Rise of the Darkness
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The Uprising

Chapter Two: Rise of the Darkness

Inside the pitch black room, the shadow of the silhouetted figure spread across the room from the light gleaming on the throne. As the door creaked opened, a small man in the robes of a servant nervously tip-toed down the long aisle. He stumbled, then bowed to the figure, who's eyes gleamed down on the servant with disgust. "My lord, Admiral Akemi is here as you requested."

"Bring her in."

The servant nodded. Her turned around and left the quarters. A few moments later, a slim beauty with short raven hair walked in. Her black and red officers outfit showed that she must've been an important commander. The officer walked up to the mysterious man and took a respectful bow.

"Report," the figure said in a strong tone.

"Things are going as planned," said the commander, "but we have had some slight miscalculations."

"What kind of miscalculations?"

"We have a pest interfering in our affairs."


"The Avatar."


Aang awoken, slightly shivering and sweating heavily. He and his bed were soaked in sweat. That must have been a really bad dream. He sat up and walked into the dining room. Katara and Iroh were sitting at the table. Katara had already prepared Aang's plate.

"You don't look so good Aang," Katara remarked.

"Bad dream," replied Aang. Aang looked around the table, and noticed that someone was missing. "Where's Zuko?"

"Zuko had to return to the Fire Nation," Iroh answered, "You know how hard he works."

Aang nodded. "Why don't you tell us about your dream," Katara mentioned. Aang sighed.

"Okay. I was in this dark room and there were two people, a man and a women. I didn't see the man's face, but the women looked like she was some sort of high ranking officer. They were talking about me. But it was pretty vague."

"Dreams come and go," said Iroh.

"I guess you're right," Aang agreed, "And I've been thinking about the uprisings. It's my duty as the Avatar to restore peace. I'm going to try and convince people to return."

"Let me come with you," Katara said.

"No, Katara. This is something I have to do on my own."

"But-" Before Katara could say anything, Aang was had already walked off. She nearly got up to follow, but Iroh put his hand on her shoulder.

"Let him go," Iroh told her.

Katara nodded. Aang walked outside and looked around a little. Before he even had a chance to react, Appa's massive tongue soaked Aang. He laughed and hugged his fuzzy friend.

"Glad to have you by my side, buddy."

Aang jumped on Appa's back. With a "yip yip," they were off. Aang decided to start off with a town in the Fire Nation. After hours of flight, he arrived at the town. Having decided not to waste time, Aang walked into City Hall, and requested to speak to the mayor. A few minutes later, he was called into the mayor's office. They began to discuss, but unfortunately, despite offering negotiations, he still refused. Aang decided he may find more cooperative politicians in the Earth Kingdom. He went to two towns, but unfortunately, both leaders did not agree to negotiate. One of them even threw a vase at Aang when ordered him to leave.

Finally, as Aang was about to give up, he decided to try one more town. He flew to the north western part of the Earth Kingdom, in the Fire Nation colonies. As the sun began to set, Aang yawned. He walked into an Inn, rubbing his eyes, and rented a room for the night. As he got into bed, he had hoped this town will be more cooperative. He didn't know how wrong he was...

The next morning, Aang left the inn. He took a big look around. The city was enormous, but something didn't seem right. As he took a big look around, Aang noticed that there was something that separated the city from the other rebelling cities. It didn't seem to have any traces of Earth Kingdom nor Fire Nation left. It was as if it was its own. He looked up and saw a sign that said 暗影庇護所.Shadow Sanctuary. As he walked through the streets, many of what Aang assumed were local law enforcement glared at Aang. They wore sleek black and grey armor. However, despite their shiny appearance, these men and women clearly weren't amateurs. Just at the look at them, you could tell that you didn't want to cross them.

As Aang walked into palace, none of the politicians gave Aang any welcoming looks. In fact, one of the politicians threw a scroll at Aang's head. Aang, rather than giving them the satisfaction, walked up to the largest door down the large hallway. Although reluctantly, the royal guards allowed him passage. Aang slowly entered the room. There were three figures, the man in the center being the most noticeable. He wore a large crown with long, flowing black and grey robes. On the right was what appeared to be a high-ranking politician. Last, and most likely least, was likely a lowly servant or aide. Aang bowed respectfully. "It's an honor, your majesty."

"No, no, my boy," replied the king, "the pleasure is mine. My name King Mazoku. This is Governor Tenno." He pointed to the man on the right. "And this is my advisor, Jumok." He pointed to the "aide" on the left. Aang nodded.

"It's good to meet you," Aang said, "I am Avatar Aang."

"Likewise, young Avatar."

"I have come to abo-"

"I know why you're here young Avatar. You want me to return to the Fire Nation, the Earth Kingdom, whatever. I'm going to be honest with you. I do not have any intentions to return and nothing you say or do can change my mind."

"But your majesty, you must see that the point of this movement is false."

King Mazoku laughed. "My boy, you have no idea how deep you've gotten yourself into. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but you have left me no other choice. Guards!" At the shout of the word "guards," the two men that were standing at the door walked in. "Take the Avatar to our holding cells. Consider yourself fortunate Avatar Aang that you will be able to wait out this...conflict in a comfortable prison cell."

"Conflict?" Before Aang could process what the king was talking about, the one of the guards had already restrained him and the other confiscated his glider staff. "My staff!"

"Your majesty," Jumok said nervously, "Do you really think this is necessary?"

"Yes, I do," King Mazuko scoffed. "You may be my advisor, Jumok, but there are some things you do not understand."

The guards had taken Aang down to the lower levels of the palace. Occupying the cells were dangerous looking men. They were obviously criminals by the looks of them. This must be the prison center Aang thought to himself. They placed Aang in the farthest cell in the in the chambers, then left him there.

Hours later, the old man called Jumok walked down into the chambers. Aang looked up and wondered to himself why the advisor was there. Perhaps it was mealtime. Jumok stopped in front of Aang's cell and pulled out a set of keys. What we he up to? The old man put the keys in the keyhole and opened the door.

"Come young avatar," Jumok insisted, "We don't have much time."

"What are you doing?" asked a confused Aang. "Freeing you."

Aang was puzzled. "Why? It thought you were the king's advisor."

Jumok sighed. "I believe that what Mazuko is doing his wrong. You should not be in a cell, my boy. You should be out saving the world. The Shadow Rebellion is growing fast and someone must stop them."

"Wait, I'm confused. What's the Shadow Rebellion?"

"The Shadow Rebellion is the movement that Fire Lord Zuko has been dealing with. The members want to secede from the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation. They believe the Avatar and the four nations have failed the world, that the only way to grant peace is to begin anew. They want to conquer the world. They think it is the only way, but there is another way. You must stop the Shadow Rebellion and prove to the world that their is another way..."

Aang nodded. "Hey you!" Aang and Jumok turned and saw a guard.

"Seize them!"

"Run!" shouted Jumok.

Aang blasted a gust of wind at the guards, making them collapse. While they were down, Aang and Jumok ran toward the elevator. Aang used his earthbending to raise the elevator to the main level. Unfortunately, there were more guards, and as soon as they saw Aang and Jumok, they sprung into action. Jumok saw Aang's staff. Quickly, he picked it up and handed it to Aang. "You may need this."

"Thanks," Aang said, gratefully. The battle commenced. Immediately, fire balls and rocks began littering the room and destroying things in the way. Aang and Jumok were forced into cover.

"We can't hide here forever," Jumok told Aang. Aang knew he was right, but there were too many for him to fight alone. There was only one other way. Aang closed his eyes. His airbending tattoos began to glow. He stood up and opened his glowing eyes. The guards stopped attacking, in shock. Aang was in the Avatar State.

"What are you doing?!" demanded the outraged captain, "Keep fighting!" The captain raised a gigantic boulder from the ground and tossed it at strange. Open impact, the captain smiled smugly. However, when the smoke cleared, the Avatar still stood. The captain looked in shock. Aang took hold of the ground, then lifted it up, creating an earthwave heading straight for the guards. They fell to the floor. Aang's eyes and tattoos returned to their normal state and struggled to keep from falling. "Ugh, I'm never going to get used to that."

Aang and Jumok ran down the street, barely dodging the fireballs and rocks flying past their heads. They could see the Appa surrounded by four guards. The guards were trying to restrain the panicking flying bison.


Aang swung his staff, slashing a powerful blast of air at the unsuspecting guards. They slammed right in the wall. Aang jumped on Appa. "Come on!" Aang said to Jumok.

"No," Jumok sighed, "Go on without me. I'll hold them off."



Aang sighed, but nodded to the old man. Jumok ran toward the incoming guards and began fighting them, using some sort of martial arts fighting styles against them. Aang was surprised a man his age could move like that, but he didn't have time to question it.

"Yip! Yip!"

Appa flew away from the city. Once the flying bison was out of sight, Jumok lowered his defenses. The guard captain reluctantly arrested Jumok, thinking it strange that someone would surrender so easy.

Aang sighed. He would have been more than happy to have saved that old man, but he knew that it would be a waste of breath. The man was a hero. Nobody had asked him to rescue Aang. In the meantime, Aang was thinking about something else. Jumok had mentioned a Shadow Rebellion. Zuko would want to hear this. He and Appa flew into the sunset.

Back at Shadow Sanctuary, Jumok was escorted to the throne room in chains. He fell on his knees as the guard captain dropped him in front of the King Mazuko. The King did not look mad, but betrayed. Jumok just looked down on the floor in silence.

"Why?" Mazuko demanded, breaking the silence, "why throw away everything just to rescue the Avatar."

There was a pause. Jumok looked up. "Do you want to know why, my boy?" asked Jumok, "It's because it was the right thing to do."

King Mazuko turned away in disappointment. He sighed. "Take him to the prison cells." The guards escorted the old man back to his cell.

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