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To Republic City
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April 1, 2015

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Fire. Air. Water. Earth. Long ago, I had been friends with the Avatar and we had many adventures together, but little did I know we were always being watched so closely. After Korra was murdered, I could never be the same, my life seemed to be over, until I learned of the new Avatar, or should I say, Avatars. I now have devoted the rest of my life to these twins and I know that one day, they can stop this evil of Vaatu that plagues this world!

Previously on Avatar: The Severed Spirit

19 years passed since the Society of Faces broke into Zaofu and stole the children of Bolin and Opal. These twins, Lei and Aiya, were trained and cared for by a man called Zhu Milou, but on the night of their nineteenth birthday, Milou tried to poison Aiya, so the brother and sister ran away. Now they reside in Tu Zin and plan on going to Republic City.

To Republic City

"Finally!" Lei jumped off of the Camel-Horse they had found in the Si Wong desert and ran up to a flowing stream of water and covered himself with it.

Aiya laughed at her brother's antics, "I'm surprised we made it here before dawn." She turned to look at the beautiful rising sun.

"Well, I hope we can find a place to stay for the day." Just as Lei finished saying this he felt the impact of a huge rock as it hit the side of his face. Aiya immediately Bent the water that Lei had been drinking and knocked down the person who had attacked her brother.

"Ow!" The boy called out, "How did you do that?"

Aiya suddenly realized that she had made a mistake for she was wearing Earth Nation garbs, the boy surely must now know that she was part of the Avatar, "Why did you attack my brother?" Aiya stated softly.

The commoner got up and dusted off his clothes, "Didn't you read the sign?" Aiya turned to wear the boy was pointing. A large sign hung there with huge black letters painted on it.

The sign read, "高马住所 - Gaoma Residence; 私有財產沒有擅入 - Private Property, No Trespassing"

"You are part of the Gaoma family?" Aiya inquired for she had heard of the stunning family; they were three sisters, with three daughters and they were some of the richest people in the Earth State of Tu Zin.

The boy shook his head, "I am Puren."

"Nice to meet you, I am Aiya and that boy you hit is my brother Lei." Lei stood up and was about to throw a rock at Puren because he was so angry.

"If you aren't a part of the Gaoma family, then why do you work here?" Lei asked as he too brushed off his dirty clothes.

Puren smiled." I work for the Gaomas." The twins looked a little confused so Puren further explained, "My parents died when I was young..."

Aiya moved towards him and comfortingly said, "I am so sorry Puren, what happened to them."

Puren wore a stone expression, not giving away any of the feelings of fear and sadness that he had, "My parents were murdered by those followers of Koh... what are they called?" Puren snapped his fingers, "Ah yes! The Society of Faces!"

Lei and Aiya looked at each other in disbelief, "But the Society would never do that..." Lei whispered.

"Are you serious?" Puren laughed, "Those men and women kill whoever they want, they want things to be their way and their way only!" Puren turned to pick a basket full of clothes, "President Wu has been trying to drive them from the country for years but it doesn't seem to be working."

Aiya was about to say something again when three wretched voices called out for Puren, "What do you think you're doing inviting more peasants into our home, Puren?" The three Gaoma sisters stood at the entrance to their grand mansion. Su, the oldest, was tall and very thin, Stella was the youngest and she was short and quite fat and then there was Sahn, who was the middle child, she was the most normal looking one out of the three.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Puren stuttered and made his way to the doorway while the three watched. After Puren had gone inside the three Gaoma sisters turned back to Lei and Aiya.

"If you were wise then you'd leave before I call the police!" The three stated in unison and Lei and Aiya had no other choice but to head into the poorer area of the state.

"Make sure Puren is punished for this." Shan whispered to her sisters and they nodded and went back inside their luxurious home.


The two Avatars made their way through the crowded streets of Tu Zin, "I thought you said that this place was one of the least populated areas of the Earth Republic!" Lei complained to his sister.

"Well apparently not too long ago Asami Sato, CEO of Future Industries, decided that this place would be a good area to build a new factory," Aiya stated with a smile.

Lei laughed, "Why would she think this place is a good place?"

Now Aiya was laughing at her brother's silly antics, "Well it once was an excellent mining town. Plus it is close to Zaofu and the Quarry."

The two continued making their way through the marketplace and the voices of Tu Zin citizens began to grow louder, "So where exactly is this factory? The only big building I've seen here is that Gaoma mansion."

"Well from what I've learned," Aiya began as she examined a fresh cabbage, "Is that the Gaoma family made a deal with a few of the workers and managed to rake in some yuans. By the time Ms. Sato found out, it was too late and she was forced to shut the place down because she couldn't pay the mortgage."

"Ugh!" Lei exclaimed, "I knew there was something fishy about those sisters."

Aiya nodded, "But it seems that no one believes Ms. Sato; they think she made it up to cover up the fact that Future Industries was going downhill. The company did have some major trouble in the past." Lei chuckled again and Aiya looked up at her brother with surprise, "What's so funny?"

"How do you know so much about this place when we've only been here for a few hours." Lei inquired.

Aiya put the cabbage in a basket and took out some yuans, "I am just very observant... and I've been planning on coming here for a while but Zhu Milou always told me I couldn't."

"Hmm," Lei groaned, "I wonder what the old man is doing right now?"

The two thought about it and laughed for they knew that Milou was probably searching high and low looking for the two of them. "I suppose we should try and find a place to rest for a little while, we have made a long journey," Aiya whispered after paying for the goods she had picked up.

"I know of a good place." The two turned upon hearing the familiar voice and saw Puren.

"Puren!" Lei laughed, "I thought you had work."

Puren nodded, "I had work. The Gaoma sisters fired me just because I was talking to the two of you."

Aiya looked concerned for their new friend, "I am really sorry Puren if we had known we wouldn't of bothered stopping here at all!"

Puren held his hand up and smiled, "Aiya there is no need for apology! I just came here to show you a good place for you and your brother to spend the night."

Lei held up his hand, "Um may I ask just where exactly we are going?"

Puren smiled even wider now, "You two ever heard of Future Industries?" The twins nodded, "Well I know of a pretty big factory that is closed for the day, would you like to stay there?" The two nodded immediately, "Well okay then! It's this way!"


They had traveled through the marketplace and finally made it to the huge factory building. "Ta-da! Welcome to the Future Industries Factory of Tu Zin!"

"What's going on in front of it?" Aiya pointed to the crowds that had gathered in front of the building holding up signs and screaming at the top of their lungs.

"Oh no," Puren whispered and ran through the crowded street with Lei and Aiya close behind. "Balo! Balo!" Puren called out and looked around for a good friend of his but didn't see here anywhere.

"Puren?" A woman near Aiya turned around and put down her sign. "Puren, is that you?"

"Balo!" Puren ran over to the old lady and hugged her, causing her to giggle. "What are you doing out here? What is going on?

Balo shook her head, causing her huge earrings to move back and forth. "We must protest. Those Gaoma sisters cannot boss us around and expect to get money from doing so anymore. Their reign of terror is over!" Balo held up her sign and shouted to the crowd of citizens, "Down with the Gaomas!" Everyone replied with vicious screams and shouts of joy.

"Balo, you told me you weren't going to do this!" Puren screamed, but his voice was drowned out by the protesters. The Tu Zin citizen turned to Lei and Aiya, tears streaming from his eyes, and begged them, "Please help me get her out of here!"

Lei and Aiya moved forward and Lei set his hand on Balo's shoulder, "Please Miss, we need to leave now."

"Get your hands off of me!" Balo moved away from the boy, "We will not leave until we get what we want and that is fairness and freedom!"

"Balo please!" Please!" Puren looked at the woman he loved and looked up to but she turned away. After seeing this Puren left her side and went back over to Lei and Aiya, "She has made up her mind, we must leave now before the Gaomas' guards ar-"

There was a sudden crash and dust flew everywhere. The people in the crowd began coughing and some of the older citizens fell to the ground, unable to breathe. "What is going on here?" A man clad in green armor called out to the multitude while Earthbending multiple rocks.

"The Gaomas must be stopped, even you must think this!" Someone in the crowd screamed and others joined in throwing insults at this man. The screams continued on and on until Sahn Gaoma walked up.

The whole room grew silent and the woman turned to her guard and whispered, "Apprehend every protester." She now turned to the crowd and said her next sentence much louder, "We will send every one of these fools to Song Island." There were gasps and cries of fear. Many had heard about Song Island; an uninhabited land that was turned into a prison after the fall of the Earth Empire. Only the worst of the worst went there.

"Ma'am don't you think that is a little too harsh? They are just commoners." The soldier pleaded with his master but she ignored him.

"All of you who think that change is going to come should leave now!" Sahn sneered, "This town, this city, this state, belongs to my family! If you want to be treated differently then I advise you leave."

"We are not going anywhere!" Balo called out and the crowd echoed.

Sahn turned to her guard and shook her head, "Ya try to give people a second chance." She then stood perfectly straight and stared at the crowd, "Paint the town red with their blood." The soldier nodded and reluctantly Earthbent a huge stone at the group and other soldiers followed.

"Puren we must leave this place!" Aiya grabbed the boy by the arm but he pulled away.

"I cannot leave Balo! I just can't!" He screamed and tried to run over to the woman but he was stopped by an angry Lei.

"Why do you want to protect her so badly? She can obviously help herself." Lei whispered.

Puren stared down at the ground, "Well... she-she's my godmother.... and the only family that I've ever had.

"Oh..." Aiya stared at the ground and realized how foolish she had been, "Lei!" Her brother stared her in the eyes and immediately knew what she was thinking. The twins locked their arms together and stood back to back and closed their eyes.

"What are you guys doing? How is this going to help-" Puren quickly ducked and a huge rock went flying past his head.

"P-P-Puren!" Lei struggled to call out the boy's name, "Just protect us and we will, in turn, do the same for you." Although Puren did not understand he ran forward, past the crowd and now stood between the two forces. The Gaoma's guards and the protesters. Puren quickly began Earthbending and made a small barricade between himself and the soldiers.

"That should buy them some time," the Tu Zin resident whispered to himself.

Aiya and Lei stood there, connected, and began screaming out as the pain passed through them. Just as the two were about to give up something miraculous happened. The twins opened their eyes, which were now glowing, and turned to see the ruins of Puren's barricade and the advancing Gaoma guards. The two immediately bent the Air with extreme force and knocked down the guards, then they created a huge stone dome that covered everyone in the crowd, including them.

"You-you guys are the Avatars?" Puren stuttered.

Balo laughed at the boy, "More like the Avatars." Lei and Aiya laughed then suddenly came of the Avatar State and were unconscious. "Everyone!" Balo called out and the people listened, "Into the factory, we will find a safe way out of this place." The citizens listened and went inside.

"Aiya? Lei?" Puren attempted to wake the unconscious twins but it was pointless.

"They will wake up soon Puren, but for now we need to get them in the building before the Gaomas return with more Earthbenders." Puren nodded and lifted up Lei while Balo got Aiya.


"Thank you," Aiya croaked as Balo handed her a fresh cup of tea.

"Why didn't you tell me you guys were the Avatars?!?!" Puren screamed with excitement.

Balo put her hand on her godson's shoulder, "Forgive Puren, he can get a little bit crazy at times." The group laughed but Puren did not think it was funny. "But why have you two not stepped forward and taken on your role as the Avatars?"

Lei wrapped the blanket he had been given around himself, "We never have really seen the world. We've always been locked up and we've never even heard of the Avatar until now."

Balo nodded, "I understand, I was once locked away for some time for I was falsely accused of a crime which I did not commit." The woman breathed heavy and adjusted her hair, "Why exactly have you two stopped in Tu Zin? What was your reason for doing so?"

The siblings looked at each other and they were silent for a moment, then Aiya spoke, "We are headed to Republic City."

"Republic City! I can take you there!" Puren stated very anxiously.

"Can you really?" Lei now stood up and became very serious.

Balo laughed, "Of course he can. He has a Camelphant, they are usually slow creatures but his, um... Joon, is remarkably fast, you would be to Republic City in a few days!"

"Oh Puren! Please take us there!" Aiya lovingly shouted.

Puren nodded then looked at his godmother. "Balo, please promise me you won't get into anymore trouble while I am gone." The two hugged and the older lady giggled.

"Puren, dear, you know I don't make promise." She kissed him on the head. "You three should leave in the morning. For now you need to get some sleep."

"Where are you going?" Lei politely inquired.

Balo smiled, "There are tunnels running underneath this place, I know it, I just have to find the entrance to one." And with that she was gone.

The three friends spread out their blankets and laid down on them, feeling satisfied with how the day went. "Thank you." Puren whispered and Lei and Aiya looked at him with confusion, so he clarified, "For what you did back there, saving those people and Balo. You two are really brave."

Aiya snickered, "We saw what you did too Puren, you're pretty brave too." The three all laughed together and soon were fast asleep, dreaming of the beauties and luxuries of the United Republic of Nations...


The door crashed open and three members of the Society of Faces entered the room, "Are you the Gaoma Sisters?" The three women turned around, Su and Stella were both in shock but Sahn looked as though she were expecting a visit.

"Why yes, what a lovely surprise." Sahn directed the three to some chairs. "Welcome to Tu Zin, we-"

"Enough small talk," the leader of the three lifted his hand and bent the metal mask to reveal his face; it was Milou. "You know what we have come for Sahn."

"You invited them here?" Stella asked her sister.

Sahn laughed, "Yes Stella, these three wonderful people are here to take care of our 'pest problem'."

Su poked Stella, "What is she talking about?" Stella simply shrugged.

"Have you seen the two we described to you?" Milou questioned, showing that he was quickly growing impatient.

"One of my guards told me that he saw them at the factory not to far from here."

Zhu Milou fixed his mask and stood up, "Take us there."

Now Sahn stood and smiled, "Of course, oh and Su and Stella," The two sisters stood at attention, "Get the remaining guards who have not been wounded to surround the borders." The girls nodded and Sahn turned back to Milou, "We wouldn't want the Avatars to escape any time soon."

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