Chapter XII: The Northern Water Tribe, Part 1
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Northern Water Tribe

Kavi looked as two of his students prepared to face off. "Spar", he yelled. One of the students, a female, screamed, and began calling the ice on the ground around her body, making it into a suit armor.

"Drama queen", her opponent called. Kavi looked as his other student, a young man named Lo Gan, brought water around his forearms. He hardened the water into ice, and from that ice, extending past his hands came three rectangular ice blades. The female student began shooting small icicles from her armored hands, each one blocked by the ice blades Lo Gan had, as he advanced.

"Come on Rin, when one move doesn't work, try another", Kavi called out to his student. Rin heard this and struck the ground. Large blocks of crystal-shaped ice grew out of the ground, pushing Lo Gan back and knocking him over. Lo Gan fell over, and got up. He saw that he was bleeding, and grinned. Manipulating the water on the ground, he put it over his wounds and healed them. Lo Gan continued to run towards Rin. She fired icicles at him, he only blocked them with his blades. She created another large piece of ice to stop him, he only avoided it. Lo Gan began to swing his blades at Rin. Rin saw this, and converted the armor around her hands into blades. The two ice blades struck each other, when they saw a sky bison flying overhead. "This match is a draw", Kavi called. Lo Gan and Rin turned the ice they were using back into water, and shook hands. The two then followed the rest of the class to where the bison was landing.

Phoenix Estates airship

Mainyu looked over the ocean as his airship flew towards the Northern Water Tribe. He turned to Savas and Yudo. "Listen very carefully you two, this is not a mission of destruction, this is a retrieval task. If one bomb is dropped on that tribe without my consent, then I strap you two to the next one out of this ship." Mainyu turned to the pilot of the airship. "Steer to the left of the tribe", Mainyu ordered. "We sneak past them at night and over the tundra, then turn in over the spirit oasis and retrieve the Water Sapphire."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Savas asked. "The water benders gain power from the moon, which is out at night", he continued.

"We need to be covert Savas, and nighttime is the best time for that", Mainyu responded. The pilot flew the airship over the tundras of the north, moving into position.

Northern Water Tribe

Wei got off of the bison, followed by Aditi, Hari, Kumaro, and Haruka. They saw a middle-aged man walk up to them, followed by a group of teenagers. "Who are you?" the man asked.

"I'm Kumaro, prince of the Fire Nation, this is Aditi, the Avatar's daughter, and these are some friends of ours", Kumaro said.

"Kavi, and these are my students, now you still haven't answered why you are here", Kavi responded.

"We need to speak to your leader", Aditi said.

"Yeah, it's very important", Wei added.

"What is it?", Kavi asked.

"There are some cities that have left the Fire Nation, and they've started a war", Kumaro explained.

"I will tell Arnook of this. In the mean time, you may want to find lodging, since it's almost nighttime", Kavi added.

Phoenix Estates airship

Mainyu looked at his crew. He had selected five men to take gliders down into the spirit oasis. They would dive into the pool of water, and then retrieve the Water Sapphire. Once the gem had been obtained, Mainyu would send a war balloon down to pick the soldiers up. "If you fail and come up without the Water Sapphire, I will send you down and make you go splat on the Northern Water Tribe, got it?", he asked the men he had selected. They all nodded their heads in agreement.

Northern Water Tribe

Kumaro slept in the building he and his friends were staying in. He was having a dream. He saw Mainyu, facing him. Kumaro spoke to him. "Hello Mainyu, how are you doing?" Mainyu lifted his hand, showing in his palm, a red gem. It caused his body to glow a bright red. Mainyu generated a massive amount of lightning, and shot it at two koi fish, circling a blue dot. Kumaro jumped in the way, feeling himself die from the lightning. Kumaro sat up and woke swiftly, surprised at the dream he had just had. It was so vivid, he could not believe it. He looked out the window, and saw a small airship near the back of the city. Kumaro saw the gold Phoenix painted on the side of the airship, in between the two sets of three propellers on the right side. Kumaro ran out of the house, and began running towards the ground beneath the airship. Eventually, he saw a wall blocking his way. He saw a small door in the wall. Kumaro tried to open it, but it was locked. He then decided it was best to kick the door down, so he did. He ran into the location, seeing Kavi standing, waiting to fight. He watched Kavi call water from the walls of the city onto his body, creating an ice armor. Kavi shot icicles at the gliders. He managed to stop two, but three got into the water. "Kavi, why are they doing this?" Kumaro asked.

"They're after something called the Water Sapphire. It enhances a Waterbenders abilities, and gives a non-bender the ability to Waterbend." The three who had made it into the pond got out, one of them was glowing blue. The one who glowed blue began bending the water in the pond. He made it into a whip, and lashed out at Kavi. Kavi shrugged, as his armor had protected him completely. Kumaro began to face the other four soldiers.

"Uh, we surrender", one soldier said. Kumaro looked at them. None of the soldiers could bend, and they didn't have any weapons, as they were going to be going underwater. Kumaro saw a balloon coming. He got ready to shot it down, when suddenly, a fire blast shot the balloon, creating a hole in it and causing it to be unable to take off. Kumaro turned to where the blast had come from, seeing Wei, Aditi, Hari, and Haruka, all ready to fight.

"How did you?" Kumaro started to ask, when Hari responded.

"When you left, you woke us up. We then saw the airship, and decided to help."

"By the way Kumaro, you may need this" Wei said, tossing Kumaro his glider. Kumaro ran to the path that lead up the wall of the tribe, and when he was high enough, took off.

Phoenix Estates airship

Mainyu saw the balloon go down. Filled with anger at the fact that he had failed, he lost his temper. "Savas, Yudo, arm the bombs and order the crew to start firing on the city. Launch out other five gliders, but have Firebenders on them so they can come back into the airship. Pilot, get us out of here." The crew rushed about the airship to do his bidding.

Kumaro saw the airship beginning to fire, realizing he had to do something. There was only one way to stop this, and that was to take control of the airship and steer it over the tundra and then the ocean. Kumaro saw five gliders come out of the airship, and he flew in the same way tha gliders got out. He ran towards the bridge, fighting random soldiers who tried to stop him. He opened the door to the bridge, and saw a person sitting in a chair turn around to face him. "What are you doing here, you're supposed to be in the Fire Nation" Mainyu said. Surprisingly, Kumaro said exactly the same thing.

"Why are you doing this Mainyu, why are you with the Phoenix Estates?" Kumaro asked.

"I can reach my full potential there, they know the true nature of Firebending. Join me Kumaro, I know our aunt would like someone with your skill", Mainyu responded.

"No", Kumaro said in a stern voice.

"I'm sorry you feel that way my master", Mainyu responded.

"Savas, Yudo, get him." The pair grabbed Kumaro by the arms. "Take him to the prison hold", Mainyu said. The warrior and the Firebender walked down the hall, each holding one of Kumaro's arms to restrain him.

Northern Water Tribe

"Aditi, I think Kumaros in trouble, we have to go after him", Wei said, as the airship pulled away. Aditi let her head fall forward.

"I know, we will", she responded.


  • Kavi is an Indian name meaning wise.
  • Rin is a Japanese name meaning cold.

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