.

"She said something about using Earthbending to mix the gems together, so they'll cancel each other out," Aang explained.

"We'll we're almost at the Wester Air Temple, we'll then be able to find the Air Topaz, and then we'll have two of the four gems," Sokka said. Indeed, he was right. The airship took only five more minutes before it arrived at the air temple. Once they landed on the stone temple surface, and the crew got off, Kumaro and Aditi called out.

"Kato, we know you're there."

"You can come out Kato, it's just me and Kumaro." A male Air Nomad poked his head out of a doorless exit, to confirm it was his friends.

"We can see you Kato, don't pretend you're not there," Kumaro said. Kato then came into full view, while Aditi explained to the others who they were calling to.

"Hello, it's been a while," Kato said.

"Listen, Kato," Kumaro said, "we're looking for something."

"What is it?" Kato asked.

"It's a yellow gem that's supposed to increase the power of Airbenders," Kumaro explained.

"And to give a non-bender the ability to Airbend," Aditi added.

"I don't know what you're talking about, I'm sorry," Kato said.

"Wait," Aditi said. "I'll be back in a few minutes," she added, and she began to walk back towards the airship. When she came back, Toph was with her. "She'll be able to tell if you're lying, so I'd stick to the truth. Do you know where to Topaz is?"

Kato was starting to get nervous. He still thought he would be able to fool them, and all he would need to do would be to stay calm. "I don't know where it is," he said.

"You're lying," Toph said.

"Fine, I know where it is, but I'm not going to tell you."

"Oh, yeah," Toph said.

"Correct, I'm not going to tell you."

"Wait, I have an idea," Aang said, as he walked up. "Kato, are you an Airbender?"

"Yes," Kato responded.

"Then I challenge you to a Triaerolon," Aang said.

"What's in it for me?" Kato asked. Aang thought about the situation, knowing he would have to offer something to Kato if he won.

"You and the others at the temple will stay secret," Kumaro said, knowing that Kato valued the temple's secrecy.

"I accept," Kato responded. As Kato left, Katara asked Aang a question.

"What's a Triaerolon?" she asked.

"It's a competition of three events that takes place between two Air Nomads over very important things, and whoever wins two is the winner," Aang explained. He then turned to his daughter, and spoke to her. "Aditi, why didn't you tell me that there were Air Nomads here?"

"You never asked," Aditi responded.

"Yeah, because I never thought that there would be Air Nomads secretly alive."

"Sorry," Aditi said, regretting not telling her father about what had happened.

"It's okay," Aang said, as he placed his hand on his daughter's shoulder. He then followed Kato inside the temple.

Inside the temple

Kato looked down at the training wind sword he had. He had already given Aang one, and the two were prepared to fight. Unlike combat wind swords, which had sharp blade, the training sword was shaped like a cone coming up from the hilt. It took Aang a few seconds to figure out how to correctly bend the air into the weapon, and when he did figure out how, he made a fighting stance. Kato swung his sword at Aang. Aang swung his sword at Kato with all his might, and when Kato blocked the attack, Aang was not expecting the wind sword to push him back a few steps. Kato quickly brought his weapon out and around for another attack, and struck Aang on the shoulder. "You lose," Kato said. Aang put down his weapon, and spoke to Kato.

"Fine, but that's only one. I can still win this," Aang replied. The two Airbenders then went outside for the second part of the challenge.

Outside the temple

Aang and Kato stood next to each other, each holding their glider at their side. "From here to the other side of the canyon," Kato said. "Ready, set, go." The two Airbenders were off in a second, each rushing towards the opposite side of the canyon and trying to beat his opponent. Aang began to pull ahead when they were about halfway across, and he was far in the lead by the time they reached the other side. The two then returned to the temple, and after they had, they talked to each other. "Alright, you won this one. The next event is the deciding one," Kato said.

"Let's finish this inside," Aang responded.

"I agree." The two Airbenders then went back inside the temple, where they prepared for the final competition

Inside the temple

Aang was prepared for the final part of the challenge, an air duel between him and Kato. Though Aang was confident about his Airbending abilities, he still knew that he would have to be careful when facing Kato. The two were standing in a large square that had been painted on the floor, and they were standing in opposite corners of it. Aang started the fight. He leapt up into the air, and sent twin waves of wind at Kato from his left and right. Kato quickly created a dome of wind to protect him from the attack, and was about to launch his own attack, when Aang sent another attack directly at him. Kato again blocked this attack with another air dome, and was forced on the defensive. Aang sent ten more attacks at Kato, all of which were blocked. Aang then began to notice a pattern in the way Kato was fighting, ad got an idea. Aang sent a small blast of air at Kato, who blocked it with a shield, and as the shield dissolved, Aang sent an air stream at Kato, pushing him back and out of the square. "I won, now tell me where the gem is," Aang said.

"I won't tell you, but I'll show you follow me," Kato said. He then walked away, and Aang followed him


Aang flew on his glider through the sky and away from the temple as e followed Kato. He noticed that Airbender was heading further down, and that he would have to follow. The two continued their flight, until they came to a large cave. They then landed, and began to walk in, when Kato realized something. "Oh, I forgot to bring a torch," he said. Aang then held his palm towards the sky and produced a small flame.

"We don't need one," Aang responded. Kato then continued to walk into the cave, followed by Aang. They continued to walk for a while, to a point when the mouth of the cave was barely visible, when Kato stopped. He then bent down, and picked up a rock. Underneath that rock was the gem. Aang picked it up, glad that a large part of his mission was completed.


  • The Triaerolon is derived from the real world Triathlon.

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