Chapter VII: The Fire Ruby
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Phoenix Estates warship

Mainyu saw the sun warriors island coming closer. He began preparing to go ashore, and get the Fire Ruby. "Savas and Yudo, get ready to go ashore. Let's make this a quick withdrawal." Mainyu walked up to his mount, a komodo rhino, and waited for Savas and Yudo to get on to their own mounts. He watched as the ship landed at the island, and as the bow dropped onto land, they rode off to the city, followed by a large cavalry of firebenders.

Sun Warrior City

"Ham Gao," someone is coming. The Chief alerted Ham Gao of what he knew. "Look, there." The Chief pointed, and showed Ham Gao the tower of the ship.

"Should we prepare for a battle?" Ham Gao asked. The Chief looked at his feet, and closed his eyes.

"Yes Ham Gao, we must prepare for a battle," the chief said.

Sun Warrior city outskirts

Mainyu lead the group to the city, and stopped. He turned to face his forces, and gave an order. "All but Savas and Yudo, stay behind here. We will go to the top of the pyramid, and secure the sun stone. If you see a fight, come and help us." Mainyu turned back to the city, and began riding, followed by Savas and Yudo. Once they were a good distance into the city, Mainyu spoke to them. "This place is full of booby traps, and I know what they are and where they are, so listen to me and you'll survive." Savas and Yudo looked at each other, surprised.

"How do you know that?" Savas asked.

"I read it in a book," Mainyu replied, still riding forward. The group rode up to the start of the steps, when the komodo rhinos started to buck.

"Mainyu, they're nervous," Yudo said.

"I suggest we leave them here and continue walking," Savas said.

"Agreed, dismount," Mainyu ordered. The group got off, and began walking up the stairs. "The tenth step shoots poison darts at you," Mainyu said. Savas heard a noise, and saw darts fly at him from both sides. Thinking quickly, he shot two streams of fire at the darts, burning them up before they could find their targets. The group continued up the stairs." The twentieth step triggers a trap door, with spikes at the bottom," Mainyu said. By the time Mainyu said that, Yudo realized that he was falling. Thinking quickly, he maneuvered his spear to keep him up. Using his spear, he climbed out of the trap door. The group continued up the stairs, and reached the calendar. Mainyu gave the pair and order. "Yudo, hold your spear sideways, like that. Now move it higher, that's good." Mainyu began to run. He then jumped, off of Yudo's spear, and grabbed onto the sunstone. He pulled it out and felt around for the Fire Ruby.

"Is that the Fire Ruby?" Yudo asked.

"No, but he is close." The twins turned around to see ten Sun Warriors walking towards them. The warriors began to surround the twins, four to each, as Ham Gao and the Chief could see Maianyu with his arm in the hole where the sunstone once was. Yudo prepared to throw his spear, and Savas took a fighting stance. Yudo threw his spear to the chest of one of the warriors, causing him to fall dead. The other three warriors shot fire at him. Yudo got out his sword, slicing through one of the blasts, and using his shield to take the hits from the other two. He ran up to a warrior, and cut him in the chest. Yudo then retrieved his spear, and threw it again at another warrior. After that, he threw his sword like a spear, striking the last of his opponents. Yudo then ran to help his brother, who was in a stalemate with his opponents. The Chief and Ham Gao shot at Mainyu. Mainyu would have stayed and got shot if he did not have the Fire Ruby. But as the two shot, Mainyu grabbed the gem. He fell to the ground, holding the Ruby in his hand. His body began to glow red, as he felt the power of the comet in him. The Chief and Ham Gao shot at him a second time, but this time Mainyu fought back. A massive stream of fire was shot from his available hand, engulfing the two. Inside the flames, The Chief looked at Ham Gao. He saw him struggling to bend the fire around him. Moments later, he watched Ham Gao die a slow and painful death. The Chief realized that he too, was starting to struggle. I'm not dieing like Ham Gao, he thought, and he stopped trying, allowing the flames to envelop him. Mainyu turned to see Savas and Yudo standing over the bodies of their vanquished foes.

"I have the stone," Mainyu said. "Let's go." The threesome began to walk down the steps to their mounts. They got on them, and rode to where they told the cavalry to wait. When they got their, they saw several dead bodie, from both the cavalry and the Sun Warriors. None were left alive. "Must have been a battle here," Mainyu said. They rode back onto the ship, and began their journey to the Phoenix Estates.

Ba Sing Se, Inner Wall

"Well done Prince Kumaro," Iroh said, as his great nephew performed the flame wall. "Wei, you give it a try." Wei began to produce a wall like form of flame, but after a while, it broke up. "That's okay, you're new at this," Iroh said.

"Great uncle?" Kumaro asked.

"Yes, Prince Kumaro?" Kumaro looked at his current instructor.

"I was wondering, if you could, teach me how to create lightning." Iroh considered this request, and then responded.

"Very well, I will teach you," Iroh responded. Iroh demonstrated how the technique was done, and told Kumaro to try it himself.

"Remember, separate your positive and negative energy, and guide it out of your body." Kumaro breathed, preparing to try himself. He moved his arms, and to his surprise, created electricity from his fingertips. He then shot the lightning into the sky, impressed with what he could do.

Ba Sing Se, Outer Wall

Bharato looked at the outer wall. He saw it was in range. "Fire," he yelled. The trebuchets of the fleet fired on the wall, and began to slowly cause decay.

General Sung saw the ships shooting at the wall. "General, what should we do?" a soldier asked.

"Let them batter away at the wall, they can't bring it down." Another Earthbender walked up, and gave a report.

"Sir, there are ships attempting to sail into Ba Sing Se, what should we do?"

"Send troops down there to fight them," Sung ordered. "And drop rocks down on the ships."

Inside of the outer wall train station, some ships had landed, and soldiers were coming out. "Why do I do this?" A swordsman asked himself.

"Because you can't say no to the army?" The swordsman loked at the soldier, and gave him orders.

"Aknur, stop goofing around, now you and Pallav, give me some cover."

"Yes Sir." The swordsman ran into the Phoenix Estates army, and began swinging his sword. Suddenly, he heard a noise, and saw a wave of bricks coming at him. He leapt nto the air, avoiding the attack, and let it hit the enemy forces. "Hey, Toph, I was about to handle them just fine with Aknur and Pallav." A woman in her early thirties called out.

"Sorry Saif, but me, Ila and Kun also want in on the fight."

"Your lucky Toph, I see another ship," Saif called.

Ba Sing Se, Palace

"Your majesty, we have waited for our audience wit you, and now that we have it, we must alert you to the new threat of the Phoenix Estates." Iroh, along with Kumaro, Aditi, and Wei, were trying to convince the Earth King of the Phoenix Estates existence.

"I'm sorry, but I need proof that the Phoenix Estates are real."

"I have all the proof you'll need your majesty." Heads turned to see General Sung enter the throne room. "Some ships attacked the outer wall, and attempted to send soldiers into the city. They were Fire Nation."

"What?" Iroh said.

"That can't be," Kumaro said. "Most likely they were ships used by the Phoenix Estates," Kumaro added. The King paused for a moment, and then spoke.

"Very well, we will go to war."

Kyoshi Island

"I will fight in the war dad."

"No, you won't."

"I want to pay the Earth Kingdom back for what its done for me."

"Like what?"


"We make our own."


"Again, we make our own, now listen. Kyoshi Island stayed almost completely out of the past war, and its not going to try to get involved in this one." The son walked away, angry, while the father stayed put. He turned to look at his wife. "Suki, do you think I was too harsh?"

"No Sokka, not at all," she responded.

That night

The young man snuck out, with very little with him. "Nobody keeps Hari down," he said out loud, as he made his way to leave the island.

Mining Village

Haruka looked back at her parents, as she walked out of the village. She would not let them down, she would find Wei and bring him home. She had to.


  • Aknur and Pallav are both Indian names for shoot.
  • Hari is an Indian name for son.
  • Ila is an Indian name for earth.
  • Kun is a Chinese name also meaning earth.
  • Haruka is a Japanese name for spring.

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