Chapter XIII: The Northern Water Tribe, Part 2
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The Phoenix Estates



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The Northern Water Tribe

Haruka, Aditi, Wei, and Hari got ready to go after the airship. "Wait", a voice called. The group turned around to see it was Kavi, along with two others. "You're going to need some cover. My student Rin will provide it." Kavi pointed to Rin as he said this.

"Why's he here?" Wei asked.

"He's here to help you when you enter the airship", Kavi responded.

"We don't need any more people slowing us down, plus you probably can't handle these guys anyway", Wei responded.

"Alright then, since you're so concerned about people slowing you down, how 'bout I replace you", Lo Gan responded. The two benders began to argue, until they were interrupted by Hari.

"Hey guys, I just realized something", Hari said. "Yeah, Kumaro is now a prisoner of war, and, uh, time spent not flying is time the Phoenix Estates use to get away. Yeah, so, uh, get on Appa, you two, or you're gonna have to tell the Fire Lord his son has been taken prisoner. Your choice."

"Alright, Hari makes a good point. Lets go", Wei said. Lo and Wei got on, and Appa took off. as they began to leave the city.

"We're about to leave the city, now would be a good time to get that cloud cover ready", Hari said. "Right", Rin responded. She move water up and around the bison, as she and Aditi bent it into a cloud. Wei looked at Rin, and grinned.

"Wei", he said introducing himself. "Firebender, warrior."

"Since when?" Haruka interjected.

"Shut up", Wei retaliated. "And miner", he finished.

"I'm married", Rin responded.

"Congratulations, maybe you should wear a necklace", Wei added. Haruka couldn't help but ask Lo Gan a question.

"Hey Lo Gan, how come you don't help Aditi and Rin with the cloud cover?" she asked.

"My Waterbending skills are more with healing then fighting, so I don't know how", Lo Gan answered.

Phoenix Estates airship

Mainyu watched as Kumaro was chained up in a star like posture, his arms and legs far away from each other, all bound. Mainyu noticed the twin Dao Swords Kumaro had. "I'll take that", Mainyu said, as he slid the scabbard off of his brothers belt. "Our aunt will be impressed. I have you, your glider, and your swords", Mainyu taunted. He then left the prison, followed by Savas and Yudo.

Two soldiers from the Phoenix Estates walked on the outside of the airship one of them saw something in the sky that surprised them. "There's something odd about that cloud that's following us", one of them said.

"So", the other responded. The second warrior began to walk into the airship.

"Did you hear that?", the first soldier asked.

"What?", the other soldier responded.

"That stalker cloud just grunted", the soldier said. His friend turned around to see the cloud, and saw nothing there.

"What cloud?", he asked sarcastically.

"I could've sworn it was right there", the other soldier said.

"It probably just got blown back by out propellers", his friend said.

"You two", Mainyu said, as he came onto the catwalk. "I need you to guard my brother, now", Mainyu added. The two soldiers walked into the airship, followed by Mainyu.


"Haruka, aren't you coming? Hari asked. Wei and Lo had already jumped onto the airship, and Hari was getting ready to. "Yeah Hari, great idea, have en Earthbender go to a mostly metal environment, that's smart." "Right", Hari said. "Okay, jump from a giant ten ton bison onto a enemy airship. I got this", Hari said.

"You're talking to yourself", Haruka said.

"I know", Hari responded, as he jumped down, and landed on the airship.

"Wheres your friend?" Lo Gan asked Hari.

"Shes not coming, Earthbender, metal airship", Hari answered.

"I knew I would replace one of you guys, just thought it would be Mr. Caterpillar over there", Lo Gan said, pointing at Wei.

"Hahaha, funny", Wei said humorlessly. "Now lets get going, I found a way in", Wei said. He shook the hatch, but it would not open. "It's locked", Wei said.

"Not for long", Hari responded. Hari swung his arms, and the blades attached to them cut through the lock. Hari opened the hatch, and began to climb down, followed by Lo Gan and Wei.

Kumaro waited for silence, thinking that he could not move, he could not use Firebending, or his swords. My Firebending, he thought. He began using fire blades on his chains.

Mainyu walked towards the bridge of the airship along with Savas and Yudo. They began approaching a hatch where troops could get to the top of the airship.

Wei heard footsteps. "Hari, someones coming", he whispered. Hari saw three shadows and heard the footsteps as well. Lo Gan dropped his hand down, and began to help Hari up.

Mainyu turned the corner, and saw someone being pulled up. "Who's there?" he asked.

"They know" a voice said.

The being dropped out onto the floor, followed by two others. One of them bent water around his arms and hardened it into ice. Another began producing fire, and the third took a stance. "Savas, non-bender, Yudo, Firebending wannabe".

"Ha", the Waterbender said.

"I got the Water Tribe filth."

"Ha", the Firebender said.

"Filth?", the Waterbender said. "Oh, you're dead short stuff", he added, as he charged at Mainyu. Mainyu launched a fire blast at the Waterbender, striking him in the chest and knocking him over. He watched as the Waterbender, though unconscious, healed himself.

"Men", he called. "Men".

Wei knew he was outmatched. He shot a stream of fire at his foe. The Firebender countered Wei's stream with his own, and his was blue. The blue stream easily pushed back Wei's, and Wei had to block the last bit, before blocking a second blast. The Firebender then shot a stream at Wei. Wei created a whip, and used it to block the stream, but he was pushed back in doing so. Wei got knocked into a wall, and fell down, beaten.

Hari dodged his foe's spear with relative ease. He cut the tip of the spear off easily, and then smiled, thinking he had the upper hand. What he did not know was that his opponent had a sword as well. It was only his quick thinking that saved him. Hari blocked the sword, and began to duel his foe. After the two fought for a while, Hari felt his hand take a small hit. "Aggh", he groaned. He was about to continue fighting, when he saw soldiers approaching. Hari put his hands up, and closed his eyes. "I surrender", he said.

Kumaro yanked his hands inward, breaking the chains. Good, now, to free my legs, he thought. He shoot a fire stream at each chain, until he could escape. Kumaro then headed for the twin doors. Probably locked, so, he thought, as he kicked twin doors. The doors opened with relative ease, and as Kumaro exited the prison, he saw two soldiers struggling to get up. He hit the two in the chests, and then noticed that they had swords. Kumaro took the swords, and then began to find a way off of the airship. He heard fighting, and ran towards it. He saw two beings, one warrior and one bender, standing over Hari, Wei, and a member of the Northern Water Tribe. Kumaro watched some troops bind up his friends. The group, lead by Mainyu, walked to the bomb bay. Kumaro then leapt out, and put the two swords to the necks of Savas and Yudo. "Alright, alright, now nobody move, or these guys get it!", he yelled. "Now let those three go, or these people get it", Kumaro threatened.

"Do as he says", Mainyu said. The troops then released the forces they had captured.

"Guys, go", Kumaro ordered.

"But, Kumaro", Wei asked.

"Go", Kumaro repeated, much louder. The threesome then began to head back to the hatch. "One more question Mainyu", Kumaro yelled.

"What is it?" Mainyu asked.

"Is that the bomb bay behind me?" Kumaro asked.

"Yes", Mainyu answered.

"Thank you", Kumaro said. He then dropped his swords, and ran into the bomb bay.

"Get him", Mainyu yelled. Kumaro saw the control that kept the bomb bay closed, and shot fire at it. Once it was broken, he fell out of it, down towards the ocean. "Huuu", he grunted, as he used his Firebending to save himself, flying slightly above the water.

Aditi saw Hari, Wei, and Lo climb out of the airship. "Kumaro told us to go, should we?" Wei asked.

"No, lets go back down and get him", Aditi said.

"Hey, isn't that him over there?" Haruka said, as she saw the green flames through the cloud.

"I don't know, Aditi", Wei said.

"On it", Aditi responded, as she grabbed her glider, and flew towards the flame.

"I meant break this cloud camo so we can see, but that works too", Wei said after Aditi had left. Lo, Hari, and Wei got on Appa, and flew after Aditi.

The Northern Water Tribe

"Thanks for coming to rescue me guys", Kumaro said.

"Your welcome, now were even", Aditi responded.

"What do you mean, we're even?" Kumaro asked.

"I mean, that time when we faced Bharato, you saved my life, this time I saved your life", Aditi answered.

"Aditi, this time, one, I didn't need saving, and two, forgetting someone? a lot of someones?" Kumaro responded. "Sorry, you still owe me", Kumaro said.

"Whatever, lets just help repair the Water Tribe", Aditi said.


"Your skills as a glider pilot are impressive. Those of you, and your army", Azula said. "I am anxious to see you use them for me", she added.

"And I am anxious to use them. The Eastern front will be yours", the woman responded.

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