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The Wedding of Aang and Katara



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May 21, 2013

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Chapter 2 - My Friends Are Here

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Chapter Four - The Bachelor

Today we get down to work on this wedding and I think it will be a lot of fun. I'm cooking some amazing food with Zuko's servants and it's going well. Sokka is getting things set up and Zuko gave the girls a bunch of money to buy gifts and dresses. Toph did not go because she is not into that stuff so she stayed and helped decorate.

"Zuko, I need you," said Toph.

"What is it, Toph ?"

"Zuko, I need you to put this painting of Aang and Katara on that flowered rope."

Zuko then flew to the rope with his firebending and within a moments notice it was there and he was back.

"Wow, Zuko, last time your fire hit me, I got burned, but when it hit me this time it felt like the life and it was soft."

"Yah, I know I've created a new firebending technique that allows me to produce flames, but less dangerous. But I have yet to perfect it."

"Well, I think it is awesome and you are an amazing bender."

"Thanks. But I've heard about your metalbending, very nice."

"Oh, thanks."

When the day ended the girls got back and got us all some dumplings. After we ate those we all went to sleep. Once we got in bed, I made out with Katara and I started kissing her neck? I then tried to undo her nightgown, but she stopped me and said not till it's official. We then went to bed.

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