Chapter XIX: The Plans and The Training, Part 1
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Earth Kingdom camp, Ember Island

Toph awoke from her long sleep, getting up and feeling the hot Fire Nation sun touch her skin. She wondered if Saif was awake, and decided to check on him. She walked to his tent, and gently elevated the ground underneath it to wake him up. Saif awoke, and came out to see Toph. "We gotta go to the meeting, come on Saif", Toph said. Saif picked up his sword, and then began to follow Toph to the meeting room.

Ember Island beach

Hari looked as a little Kyoshi Warrior drilled practiced with her katana. "No, no, no sis, you're doing it all wrong." Hari said. The little eight year old was clearly frustrated by the way her brother had corrected her.

"Well, then how do I fight Hari?" she asked.

"Give me your katana", Hari said. The little girl handed her brother her weapon. "Now, watch closely Adva", Hari said. He then began to move through several steps in a sword fighting sequence, so quickly that Adva had difficulty locking her eyes on the blade. "Now you try", her brother said. Adva took a stance, and began to swing her katana at as high speeds as Hari had. While performing a block to her left leg, she accidentally struck herself with the flat of her blade.

"Ha ha ha ha ha", a voice said.

Adva turned to see who had laughed, and saw a Fire Nation girl, about her age, laughing. "And who are you?" Adva asked.

"Does this, mean anything to you?", the girl said, as she pointed to the crown piece in her hair.

"No", Adva responded. The girl was obviously annoyed at this.

"Well, I think I can fight better than you, and by the way, it's Azara", the girl said.

"Fine then, lets fight and see wh wins, by the way, I'm Adva", Adva said.

"I'm judging, no one do anything that will scar the other for life", Hari said. Azara and Adva walked to opposite sides of the field, and began to fight.

Meeting room, Ember Island

"Alright, now, in what order are we going to move our troops to Ash Island?" Zuko asked.

"No order, our troops are needed here for protection", Grain said.

"Grain, it's suicide to move just the civilians there, if the Phoenix Estates attack Ash Island, then they won't be opposed", Blade said.

"They'll attack here. Azula has a vendetta against Zuko, and won't stop until either he's dead, or she is", Sokka responded.

"How about we send half of the troops to Ash Island?" Aang asked.

"That'll just make the civilians we send there a target. I propose no more than ten percent of our troops get sent to Ash Island to protect the civilians we send there", admiral Zysor said.

"I agree with admiral Zysor, any objections", Zuko asked. The room was silent. "We're in agreement then, we send ten percent of our forces to ash island to guard the civilians we send there. Now, onto new business, my son, Kumaro, has come up with a way for Firebenders to use gliders to fly. I think it's a good idea to have these for when we fight against the Phoenix Estates."

"I'll go and show people at the nearest factory how to make them", Aang said.

"I'll show you how to get there", Zysor said.

"Okay then, next thing we need to address is this device that Rin has and can enhance the abilities of Waterbenders", Zuko said.

"It's called the water sapphire, and I have it", Katara said.

"Okay, anyway, we need to find out more information about it", Zuko responded. "My airship has a small library, in case I ever need to look something up, any volunteers to go look through it?" Not a single person made any motion. "Okay, any nominations?" Zuko asked.

"I nominate Sokka", Aang said.

"What, why?", Sokka asked.

"You're the idea guy," Aang responded.

"Plus, this is a very difficult task only you can do", Katara added.

"Well, since you put it that way, I accept", Sokka responded.

"Alright, then meeting adjourned", Zuko said. The people in the meeting room left to go about their business.

Fire Lord's beach house, Ember Island

"But with the Water Tribes, there's only three ways in, and you get the same amount of armies bonus each turn as any other nation. You control the Water Tribes, you control the world. Even though in reality, the Southern Water Tribe is still far from the superpower it was a hundred and twenty years ago," Kumaro said.

"Alright, I get it, enough nations conquest," Haruka said.

"You wanna play some time?" Kumaro asked.

"After the way you described it, no," Haruka answered.

"I'd like to give it a shot, it sounds cool," Aditi said.

"Great, we'll have a three player game, you, me, and Neza," Kumaro said.

"I'm gonna see what Wei's doing, see you," Haruka said. She walked off, and Kumaro and Aditi went to find Neza. Once they found her, they set up the game, and began to play.

"Team up with me to take Kumaro down, I can never beat him at this game," Neza said.

"I heard that," Kumaro said. "Okay, I got first roll," he added, as he rolled the dice.


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