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Chapter Two (Spirit Saga)
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And so Aang stood on a floating piece of ice in the bay. He looked at the island, the island that would soon become the center of the Air Nomad culture. He squinted and saw the waterbenders and earthbenders standing in the distance, waiting for his call.

"Ready when you are, Twinkle Toes!" shouted Toph. Behind her, three dozen earthbenders. Among them were the world's only metalbenders, save Toph: Ho Tun, Penga, and the Dark One.

The Avatar closed his eyes. He remembered being swept into the sea on his bison, Appa. He imagined the Air Nomad Genocide, which occurred not long after. He remembered seeing the skeleton of his fatherly figure, Monk Gyatso, at the Southern Air Temple. It was this memory that triggered the Avatar State.

"What's going on?!" Toph asked Penga.

"The Avatar's eyes and tattoos are glowing!" she shouted.

"Oh, no...Everybody off the island! Now!" Toph ordered. She, the earthbenders, and the waterbenders, fled the island. The waterbenders ice-surfed their way back to what would become the Republic City Wharf. The earthbenders created pillars of rock from sea floor that they rode back to shore.

Aang created a water spout, still in the Avatar State. He approached the island. He created pillars and caves and streams using his earthbending. With his waterbending, he filled those streams. He made stairs and a grand temple at the fourth highest point on the island (the three highest points would become caves for the lemurs and bisons).

He used his newly learned skill, plantbending, to grow many trees and flowers. It was as if the island had bloomed itself. In a mere ten minutes, Air Temple Island was almost complete.

Aang came down from his spout and stood at the edge of the island. He calmed himself and exited the Avatar State. On a small pillar, he looked out at the island. He was proud of himself for continuing the Air Nomad ways. It was merely a coincedince that three months earlier, he had found a lost herd of sky bison and flying lemurs. Right now, they were being cared for by his girlfriend, Katara. That's when he noticed there was no one on the island. He looked out at the shore, where he saw the benders he had gathered to build the island.


Aang swam to the shore, where he apologized for wasting everyone's time. They all accepted his apology. He turned at the island, where he saw several bisons and lemurs flying towards it. He smiled, for it had been over a hundred years since he had seen a sight like this.

Aang looked to a group of almost two dozen people and said, "Let's get to work, Air Acolytes!" Aang led those people onto a boat. The large ship carrying several Air Nomad cultural relics and the like brought them to Air Temple Island. The next three days, Aang worked with the Air Acolytes putting the finishing touches on the island. It was complete with an airbending training center, a temple, a men's and women's dormatories, a grainhouse, and much more.

At long last, Air Temple Island was complete. The Air Acolytes, a group dedicated to bringing back the Air Nomad culture, made many changes to their lives. They were to live on Air Temple Island. They were to eat a vegetarian diet, and wear clothes similar to the Air Nomads'. And on the seventh day of May, Aang and his friends, along with the Air Acolytes, celebrated the opening of Air Temple Island.

Inside a small cave on the island, a creature lurked. No, this creature was not a sky bison. It was not a flying lemur, either.

A spirit.

A very dangerous spirit.

A spirit with the nickname 'The Facestealer'.

A spirit named Koh.

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