Chapter V: Ba Sing Se
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Just Outside Ba Sing Se

Kumaro and Aditi rode toward the Earth Kingdom capital. They saw the great city approach, and gazed in awe. Aditi turned to Kumaro, and spoke. "What are we going to do for shelter?" Kumaro turned to look at Aditi, and responded to her question.

"I know a place. My dad takes my family there once every year, and I'm sure that he'd be more than happy to provide us shelter for a while."

"Who is he?" Kumaro smiled at Aditi.

"Oh, you'll see." The pair rode over the outer wall, and began their trek into the city. After a few hours they made it to the inner wall.

"Huh, never thought I'd see this abomination", Aditi said. Kumaro was shocked.

"What do you mean, Ba Sing Se is a city that never sleeps, a wonder of the world."

"It divides people up based on wealth, how is that great?" Kumaro didn't have an answer for that. After they flew into the upper ring, Kumaro began to steer Appa, until they came to a tea shop.

"Well Aditi, here we are, Jasmine Dragon Tea shop." Kumaro got down, and Aditi followed. They walked in, and Kumaro spoke with the owner. "Great uncle Iroh, it's good to see you." The grey haired man brewing the tea turned.

"Prince Kumaro, It's good to see you. Um, nows not the best time to talk, could you wait until closing time."

"Sure." Kumaro walked out and Aditi followed him.

"That's Iroh, as in 'The Dragon of the West', 'He who can create lightning and send it back', 'He who single handedly freed Ba Sing Se', 'He who."

"Yes, it's the same guy, and he didn't single handedly free Ba Sing Se, he just lead the army that did so." As the sun began to set, and the tea shop closed, a teenager walked out to the two, waiting by the bison.

"Were closed so, you should come in now." Kumaro and Aditi walked into the empty tea shop. They saw Iroh sitting on a chair, waiting to speak with them. "Great nephew, this is my newest employee, Wei."

"Just started working here a week ago", the worker said.

"So, Prince Kumaro, who is your lady friend?" Kumaro suddenly felt very awkward as the last two words left his great uncle's mouth.

"She's not my lady friend, I mean girlfriend, I mean we're not romantically involved, okay." Kumaro, felling slightly more comfortable, answered his uncle's question. "This is Aditi, as you may have guessed, she's the Avatar's daughter. Iroh, I need to talk to you."

"It's very important, sir", Aditi added.

"Sir is something I am only called in times of war", Iroh said, trying to make Aditi more comfortable around him.

"Well then sir, I hope you're ready to be called sir a lot more sir."

"What do you mean, great nephew?"

Kumaro sighed as he told Iroh the news. "Several cities have left the Fire Nation, and formed an alliance with my mental aunt. We came here to alert the Earth King of the war."

"Very well then, we will speak with the King as soon as possible", Iroh said.

Chameleon Bay

Bharato watched as his fleet moved to the city. Soon, he would take over the city, soon he would be victorious. Soon, the Phoenix Estates would truly be feared.


Mainyu rode into the city, hoping to gain power from the most powerful being in dozens of cities. He rode up to the capital building of the city. He got off his mount, and started to walk up the steps. There were two guards, non-benders, as they had spears to fight with. "Halt, you may not enter", they said. Mainyu looked at them.

"You have two choices, let me in, or I break in."

One of the guards broke out laughing, and the other said, "you'll have to break in."

"Fine", Mainyu responded. He launched twin fireballs at the guards, knocking them over. He ran through the open door, and into the building. This time, he saw ten guards, all armed with spears charging at him. There were also five royal Firebenders on the second floor, shooting at him with fire blasts. Mainyu grinned, and started redirecting the fire blasts to the guards. First, he defeated the ones with spears. Then, he took out the five Firebenders. "Why ya shooting yourself?", he taunted after he had defeated the guards.

"Yahhg." Mainyu turned in the direction of the scream, to see a large spear thrown at him. He shot a stream of fire at it, burning it up before it could reach him. He saw a man charging at him with a sword and shield. Mainyu shot at the mans feet, causing him to jum up. Mainyu then, taking advantage of the fact that the warrior was still in motion, knocked him over with his own weight. Mainyu heard a crackling behind him, and turned just in time to see a blue fire blast sent at him. Mainyu blocked it, and took the shield that the warrior had. He threw it like a disk, striking the Firebender in the helmet covered head. The warrior was getting up. He called out. "Empress, someones coming for you." In her throne room, Azula heard the warning. It's an assassin, she thought. My brother must have sent him. Mainyu kicked the door down, and ducked under the fire blast he had expected. Azula leapt up, and was about to strike him down, when she saw something. The man she had expected was a boy. And this boy was surrendering, kneeling before her.

"I am here to serve you, aunt Azula", the boy said.

"What do you mean, aunt Azula?", she asked.

"I mean I am the son of your brother", the boy responded. The Firebending prodigy and the elite warrior ran into the room, and lifted the child up.

"Take him to Improbus prison, and lock him up. My brother may surrender land for his safe return." The two guards began to walk out, dragging Mainyu with them.

"I can help you. My dad will hate to see me fighting against him. Plus I can give you the power of Sozin's comet at any time." Azula was looking at the boy when he said this, and she could tell he was sincere.

"Let him down." The guards dropped Mainyu to the floor.

"How?" Azula asked.

"There is a gem in the ancient sun warrior civilization, a gem that enhances the powers of the Firebender touching it to the point that they have the power of Sozin's comet. Not only that, it grants a non-bender the ability to Firebend." Azula thought about this.

"What is your name?"

"Mainyu, my empress."

"Then Mainyu, take fifty troops to the sun warrior civilization, and retrieve the gem. Savas, Yudo, go with him."

"What?", the two guards said simultaneously.

"You heard me. Go with my nephew."

"Yes empress", the two guards said simultaneously, once again.

Fire Nation Capital

Zuko drilled his daughter through the steps of a sequence. Azara was panting, and low on energy. "Dad, could we please go a little easier." Zuko walked up to his daughter.

"Azara, there are people who want to invade our home and kill us, one of your brothers is helping them, and the other is probably in a war zone somewhere. We can't relax. Again." Azara sighed, and again attempted to drill the sequence.

Trivia/ references

  • Savas and Yudo are names from Turkey and Indonesia, both meaning war

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