Aang and Zuko in the Sun Warrior city
Chapter Three (Spirit Saga)
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July 26, 2012

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Following the opening of Air Temple Island, Aang held a celebration on the island, to which Team Avatar and their friends (as well as the Air Acolytes, who now lived there) were invited. Katara and Sokka invited their family: Hakoda, Kanna, and Pakku, and Bato, too. Toph invited her parents. Suki invited the Kyoshi Warriors. Zuko invited Mai and Iroh.

Aang invited all his friends he had met on his journey, including the Foggy Swamp Tribe Waterbenders, Haru, Tyro, The Hippo, The Boulder, the mechanist, Teo, Piqsqueak, The Duke, Bumi, Jeong Jeong, and Piando. Aang gave a long speech how it was an honor to be the last Airbender and to continue on the Air Nomad culture. Secretly, he also hoped to carry on the Air Nomad lineage. After he finished his speech, he walked over to Katara, who kissed him.

"Nice speech, Twinke Toes," Toph said.

"Thanks," Aang replied. He smiled, then turned to Zuko and Sokka, who were standing beside Toph.

"That was great, Aang!" Sokka shouted.

"Definitely," Zuko added.

"Thanks guys! That means a lot."

"So, uh, Aang...I, I can I talk to you alone for a second?" Zuko asked.

"Uh, sure, Zuko," Aang said. He walked with Zuko to another section of the island.

"So, what's on your mind, Zuko?"

"You've got a nice little team of helpers, Aang. I think it's time I head back to the Fire Nation."

"What? No, I...I can't do this without you Zuko!" Aang exclaimed.

"While I'm still very dedicated to building this city, I have a responsibility to my country. You have all our friends. You have benders. You have the people and the resources to keep going. To establish this great place."

"I...I know, Zuko. It's just, everything will be a lot harder, you know? Some meetings will probably just be me and Sokka now..."

"Can't help you there, buddy." Zuko smiled and they both chuckled. "Anyway, I'll probably start the journey back in a few days. Any last things you need my help with before I go, we can take care of."

"Alright, Zuko."

"Oh, and Aang?"


"Don't tell anyone."

"...Why not?"

"Please, Aang."

"...Alright," Aang said. He nodded as the two walked back to the crowd, where Iroh was now playing music. Some of the Air Acolytes were playing Pai Sho. Sokka was playing '1 2 3 Weapon' with Smellerbee, who along with Longshot, had just recently arrived.

By sunset, the celebration was still going strong. There was music and dancing and games. Everyone was having a good time.

"Hey, Twinkle Toes! Come over here!" Toph exclaimed. She was standing with The Hippo and The Boulder.

He ran over and said, "What's up, Toph?"

"We had an idea. For like, a sport."

"A sport?" Aang asked.

"Yeah!" Toph exclaimed. "Remember Earth Rumble VI? Well, Hippo and Boulder aren't really into that anymore, but they still miss it. It gave me an idea...what if we created our own sport, with bending, and we can call it Pro-Bending!"

"That's...actually a really good idea."

"Awesome! We can talk about it tomorrow at the meeting."


Katara walked up to Aang. For a moment, Toph, The Hippo, The Boulder, Aang, and Katara stood there in silence. Finally, Katara said, "So what do you think of the tea?" A long conversation revolving the invention of tea ensued.

"And that's how tea began!" Iroh exclaimed, having joined the discussion about halfway through. Iroh was the expert on tea.

As the sky turned dark, many of the guests began to head home. Aang asked the other members of Team Avatar if they wanted to stay at the Air Temple for the night. All of them accepted the offer, save Toph. She explained that she had "buisness" to take care of at her apartment.

The Air Acolytes all headed into their respective dormatories. Aang showed Katara, Sokka, Zuko, and Suki to their own rooms. Once Aang reached his own room, he saw a shadowy figure in the corner.

"Wh-who are you?!" Aang said in fear. He sent a blast of air towards the figure.

"Don't remember me, Aang?" it said. Aang recognized the voice instantly. His eyes widened with shock.


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