Chapter XL:Aggni, Part 1
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Chapter XLI:Aggni, Part 2

Fire Nation Airship

Aang and Zuko watched as their airship slowly approached Aggni. They had ben driving Azula and Mainyu's forces back, and were almost at the Phoenix Estates' capital, ready to end the war. As they approached the city, they saw several small dot's approaching them. "What the?", the captain asked. As the dots got closer, he could see that they were gliders, attempting to attack the airship.

"Launch the gliders, get ready to defend against attack", Zuko ordered. As he said this, he saw several gliders fly over the airship, and felt it shake.

"We've been hit sir, they're dropping bombs on us", the captain said. As he said this, the airships began to drop.

"Our hull's been broken, they've bombed it and we're going down", the captain explained. After a few moments, the airship had hit the ground, and continued to be attacked. Aang and Zuko ran outside, trying to get away from the airship as it began to fall apart around them. As soon as they ran outside, they saw some gliders try to attack them from above. They then ran back under the cover of the airship, dodging attacks from the gliders as they ran. Zuko then looked back into the battle and a studied the situation. The airships had fallen, and their gliders had been trapped inside. The gliders that weren't carried on the airships were already in battle, but they were outnumbered, and had to stay on the defensive. The ground army was also running around madly, trying to get shelter from the aerial bombardment. Zuko knew there was only one chance of surviving; waiting until Mai and Katara arrived from the south.


Mainyu looked as the two Fire Nation airships took several attacks. He grinned, knowing that it was only a matter of time before the army was defeated, and he would be able to reconquer the lands in the Fire Nation. He wished that his aunt had been with him, but she had been in the capitol building, thinking about what some dreams she had been having meant.

Sen Sol

Katara and Mai were beginning to load up their airship for the trip they would be taking towards Aggni. They were both eager for an end to the fighting, hoping for some longer lasting peace. As they packed, they saw two airships coming towards them, each with a Fire Nation insignia on the side near the propellers. As it approached them, it slowed down, and began landing. After a while, it landed, and their allies came out. Katara and Mai saw Kumaro, Aditi, and Azara coming towards them. Once they were close enough to each other, they hugged warmly, Katara and Aditi's lasting longer than the group hug between Mai and her children. After they separated, they began talking.

"So, how did it go in the south", Katara asked.

"We managed to push them back and imprison the main army, but Bharato escaped, along with five hundred glider pilots", Kumaro replied.

"He didn't come through here", Mai said.

"He must've taken a detour", Aditi said.

"There's only one lace he can go, Aggni. We beat him there, we end the war", Kumaro said

"Then why are we still here?" Katara said. The group then began to get back onto their airships, and prepared to leave. Right before they took off, Kumaro and Aditi saw Juna standing on the ground with what few belongings she had, and waiting for them to leave.

"Juna, what are you doing?", Kumaro asked.

"I'm leaving. My part in this war has been played, and I can't stay here anymore", she explained.

"Will you go back to the Western Air Temple?" Aditi asked.

"No, that's where I first got involved in the war, by saving the lives of some Phoenix Estates crew members. If I go back there, it'll remind me about the friends I helped, made, and lost", Juna responded.

"Where will you go then?" Aditi asked.

"To the Earth Kingdom. I hope to start a new life there, and forget about the people I lost in this war", Jun said. "The other members of the resistance have already left, and they asked me to tell you they were leaving", she added. She then hugged Kumaro and Aditi goodbye, and began to walk away. The two friends then slowly walked onto an airship, sad at the news that the Airbender had told them.

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