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Date with Destiny

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Viper's Venom



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March 20, 2014

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Chapter Four (Viper's Venom)

A few minutes after it was decided, Korra and Bolin both went off to the city for a fun night out on the town. The duo, along with Pabu, looked around at the lit up city, street lights up and running; still pretty busy. Korra and Bolin weren't the only ones out having a good time, there were plenty of young people out having fun too.

"Looks like the night's all busy," Korra said, as she and Bolin were walking along the sidewalk.

"Yeah, still as noisy as ever, you can never get used to it," Bolin said, jumping upon hearing a loud car horn right next to him. Korra just chuckled seeing that.

"No kidding. It's WAY quieter back at the South Pole. Too quiet for my taste," Korra said, remembering some sleepless night because it was so quiet.

"Speaking of taste, where to, Korra?" Korra looked around until she saw a familiar building, the same place where she and Bolin first went on a "date" at, Narook's Seaweed Noodlery. Bolin got the idea on it right away.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Korra asked.

"Sure am, come on, let's go!" Bolin said happily. Little Pabu followed Bolin and acted like a scarf on his neck so he wouldn't be recognized as they went in.

This noodlery was overall the same as before, which was surprising from all the time past of nearly 2 years full since visiting last. Korra and Bolin decided to have their fun the same as before. They took their seats and got comfortable as they caught up on a few things. Korra was glad to go out with Bolin, and Bolin the same. It had been too long since they hanged out, whether this was a real date or not, they were happy to catch up with each other.

Korra and Bolin laughing

Their fun night out together.

Since Bolin still had a lot of money from the semi-finals win, he mainly paid for the meals and drinks while they were there. They indeed were having a good time together. Korra almost forgot how fun this was and she was very happy to relive the fun moments with the fun-loving earth-bender.

After their time at the Noodlery, Korra and Bolin were out on the town again, a bit bloated and full from their fun time at Narook's. They both indeed felt good. They both had a seat on one of the centre city benches.

"That was delicious," Bolin sighed, rubbing his stomach in satisfaction. Pabu had a seat himself between Bolin and Korra.

"Yeah. I have to admit, that was good. Kinda pigged out though. *burp* oh! Excuse me," Korra chuckled, also rubbing her bloated middle.

"That's alright. Proves how good the food is. Besides, you're not the only one." Bolin patted his own belly to make his point.

"Yeah, you're right. It's not easy stomaching 5 large bowls of noodles."

"And your 8 bowls is?" Bolin and Korra laughed for a bit. After some rest Bolin asked, "Well, now we got dinner outta the way, where to now?"

"Why don't you decide this time? I think I'm too stuffed to come up with anything." Bolin looked around for a bit, trying to get an idea, but as he was, Pabu began to notice something down the road from where they were, as he hopped off the bench. Bolin noticed first.

"Something up, Pabu?" Bolin asked. The fire ferret did feel pretty odd as his eyes were locked onto something. Korra followed Pabu's eyes over to where he was seeing, and actually caught a glimpse of someone just off the corner of the side-walk. Whoever it was, though, bolted off as soon as Korra saw it and Pabu quickly gave chase too for some reason.

"Pabu! come back here." Bolin yelled, getting up fast and following his pet ferret. Korra got up too.

"Well, time for an adventure," Korra thought, as she quickly followed him.


That same night, back in the police station, Mako and Lin Beifong were trying to figure out Fracture for the longest time. All day, Fracture was completely uncooperative, kept on refusing to say anything. They were in his prison cell at the moment, both Mako and Lin getting tired of his lack of cooperation.

"Geesh you two, when will you quit?" Fracture mocked, obviously having too much fun with them.

"We can stop once you talk. So for the last time, who is your boss?" Lin demanded. All Fracture did was "zipped" his mouth shut, adding insult to injury.

"This is getting nowhere. We've been at it all day and he won't talk," Mako groaned.

"FINALLY some common sense enters the room," Fracture stated. Half of Mako wanted to burn the smirk off this criminal's face, but the other half kept him back. Lin walked over to Mako.

"All right, Mako. You can go home now, I'll deal with Fracture."

"Thanks, Chief," Mako said. Completely stressed out, he went on out as Lin turned back to Fracture, who, at this point, was reclining in his bed. Lin was really becoming rather testy.

"I see you still won't quit. I thought you'd give up hours ago."

"Same back to you. Now why won't you talk?" Lin growled.

"Simple, babe, no point in tellin'. I'm sure in a day or two, you'll find out yourself. Besides, it's not like it'll make any difference. What can you do?" Lin was really mad now. She opened up his prison door, slammed it behind her and marched right in his face.

"Now you listen here, I've had it up to over my head with your lack of cooperation. All I want to know is who the heck your boss is. Or so help me, I will force it outta you!" Lin warned. Fracture smiled and actually pinched her cheek as if she was just a kid.

"You're cute when you're feisty," Fracture complimented. Lin swatted his hand away.

"You're a little young to try to flirt with me. I'm in my fifties you know."

"Congratulations. So am I." Lin Beifong was kinda taken back by this reply.

"Oh. I thought you were younger," Lin stated.

"I know. I suggest you go find yourself some time off babe, or things will NOT be pretty by morning." Fracture said with a smile, actually getting up. Lin Beifong was feeling tired and ticked off with Fracture. Fracture stood over by the door, waiting for Lin to leave.

"Alright fine. But don't you think this is over," Lin Beifong groaned, walking by him. But then, to her annoyance and surprise, Fracture actually gave her a fast, hard slap on her butt! Lin Beifong blushed up in both embarrassment and anger, but Fracture already closed the door on her before she can do anything.

"Firm buns. Workout a lot I bet," Fracture said from behind the metal bars, laughing. Lin Beifong just stormed out, a huge blush up on her face.


Back in the city, Korra and Bolin were still following Pabu. It was rather hard to keep up with the little guy, since he can move rather fast. Finally after running a few city blocks, Pabu stopped, peaking around a corner.

"Pabu, don't run off like that!" Bolin groaned. Pabu was trying to get their attention to the alley way. Bolin and Korra did and there actually is a person there.

He looked rather young, appearing 18 or so. He looked very odd for a normal human being. To start with, his hair was a light blue, his clothes looked odd too, and something about him seemed almost otherworldly to say the least. He was standing at a door to one of the buildings.

"Who's that?" Bolin asked.

"I don't know, but he sure doesn't look normal," Korra replied. Something else seemed to be flying around him, like a small glowing insect of sorts, landing on his head. Korra and Bolin weren't sure what was going on with this guy. Korra though turned the other way.

"Come on, Bolin, we shouldn't bother him." Korra said.

"Okay, good idea. He sure looks odd though."

"Yeah, I know. How about a walk through the park?"

"That sounds great. Let's go." Bolin and Korra left, carrying Pabu this time so he wouldn't run off. Pabu, though, was feeling rather anxious for some reason, trying to wrestle himself free.

"Pabu, what's gotten into you?" Bolin said, trying to keep his grip. But Pabu was really getting rather restless for some reason. Bolin kept a good grip, but somehow Pabu squirmed himself free. When Pabu cut the corner to where the boy went, Korra and Bolin tried to catch him. The boy, though, saw Pabu right away this time, along with Korra and Bolin, who were at the corner still. The little butterfly on his head began to flutter and Pabu tried to catch it, finding it impossible since it was too high. The boy looked over to Korra and Bolin, picking up Pabu just as the door opened where he was. Bolin walked over to the kid, Korra behind. Korra and Bolin both stopped when they saw someone else walk out. To their surprise, the person was actually Carra. She noticed Bolin and Korra too as the boy walked over with Pabu.

"Is this little guy yours?" He asked. His voice sounded a bit younger than he appeared to be.

"Yes, he is. I'm sorry, he isn't usually like that," Bolin said, taking Pabu from him.

"That's okay." Carra walked over to them after that.

"Oh. Hi there, guys...I didn't know you were in town," Carra said, in her usual shy tone.

"We were just having some fun, Carra. Sorry if the commotion woke you up."

"You know Carra?" The boy asked.

"Oh yeah. I'm Bolin and this is Korra."

"Oh! So you're Carra's friends. She told me a lot about you two," he said, which confused Bolin, since Carra is the shy one. Little Pabu still wanted to see the boy for a minute, but Bolin kept him under control.

"She did? You know this boy, Carra?" Korra asked. Carra turned away, blushing embarrassed.

"Well...we've known each other for a while..."

"Well, what's your name then?" Korra asked, turning to the boy and his butterfly.

"Me? I'm Tanin. Nice to meet you two," Tanin introduced. Pabu began to get rather active again as Tanin walked closer. Tanin looked at where Pabu was looking at, mainly the pocket in his shirt. Tanin almost immediately realized what it was that Pabu wanted, so he reached for the pocket and pulled it out. It looked like a small bar of seeds.

"Here you go, little guy," Tanin said, giving Pabu the bar.

"That's what he's after?"

"I guess so. Small animals love that stuff. I guess your fire ferret likes it, too," Tanin said as Pabu began eating the little bar happily. This chase just for a snack. Figures.

"Carra and I were gonna go out for a bit. Wanna come?" Tanin asked.

"That sounds great. Is that okay, Carra?" Korra asked. Carra smiled shyly away from them.


"Alright then! Where were you two planning to go?"

"Actually, we were planning on heading to Narook's Seaweed Noodlery for dinner. Sound good?" Korra and Bolin then remembered their stuffing while there, now they're no longer hungry.

"Uh...actually we just ate," Korra admitted.

"Oh. Well okay then. You want to go to the city park then?"

"That sounds better," Tanin smiled happily.

"Alright. Okay, let's go!" Tanin said with a smile as he began heading off to the park. Korra and Bolin followed him then and Carra trailed behind. Now to have some fun with their new friend.

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