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Raiko and Lin
Attack on Republic City
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Book Five: Growth



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Chapter One: Dawning of a New Kingdom

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Chapter Three: The Escape


Four incredibly powerful benders attack Republic City, endeavoring to find the President and Tenzin himself.

Republic City

The rising sun fell upon the horizon, its precious light illuminating Republic City. The city moved slow like a sick polar bear dog, with few Satomobiles rolling gently upon the vined streets. But deep in the darkness where night still shown on the outskirts of the city, four people hid in the shadows, conspiring with one another.

"Here's the plan. You and Azu head to City Hall, but make it quick. Once we're discovered, we won't have much time for staying. As for me and Jiro, we'll go to Air Temple Island."

"Still, Yosuke, if you're crossing the ocean, you'll probably want me with you."

"No," said Yosuke.

"He's right, Kala," said another. "You're the quickest of us so we could use your speed when taking out the President."

"Agreed, Azu."

"We have our missions," said Yosuke. "Now let's go."

Yosuke and Jiro left Kala and Azu, who were now ready to step out of the shadows. Yosuke looked to the ocean with a fierceness in his eyes.

Jiro inquired, "So . . . how do you plan on getting us across?"

"Easy," said Yosuke. He began to breathe heavily, opening his ears to all that sounded in the air. Suddenly he began moving his arms in spiraling movements stretching out in the direction of the city and drawing in the winds in a pattern of waves. He sliced through the air in a consistent pattern until he had in his hand pure wind. He then forcefully pushed his hands to the ocean and a sensational yet painful sound fell through in the air, increasing its power until it seemed as though Yosuke was going to float off the ground. The water split, and Yosuke and Jiro walked across, on their way to Air Temple Island.

Meanwhile, Azu and Kala hid under the planks. Azu counted her fingers to three, but Kala busted up above the surface on two. Azu quickly followed her, assuming that was one way to do it. The security at the dock was confused, and one said, "Halt! Don't move!" Kala pushed him and continued walking forward in her blue Water Tribe attire. She had angular features as if sickly. The metalbender then fired his cable. Kala became infuriated, and with a few quick movements, the vapor in the air solidified into water, which she froze over the cable. Controlling the ice over the cable, she lifted it into the air and tossed it into the sea along with the metalbender attached.

"C'mon! Let's go," screamed Azu.

Kala was able to not only summon small, but large amounts of water, and drew it out as the shape of a wheel. She and Azu were inside the frozen wheel as it moved across the street. Kala looked to both sides to see metalbenders riding the street cables. "Now, Azu."

Azu then heated the air into a plasma like substance and drew lightning out of it that looked as though it was a whip of the sun. This powerful lightning was not only being guided, but bent into waves that Azu fired on both sides. Each metalbender on their trail was shocked with a plasma-like shock. Their metal suits were vulnerable to the attack, and to keep from being electrocuted, they forcibly metalbent them off of their bodies. Quickly the two made their way to City Hall.

President Raiko's Office

Back at Raiko's office, Lin was receiving reports about conflict in the downtown area. "Sir, I've just gotten a message that a water- and firebender are on a course to City Hall."

"Your police force should handle them immediately then. I shouldn't be receiving these type of messages right now of all times," said Raiko.

"Sir, according to the reports, these aren't your average benders. The firebender is capable of blue flames, not an ability we've seen for years, and she's using lightning that's incapacitating my metalbenders. You'll need to get into the panic room." Suddenly, without Raiko's approval, Lin opened up the floor, revealing a shell of metal with a platinum cover. "Get in. I'll be able to metalbend it once I'm inside. Saikhan, you guard the door."

"On it," he said.

Raiko got in, followed by Lin, who metalbent the door closed once inside. Saikhan sealed the earth that Lin had opened and held his stance. He blockaded the door with earth and awaited its immediate downfall.

Air Temple Island

Tenzin stood beside the radio on the island, listening undividedly to the reports metalbenders sent before going offline, but eventually, he had heard enough. He put the radio down, hastily running to Jinora, who was only half meditating while half focusing on Kai.

Kai said, "You know, I'd say I'm a pretty good airbender, and I've never had to meditate like— like you, Mrs. Meditate Twice a Day."

"Well, I will say that your defensive skills are better than most in only five years, and you've grown to tolerate reading the ancient Air Nomad history," said Jinora. "However, my father would consider you becoming a master more often if you would meditate more often. It's a key part of keeping your body physically and mentally intact."

"You're a master, Jinora, can't you convince him?"

"I may be a master, but I'm also your girlfriend. Dad would never let me decide. I like you too much. Now can I please get some quiet time?"

"Yeah, whatever." Suddenly, Tenzin busted in Jinora's room.

"Jinora, suit up, we're evacuating the Temple. And Kai, get out of here. Go with Jinora to get the message to the airbenders. They all need to suit up. Take the radio with you."

"But why are we evacuating? There're no problems here, and if there's one in the city, we can take them," said Kai.

"Quite frankly, it's in everybody's interest that we leave. Now hurry!"

Jinora slipped on her glider suit and slid the new innovated metal sticks in the compartments on her back, as did Tenzin and Kai. Kai traveled the entire hub, getting the airbenders to the bison stables. They took Lefty, Pepper, and Bumi's bison, Bumsu. The airbenders loaded the bison. Tenzin was covering the entrances when he came upon two men, one in a black gliding suit who carried his own crafted staff and another who was bald, lean, muscular, and tall. He had brown tailored pants with long thick pockets that extended from his waist to his knees. Tenzin stood back, taking a light stance. "Who are you?" They didn't respond. "Answer me or get off the island!" Yosuke and Jiro continued to advance. Tenzin fired a wave of air. Youske ducked it, while Jiro earthbent a wall. Jiro opened up one pocket on his pants, and from it spilled sand. He manipulated the sand, and span it fast. He then phase-shifted it until it was a hard and transparent glasslike compound. Soon, the sand was gone, leaving in as pure glass. He fired it at Tenzin, who knew his air would not stop the glass, and tried dodging the quick moving glass, getting cut in the process. Jiro fired more glass at Tenzin, who got to his feet and into the air, unfurling the fabric under his arms, but Yosuke was there, and he soundbent the air, sending Tenzin off course as a banshee-like scream filled the air. Tenzin was flung onto the roof of a building in total agony. Yosuke unfurled his black suit and went into the air. He took his staff out and flung it. An air blast formed and hit Tenzin from one roof to the other. Tenzin got up, but soon fell. Yosuke soundbent once again, and the strong blast threw Tenzin off the roof. Tenzin span in the air, creating a current that would slow his fall, but he was ultimately knocked out. Jiro approached him, with a sharp whip of glass. He had it come down on Tenzin, but before it hit him, a gust of powerful wind blasted him from Tenzin. The glass disbanded and merely fell to the ground. Jiro stood again to see two teenagers in Air Nation attire. Jiro donned an angry expression on his face. Yosuke fired at the girl who attacked Jiro, but was knocked out of the air by the boy who he didn't see. Yosuke and Jiro stood to see Kai and Jinora. Kai and Jinora moved in sync with each other as they went for Jiro and Yosuke. Jiro shot shards of glass at the two, while Yosuke blasted them with waves of sound that enhanced the wind. Kai was sent backwards by the wind, but immediately got to his feet and retaliated. Jinora took the high ground, where she could easily get to Jiro. From the sand in his large pockets, he formed whips of glass. Jinora tried combating, but every time she tore the whips, they reformed.

Then, Jinora took the two metal sticks fastened to her back and put them together. They began to expand to the length of a staff. She used the staff to fight Jiro. Jiro's glass whip coiled around the staff. Suddenly, Jiro released his grip on Jinora's staff. He fired a few shards to keep her occupied and then flung the full force of his glass whip at her. It busted as it hit Jinora and threw her off the roof she was standing on.

"Jinora!" Kai screamed. He ran to her in a miniature whirlwind as she fell through the air. He let his hand slash through the wind and create a cushion for Jinora to fall on. As she slowed, he grabbed her head and sat beside her.

"It's okay," she said. "I can still fight. We've got to hold them off. The airbenders are waiting for us."

"No, you're bleeding. Get your dad, and go to the airbenders. I'll create some cover."

Kai began to spin his staff until a blinding hurricane formed.

President Raiko's Office

Saikhan stood firmly at the door. He and other metalbenders stood in the office, hearing the two women invade the building. "Metalbenders, hold your ground!" Saikhan commanded.

The door came down, and all that kept Azu and Kala away was the earth. In time, an icy frost overtook the earth walls until they were frozen solid. Then they began to crack apart. The last one came down, and immediately, augmented blue flames went flying through the area. The metalbenders used their cables to rid themselves of the flames and sent patches of earth at them. Azu used her plasma lightning to destroy them. Kala, the waterbender, conjured massive amounts of water and flung them at the metalbenders until they were frozen. Azu incapacitated the others. For a moment Kala and Azu wandered the office.

"So," Kala asked. "Where do you think he is?"

"He must have felt safe here, so he's here . . . somewhere."

Kala placed her hands on the ground. A layer of vapor froze over the ground. Kala stood and stomped her foot. The ground cracked and broke apart, revealing a large shell of platinum.

Air Temple Island

Kai continued stirring up the hurricane. Jiro's glass attacks were distorted while Jinora tried getting her dad to wake up. "Dad! Dad! Wake up."

Eventually, Tenzin woke up mumbling words. "Jinora . . . you're, you're bleeding."

"Dad. It's okay. Just tell me what I need to do. Kai will buy us some time."

"You and Kai should get to the bison. There's a calamity in Republic City. Go to Zaofu. Tell Suyin the problem here. I'll need to get to Oogi. Send a spirit projection in advance."

"Okay, Dad. Kai! Now!" Jinora exclaimed. Kai sent the wind going in every direction. Kai and Jinora each grabbed a side of Tenzin, and glided into the air. They saw the bison and the airbenders. The three got on Pepper's saddle. Jinora and Kai created a whirlwind for Tenzin to step in, that dropped him into Oogi.

"Oogi, yip-yip!" Oogi ascended into the air on his way to Republic City.

"No," said Yosuke. Youske ran and jumped towards the bison. The airbenders fired a simultaneous blast. Yosuke dodged it. Then the three bison they were traveling on flapped their tails, creating an inescapable blast that brought Yosuke down. He and Jiro were the only ones left on Air Temple Island.

Opal asked Jinora, "Where are we going?"


President Raiko's Office

Kala had been trying to open the platinum shell that Raiko and Lin hid in. She had frozen the locks over five times. Finally, the lock cracked. Before they could open the shell, it busted open. Lin jumped out and shot her cables in a haste. The two girls were sent back. Kala formed an ice tether to prevent getting knocked into the wall. Azu fired her blue flames backwards, sending her forwards. Kala fired icicles out of thin air and blasts of water from her palms. Kala suddenly sent a massive ice blast. Lin forcibly fired her metal cable, which sliced the ice in half. She spun on the ground, her cables going wild. Kala was disoriented. Lin expanded the arm of her suit and jumped in the air, ready to fire on Kala, but was incapacitated by Azu's lightning. Azu walked over to Raiko. She saw him with an angry, yet nervous look on his face. Without warning, she created a dagger of lightning, and threw it straight at Raiko's chest.

Republic City

Hidden deep in the city, Youske, Azu, Jiro, and Kala stood together. Jiro said, "Tenzin escaped, and we can't go after him in Republic City."

"It's okay," Azu said. "Raiko was taken out. That was the primary objective."

"Agreed," said Youske. "Now we proceed to the next mission. Azu and I will get to the boats and head to the Fire Nation. As for you two, get to Zaofu. Suyin is yours."

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