Chapter XIV:The Water Sapphire
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Chapter XIII: The Northern Water Tribe, Part 2

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Northern Water Tribe

Kumaro got ready to leave, packing up his things. Aditi walked up behind him and spoke. "We really should get ready Kumaro." Kumaro turned, picking up some of his things as he began to walk towards Appa.

"I know", Kumaro responded. He threw his things into Appa's saddle. "Get Hari, Wei, and Haruka. We need to get going. Kumaro began to climb up onto Appa as Aditi responded.

"No, we need to stay here. You saw what happened to the Water Tribe, we need to help them.

"Aditi, if it's this bad in the Water Tribe, which, I can't mention this enough, is separated from the Phoenix Estates by an ocean, then imagine what it's like in the Fire Nation."

"The Fire Nation can hold its own in a fight."

"So can the Water Tribe, look how that turned out." Aditi could not argue this last statement, she agreed with Kumaro.

"I'll get the others, you keep packing", Aditi said. She walked off to go find her friends, while Kumaro continued to prepare to leave.


Haruka walked after Hari, asking him repeatedly to listen to her. "Come on Hari, we need to get to work on this." Hari was becoming annoyed at this, as he continued walking.

"If you're referring to helping rebuild, no we don't need to do that." Haruka was shocked at this.

"You don't care about the Water Tribe?" Haruka asked. Hari responded to this question as best he could.

"No, but we can't do anything to help these people. You're an Earthbender, and there's no earth here except for what you can find at the oasis. I'm not a bender at all, so I'm pretty much useless. Everyone else in the group, however, can help."

"So what if you can't bend, neither can the warriors of this tribe, and they're still trying to help rebuild." Hari could not help but agree with Haruka.

"Fine, whatever", Hari responded.


Wei saw the pile of collapsed snow. He could tell by the way it was shaped that it had once been a building. Wei bent a steady stream of fire towards the pile of ice and snow, melting it. Suddenly, the water rapidly moved to his right. There was nobody under the pile. Wei turned expecting to see a Waterbender, but instead, he saw Aditi.

"Wei, we need to get going, have you seen Hari or Haruka?" Aditi asked. Wei then responded.

"No, I haven't." Aditi began to walk away.

"Why don't you look for them from your glider?" Wei asked.

"Okay, now you made me feel stupid for not thinking of that", Aditi responded. She then returned to Appa to get her staff. Wei followed her to help Kumaro pack.


Rin manipulated the pile of snow in front of her. She changed it into water, and then bent it into the shape of a house. She then froze the ice, creating a sturdy structure to replace the destroyed one. "Rin, I need to see you", a voice said. Rin turned to see who had spoken.

"What is it Kavi?" Rin asked.

"Come with me, I need to show you something", Kavi said. He began to walk away, and Rin followed. "Rin, do you know why the Phoenix Estates attacked us?" Kavi asked.

"Um, because we're at war with them", Rin responded.

"True", Kavi responded. "But could you be more specific?"

"They hate us", Rin added.

"You're not wrong, but that's not the reason they attacked us", Kavi said. Kavi walked up the circular door that lead to the spirit oasis. He opened it, and entered. Rin followed. Kavi walked up to the pond, and began to bend the water in it. Some water was separated from the pond, but there was something in it. Kavi moved the water to his hand, and then let the object in it drop into his hand. When he did, an odd blue glow enveloped his body. He then bent the water back into the pond, and turned to face Rin. He showed her the bright, blue, Sapphire. "This is a gem that is able to enhance a Waterbenders abilities one hundred fold. It may also grant any being who can not bend the ability to Waterbend. I fear that the Phoenix Estates have found the fire counterpart of this." Kavi placed the gem into Rin's hand, causing the glow to leave him and go to Rin. Kavi turned away. "Rin, since in time I will die and Pakku has gone to the south pole, there will be no one left here to guard this. I want you to guard it, guard it with your life Rin." Rin was listening to what Kavi said, not fully believing him. To tell if this was true Rin bent all the water out of the pond, much more water then she was able to naturally. The massive pool of water was lifted into the air, leaving the two koi fish on the floor of the pond. Rin knew to slowly put little bits of water back into the pond, so the fish would not die.


"We're finally going back to the Fire Nation", Kumaro said, as he and Wei finished packing.

"Your waiting to return to the Fire Nation will make it better my instructor", Wei said.

"By the way Wei, you were right, we had to come here", Kumaro said.

"I know, but now that we've told Arnook, there's nothing stopping us from going to the Fire Nation", Wei replied. As the two got ready to leave, Lo Gan walked up to them, and spoke.

"Kumaro, can I talk to you?" Lo asked.

"What do you want?" Kumaro asked.

"I want to help you. You saved my life, I owe you, I want to travel to the Fire Nation to help in your war", Lo Gan said.

"No, you'll just slow us down", Wei said. "Plus", he added, "You couldn't beat a twelve year old kid."

"He was ten", Kumaro said.

"Even more embarrassing, but Kumaro, how did you know he was only ten?" Wei asked.

"He looked eight to me okay", Kumaro said, with a slightly different tone.

"Okay", Wei said, knowing he was overstepping a boundary of some sort.

"Anyway, sure you can come. There's a war in the Fire Nation, and we could use a healer like you", Kumaro told Lo Gan.

"What?" Wei said.

"Is there a problem with that?" Kumaro asked.

"No", Wei reluctantly said.

Elsewhere still

Aditi flew over the Northern Water Tribe, looking for Hari and Haruka. She eventually saw them and flew down. She overheard them speaking to each other. "You really think that the Fire Embracers was a better play than the Saga of Yangchen?" Hari asked.

"Yeah, I think the actors in Saga of Yangchen were kind of stiff", Haruka responded.

"You don't say", Hari responded.

"Erhem", Aditi said.

"Oh, hey Aditi", Hari said. "You know my favorite part of Saga of Yangchen was when she had to kill her"

"Erhem", Aditi said, this time much louder.

"What?" Hari asked.

"We have to get going, come on", Aditi said.

"Fine", Hari said. He and Haruka began their walk towards where Appa was. Aditi decided to walk with them, as since they had been wasting time before, she thought they would do it again.

"Hey, bright side, I'm finally going to be on solid ground", Haruka said.

"Good point", Hari said. The group continued to walk towards the site where Appa was. When they arrived, they saw, in addition to Kumaro and Wei, Lo Gan and Rin.

"Not to be rude, but why are you two here?" Aditi asked.

"Long story short, they wanna help in the war effort", Wei said.

"Oh, okay", Aditi responded. The group then got onto the bison, and took off, headed toward the Fire Nation

Fire Nation

"So, you think the Phoenix Estates are powerful. Well, they clearly haven't faced my army", General Zol said, as his army of two thousand men and women prepared to face off against the Phoenix Estates. Through a telescope, he could see that only around five hundred troops from the Phoenix Estates. Too easy he thought. "Charge", he yelled. Instantly, his forces ran forward, running like komodo rhinos.

Et Dah looked at the oncoming force. Too easy, she thought. She watched as the troops ran towards her force. Et waited until the troops started to shoot at her and her army. She then took out a staff, and converted it into a glider, and took off. The army behind her did the same, flying over their foes they dropped bombs and shot fire at the unfortunate soldiers below.

Zol realized that this was not going well. He thought to send in his cavalry, but he doubted that it would make a difference. He knew the only way any of his forces would make it out of the battle alive was to run. "Retreat", he yelled. "Fall back", he added. The cavalry swiftly ran, but they were not followed. The Phoenix Estates made sure there were no survivors.


  • Et Dah is an anagram of death.
  • Originally Et Dah was supposed to be male, but I later decided to make Et Dah female.

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