Chapter VI: Wei's Journey
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Mining Village

Wei rode his ostrich horse out of the town. "Okay, head north to Ba Sing Se, upper ring, Jasmine Dragon. I can do this," Wei told himself, as he rode off, into the distance.

Great Divide

It had been two days since Wei had started his journey, and, though it was just a week's travel by ostrich horse, he was already wishing to set his eyes on the magnificent wall immediately. He rode through the forest, when, he saw a massive drop in the land. He stopped his mount, and looked over the drop. "The great divide," he said to himself.

He heard voices in the distance. "Don't fall in love with the traveling girl, she'll leave you broke and broken-hearted." Wei turned to where the voices were coming from. He saw a group of people, singing and dancing as they walked. They came close to him, and introduced themselves. "Hey ostrich person." Wei turned to face the person who had spoke.

"I'm not an ostrich person, I'm just a person."

"Oh," the man said.

"I'm Wei, and you are?"

"A nomad," the man responded.

"Who is called?" Wei asked.

"A nomad." Wei was beginning to get impatient.

"Who is named."

"A name with letters."

"Letters like?"

"Ones in a boy's name."


"Chong," the man finally responded.

"Well that took a while. So, Chong, where are you headed?"

"I don't know."

"Past the canyon, then we don't know," a woman said.

"Oh, uh, this is Lily, that's Moku, and I'm Chong."

"You already told me your name was Chong," Wei said.

"Oh, I did, woops."

"Well, I'm going to Ba Sing Se, and to get there, I need to cross this canyon." Wei began his descent into the canyon.

"I wouldn't go that way if I were you, there's canyon crawlers," Chong said. Wei thought about this. He had no weapons, and little to no experience with bending. There was a good chance that he would not make it through the canyon. "You can travel with us if you want," Chong said.

Wei turned around, and rode back to the top. "Okay, lets go." The group began to travel around the canyon.

Misty Palms Oasis

After two days of singing, its good to get some peace and quiet. Wei thought. He had left the nomads when the ground stopped being hard rock, and started being loose sand. He had rode his ostrich horse to the oasis, and then sold it so he could buy more food. He knew that there was no way his ostrich horse could cross the desert, so he had sold it.

"There's no way we can get all those jars," Blade said.

"I can carry two," Hammer responded.

"That still leaves one jar left behind," Blade said.

"Oh yeah," Hammer realized.

"Hello, anyone willing to give me a ride across the desert? Anybody?" Blade looked, and saw a young man calling out.

"I have an idea, be right back." Blade walked up to the person. "Hey, I'm willing to take you across the desert. All you have to do is this."

"What is it?" Wei asked.

"First follow me, um."

"Wei, my name is Wei."

"Then folow me Wei." Wei walked after the teen, about his age, to two others, one had a pair of massive hammers at his waist, the other, various explosives. "Wei, this is Hammer and Ka-Boom, Hammer and Ka-Boom, Wei."

"How's he supposed to help us Blade?" Ka-Boom asked.

Blade smiled, and spoke. "Wei, you see those jars over there?"

"Yeah Blade, what about them?"

"Grab one with us on three. One, two, three!" Blade, Ka-Boom, and Hammer ran to the jars. Wei started walking, but ran when he saw the others running. Blade, Ka-Boom, and Wei each grabbed a jar. Hammer grabbed two, and the foursome ran.

"Where are we running?" Wei asked.

"You'll see," Blade responded.

"Hey you get back here," a voice called.

"Did we steal something?" Wei asked.

"Nope, just borrowed and never giving back," Ka-Boom said.

A Sandbender lay back on his sailer, sleeping in the hot sun. He was woke up when he heard shouting. "Grain, start the sailer." The Sandbender woke up, and started to bend a tornado of sand to move the sailer. The four leapt onto the sailer, followed by a muscular man. The man propelled himself to them with Earthbending, until he was shot in the shoulder by an arrow. As Grain pulled away, two more sand sailers appeared.

"That was not wise Xin Fu. Now let's catch them," Master Yu said. Xin Fu pulled the arrow from his shoulder, and got on a sand sailer. The two sailers chased after the group.

"Who's this?" A girl asked when she saw Wei.

"Quiver and Grain, this is Wei, Wei this is Quiver and Grain."

"Nice to meet you, now what did we steal?" Wei asked, angry he had not been told.

"Cactus juice," Blade responded.

"Not legal to have, but they still sell it. We stop them."

"Um, guys, we've got company," Grain said. Blade and Quiver turned back to see two sand sailers inbound. They moved so they were next to Grain's sailer, attached themselves to it, and two people leapt on.

Xin Fu looked at Hammer. "Alright, its Hammer time," Hammer yelled. Hammer shot a hammer at Xin Fu, and called it back with a chain. Xin Fu smiled.

"Your hammers aren't made of earth, are they?" he asked. Hammer shot both of his hammers at Xin Fu. This time, Xin Fu Broke them with Earthbending. After that, the two began a fist fight.

Blade swung his twin hooked swords at Yu. "Come on," Blade taunted. "Come on."

Grain looked at the back of his sailer. "Quiver, Ka-Boom, get that sail up," he ordered. The two ran about to do his bidding. "Sails ready Grain," Quiver called. Grain moved the tornado of sand into the other sail, which faced the other direction. Soon, they were traveling backwards, and changing the paths of the two sailers attached to it. The pursuers crashed into each other, allowing the group to escape.

One Day later

The group arrived on the other side of the Si Wong, glad to be done with their journey. "And now, we dump the juice," Grain declared. The group tipped the jars over, letting the juice go into the ground.

"Thanks for the ride," Wei said.

"So, where are you going now?" Blade asked.

"Ba Sing Se," Wei responded. The group of law enforcers said goodbye to their new friend.


"Safe trip."

"Thanks for helping with the juice." Wei began the short walk to the ferries leading to Ba Sing Se.

Ba Sing Se

Three days Wei thought, remembering the two day ferry ride and the day long monorail trip. Wei looked around, hoping to find the Jasmine Dragon. He ran into someone. "Hey I don't care how much you want tea from the Jasmine Dragon, you have to wait like te rest of us." Wei decided it would be best to wait until the shop was less crowded.

That night, when the tea shop closed Wei came to talk with the owner. "Excuse me, Iroh, is it?" The owner turned around to face Wei, and responded.


"Look, I need a Firebending teacher, and I was wondering, if you could well teach me Firebending."

"No," said Iroh. "You are a citizen of the Earth Kingdom." Iroh began to walk away.

"But my mother, Ty Lee, is from the Fire Nation." When he heard the name, Iroh turned around.

"Show me what you can do." Wei turned, pulled his fist back, and screamed as he sent it forward. A small flame shot out of his hand. Iroh smiled. "I will teach you," he said.

Clay palace, Si Wong Desert

"My customer is not a person who enjoys waiting." The shadowy figure, sitting on a throne was chastising his two henchmen.

"I beg your forgiveness Alden," Yu said, kneeling before Alden.

"Its not our fault, Blade and his..." Alden got tired of hearing Xin Fu. He bent the sand floor swiftly into Xin Fu's mouth. Xin Fu began choking. Alden waited a few seconds before removing the sand, and when he did, Xin Fu was breathing heavily, struggling to regain air.

"This can't happen again," Alden said.

"Yes Alden the Mushroom," Yu and Xin Fu responded.

"I will deal with Blade and his crew personally now," the crime lord said. 


  • When Hammer said 'its hammer time', it was a reference to MC Hammer.
  • This chapter acts like Appa's Lost Days did in the original.
  • Alden is called Alden the Mushroom because he was born on the day Aang created the giant mushroom. His name means friendly, which is a reference to what Sokka called the mushroom.

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