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Visiting Ambush

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Viper's Venom



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March 19, 2014

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Chapter Three (Viper's Venom)

It took a while traveling on a carrier boat but Korra and Naga can now see the city from where they were. The sun was shining happily down as Korra was nearing her destination. Naga too was excited, seeing the city in her sights as well.

"There it is Naga. Republic City. Took a full night but it's worth it," Korra said, getting a lick from Naga afterwards. Naga looked up to the flying spirits when something else caught her eye, flying to them. Jinora's bunny spirit friends found them on the boat, happy to meet her again after a full year.

"Hello there little guys," Korra said calmly, petting a blue bunny spirit on its head. Naga too was glad to see them, playing like a puppy would with them. The bunny spirits them flew off to Republic City, where Korra and Naga assume is where the others are waiting for them.

It took a little bit after that before they were on shore. Getting off the ship with the other passengers, Korra and Naga looked around for their friends on the docks. They walked around for a while but didn't see them for the time they were walking. They can see the place didn't change very much for the year she was gone. It also didn't take too long after before she saw the others by the docks, the kids running to see her. Mako, Asami, Lin Beifong, The new Fire Ferrets, Poki, Pabu and Tenzin were also there to greet her.

"Hey Korra! Welcome back!" Bolin said, his usual tone.

"Great to see you too. All of you," Korra said, looking around. The only faces she didn't recognize are Carra and Honsho, whom were standing nearby.

"Who's this?" Korra asked. Bolin walked over to them.

"Oh yeah right. These are the Fire Ferrets, Carra and Honsho. Guys, this is Korra." Bolin happily introduced.

"Nice to see you, Avatar Korra. Bolin told us a lot about you," Honsho said, giving her a handshake. Carra however, being shy, just gave a shy hello wave. Korra was glad she was back with her friends, Naga too. Naga gave his hello to little Pabu, whom happily climbed up on to her back. Poki too flew on her back, introducing himself to her.

"So Korra? How was it back at the South Pole?" Asami asked.

"It went pretty well. Not much action though," Korra chuckled.

"Well, it's surely good to see you again Korra," Tenzin said at one point.

"It's great to see you too Tenzin. So anything new going on aside from the championship?"

"How did you know that?" Honsho asked.

"I got a letter from Bolin about it. He wanted me to watch his team's victory in the finals," Korra revealed. Honsho and Carra didn't say anything about that. "So anyway, has anything changed while I'm gone or is everything the same?"

"Not changed much have you? No, not much actually," Lin Beifong said. As if on cue though, something got the animal's attention off the shore as they looked out from the docks. It didn't take long before the others noticed, Meelo first. Soon they all were looking out to the waters.

What they all saw appeared to be a large ship, like a battleship. The thing is though, there wasn't any schedule for a battleship to come ashore.

Second Division arriving

The Demon Ship just off shore.

"Uh...You guys call that in?" Korra asked. None of them did, and told her that. Naga was pulling on Korra's arm, seemingly worried as the ship became more and more into view. Poki and Pabu were a bit worried too as the ship became into full view. The ship stopped moving when the entire ship was in plain sight of the team. Then a voice began to ring out to everyone at the docks who would listen.

"Aye landlubbers! You're trespassin' on pirate ground! Surrender or drown!"

This is rather odd. Pirate ground? Landlubbers? This is all pirate talk, something out of its time entirely. The voice also sounded amplified, which was completely confusing. No reply was made but Naga, Poki and Pabu were even more worried. Poki and Pabu immediately took off as Naga was literally yanking Korra to follow for some reason. It was too late to react though.

"Have it your way. FIRE!!!"

That caused the beginning of the brigade, as a cannon was fired out right for them! Multiple cannons were fired at the docks! Immediately Korra began to fire back with her waterbending, beginning to advance towards the vessel. The ship tried to aim for her but it wasn't doing any good as she bolted by the cannon blasts. Tenzin tried joining up with her, also trying to dodge the blasts. One cannon hit however missed, but was enough to get him in the water!

"Tenzin!" Korra made a U-turn and got Tenzin back to the docks, where Bolin, Lin and Mako were trying to deflect the cannon blasts. Naga tried helping too, getting Meelo, Ikki and Jinora on her back but it seemed whoever was controlling the ship saw them running away and began to shoot them! Three cannon blasts nearly got them, two were bended away by Jinora, but one lightning fast cannon dented a hole in the dock, where one of Naga's paws were caught into, toppling her and her riders to the ground! Honsho saw this and got over just in time to reflect an oncoming cannonball.

"Thank you."

"Time for that later, come on!" Honsho ordered. The team suddenly saw smaller boats coming to shore at fast speed. Speedboats are a rather change but there's no time for understanding logic right now.

"I got them. Focus on the main vessel!" Lin Beifong quickly brought out her metal chains and caught the first oncoming speedboat. She managed to veer it to the second but whoever was on it jumped out just before the boats crashed, landing on the docks. Now however it was clear what they were against...these aren't human! They looked more like demons than anything, pure dark skin with monstrous faces.

"What in the world?" was all Lin could think before one of them charged in, sword in hand! Lin Beifong found it easy to knock them away, none being benders like her. But as they all were dealing with this, the ship began going to the shore! Korra noticed this first and quickly began to get her waterbending to work.

Bolting on the water like a skier, she quickly surrounded the whole vessel with a thick coat of ice so it would stop moving. The voice came back after Korra got onto the docks again.

"HEY! Watch the vessel! She's delicate!"

"Who are you?! Call your men er...things off! And show yourself!" Bolin yelled. First there was nothing as suddenly the demons quit fighting. A figure showed on the ship as the demons quickly got in a decent file line, in a way when facing a general. A large shape jumped from the vessel onto the dock with ease, knowing now that whoever it is, is no laughing matter. It was a man, looking very tough. A huge scar, stitched up, went across his chest and one eye was also missing as well. His opened eye looked right at them like one would look at garbage, obviously not giving his respects at all. Lin Beifong immediately confronted him right away, although something was nagging on her mind...that had to be dealt later.

"Alright. Who are you and why are you attacking? I don't remember asking for a raid today," Lin stated. He simply huffed annoyingly.

"And who is this supposed to be? The local hag?" He huffed. Lin grew angry but Korra stepped in before she can say anything, saying "you should answer first." He rolled his good eye in annoyance.

"Fine. I'm Fracture. And you might be?"

"Avatar Korra. Now, Why did you-" the man then grabbed her face and threw her aside. He wasn't talking to Korra, but to Lin.


"Lin Beifong, Chief of Police. And you're under arrest for destruction of city property," Lin groaned. Fracture though didn't flinch as she brought out her whips. Lin Beifong began to bring the whip over to him but fracture already grabbed his weapon, a samurai sword, and sliced it into ribbons! A spin kick knocked Mako, Bolin and Honsho off their feet, to the ground as he began to run off. Korra jumped in his way, using airbending to knock him back. Fracture however quickly got to his feet, suddenly raising his sword in the air. Korra was going to attack again until he shouted "anymore of that and I'll call the demons off!"

"How can you even control them? Do you know what you're dealing with here?!" Korra said. Fracture glanced around the field at the potential attackers surrounding him. He looked back to his demon followers and gave a toothy smile to them.

"They won't hurt me. They can't. You know what, I'll make it easy on you. (Turns to the demon followers) you guys step aside. I don't want any disadvantage to any chumps up to me, get it?" His demons kept a distance away, surprising the team a bit.

"Look. If you're planning a fight, look no further. But at least explain why you're attacking Republic City," Korra demanded.

"And why should I explain to a girl who will rather fight with her fists not her mouth? Maybe YOU should explain why you invaded my home and replaced it with...with...whatever this is!" Fracture yelled. Korra got in a more standard stance, obviously confused. No reply. Fracture quickly got out both blades and charged out to her! Korra was about to attack when suddenly Lin stopped him just before his sword got her face! A pillar got his hand and Fracture tried to pull it free, but Lin Beifong quickly subdued him, getting his legs and other arm as well. He dropped his swords as Lin walked over to him.

"Call off your demons. And you're coming back with me," Lin groaned. Fracture wasn't too up for that but being pinned right now he didn't have much choice. He turned to the demons, still awaiting orders.

"Okay guys! Tell THE BOSS, that I'm gonna be running late! Got that?" The demons all chuckled in their demonic voices before vanishing. Lin shot him up to her level so she can stare him eye to eye.

"You mind repeating that hot shot? Who's your boss?!"

"Hot shot eh? Aren't you a sweet talker. I'm not revealing anything, lock me up for all I care," Fracture mocked. Lin gave him a sort of death stare and hauled him off. After that Korra checked over to Naga, whom had trouble standing on one of her paws.

"Sorry this happened Avatar Korra. We didn't plan for any of this," Tenzin said. Korra helped Naga up to her feet and turned to Tenzin.

"You kidding Tenzin? I've been missing this kind of action! Even if it was unexpected," Korra said. Naga gave her a lick.

"Alright Naga. You need some rest. Any plans on my stay guys?"


Air Temple Island

The air temple.

Later on that night, the gang had headed on back to the Air Temple Island, Korra's old home. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo were safe, thanks to Honsho and Naga. but the incident got Naga's paw damaged, sprang when she tripped in the pot hole, but she was bandaged and will recover quickly. Pabu and Poki returned after the demons left and things were going fairly well now. Lin went back to the station with Mako to deal with Fracture so they were not present right now. Carra and Honsho also went back home.

"Wonder how Lin and Mako are doing with that Fracture guy," Korra wondered, sitting next to Ikki.

"I'm sure there doing fine. Want some more of these dumplings? They're delicious!" Ikki said, holding up a dumpling for her.

"No thanks, I'm good."

"Suit yourself." Ikki ate up her dumpling as Korra just smiled, as she looked to Asami.

"So anything new here? Aside from this morning's attack of course."

"Well a few things are a bit different but overall nothing has changed."


"For starters, Future Industries are growing. Things are looking up for it," Asami said.

"That's great Asami." Korra began to look around and noticed Bolin wasn't around. That was rather odd, usually Bolin would like to hang around with Korra, and it seemed more so since she had been gone for about a year.

"Where's Bolin?"

"He walked out for some reason. He didn't want to be bothered," Jinora said. This is odd of Bolin, usually he didn't ask to be alone. If anything, he preferred someone to come with him. Korra got up from her seat and began to walk out to look for him. Pabu, who was sitting nearby, followed too.

It took a little while of looking around yet she did manage to find out where Bolin is. He was sitting outside, looking up to the night sky which spirits were freely flying around the night air. Bolin had been ailing but before he can think any further, Pabu went right up to him.

"Hey, buddy. How ya doing?" Bolin asked. Pabu though can sense that Bolin isn't exactly happy. It took just a little bit before he found out Korra was there too.

"Oh. Hi Korra. Didn't see you there," Bolin said as Korra walked over.

"Hi. Everything okay?"

"Oh yeah it's fine, really it is," Bolin said, trying to act happy so he can think. Korra knew though that he isn't as happy as he appears.

"Come on Bolin."

"...oh alright. It's just about our team. Team Avatar."

"What about it?"

"Well it's just...I'm feeling our team is splitting apart again. I don't want the team to grow apart but it's getting rather hard. Mako's a detective, you're at the South Pole, Asami's busy with her future industries. It seems like it's getting harder and harder to keep the team together," Bolin explained, all the while not looking at her. Korra gave him a pat on the back and smiled.

"Come on Bolin. You know it won't come to that. sure were apart for awhile but we all got our back. We're all friends, maybe even family. The team will never grow apart."

"You think so?" Bolin asked, sounding a little better.

"I know so. We proved that back at the Harmonic Convergence, we were apart for 7 months and we were back together again, as close as ever."

"Okay, you made your point." Bolin said, feeling better. Korra had been thinking on a few things though, about Bolin especially. It had been long enough, might as well go with it. She got up with Bolin before she spoke.

"Hey Bolin. Mind if I ask ya something?"

"Oh sure Korra, what is it?" Bolin asked as Pabu got on his shoulder. Korra sighed to calm herself down as she smiled to him again.

"You want to...well to...go out with me?" Bolin got shocked, what a thing for his best friend to ask him out. But then again, he did ask her out on a date when they first met and they became best friends after she was dating Mako.

"You mean a date, right?"

"Date? No, no like a hangout. It'll be nice to catch up with ya, besides I think we both need it for winning a fight with demons," Korra said, an arm around him as a friendly gesture.

"Yeah we did kick some serious demon butt today didn't we? You know what, let's do it. It'll be fun! Anywhere you had in mind?" Bolin said, feeling a ton better now. Pabu seemed better too.

"I don't know. we can just go out on the town if you want to."

"Perfect! I'll go get ready," Bolin said, heading inside with Pabu on his shoulder. Korra's smile grew wide as she followed Bolin on inside.

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