Chapter VIII: Battle for the Northern Mountains
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In between the Northern Mountains and Ba Sing Se

"Kumaro, so we know you're on our side, we want you to fight with a weapon other than fire", Saif requested. He handed the fire prince twin Dao Swords. Kumaro practiced swinging them, attempting to gain some skill with them. "If you need training, I'd be happy to offer it", Saif said.

"I could use some help, so, I'd like to receive some training", Kumaro responded. The two then began drilling through sequences, and sparring with each other. That night, when Kumaro had received all the training he could before the next day, he ate his dinner along with Aditi and Wei.

"You know Kumaro, there's something I don't get about you and Aditi. You're a Firebender, but you're reluctant to fight. Aditi, you're an Airbender, but you pretty much look for a reason to fight. Why is that?" Kumaro thought about Wei's question, and responded.

"When your element is as destructive as fire, you need to be careful so you don't hurt people unintentionally or too much." Aditi responded to her part of the question.

"And when your element is as harmless as air, you can afford to be more aggressive than you would with any other element." Wei thought about these responses, and received some new insight on the subject.

The Next Day

The Northern Mountains

The army of the Earth Kingdom marched toward the mountains. General How lead the army to the mountains, and before the battle began, he met with Toph, Saif, Aditi, Kumaro, and Wei. "Now are we all clear on the plan?" he asked. The voices in the tent all said yes.

The battle

Kumaro flew on his glider over the armies of the Phoenix Estates, shooting at them with his breath of fire. He turned as he saw Aditi dong the same thing with air. The ranks of the Phoenix Estates swiftly thinned, and general How would be able to swiftly take the mountains without much loss of life. Kumaro put his focus back to the sky in front of him, and saw some battlements had been set up on the mountains. Kumaro turned back, while Adti landed and tried to take over the battlements by defeating the troops inside them.

"Flying is for the birds", Wei said, as he flew Appa over the armies of the Phoenix Estates. On the bison along with him were Saif, Aknur, and Pallav. The two archers were firing arrows into the ranks of the enemy, while the swordsman was dropping bombs every now and then. "If man was meant to fly, we would be born with wings." Wei saw a glider with a stream of green flame at the tail of it coming at him. The glider pulled up next to him, and the pilot called to him.

"Wei, there are battlements on this mountain, we need heavy explosives to take them out."

"I understand Kumaro", the Firebender replied, altering the course of the wind buffalo. As Appa flew closer to the battlements, they began to open fire. Wei pulled up, attempting to evade the shots and, in doing so, brought Appa to a near vertical ascent. Saif got whatever remaining explosives the bison had and dropped them on the ground near the battlement. When they blew up, the earth underneath the battlements nearly gave way.

Aditi ran out of the battlement. And they call themselves soldiers, she thought. She saw the next one over, and began to run to it. When she was halfway there, she saw a massive explosion take place near it. She could see that the battlement had almost fallen down the mountain. Time to finish the job, she thought. Using her Airbending, she pushed the battlement outward, and it fell down the mountain. She saw Appa and Kumaro land nearby, and ran to them. "So now what?" she asked. The group heard a rumbling in the distance, and saw tanks coming at them.

"I'm guessing fight the tanks", Aknur said. Aditi threw all of her explosives at a tank, and sent it into the air, immobilized by the explosion, and fell down the mountain. However, that did little to stop the other tanks that were coming behind it.

"Now what?" Aditi asked.

"I have an idea, Kumaro, give me the rest of your explosives", Wei said. Kumaro gave him his explosives, and Wei threw them to a point on the mountain so that they were near some loose rocks. When the explosion went off, the rocks fell down, and blocked the rest of the tanks.

"Great", said Saif."Now what about those tanks?" he said, pointing in the other direction.

"Wei's idea gave me an idea. Aditi, give me some cover", Kumaro said. Aditi got in front of Kumaro, and as the tanks started to shoot at him, she put up and air shield. Kumaro began to move his fingers and soon, his friends could see electricity coming off of them. Kumaro fired lightning at the first tank, causing an explosion sending it flying. He continued this until all the tanks had been destroyed.

"Looks like we're taking out those battlements the hard way", Saif said. The group then ran from battlement to battlement, entering, destroying the crossbows inside while stopping the Firebenders, imprisoning those who they could. When they had completely gone around the mountain, the encountered the tanks that had been blocked off by Wei's explosion. Kumaro shot lightning at the tanks, and stopped the last thing preventing the Earth Kingdom from capturing the mountain back.

Toph sensed the komodo rhinos charging at her, Kun, and Ila. She swiftly brought an earth wall up, causing the riders to stop. Ila and Kun brought up another two walls, stopping the riders from going around Toph's wall, and Toph put up a forth side, completely trapping the komodo rhinos, and their riders. Kun saw Appa flying towards them. When the bison landed, Toph ran up to Saif, and spoke with him. "Have you taken out all the battlements?"

"Yes, general How should be here soon." About an hour later, How arrived.

"My troops have taken that mountain", he said, pointing to the north. "And since you've taken this mountain, we have just one more to go", How said, pointing to the south.

The Final Mountain

Kumaro ran up the mountain, Dao Swords out, fighting his way to the top. He saw warriors in green uniforms fighting alongside him. The Phoenix Estates must have realized that they were loosing, because right before he and the Earth Kingdom warriors had defeated all of the infantry of the Phoenix Estates, a cavalry was sent down. The soldiers in the Earth Kingdom began to run, when Kumaro noticed something.

Toph felt the komodo rhinos running in, and to prevent them from causing massive damage to the Earth Kingdom Infantry, she put several holes in the ground where the rhinos were charging. They tripped in them, and began to fall over. She also felt the tanks crawl to a stop because they did not want to run over the rhinos.

Aditi flew down on Appa, next to Kumaro, Saif, Pallav, Aknur, and Wei. "Get on, we're taking out those battlements", she called. The bison flew up to the battlements. They would have had to worry about projectiles, had Ila, Kun, and other Earthbenders not intercepted them with rocks. When they landed, Aditi said, "I'm going down to bring up more troops, you take some battlements and win this battle." As Appa flew off, the group began entering the battlements and destroying them. Since the group had taken out some battlements, Earthbenders at the foot of the mountain could afford to shoot at the battlements, instead of their projectiles.

An hour later

How met with Kumaro, Wei, Toph, and Saif after the battle was won. "Intelligence says that these three mountains were the only ones that the Phoenix Estates had captured. They also say that the Phoenix Estates have taken Gaipan. Toph, Saif, you two take two each and scout ahead. I'll stay behind, while the wounded are tended to."


Mainyu kneeled before Azula, holding out the Fire Ruby, causing him to glow red. Azula took the ruby, and as she saw her body glow, she felt her power increase. "There is more", Mainyu said. "Savas and Yudo have found an old, business parter, shall we say." A big muscular man, part organic, part metal, walked in. He had a metal right arm and left leg, and a third eye on his forehead.

"Who is he?", Azula asked.

"You know about the assassin Arnold?", Mainyu responded.

"Yes", responded Azula. "He was killed at the Western Air Temple by Sokka."

"This is a man with the same abilities as him", Mainyu said. "Show her", Mainyu said to the assassin. The man inhaled, aimed out the window, and exhaled. A part of the hill to the south of Aggni blew up. "Imagine that, times a hundred", Mainyu said.

"I agree with Mianyu, he would be a powerful weapon. I will order changes be made to my under construction flagship so it may better utilize this man", a new voice said. Everyone in the room turned to see Bharato. "I request you teach me lightning generation before I leave for the Earth Kingdom to oversee admiral Sho."

"Very well, and the gliders?" Azula responded.

"Under construction as we speak. Soon the Phoenix Estates will have people who fly like Airbenders, but are as destructive as Firebenders", Bharato responded.

"I will go and obtain the Water Sapphire at the Northern Water Tribe" Mainyu said.

"What is the Water Sapphire, and why?" Azula asked.

"The Water Sapphire is like the Fire Ruby I got you, but for Waterbenders. I want to steal it so the Waterbenders won't have it", Mainyu responded.


  • Combustion Man's real name being Arnold is a joke on how the author thinks Combustion Man is the Terminator, who was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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