Chapter XXLII: Aggni, Part 3
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Chapter XLI: Aggni, part 2

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Chapter XLIII: Return to the Air Temple


Bharato looked out his window as the forces of the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom closed in through the city streets. As he did, Mainyu entered the room. "Bharato, we'll soon be overrun. I think it's best we surrender."

"No", Bharato responded "We've been making sure that several velocity class airships were made, and we now have a fleet ready to use."

Mainyu then though of this. "Great, then let's use them to win this battle."

"We couldn't win this battle if we had twice our current forces", Bharato.

"So what do you plan to do?" Mainyu asked.

"I plan to use these airships to attack the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se. Get ready for our departure."

On top of Fire Nation airship

Atenar and Et Dah had been fighting for a long time with neither gaining the upper hand. As they fought, Et Dah noticed something. Five airships were taking off, and starting to head west towards the Earth Kingdom. Et Dah grabbed her glider, and leapt off the airship, eager to join the main group. As she flew off, Atenar sent a fire stream at her back. The stream found it's target. Et Dah screamed in pain as the attack burned her. It was the last time she would do so. Atenar then grabbed his glider, and flew after the airships.

Fire Nation airship

Zysor looked as the airship fleet took off and began to head west. "Follow them", he ordered.

"We can't, our airship's taken too much damage in the battle", the pilot responded. The airship then shook violently, and began to fall. "We'll be lucky if when we land no one's hurt", the pilot added. The airship continued its descent to the ground as the Phoenix Estates forces fled the battle.

The Next day

Zuko, Aang, Mai, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Saif were discussing what they would do next. "We've got to go after them", Zuko said.

"I agree, but how? Zysor said that all the airships can't fly due to damage from attacks", Saif said.

"We can probably get one of them ready in a day, but just one. The others are damaged so much it would take weeks to fix them", Sokka said.

"Well then it's obvious what we need to do. We need to repair the one airship that'll be easy to fix, and take fifty with us to stop Bharato", Zuko said.

Hill outside Aggni

Atenar was walking outside the city, thinking about the friends he had recently lost. As he walked, he heard the footsteps of a familiar being coming towards him. He turned around, and spoke to the man. "Admiral Zysor."

"Atenar", the admiral responded. He then paused before continuing to speak. "Look, I know you're upset about the loss of Altair and Hideki, but that's what happens in war. Besides, you never really seemed to care about the pilots in the squads you lead, since most of them are dead."

"I cared about them", Atenar said. "It's just, I think I focused more on Altair and Hideki because I knew that no matter what happened..."

"They'd survive the battle", Zysor finished. "I know that their deaths are tough to take, but we can't let the fact that they died stop us. They gave their lives so people like Bharato could be brought to justice, and we're dishonoring their deaths by not fighting."

Atenar thought about what Zysor had said, before responding. "Thanks. I'm really glad you're my cousin, you really helped my out."

Outskirts of Aggni

Aknur walked through the battle damaged streets of the Fire Nation city. As he walked he heard two people following him. He turned around to speak to them. "Why are you... oh, it's you two. Sorry about that."

"It's okay, look me and Kun just wanted to see how you were taking Pallav's death."

"Not well. I'd always joke about fighting, and Pallav would take this stuff seriously. Now I know why he was so serious. When this is over, I'm quitting the police force".

"What'll you do?" Ila asked.

"I don't know", Aknur said. "But whatever I do, I'll enjoy it more then I did."

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