Chapter XLI: Aggni, part 2
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The Phoenix Estates



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Mainyu rode towards the outskirts of Aggni. The gliders had been attacking the fallen airships for an entire night, and they had worn their crew down. The army that had been marching behind them had turned around and fled due to their inability to protect themselves against aerial assaults. Mainyu looked at the wreckage of the airships nearing complete destruction. Soon the airships would collapse around the few troops inside them, killing them all. This victory would turn the tide of the war in the Phoenix Estates' favor, and they would be able to reconquer all the lands they had lost.

Fire Nation airship

Zuko looked around the airship as metal continued to fall all around him. He knew as well as Mainyu that he could not stay underneath the airship forever, and that soon it would collapse on his forces. He then turned to Aang. "Aang, you need to go into the Avatar state, it's our only chance of even surviving this battle".

"But what if I'm killed?" Aang asked.

"The only reason you died in the Avatar state last time was because Azula attacked from behind. That's not going to happen this time. Go into it Aang, or we're all dead", Zuko replied. Aang knew his friend was fight, and breathed. His eyes and tattoos them began to glow, and he stepped out from the cover of the airship. Immediately after he did, he started to raise himself into the air with Airbending. Several Phoenix Estates gliders flew at him, but he created a massive sphere of air, pushing them back and preventing them from attacking him. As he went higher, he saw three airships coming towards the city from the south. He could tell from the insignias they bore that they were Fire Nation.

Azula's house

Azula tossed and turned in her bed as she slept, her dreams still haunted by the shadowy figure with the purple fire. She was woken up yet again by the fire, and this time, the figure remained in her vision. She managed to drive her thoughts away from it, and the figure disappeared. Azula then heard knocking on the door, and walked towards it. Once she opened it, she saw a soldier from the Phoenix Estates standing at the door. "What is it?", she asked in a voice that betrayed the fact that she had not slept much.

"We need you in the battle Azula. The tide has turned in favor of the traitors and their allies, and we can't win without you."

"I'll be there soon, just let me get dressed", Azula said, as she was wearing nothing but her sleeping robe.

Fire Nation airship

Atenar looked as the airship approached the Phoenix Estates' capital. He then turned to Altair and Hideki, who each had a squad of five pilots with them. "Alright, you know what we've gotta do; Fly to the crashed airships, and cover those who are still alive. Let's go." Atenar then jumped out of the hanger, and converted his staff into a glider. Altair and Hideki followed, accompanied by their squads.

Grounded Fire Nation airship

Aang watched as his Airbending drove the Phoenix Estates pilots away. He was prepared to continue the attack, when he saw several gliders fly into the battle from behind the Phoenix Estates forces. He knew that he no longer needed the Avatar State. He then slowly lowered himself to the ground, not wanting to risk the Avatar Spirit by using it unless necessary.

Hill outside Aggni

Toph looked into the city where the war had started. She then turned to the combined forces of the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom that had been following the airships. "Charrrggge", she yelled. The forces that had been standing still moments earlier broke into a run, and ran up the hill. Within seconds they were in the city.


Azula looked around as the forces she commanded ran through the city to take up defensive positions. She fan forward to join them, but slowed to a walk as she heard the crackling of flames. She looked around to see it she was near anyone who was Firebending, but saw no one was performing the art. She shook her head, and closed here eyes as she did so, telling herself that she was hearing things. When she closed here eyes, she saw the dark figure surrounded with purple fire. She continued towards the fighting, and as she did the crackling got louder and louder. Eventually, it got to a deafening roar, and Azula could take not more. She had to escape the crackling so she ran, far away from the Phoenix Estates, far away from her brother, and far away from the fighting.

Aknur, Pallav, Ila, and Kun ran through the streets of the city. Soon, they encountered enemy soldiers. Kun and Ila created a barrier of earth to protect them, and the four soldiers quickly got behind it. They waited a few seconds, before ten other troops came to the barrier. "I think we can continue, let's go", Pallav said. Ila and Kun lowered the wall, and the soldiers started running. As they ran, several Phoenix Estates soldiers shot arrows at them. Ila and Kun created barriers as the group advanced to protect them, but they weren't completely effective.


Et Dah looked down from her glider as she flew towards a Fire Nation airship as she did, she saw thirteen gliders from the Fire Nation speeding towards them. She herself was being followed by ten pilots, and let them engage ten of the enemy pilots. She noticed that the three Fire Nation pilots weren't attacking her, they were flying into the city to attack the ground forces there. She turned her glider around, and went after them, ready to kill.

Altair flew his glider over some Phoenix Estates forces, and dropped several bombs on them. When he heard them go off, he grinned with satisfaction. As he flew away and prepared to come back again for another attack, he saw some blasts of fire shoot past him. He made some attempts to evade the attacks, but they were in vain. One of the fire blasts struck a few inches from the bag where he held his bombs.

Hideki flew a few hundred feet away from where Altair was, when he heard an explosion go off. Knowing what had happened, Hideki began to climb upwards.

Et Dah flew back towards the Fire Nation airships, when she saw the shadow of a glider on the roof tops next to her. She waited for the shadow to get smaller, knowing that would mean he was closer to her, and preformed a loop-the-loop, getting behind he target. She shot at him, and hit the glider after a few seconds. The Fire Nation pilot began to fall towards the earth, his glider burning up.

Atanar saw what had happened to Hideki, and sped forward into a direct attack aimed at the woman who had killed his friends. He chased her all around the city, and though she could not escape him, he could not hit her. The two navigated in between buildings, and headed towards the Fire Nation airships. As they approached the front of one, the pilot flew higher so she was just above the craft. She then landed, and began to shoot a fire stream at Atenar from the top of the airship. Atenar avoided the attack, and the two engaged in an Agni Kai on top of the airship.

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